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All Star Cricket

All Star Cricket for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Deftouch Interactive Art located at Mumbai, Maharashtra India. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game but need more option in bowling about where to turn the ball. More fielding option required. Tournament in different stages.. Player upgrade shows upgrade benefit.. U give you 5 star but after such improvement. After updation no way to hit six or four.. this is worst updation ever..
Even after having full wifi and mobile data still it says check your connection and updated every permission then too not working very bad
From 2 days this game is not loading.I have login after that it is not loading.Please solve my problem.
Amazing gaming experience . Would love to see the stats of individual players like runs scored, strike rate, avg etc on cumulative basis
I will give 2 rating star instead of 4. Now game was totally poor after updationin last month, playing game it is very difficult to judge how to played the shot on which direction, we can't judge the bowler bowled me. Please improve to better experience.
I feel you guys should let us make the field placements , it's a fixed game totally based on luck, you cannot wait to time the ball, right now I am on a verge of leaving the game, so you guys need to work on it
Only once played,,did enjoyed lot but after that Couldn't open can't play get crash after clicking play multiplayer, please do something Otherwise a good game will lose its popularity
Excellent, Mindblowing Game. After update I am facing some problem.. I can't see my progress, how many match I have played, won, lost, and now I am in level 14, but it seemed to be that I must be on level 15 or 16. Pls update the game Again.. Yes now problem has been solved
Latest update has made this good game almost impossible to play. Earlier it was fun to play. Uninstalling.
Mostly matches will be played against bots nd u can never won. This should be fixed asap thatswhy I'm giving u 1 star. Bhai bss kro kitne match khelne pdege against bot 😑🀬😑🀬😑
Definitely i wud give 5 stars but lot of things need to be fixed... First players play only fixed shots and only wen captain is bowling fielders will catch for other bowlers fielders wnt catch.. Pls add more shots and manual running so that even run out is possible and pls make it realistic...
It's so cheap to provide same set of crowd ambience and stadium graphics but by changing the name of the grounds like CAPETOWN, BENGALURU and so on. Stop this nonsense and bring the live visualisation of all the unique grounds.
Networking is good but sometimes game is going to be stuck, clear the issue fast, then only it can stand
Game having internet problem from last 2 days.A notification is bumping on screen that check your internet connection and try again.please fix it ASAP.
Uninstalling the app now What is this nonsense update ...my all winnings lost now it is showing me a beginner now ... What the hell is this ...I was in top 150 players in ranking table
Add more controls like lofted and ground shot switches,I would definitely help the players to play in a much better and consistent way
I dont know why people are complaining about this game. It is just amazing game where there are two real players both sides, so you have to play with mind of another player, so its not something like some robotic cricket game. And yes i find this more addictive then PUB g for sure.
couldn't complete google login it gets stuck after selecting google play games account shows loading and no reponse pl help
1. Not even a single update seems interesting. Really don't know why they giving an update. 2. Players are with belly which seems to be funny and as usual gameplay. 3. No landscape mode. 4. ASC microphone add on is really unwanted one for this game 5. Tired of writing mails and Not worth for rating
Used to be a fan of this game , however the last 2 updates have ruined the entire fun. The game is played against a computerised opponent who wins of the second last ball ,no matter how many runs u score. All my achievements,players coins etc have vanished. I had 22 m coins, now I have 1600. Unlocked players r now locked. From a veteran , I am now a beginner. What a disgrace.
Superbbb its back to normal...its tough to play thats why its interesting so pls dnt make it easy. Let this be the same...nd pls give exit option, every time i need to clear memory from home page.after fixing this issue 5star for sure.
Please add some more features like no ball, free hit something like that to make this game more realistic
Game is very interesting. Just because of play with friends option its addictive. Need some improvements like wide ball, no ball, run out etc. More focus should be on gameplay instead of UI. There are few bugs and I think developers knew about this, so I hope bugs will be removed soon. Overall experience is very good.
