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Alliance at War: Dragon Empire - Strategy MMO

Alliance at War: Dragon Empire - Strategy MMO for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Hour Games located at No.1403, Floor 14, Unit 2, Building 7, No. 399, Fu Cheng Main Road West, Gao Xin District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China.. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It’s a fun game addictive and so much to do on, hours on hours of work and grinding to be had in this game. At the beginning it’s a constant struggle to get might but once you have around 3mill you get the hang of how to play and don’t need to ask questions.
Well the things get better and I like it every update awesome it makes me fast switching acc .... But when i started new journey on newer server i stock up because of the main quest and Never let me to switch to my bigger City :( I really wanted to rate it 5 but creating acc in newer server sucks
This game is good in a few ways. Spend money? Have seen it. I have not spent any of my money on this game. Yet. I have been playing for awhile and enjoying it. Building and upgrading. Exploring and gathering cool stuff. The developers whom designed this game did some cool stuff and update it regular to keep it running smooth. Try it. ??
really fun game game engine is really easy to use and fallow I play it on my phone so I think it would be better to play it on a bigger screen but otherwise it's awesome
Been playing this for years, and love it. With all the game variations and achievements (ranging from easy to yikes!) I’ve never gotten bored with it. When I had a minor issue with gameplay, the developers were very fast to respond, and helpful. Two thumbs up!
I decided to give it yet another try. Currently refamiliarizing myself with the game. Liked the email, responded as directed, waiting to see if I get the code.
This is th best game I have ever played you should try it it’s wonderful for kids Even adults! My little sister and my dad still play with me! This game is so good
I normally hate games like this. This is the first one I've been able to play longer than 2 days and I'm a couple weeks in so far. The biggest surprise was their translate feature. When you enter an alliance, there's a good chance there will be members from all corners of the world and their translate feature is astonishingly simple, accurate and easy. Blown away honestly
My city hall level is 26. Oh it was hard to get that level, when you're a free to player such as myself. Most of the ppl in the game tends to buy upgrades after upgrades. Which is good. But me I over came any obstacles that came my way.. lol I'm good of keeping up with the big boys. Oh it's hard at times. But with hard work anyone can have city hall level of 26 like me. I love this game because I don't have to pay to win. Thanks DEV keep up the good work. I'm on server 4. We the best server
Generic at first appearance in app store but actually a great war craft 2 feel with own unique characteristics much more impressed then most other games randomly chosen...
I never thought I’d be a gamer.. Just not my style, until now. This game has me straight locked. It’s fun and I’ve met new friends too. It is so in depth and it isn’t boring at all. There is just so much to do. Great job developers! I’m very impressed and I will continue to play.
Awesome game, I didn't use to play this kind of game since they make me confusing, but this one was very easy to catch on to!
Played since Beta! These are hands down some of the best devs to work with! The game has great graphics and always lots to do! Great to play stoned!!
Honestly it’s another pay to win game, however it’s still fun and competitive for those who like these kinds of games. It takes patience and time investment. Even if you don’t spend any money you can still be among the top players, you just will have to move a little slower and definitely get with an alliance. If you your into these kinds of games then it’s a blast!
The gameplay and experience is great. There are a lot of things I love about the game: *Multiplayer *Challenges are fun. *Heroes provide a fun new mechanic
Just started yesterday has been keeping my attention. I like that there is some interactivity with other players but not overwhelming. Similar design to many other games but has a little more control over others I had tried. Will be interesting how I feel when upgrades start to take longer, which I get is part of the game.
Just started the game, saw it advertised in another game a lot so I thought of giving it a shot. As a mobile game it’s another pay to win type of game. So far the game has offered a lot of speed up to rush things in the beginning of the game... so I’m thinking this game may have its potential.
Stay far far far away unless you like corrupt developers and extremely shady customer service. They also bribed players for 5 star reviews, so the fact that this has over 2 stars is a complete lie.
this game is so fun :D I love practically everything about it, I love the story, the gameplay, the characters, the graphics, artstyle, the secrets, rare screens, and so much more :D I’m so happy it’s on mobile now as well!
Hi, I’ve been playing aaw since last year and since guardians has been created it’s been fun playing there although there are a few things that might need some tweaks.
