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Alite for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Philipp Bouillon. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I dunno. We used to play this with my dad, him flying, me & my brother firing the cannons. But I can't seem to get the gist of the ported UI. It resets and loads all of a sudden, and I've made no progress so far, always having to start over. It seems I spawn on random planets randomly etc. The flyings cool though, too bad the app's discontinued. Maybe I'll get the original version running again.
If you could yaw it would be great but otherwise these flight controls aren't for me. Maybe stick to elite on the console but still cool to have a mobile experience
very good done... the graphic, the controls, but the opportunity to buy other ships is unfortunately missing.
Easily best game I've played on a mobile. To think when this game came out in the 80's it was so good fans were buying BBC computers just to play it Now here it is better than the original absolutely free and no in game ads. TOP MAX RESPECT to all responsible.
better than the amiga version. seriously, it's a great version of this abdolute classic. accelerometer navigation controls, awesome! people should appreciate how much effort goes into free, ad-free games, much love
Very faithful representation to the original. Feels good, works fine for a port. Updated visuals and sytle is quite enjoyable. I like the difficulty system, you can adjust it to certain circumstances where you might not want to fight pirates/thargoids. This is useful if you wanna do some quick trading while travelling. Color adjustment for certain things is abit to get used to. But the info guide guarentees nobody is left in the dark.
you don't have any way to change the control from keyboard to touch screen control. your game would probably be worth playing if I didn't have to rotate my phone in a thousand different directions at the same time just to level up enough to kill one enime I can't even dock at any stations without killing myself . good luck with your game.
Whilst the game remained fun for the first 2 hours, I accidentally fired a station whilst warping there. Now I've got a legal status I can't remove because of a horrendous legal system. To clear your legal status, you must either use an escape pod or jump to another galaxy, but I can't do as much as dock now with the police shooting me. I am now stuck in a system unable to play the game properly. At least let me fine. Thanks for pretty much instantly driving me away with the terrible legal system
The gameplay can be very slow. At least an Android version of Elite exists. As far as I know, this is the only one.
I find the roll control too sensitive. Just a slight jitter of my hand and the ship goes into a spin. Impossible to target anything! Wish there was some way of tweaking that, but I couldn't find anything in the Options.
I find this to be a great version of the original Elite and I applaud the author. My only request would be to add bluetooth controller support as the onscreen controls are fiddly for people like me with fat thumbs! With that said, however, I love the game and will carry on playing. o7 commander.
Great reproduction, especially for a free game. I like the mixing of world politics with my legal status. I love the gyroscopic controls of the game even though they don't work well in airplanes!!😁
Would love to play it more but the screen isn't central. The laser hit where the center of my screen is but the crosshair is off to the left. Makes controlling and aiming extremely difficult. I have a one plus 6t. Any help would be great as I would love to rate it more.
The gameplay is basically to the original Elite game, and the combat is greatly improved with the control system. The graphics are obviously greatly updated, though not good as Oolite. Unfortunately, it's accuracy does show off the limitations of the original game. But being free, and ad free, I cannot recommend this game enough. Essential if you are a fan of the original, although I do wish additions have been made, like with Oolite. That is the only reason I have given it only four stars.
A brilliant android conversion of the classic game Elite. Very addictive and wonderfully immersive. I highly recommend this game.
Best game for Android platform. I like Elite since I played it for a first time on Commodore 64, I think 33 years ago. Thank you for the best game on Android.
It's a great game especially for a free one. The only thing it needs is the ability to use yaw controlls
Amazing game remembering all the good old days spent on classical Elite, but mobile! Now I can travel back in time (and space) in just seconds. If you played Elite, this is amazing! If you didn't, well, start now! =D
As a child I loved this game and even now its still fun, but game keeps crashing, fix this, and give us more up to date things to do and it once again will be a amazing game.
An extremely faithful port to android I used to play Elite until the early hours of the morning (my wife hated me for that) Just so bloody addictive.. I had it on most of the devices of the day & it still rocks imho yay for Alite (just a pity we cant play online as that would be a killer) Good Luck to you all. . . 😉 Mebbe this could be an online game in the near future if devs could do that? PS did anyone ever make it to become ELITE Cos I never did. LoL 😁
the game cant run gyroscope on my device very well it keep freakingout and it's impossible for me to use button control on a 3d space i love the game but sadly my phone cant run it
Great game, however very buggy. For some reason you can't close the game down (at all), and when you pause the game and then restart, it loses some sound effects and sends endless waves of enemies at you!
Great game, just wish I could fly with a controller! If you could add just flying control support for gamepads, it would be perfect.
It was a eally good port of Elite but sadly it's zoomed in really far on my device and i cannot seem to fix it. EDIT: My phone's resolution was set too high. Its fine once you lower it.
Great game. But it's strange that sometimes the game doesn't react when I touch the screen... And very embarassing during fights.
I played Elite nearly 30 years ago and it was good. Here i startet the tutorial and i cant get out , stucked If i restart the game i am again in the tutorial Game time 11 min 21 sec. Record in deinstalling a crapy game. This game doesnt do anything
This is a good quality remake of the original Elite. The graphics have undergone major improvements and the controls work well. I do wish they would add support for bluetooth controllers, though.
I used to love Elite on the Amiga. If you loved Elite, then you will love this game. It elite in all but name. Brilliant
starting the game brought me memories of playing elite dangerous as i am unable to because im on vacation. upon exiting the station i figured i forget things so i tried returning and got blown up lmaoooo feels like i started elite once again. would recommend to other ed players
As someone who played the original Elite on the BBC B, I find this very close to the original with most changes being cosmetic or to implement touch/accelerometer control. I found the accelerometer control awkward (kept recalibrating during the tutorial) but the button option works fine for me. One new product seems to have been added, as well as the tutorial. Don't know if there are any missions but I never got to those in the original either. Docking and combat seem a bit easier than in Elite.
Best game in play store. Only thing it lacks is new ships to buy. For those who dont like the traid system read the in game help it tells you how to traid, its mostly common sense. Buy food from agricultural planet, sell to others. Not rocket science. Docking is hard but so was the original. Just approach slow verry slow. Make sure you are lind up perfectly and come in slowly so you can august as needed. With practice you can dock every time without fail. Just read the instructions, please don't bash this game over your failure to read the instructions.... Great job to the creator..... Love ya..... Please consider adding new ships to buy and use...
Anybody know what happened with 1.5.9? The download link is dead. Excellent game, though. I really wish someone could port Frontier: Elite to Android!
Only played a few min but am remembering now. Was my favorite game. All give it a try. Spent many many hours playing it
I like this game but needs a lil bit more work not alot but just the graphics something similar to elite dangerous would love to see the update
Wow... just fantastic. Thanks so much for putting this out there. Brings back so many memories. I've only played for an hour or so and still cannot dock but hey, that's what it was like the first time around.. 😁
Downloaded the 1.9 version apk file... It goes to a website but d/l's without knowing the site. As others have said, I too have used Elite about 4 decades ago. Cant tell you how many appts or dates I've missed playing for hours!!! Made me laugh seeing how many were as addicted as I am! Hahaha Still my FAVORITE regardless... :-)
very faithful to the original, as others have said, but would keyboard support be possible? Would make it so much better, but I can manage without it, for such a loved classic! :)
Amazing game best game I've played on a mobile.i spent many hours playing this and this on my Atari st as a young un. Awesome job top marks. Thank you.