Before this game was working good. I like this game alot. But after last two updates this game is totally gone wrong. Becuase you can't beat any computer oponent or other oponents wheather how big target you gave them. I am hating this game now
I played daily but 2day ago suddenly i Open the game and game is not open data is on but showing internet needed
The new update, has the worst batting meter and timing, the shots are always skipped even you had the good timing , I would request the team to keep 2 options , either choose this way to bat or old classic batting style
Game Is Dumb. I Have Proper High Speed Wifi Then Too It Is Showing No Internet Connection. I Mailed To The Developer They Too Are Not Giving Any Response. I Use To Play This Game Very Much And Now I Am Frustrated
Pls update some features eg. Team budget, wide or no ball, fielding option adjustment in match, umpire, loft or grounded shot, tournament or trophy, practice mode.
Latest updates ruins the game...new left right button are ruins the UI and short selection are undirectional . I think not need for left right button on this game.
This is a good game, but there are a lot of bugs in it as of now. 1) since the last update, there is an issue, where whenever a batsman gets out, the screen freezes and after some loading time, it's the same batsman on the crease. 2) While batting, the bowl comes out from the opposite end of the bowler. The reaction times are already very less, this makes it worst. 3) Whenever I am starting a game, I have full connection but due to some reason the network doesn't pick up and u lose the game
Well the new update is not at all good so please remove this update and keep it like it was...u can add review but and movement of batsmen but that timer should be removed.
Few auggestions. I feel the timing for reconnection be reduced from 1 minute to 30 seconds. Also wicket keeper can be anyone as per the user choice and not necessarily that wicket keeper is replaced by wicket keeper. No balls and free hit should be introduced and lbw options with DRS review to make it more exciting.
Every match I play, your game gets stuck and it ends in defeat, it was good before, now it's just not worth it, uninstalling, don't waste your time on this game.
Pathetic game i was playing yesterday night when I try to open the game it says check internet when rest all working. I reinstalled the game now it is not ready to accept my Google account and starting from new which is unfair as I have paid money also this is really big cheating.
The game is good ,but the game is lagging a little and there is a huge amount of ads,so you should solve these problems to make the game little more good
Update is unfair ...... All shots are not working properly ...please fix all feature usefull.... Totally unfair after update
Now new update is so bad i do not like now. Coin system also so bad. Poor game now i can not palying game bc i do not have coins befor i have 10 millons more coin now i have zero.. Bad
It's outstanding entertaining game. I love this game due to multiplayer online option and multiple option in both batting n bowling apriciated πŸ‘
A really good game with lots of potential. Looking forward to seeing it develop further in the future. FYI - you need to get past the Dhaka level to play real players.
PLEASE READ MY REVIEW. This game has the most satisfying gameplay out of any other games of this game on playstore. BUT, Its restricted to only few overs multiplayer mode. Use the same gameplay. Make the ball movement more fluid. Add range of shots. Don't let the crowd cheer for everything. Add commentary. Add lots of modes like t20. Odi test. THIS WILL BE BETTER THAN REAL CRICKET AND WCC.
It was awesome game before updation but now it has lots of errors and I have won lots of matches but it struck and I lost my rewards..fix it.
Good game but so much of bugs.game is not opening last 6 days.i tell this mail id so many time dnt replied her.this bugs solved game πŸ‘Œ.
This game has no real players ..but I like this game,kind of .and another onething is that the bots have great superpower they hit accuratly every shot
Recent update is worst update ...plz try to bring the old update ... Don't know which player is Bowling type AMD swings ..... Bring the old Version ... There is no free video no gold ...only have Diamonds and there is no use of the diamonds .....
Keeps crashing Got through the tutorial section and now only let's me play multiplayer. When I click on this the game crashes. Will be deleting if not fixed
I dont know how matchmaking work .. But always strong opponents are coming against me.. They are hitting opposite side of ball and getting 6 without losing any wicket they are winning.. Is this hack or not i dont know but by mistake i hit opposite side of incoming ball i get catch out or wicket out ..Also there are bugs when opponent was needed 2 runs in 1 ball and he got wicket out on last ball but result was socking he won by 2 runs.. How can this.. Now my interest for this game losing..
I would have given 5 but from few days the game has been worst in terms of connectivity and the type of game play.. every game gets disconnected and fielder gets the ball and shows four and batsman gets bowled but no wickets fallen.. should be updated.. i have uninstalled for the above..