I appreciate the tutorial. Pretty straightforward. If you play it, the game will be easy to get the hang of.
I have been playing this game for so many years and it never ceases to amaze me with all of the new updates and content. It is always similar to how I would envision the characters to be. The gameplay is very very fun and makes it seem as if I am actually recreating the battles.
I never write reviews but this game is really unique and oddly addicting. It doesn’t feel boring, despite being an idle game. It’s challenging at times but still relaxing because there are no big consequences for failing. So I just wanted to leave this review so the developers know that it’s loved and I can’t wait for new content!
I’ve played many games like this for almost two decades. This one saves itself by having plenty of missions, things to actually do to help your alliance, and the wait time for building isn’t ludicrous. Occasionally you’ll have people attack you, but there are so many other things to focus on that you don’t need to worry about attacks constantly destroying your city. You get enough resources and diamonds even that this game never feels like it’s forcing you to spend money.
It’s a well done game. we play it for passing our time, but now we get used to it, and play it everyday looool
I’ve been playing less than 12 hours. I created an alliance and within 6 hours it was filled 50/50 members. It’s awsome. Anyway soo far it’s been great. Awsome graphics, calming not annoying background music.
When I first downloaded this game I wasn’t sure what to expect. But the thought and time that went into making this game is incredible! Sure, there are micro transactions, but I mean you can play without them, and, really, almost every game for your phone has them.
It’s a strategy game. It’s supposed to be super challenging. If you can’t beat the difficulty you’re playing on, try the one below it. The game is really impressive and a great concept. This game was made a long time ago.
I’ve played many games like this for almost two decades. This one saves itself by having plenty of missions, things to actually do to help your alliance, and the wait time for building isn’t ludicrous. Occasionally you’ll have people attack you, but there are so many other things to focus on that you don’t need to worry about attacks constantly destroying your city.
Heavily pay to win. Terrible and slow game design. Ridculous amounts of bugs and exploits in the game. Can be abused Without punishments. Low population servers with no mergers. Developers pretending to be players to encourage spending.
Decent till you hit the monster pay wall. Game is dying because developers do not care for the integrity of their game. People litteraly cheated making bugged troops and Devs did not do anything. The game has become so toxic that there is 5 people talking on Kingdom Chat. So many other games like this. I suggest you go elsewhere.
This is the best mobile game I have ever played, no ads? And you can actually get good at the game without spending your entire paycheck on gems.
I really enjoyed this game for many reasons. And there is no better mobile games than alliance at war. I vote it!
I’ve played Alliance at War for awhile now, and it’s very much a fun game to play. Hope devs can launch more heroes and units
Honest to god, still fun after more than 6 months. I’ve spent maybe $5 if that in all that time and I have ample resource collection and rewards just from playing. There’s always an event to take advantage of and get extra upgrades for your generals. Group rallies and team building is important to get the most out of the game, but I think that makes it better
I love the game. Everyone can play and if you don’t want to spend you don’t have To. I believe that is very unique and the strategy’s that are placed are welcoming and it does take time to conquer. Also the different events offer many great prices.
This game is currently one of my favorites. You do not have to pay play, however you do have to pay to win.If you have money to burn this game is great. If not then get into a good alliance and slowly build up. Make farm accounts and you will be fine. Very good game
I think the game is a good free to play active game that will make you want to get up to play I would still recommend this game because it helps you stay active
Hi Alliance at War developer team, it's really strange and most frightening too that I got out of game play suddenly, and till then it's more than 5 hours I can't access the game, even I've tried and updated game at google play store, yet it's popping out of game to mobile's main screen instead of showing main page of game, so please look into this glitch matter and reply me as I'm missing my game play. Muhammad AAMIR Awan
I really like this game it is one of the best I totally recommend it to everyone it helps you stay active and have fun! (Needs internet though I have a hotspot)
I’m rating it 5 stars since usually I have no trouble with it but the amount of time waiting for upgrades in buildings is way to long but I guess it’s the whole point. The alliances are extremely diverse and you never know what clan you got yourself into till your in it. Aside from this I love this game but believe there could be improvements.
I love this game because it brings people, family and even friends closer together. It is a great game to kill the time. It gives you a great way to get away from things like school, family, or even just in general just to play it for fun.
I’ve only Just started playing this game and I’m hooked the graphics characters and concept of this game is phenomenal the only thing i have an issue with is the random crashing that happens when you’re in the middle of doing something important which could just be my phone but it isn’t enough to give me any reason to put less than 5 just yet
It’s a good game you don’t have to spend money to pay the game properly but spending money does have benefits. There is a lot to do and it keeps being updated. It even help players excel in the game during quarantine for free. The game is an honest game.
Great time killer can't resist from playing it. Graphics r gud en all it's just only when the sever timer reaches 00:00 u were locked out en u have to log in again nways all the best to the developer keep up the effort😁
This game is great. Its not pay to win but definitely is "play to win". You have to spend quite a lot of time in this game to progress(which is why i uninstalled it). There is so much happening and its great coz its engaging, at the same time its kinda exhausting. Upgrading commanders and bearing with troop training time are irritating but still i would give the game 5 stars. If Lilith games comes with a new game thats more like tonned down version of this one i am sure i would be addicted to it.
I love everything about this game. Most App Store games I’ve never been able to get into, due to the wait periods being hours and not minutes but for some reason I’ve become addicted to Alliance at War. It is highly immersive and a fun game to play. Easy to wake up to in the morning set everything up for the day and go on about your day, and at night set everything up before you pass out. I’ve never been this addicted to a game like this before I love it.
This game is very interesting, you can play for hours without getting bored, it may be difficult to understand at first glance, but once you master it, it's fine. !
This game is very fun to play.There are excellent rewards for easy upgrade.But one thing that made me sad and angry. I uninstalled the game because there is idol or deity that I have to pray for rewards. I am a muslim and I am not falling for the trap of devil devs. I am not praying to a lame idol. Why the hell did they put it in a game? Stupid DEVILopers. 🤬 I know this not real life, but hey if you love your parents, your family, can you hate or betray your loved ones in virtual life? 😞
love this game everything is a kind of real and every time when I play this game it makes me feel so wow. There must be an option to enhance the sound and graphics quality.tnx a lot for this beautiful game and we are waiting for more updates and new exciting surprises.
I’ve had this game downloaded on multiple accounts over multiple devices since it first was released. This game is an all time favorite of mine. I can go months without playing it, and then jump right back into it and get drawn into the gameplay and challenge of it all over again.
Frauds. They take you money and ideas and clone their game with no compensation for your ideas. Offer small gem pack rewards to leave everything you built in last game to start over in their new game which is identical to last game but with the ideas players have given them. Dont waste too much of your time here people. Eventually they may abandon you too with no explanation. 1 star only because I have to in order to post this review.
This game is my second favorite mobile game, aside from Brawl Stars, and it keeps getting better! The developers are super nice, the game is super smooth, and the lag rarely happens. I don’t know why people are saying the game is bad( maybe to get attention?).
This game has been a lot of fun. I have spent some real money on it buying packs, but that is not required to enjoy the game. I have a second account that I have not spent any money on and am still enjoying the game on that one also. The help and support system is the best I have seen in any moble game. They are quick to respond and resolve any issues.
This app is so fun and just saying this for parents out there is is safe in the beginning it tells you to look where you are going, and ex ...
Graphics aren't to bad but could be better. Game is easy to learn and play. Upgrading after hitting level 12 starts to takes a lot longer. To upgrade quickly will cost you. Worst thing I've found is the attacking. There is no limit to the number of attacks one person can hit you. I was attacked 19 times by one guy in less than 30 minutes. Two days later I was attacked 14 times within 30 minutes. This discouraged smaller newer players. Other similar games takes points away for repeated attacks.
Great fun. Brings together elements from games of this genre in a clean and cohesive fashion. Similar to others but with subtle differences that make it easy to pick up and understand. Plenty of helps throughout to ease the confusion of starting a new game. So far the community seems pretty good (Server 5). All in all very enjoyable experience. Just my opinion.
Was attracted by the ads before, I downloaded it and it is an amazing experience I recommend everyone downloading this game
Absolutely and amazing HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAME!! A must to have if you are deciding to download do so now and give it enough time to actually build up and join a decent guild that’s where all the fun is at, with your guild mates and teaming up to destroy whoever comes your way, I have been playing this game for a few months now and I have not missed a single day that’s how much fun this game really is, you don’t have to pay to win but if you are able to it just makes it that much more fun to play and faster to lvl up, catching up is the tough part but don’t give in it gets way better..