The game is good. One of my favourite cricket games available on store. But 2 stars because I expect this to improve a lot as a user Firstly, the game gets hung in between and it happens very frequently. Secondly, if the opponent leaves the game..we see a message saying, waiting for opponent for 60 secs I reckon, but after that why the coins of mine are getting deducted? Thirdly, I expect a lot other stuffs to be included like varieties of arenas, easy jersey availabilities in next update.
This latest update has utterly ruined this game. Everyone i have spoken to agrees that they will not play it any more. To the developer- Surely you can see the falloff in user visits / matches played since you destroyed the game? No shame in reversing it.
Not a single match has been started after the update...after the toss i just wait for one minute to see whether match is getting start or not..worst game after the update..do work on it
Very bad online experience...it crashes and is extremely slow...after the update the gameplay has become extremely poor.... frequent disconnections...most of the matches would end abruptly...it doesn't even deserve 1 star..
I really like this but most of i cant play bcoz it shows game is in maintaenance olz come after 36 mintues after one hour if we come again it shows game is in maintenence plz come after 96 minutes this oa fourth i am having this problem in two months
Unbelievably bad game to be honest. My game keeps stucking and the matches I supposed to win I lost all those matches. I am going to delete this game from my cell.
Game is too hard, you have to think which kind of ball it will be and if you want to hit boundaries then you have to swipe out at the time of ball released so player has to guess and just swipe out. Secondly too many advertisements are there, passing each level have to wait for couple of seconds for advertisements.
so much hacker in this game ....many time i playing match with same person ( hacker ) and they are play same shots. if a genuine persone play this game or match the never playing like that so.. gaming athurties can take action on that hacker whom make your game so boring thank you ..... sir....
Love the game but still facing same glitches as day 1. hanging of the game and then restarting , i win games then it stucks i dont get my coins and they deduct from my coins as well which is quiet frusrating really.....
you should make similar game or similar mode like quick play.. offline matches..where there will international teams or domestic teams.. where we can play over games. Like t20 or t10. Bcuz gameplay is unique.. i bet everyone will love that mode.. please reply me.. consider my opinion..πŸ™
Used to be a fan, but now 9 out of 10 times you are playing with a bot team. Same field setting, same gameplay and this is very annoying. Please fix this
I changed my review and give one star because after the update. All of my coins and records gone. Never buy anything on this game because thus game itself a big time bug
Batting experience is getting bad day by day , plus you can bowl on off side at extrem end but you can't bowl on leg extreme if you try the bowl lands on middle stump maximum, plus why doesn't the field changes side when the right hand and left hand batsman change ends, from bowling point of veiw it gets frustrated
Amazing game but no offline playing option. I am waiting for an opponent from last few hours,so whats the point of having a game which is nice but you can only play tutorial. Give an option of playing against computer or something. I am stuck at play multiplayer.
After update, the scoring has gone weird. Ball goes to wicket keeper but then it says I've been hit for runs. Also I bowl people out and it doesn't show on score. Sometimes it will give them runs instead. Please fix as otherwise its a good concept for a game.
The game is very great . I would suggest everyone to download it ,but the only problem is that ,it lags too much
Worst game. Need to decide where to strike early for putting boundary, even before ball is released by the bowler. Where the bowl pitch is also known only at the time of bowling only. But even before that we have decide the direction of shot. Don't know how an early shot leads to boundary. And how do we decide the shot without knowing the pitching of ball. Highly dissappointed. Apart from that, all is good
It was entertaining earlier, but after the update it has become pathetic... I had 7 million coins & now I am left with only 70 & I can't play the game.
After update batting is difficult. Bowling is improved. Bad update and no more fun in playing now. πŸ™‡
It's strange the dumbest Batsman I uses to out previously they're playing like a pro, 6 in every ball! No matter who the pro bowller is! It seems playing with a computer simulator. Anyhow you will loose. I used to a fan. But just hate this now. Play WCC2 it won't let waste your time.
It's good bt its stops while playing and if your network is also good they will throw you out it happens with me many times and it also hanged many times.
Latest update is unfair on the batting side. It's very difficult to even attempt the ball, so you can imagine how difficult it would be to even hit a six or a four. Also, the batting meter is the worst. We have to carefully look at the meter, so that we can atleast attempt the shot when it touches green but how is it possible to even hit the ball while looking at the meter simultaneously?? That too, it appears on the screen when the bowler throws the ball. Previous update was good for batting.
Update: ur background score is being used by recent "urban clap" advertisements.... Old review:New version has disappointed a lot. 1. Blue screen animation after every bowl and waiting is frustrating 2. Orientation change not a welcome step. Phones are heavy, can't hold it for longer hours 3. Landscape gave much better space to sweep 4.too laggy Updated review Over the months,game has improved a lot & it's my favorite cricket game ryt now
After yesterday's update,game has become way more stable and interesting like b4..Request developing team to removing bowling marker,when batsman strength is not active
Batting has been very difficult after upgrading the app. Not at all working, all the shots played told us wrong shot.. don't know how to play.. so disappointed.. earlier version is better compared to this upgrades..
Changing my review to 1 star. With latest update I lost my all the progress. Please give my coins and players back.
Even i bowled the opponent but showing that opponent has hit the six and other runs ,,,poor show continues after the last updated 2 days back...i think its hacking
Not satisfied at all. Not a single time was able to exit the game.doesn’t support in Redmi note 8 pro. Unistalling it
Its not working properly from yesterday its showing that there is no internet connection. I cant play it.
Game is excellent. But from the last 2 days whenever i opened the game it says check your internet connection, can you please tell me where the problem is?
If opponent left the game then we won but why it reduce my coin and i got gold pack also Please do the needful otherwise it was good
I cannot connect to the game after the upgrade. Every time I try to open the app it shows no wifi connection even thuough I am connected
There are numerous areas to be fixed for eg: 1. People hack when they get out and you got to re bowl the delivery 2. No option of changing fields or bowling sides Overall a good game but needs to update themselves to complete with other good cricket games
Loved this game, and have loved it again after the updated update. Would love it if the batting/bowling thing at the start of each game was actually random. Also, it would be good to know at the start of each game if playing a bot or human. Cheers
After this recent update my level bar is not increasing. I have unlocked arena 3 but my game level is still 1.kindly reply
The Graphics Are Awesome Please Try To Make It A Full Fledged Game Include International Matches Odi T20 Test On Easy Hard Mode. All The Best.
Lot of potential. But still a lot of work to do. This game is very glitcy. I never receive my daily rewards. I get the batsman out and then it says 0 runs. It can be a very very fun game. But very glitchy. Some of the chests dont open after I used gems.
I am loving this game and so much excited to experience new features of ASC. Plesse ensure, - Facebook Friend invitation - Two player mode ( two player can connect and challenge at a time) - Tounament Mode
Doesn't start ! says Check your Internet, (although I have internet), I press Restart, and it gets stuck on 30% Loading everytime!
β™‘β™‘suggesionβ™‘β™‘please add quick match and ipl option i love your game play and graphic add replay and more tournaments and add portrait mode game.plz fix this your game will be rock nice game and control. hust clear these issues
Very poor.. Update has made it impossible to bat.. earlier thung was good now player needs to judge line of the ball before ball is balled. Too poor
Very addictive and nice multiplayer friends game. But lacks in game fieding change, wide and no ball and run out. Hope they will be done soon.
Now the game is fake most of the time computer plays instead of real player and win.1st nd 2nd over singles doubles and 3rd over sixes.fake now going to uninstall
People are hacking the game. When batsmen get out . Batting team immediately disconnect or go out of the app and that ball is re-bowled again and batsmen doesn't get out. Please fix this huge bug. Second major issue ball is bowled some time ball is delivered from wrong side of the pitch instead of original side of bowler. I.e. over the wicket. Fire your QA team who do testing of that.
Have to say....the update has made the game glitch free but what about a tie? How are you evaluating this? Same scores and DLS?
2 star, Overall game is good but the bots are too strong and it makes not play the game regularly, otherwise 5star game.