Events sometimes overlap and you have to choose which one to do. I would rather have fewer events with better rewards. It is worth playing free to play can enjoy and prosper.
First, I gotta say the game itself has a good aspect, and Ive played this for a long time. You have multiple challenges, and you get new stuff nearly every day.
Can you please fixed to much energy used. To much resources used in upgrade and research. one player keep playing when theres no problem on the game.But other item are good and thank you for that. I hope soon be okay.
I haven’t spent a dime. I was worried about joining an alliance for some reason, but once I did..they help me with timers and shorten build times. You get rewarded for helping other members and there’s so much stuff you can do. You get free stuff daily. The graphics are also pretty awesome and gameplay is smooth. Great job on this game y’all.
The game is AWESOMELY ADDICTIVE. I started to play it for a few days and it is fun and the concept is pretty simple. Loving the free gems for loging That’s a good perk. You don’t really need to waste a lot of money trying to get to high levels. On the first day I played it was easy to get to the 6 level. Because I used the gems correctly and cost effective. The hero’s are the best and that helps me win often so creators can you make more games like this plz
It’s a fun game, crucial to find an active alliance. I don’t think pay to play is required, but there are real people building the game so I have bought a few $1-$5 packs to support them as developers. More about finding the right group and sticking together to protect each other.
I’ve been playing aaw games from the beginning, and I just wanted to say that I am so impressed by this game. I don’t leave reviews often but the way this series has evolved over the years is spectacular. Amazing game that never gets boring.
Trash p2w game high lvl players attacking us low lvl players as much as he wish till our kingdom is reckt why there is no restriction as how much a player can attack some player stupid game than we r transported to other place to make things worse we loose teleport thing than again we have to use teleport which I don't have ... this gm is p2w here low lvl players can't get to high lvl ...also why there is no option for shield fix ur game otherwise this game will be another history gm
I’ve played many of this genre of game before. I try to see how far I can get with what I start with. From time to time I might buy a bundle to help me go on, but most times I avoided hem due to price and lack of good content that is worth purchasing. I don’t think it’s truly necessary to buy anything to enjoy this game and keep going. You earn so much without even trying! Here’s a lot of events that I honestly don’t even check out and then suddenly I have seven messages with rewards. Plus the daily rewards also give you a lot.
Great game but bit puzzle because I am new and I have no idea how to play this type of game.. It's my first time playing this type of game but I really feel happy... Perfect games of alll👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽
This game is one really good game i play it with family and we love it, its so fun because the higher you get in level the more fun it is its really calming sometimes and it can give you a scare sometimes on attacking but this game is awesome 10 out of 10???
Love the game. Still trying to figure it all out, but that's part of the allure of the game for me. Update...still hooked on this game! Those who posted reviews that say you need money to be a successful player, are playing wrong. Build your castle/army, strengthen and train, join an active and strong alliance, study other player tips and enjoy alliance at war. It is truly a fantastic game!
Best strategy game ever easy to navigate gud graphics en plus you'd need en effort to build while ya allies help out keep up the gud effort developer of this app
I started less than a week ago and don’t have the problem of being attacked by others so I don’t really know how badly of a problem they face but in the last week that I’ve played, I really enjoyed the whole experience. This is the first time I’ve played this type of games and honestly everything is a bit confusing to me just because of how large the game is. Usually games only focus on one or two objectives but alliance at war offers a very wide extend of things to do while waiting for other things to be done.
Think the game developers should explain rules about AVA how can and alliance port to server when they not in battle against other alliances ive asked questions but to no avail so I stopped spending money on game because its a rip off suggest others do same or read small print because they can not explain in detail
I appreciate the tutorial. Pretty straightforward. If you play it, the game will will be easy to get the hang of. Just a little difficult trying to figure out where items are located and what’s what, but that’s expected when learning to play any new game
I'm playing this game now for several months and got to the highest level without paying a lot of money. Here and then I buy oracle for a few bucks. I never buy any expensive kit. But I log in EVERY day for a few short times and collect all the free stuff do farming and fighting with other players. AND you have to be in an alliance! That helps you grow much faster and you are protected from attacks.