Now this time I can't any work with this game . A new problem in game and unlimited bugs problem . After update l will playing everyday and 29 Sept a new problem face . My all drees and shoe get out from my game . Pls solve this problem and again playing with old drees . Support me 🀠
Need more improvement there is no tournament career test match if that features there this game would be great now it has only multiplayer that's the reason for disappointment
Game was 5 star...but now its not multiplayer...80% of the matches we play against a team in yellow dress which has certain pattern to play like singles in first over & big hits in last over plus normal fielders of that time dive like super fielders & we r unable to beat that team...its more of a cheating i feel
Worst game i played ever. Plzz dont make game if u cant able to develope such thing or fix it. Many matches i played but most of the time it shows that opponent get sever error and then declare me as a winner but all the credit can debited from my account . what rubbish is this ???
New updates have made playing and scoring runs harder. And playing against computer most of the time, makes it worse. I do not get one thing even at a perfect shot how does the ball not go in the stands and caught on the boundary? Well I did like the game earlier but not sure with these updates how long will I play now. How do you join the group?
Amazing game but with less advantage. Developers also joined Mukesh Ambani in the race of becoming fastest in the list of top 5 wealthiest persons. Many congratulations as you set the parameter high as per your commitment but u loose many true players who truly deserves good strategy. I was in top 15 players. Now I am a beginner just because of their pre planned strategy. Stay focused on πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° only. Game turned to be a pathetic one that all progress levels etc gone reverse on daily basis.
Guys don't download this game, it's useless, continuesly lagging, every time shows opponent left, looks like some data gathering app, must be spying data from the phone
-Keep getting non Genuine opponents who plays the same way every time and can't be beaten -They always bat's second, start chasing with singles, no ball can beat them -Mostly finishes the match on second last ball. I have provided team details to Support team many times, but no response from them.
Edit.. I thought they might have improved BUT....the controls still seem to be messed up. The field placement is misleading. Player shown on the boundary but actually he's standing close to other player. Sooooo many computerised opponents, most of the time I get computerised opponents whom are impossible to beat. The names of opponents are also gimicky. No doubt the game's rating is falling. I AM STILL FIRM OVER MY RATING.
Well, tbh this is one heck of a game. Has fair enough graphics & all. However it does need improvement in certain areas like field change, bowling sides changes, players raising bats after achieving mile-stones like 50s & 100s etc.
Worst Game ever. Game screen stop after some time and I try to minimize and open the game again and after that I lose the game automatically
This game is full of glitches and not at all smooth...it always ends up stopping at wrong times...need to see this devs
New update just ruined the gameplay. It's unable to play shots. Every time it says wrong shot.. return back the old game please..
For the last 4-5 days when i am trying to play, its saying internet connection is required. Though i have a wifi connection.
Not connected since morng....evrytime showing wait wait wait.....its so irritating....and somtime when i take wicket or throw dot boll its showing runs...not a good game.going to unintall
Game stucks in redmi 9c . winning coins are going to trophy πŸ† and trophy 🀣 bonus is added in to coins πŸ˜‚. Dear developer please consume less alcohol. its dangerous to liver kidney 🀣
too many bug plz fix this...i cant change my location nd sometimes my player not showing some game...
I like this game..but now the game is not opening..And please solve the issues fast..iam irritated when players left
Fun game but always loses signal in the middle of the game.loses lots of match due to connectivity problem...fix it then it will be fun...
Many faults in the game. One major fault, if your opponent leaves the match in between your whole scorecad will become zero. Then what is the point in playing, why to put efforts to build tactics and try to win matches. Either they should hold the same scorecard when your opponent leaves or else some penalty should be done to players who leave game in between, so that it will be interesting.
Hi, i installed this game recently and i loved to play this game bcoz i lost more matches than i won, its hard game with awesome new concept. But this game gets hang sometimes.. Plz fix this.. Like screen got hang and only blue screen shownup. Overall 5/5 πŸ‘
What's happening in the game. The batsmen gets out but the next delivery stands the same guy and the out shows as 6. Then what is the purpose of playing if it shows this way. I'm really disappointed with the game now. What happened to this game, 2 months before how awesome the game was. After giving lots of updates the game is getting worse. Please route it to the previous version πŸ™.