When I first played games I wasn’t into war stuff or rpg games. I used to think they were dumb but now I see how people like it. A lot of these rpg games are kinda interesting but this one is incredible it also has very detailed things things that you have to work hard for or things that make you wanna play the game I feel like that yea some people are very highly inappropriate but from the game play it’s pretty amazing. I had to un install because I got a new phone so that’s why I’m writing a new one I think if I could I rate it more stars I would. I suggest you download it
I love this game and it has been getting better even though people thought that it was going to die out because of COVID-19 but Devs has been working hard to put out great content for all of us.
Currently my favorite game on mobile. I like that it allows you to keep up various tasks along a gradual slope of levels. There was a point where I got concerned about being “zeroed“ by other ambitious online players, however I quickly learned a few tricks to keep the game fun for my nonaggressive building and foraging desires; if you practice your social game diplomacy skills, others will help and work with you. I even figured out how to easily stay off of aggressive player’s ‘radars’. Thank you for caring enough about players, to update regularly and provide A balanced experience for us payers as well as for the free players. And for those who might get frustrated after a while, hang in there, follow recommendations, and change up your strategy.
Great support team, they’ve helped me get my base back several times after several problems. They are really nice ❤
I LIKE THIS GAME, but I think that the devs should give lower players more chance by giving challenges and give them good troops, also have a voting system where clans can vote to not get attacked for the day.
All around excellent game. I love that you can unlock all the features without paying money and the gameplay is simple but requires real strategy to complete. An excellent concept and a great game.
I played this game 2 years ago and it was the best. I still play it now and it is even better than it was back then. some new features
I like very much all extras. Alliance versus alliance, black jack21. Also like the way that game is more even with heroes. Much much better than StormWars. Contact with tech support is better as well. It is great.
The graphics are phenominal! I played cok and their graphics were never this good! I just wish their battlefield was better at moving around! I am in the process of working it out with cust support.
I enjoyed my time playing this game. I played for about a year. Very addicting. And time fly’s by fast. There are sometimes glitches but it can be overlooked. The other people playing is what kept me so long. The people and friends you make is what make this game
I’ve been playing this game for about 6 months now, and I haven’t been able to put it down since. Steady content you can play throughout the day if you’re bored; with deep complexity for long term playing, and a more serious approach if that’s something you’re interested in.
I love this game, it's a very easy game to spend time playing. I personally love the strategy part of the combat in the game, along with being able to continue to battle and actually attack as a unit instead of only being able to attack one at a time but as an actual unit. My suggestions to the game is to add more civilizations to the game, along with lowering the city level in order to move servers which is an option in my opinion, because it would make it easier to join up with friends.
This game is so worthy. I have had so much fun playing this game. I lost my phone so I thought cannot play my old account anymore. But the dev helped me to get it back! Thank you all! Keep going!
This game is honestly super addicting! I cannot tell you enough how many nights I’ve stayed up playing this game! The PVP is so satisfying I almost enjoy going to war. Yes this is a free game but it also offers micro transactions. I honestly don’t know why people complain you can either grind to get to the top or if your lazy and have money to spend then you can buy packs to help you get there faster.
I started playing a couple of years ago. I read that people complain about packages that you have to buy or you will be bullied, or you can’t progress. It’s true that the strongest players are the ones who swipe their cards non stop. However the mechanics in the game make it easy for a team effort if you get in a good alliance and get help from people who have been playing for awhile then you can progress through the game just fine.
pretty fun game so far, just started playing. I play a lot of games like this and if I don’t like the setups and story I quit playing immediately. I’m about an hour in and want to keep playing lol. the graphics are really awesome, love when developers spend money to make the game look good for the users. don’t need to spend money to speed things up either yet so that’s an added bonus.
So far it’s been fun...I find myself rather addicted to building and growing. I realize the purpose of any game is to make money, i just hope they don’t allow people who have no lives and spend way to much money on a game to dominate those of us who spend sparingly or don’t spend at all! I look forward to learning this game and playing it for a while!
I saw this game by ad and I was thinking trying to download and play, it was WAY better than I thought. LOTS OF FUN!