Very good game but there are some bugs. Few are resolved but some are still there like taking singles and winning in 2nd last ball is the major bug. Too much waiting time for next bowler or batsman selection. Still great game to play.
Game was good running before this update. But in new update they give some extra clarity for batsman so now it's getting very hard to connect the ball. The game base on judgements of the bowlers. But now it's all not that fun as before.
Good to play with friends. Public matches are almost always bots, that are impossible to beat. Sad that a game with potential is lost on experience. ☹️
Date:03 Oct 2020 Bloody Bots are playing with different names where normal players are unable to win. Developers are making fool of us, highly recommend not to download this game.
This is a very cool multiplayer cricket game. This lets you play against best players all around the world.
The update is not nice at all.. batting is too difficult..even we can't cross 10 runs while batting..even though we play correct shot it is showing red.
Computer component all the time with the same result. Same gameplay. Having such a wonderful gameplay, you guys have really blown it with auto chase and poor solutions.
I've played 1600+ matches and won near about 950. But not a single Jersey is unlocked for me. Not even shoes. After waiting a long, I've purchased welcome pack from where I got a yellow Jersey, player King and green coloured shoes. Also, no new player is getting unlocked. Receiving same player cards. What to do with it? Playing with same players and same Jersey, this game is getting bored now. Can you help me with this?
Hello Guys , Excellent multi player cricking game ..grophics and players selection are too good ..play with friends is biggest possitve ..join the group and play with so many members gives amazing feeling. Developer team is continuously improving the game day by day ..it's really a addictive game ...great DEFTOUCH team ..looking forward for many new options in game ..thanks
I love this game because it's more than a game it's about getting into your opponent head but the reason I'm giving two star , there is a very big issue with the game and i think most of the people mentioned it to you people so i think you should solve it , the issue is , most of the time you will play with the CPU which is impossible to beat , CPU will finish the match on the 2nd last ball and it happened 80% of the time so even if you let us play with CPU then let it be a competitive battle
I have been playing this game from last 45 days the game is highly recomendable and great in game play but the last updates that are being done have disturbed the app and made the gameplay stop I am not able to do anything on the app please make every thing right or I will have to delete the app in next few days.
This game is good but the only problem is game hangs in between matches probably when you're winning. Need some more game matches like test ,2020 but unfortunately there's only one game you can play.
The creativity this team posses is ultimate. There are many things to be improved in the game, but I'm sure they are working on it and they'll definitely sort everything out soon.
Most pathetic this latest update is, all my previous record is totally gone related to my account. Still bugs e.g. Batsman standing still ball mis and in score card he hit a six wth....please if u made this game put those people on it who can seriously maintain it
Cool game , new players , nice tactics and super stadium's cool players ( jazzy b _ Jasprirt Bumrah , chinaman _ Kuldeep Yadav , Head wig Sanga _ Sankara, Finisher _ Msd so on
Game is fantastic and mindblowing cricket gameplay on phone but Full of bugs.. when out then score count 6 or 4.. when 6 then score count out.. too many bugs all time and when i won got no box for victory.. my internet speed is about 500kbps to 3.5mbps so no doubt on netπŸ™β˜ΉοΈ
Good cricket game. I scored good run and was about to win then opponent left and i loose all the runs stats and coins.. this is not good you people must look after this.. Else love this game.
Best game ever. It is just run by the players . I am playing and just addicted to this game. I can't stay away. Try once and you will never leave.
extremely laggy after the ads are posted in match score board causing it to lag alot. lot of ads !!!! its pathetic joom ads even on ground which doesnt make sense at all causing game to lag and controls not working. going to uninstall it !!!
This game is very very nice bit only two problems are there that are the team must have all latest players like rishabh pant , pruthvi shaw etc.
i don't like the stupid ads that shows after every match, i think you guys should do something. these ads are disturbing us and making us feel bored.
Unbelievably bad game to be honest. My game keeps stucking and the matches I supposed to win I lost all those matches. I am going to delete this game from my cell. Also when on opponent leaves the game in between it shows that I actually won the game but if you check your stats after that game then it shows that you actually lose the game.