As I said before I will say again Alliance at war is the same developers as War Storm. As these developers have been working on AAW they forgot about WS & We have not been able to play for more than 2 days now. I hope you guys are ready to spend money on alliance at war just for these developers to treat you the same way they treat us after spending so much money with them.
New players beware. You are just a feeding ground for higher level players and there is no chance to increase your level. You can't join higher alliances as they block you for being a lower level player and stops you from even enjoying the game. Don't even download to get gold or jems from tapjoy. Disappointing game. Developers, you didn't think this through. 5 Star reviews are very questionable. Not interested in your copy and paste response with " Dear Lord, Sorry for your..." Unistalled.
This game is amazing and I love it I always hunting and get so excited the only thing that I don’t like is that you can only get a certain number of gems not rubies lol
This game is very fun although I can’t imagine playing with hero voice lines on as they get annoying very fast.
I really enjoy the game play. Not too complex to move between different phases of the game. I’ve tried similar games that it’s way over complicated to toggle between menus trying to remember where everything is. This layout flows much better. My only complaint is the long you play, the longer it takes to upgrade facilities on your base.
I absolutely love it like I’ve been playing for like 6 months straight great quality and it doesn’t get boring
First off, this is probably the best strategy game I’ve ever downloaded. The fact that you can train different troops and meet people is amazing! Hope there will be more features.
I never really play these kinds of games because their objectives are sometimes super confusing . This one specifically is the one of only I could honestly recommend as highly as I do. It is too addicting. I always say I am going on the app to do one small and quick thing and end up stuck for two hours . There is NEVER nothing to do, but always A LOT to do
This is a very entertaining game if you have nothing to do, or you want to find a game to play with your buddies, go get this one
I’ve been playing this game for a few days and so far I’ve been addicted to it!! I just hope I don’t find “pay to win” or be forced to buy “loot boxes” down the road. I put four stars cause nothing is always perfect. I’ll uptake my review after one or two months of experience. Thank you. :)
I found this game by accident while looking for another. I’m a big fan of strategy games and this is hands down the best of them all. Great concept, there’s always something to do, and the best part is the reward system. I support the game by buying the packs and gold, but the truth is you really don’t need to buy them because the bonuses and rewards are very generous.
Definitely the best game ever! Since I downloaded it, no ads, no other apps in game, you just play it without any interfere. Really appreciate creators andevelopers, thank you for your hard working
Pretty good game. It’s an addicting, fun, realistic roller coaster! Sometimes it’s confusing, but you get through it fast! Great game.
It’s so fun and addicting I think you should add the generation! Also I was a little annoyed because it logged me out once or twice
Great gameplay, good progression, no ads, and in game purchases aren’t always shoved in your face. All in all, pretty good game.
I say fun but dangerous because I want to play this game ALL THE TIME. I’ve tried so many games before but it always seemed you would reach a point where you ran out of credits and had to stop till it built up again. There is no end to what you can do in this game. You can successfully play this game (and enjoy it) without paying any money.The makers of this game have put a tremendous amount of effort and thought into writing this game (and updating it constantly to keep it entertaining). Anyone complaining about having to spend a dollar or two, has no appreciation for the dedication the team has put into it. Well done!
I’m very new to this kind of on-line game and can get easily confused or frustrated....not with this game though. It points you in the right direction and gives info that’s easy to follow and makes sense. It moves along at a good pace, little to no down time and always something to do that’s actually achievable. Wish I would have downloaded it days ago! Enjoy!!
Apart from some flaws I think this game is amazing and pretty much perfect. Obviously it’s got it’s slow phases while playing and it’s boring moments and sometimes you want to quit because something didn’t happen that should’ve but that’s literally every game, this game combines the sideways feel of building your own base.yet it still creates its own game by instilling great art design, a hero growth, and one of their few unique things is the infinite view,hero runes which I LOVE. I have played this game since it came out on the first day of release and stopped playing, and have recently started up again and am already addicted cause they have so much more to do and events are a thing, the way the mechanics of the game works are much more fluid and versatile compared to a while ago, overall I love everything I’m seeing and how well this game has done since release and how great you all are at feedback and considering changes based on the community. love y’all and keep it up, this game has much potential.