After finishing the tutorial match of level 9 I can't go the game's main lobby.my display shows please check your internet connection please solve this issue πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
I have been having trouble starting the game since yesterday. I stay connected to the internet but whenever I start the game, it appears again and again on the screen to connect to the internet.
In 80 percent of matches when I am play other side win in last over 5th ball how??? This is not a co-incidence .One more thing please solve the problem" other player going outside when ball pitched in a good place and then coming and then reballs. So please make a game which player going outside in a game and then game over.
I think the game is unfair for batting, the slot to hit a perfect shot is too early, we can't see the spin of the ball and and hit a shot just as the ball is out of the hands of the bowler it should be delayed a bit. Also regarding bowling a little more time and the kind of ball we want to throw if we could choose that it would be perfect.
Now it sucks, i am playing this game for last 9 months but after every update it's changing strategies. Now most games are not live with humans, all are played with bots. So nil is the new Star for this game. As it was nice in Starting
Not working I signed for beta version which is not working.. And now even I left the beta version app still suckss.. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
After new update... Game completely change.. Too many unnecessary update.. Crush the game.. I was playing this game 6 hours in a day.. After the update.. I hardly played 1 game in a week .... πŸ˜”
When an opponent leaves the match half way down, it shows i won, but will lose my coins.... Also when playing against your bots, chances of victory are zero, and thus i will lose all my coins and will have to watch an ad to play next game, nice tactics.
This is a very good game but given only 3 stars as the game is not starting since last 2 days and major problem is that fielders take some impossible catches like the fielder from long on runs and takes the catch at deep square leg!! How is that even possible. Also when I bat I get out to impossible catches but when my opponent bats my fielders don't catch the ball. Improve this and will give 5 stars. Just have the catching problem otherwise the game is very good
Game concept iz good but with a lot of bugs some time i got wicket but its shows runs or some time batsman missed the ball but the score increase. Plz fix all the bugs.
It's ovsly a best game and I am addicted to it. The better is that add 5 overs and I am pretty sure far better than wcc and real cricket games. Kudos team..
Worst Experience. Bad Algorithm. No matter how many runs you score, bots are going to win anyhow. I scored 92 runs in a match against a bot and that bot easily scored a win. Pissed-off by this game's algorithm. And also most of the time you don't even get to face real users.
I loved ur game . Play with friends are good advantage . But their are many bugs which needs to change.
What the heck.....am on batting side, bowler starts running, disappears along with ball and ball suddenly appears near the bat.....to hit a boundary, have to start swiping before the bowler delivers the bowl, how in this world batsmen can predict the ball direction and swipe it..mmcrappppppp!!!! There is scope for improvement.....you can do better!!!
Why I can't play with online real players , Why I have to do only training with coach drona , I want To play With Real Players , Not Game Computers, There are 9 stages of training and after that the game is finished... Not expecting this
why is it showing no internet even the internet is working .... i was playing till yesterday but after updating it is kot Working 😟
Why are you not fix the bug of hacking. Only one thing in a game if you can fix this game awesome. Otherwise I will can't Play this game ever
Giving 2 star rating from 5 star.. Recent updates really sucks.. I dnt know guy is still playing even after we bowled him for the first ball... There is no point to play if this continues.. Lost so many gold coins...
This game amazing but cause of slow performance in this i gave this low rating. I think do it better performance in this & need to be all features like league matches, tournament.............
Amazing game but with less advantage. Developers also joined Mukesh Ambani in the race of becoming fastest in the list of top 5 wealthiest persons. Many congratulations as you set the parameter high as per your commitment but u loose many true players who truly deserves good strategy. I was in top 15 players. Now I am a beginner just because of their pre planned strategy. For few dedicated players who spent real money on this game till now are gone mad now. Stay focused on πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° only
I keep coming back to this game every now and then because it seemed to have a lot of potential at the outset and also seeing the improvements that have been made over the course of time. However, I have one major gripe - the controls remain luck-based rather than requiring any skill. In batting, it is impossible to time it on purpose. Swipe and pray that the swing/spin/line/length go your way. Change up the batting control scheme and you'll have a much improved game. Bowling is good imo.