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Alien Zone Plus

Alien Zone Plus for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Hummingbird Mobile Games located at RM.803,Building5,SBI,GuanShan ST,HongShan DIST,Wuhan City,Hubei Province,China. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good gameplay and graphics! Shame that the viewpoint is from above, would have been better, from first person perspective, like Doom, and other Action games like Conflict, Global Storm on PS2.
Very cool game i must say but is just that level 1 is very hard 😅😅 anyway this game is the best game ever very amazing, fabulous
Actually this aps worth 5 stars. Good graphic, music and handling. But then I found bug here. My daily give is looks like never end. I start openy daily give from my gold is 30K until my gold is 200K, the give are still there. I lost my comfort to play this game because it's made made lagging to my game. Please fix it, so I can give my 5 stars again for this game. I think the animation of recieving item and gold also made the game lagging.
I am using resmi go (1gb ram) mobile many games am unable to play but this game is awesome. I just want to say thanks.👍👍
I like this game its super cool like the graphics is smooht and the controlers is easy to yous like my favorate fps game the bosses is super AI just like you playing dark souls and i love it
Good game but less money have reached level 58 without better implement's while enemies are getting stronger how do you expect me to finish the game...... 🤔😩
omg this is so nice! and also it is good.. i cant imagine my day if i could not play this.. but please fix the level 3 i cant open the gates.. and its like dead end..
The game is fantastic...but please, work on the stage level 3 It's a dead end and gates can't open!!!
I recommend this app to everyone ,,,, because,Very awesome app ,,, the app full of action and firing i love the app very much it is a very enjoyable app you can use this app anywhere, and that's to without any network ,,,,, it's the best app without network coverage ,,,,,, thanks for made such a wonderful app ,,,,
I don't have the best view and the aliens just come like "bu!"they are surrounding you and they are too many the game is just exciting
The game is fantastic the graphics are really , really epic but what dissapoints me is the difficulty of levels for example level 13 its impossible to pass even if you are amored with weapons
This was a great game but when my character level turns to 31 i can't access to the system of the game
Really enjoy the game, but u will need to spend a little money on the game to buy good weapons and armer. Then upgrade them. Otherwise u will just get killed all the time by monsters and stage bosses.
I was giving this game a 5star rate but theres some thing make my mind change.. when i downloaded this game icant play it clearly everithing is black on my screen :-( I waited for an hour and nothing happens
Wow I really love this game men each level u enter becomes tougher than the previous one I wish they could make the level more good game so interesting 😍😍😍
Havent played it for more than 10 minutes and i found 2 major things wrong... 1st, cant turn music or sound off at all, and i play while listening to podcasts on my phone as well... 2nd on first level i could keep selling the turrets you start with and once i lost it, i kept getting a new one, so i just had unlimited credit and bought ALL the best stuff and upgraded it as far as i could without capsules... In the starship i didnt get the turret back when i sold it, but i uninstall after 1st...
The app is great but there are 3 problems 1.I dont know where is the Inventory and when Im Playing a game I cannot Pick up Equipments Because My inventory is full and I cannot open it. 2.I needed To buy a GOLD KEY PIECE and SILVER KEY PIECE TO OPEN A CHEST (if you are lucky you can get Silver key piece when you are battling but More likely is Bronze key) 3.IT STARTED ALL OVER IM LEVEL 5 BUT IT SAYS LEVEL 1 AND MY LEVELS ARE ALL LOCKED WTH FIX THIS PROBLEM
MUST PLAY GAME, very fun. This is the first game am rating also commenting the upper the level the harder the game.
There's no settings in the game i cant off the sound/music and i dont like the graphics for me its hard to play with that graphics
this app is also excellent, but the only thing is it has no giant mecha and missiles unlike broken dawn, but it's good anyway, good job 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
good gameplay,excellent graphics but a bit too hard even in easy mode for a beginner like me.enemies tend to approach very fast n in vast numbers exceeding available ammo
It's simple and fun. I haven't figured out how to get the green money canister so I can replace my sentre guns tho. That's the hard thing I guess. Maybe more info on items and what they do also. I enjoy it so far tho
Game isn't horrible, better than what I thought it would be. An adjustable camera would have been nice, the graphics are too detailed for them to be set so far back. I give it higher marks because it doesn't pretend to be something it's not. It's a mindless shooter, reminding me of Alien Breed, and that's not a bad thing. Definitely worth a shot.
Hight quality Diablo or sacred 3 clone. Generator seed very good and beautiful items in style shild paladin Diablo 2 enigma.
nice game...i really enjoyed it....its hard to get good weapons and some materials....make sure the games itself can upgrade or acquire any materials.
This would be So much more fun if your point of view was optional. You're basically preventing 2/3rds of the people into this type of thing, from sticking with it, soly cuz you force us on overworld view while 3rd person and 1st person wouldnt be much of a stretch at all. Having all 3 would get more people to play it, i dont get why you still dont realize that. Paying for every little thing is outplayed as hell too.
i really love this one not dawn, i can pass through doors glich but very dificult game no ads also,can you give somethings to upgrade weapon to full thanks
This is the best game I have played but it will be better if I had a team with me .but very good game. Please download this
I installed it 28x but I didn't install it I know I'm not full storage but I still can't download it Oops I think it's because of log I downloaded it after 41x 😅
I love love love love this game the controls the grafics amazing you did a great job😁 l just downloaded it no glitches or bugs witch is great everyone who sees this game download it please if you miss this game lm gonna be mad😁 bye
This is the coolest app I've ever played the graphics are good the concept are good and the controls are good I wish you could add more levels but over all it's a good app. Hope you'll make more apps like this
this game was so Awsome.me and my cousin rayne and loray was very happy and me i was moving faster and i thingk im the first one to reach level 22 because rayne and loray was stuck at level 7 and im in level 15 and to you people who say this game was harible your just liying because you want only you will want to play ang to all people hate this game you are so stupid and horrible
I love the game now i am on level 8 but why is the graphics on level 8 different cause sometimes i cannot see the aliens and the one your steppin on is like glass and im like seeing blue? is that normal
yes the game is fun but when you reach the jungle it is hard to pass the level with out you loosing with the others who help you to fight
AMAZING!!!. i like much the game is verry nice especially the graphc and almost all but i need more mission
Nice game. The graphics are quite good regarding the size of the game. No online save is available. And there is a bug that allows one to sell 1 Turret infinitely from the equipment menu in any mission. I got 70k from there, not fun. Note: Last Tried: 30/1/21.
Great game, but I hate the puny sound of some of the guns blasting the aliens, some of the guns doesn't do rapid fire which robs me of excitement, the guns of the support soldiers sounds better and really shreds
i have completed all level when you completed there will be more level and monsters so that is nice if you upgrade weapon so it will be enjoy and fun and more adventure
The game is absolutely awesome! And i really love it. I just wish there was more of a storyline. It doesn't feel like you really accomplish anything when you complete a mission.
I am at 50 lavel. I purchased some item from cart after reviewing the capacity. But when they appear in my account, they show less capacity like power and other stuff. This happens thrice with me . I pay huge amount approx 1.10 lac.even after they show less power... Also capsules can not be find from any lavel . Why so ? Major one - this game doent have any account id craetion . So that we can start from any device where we left .. please fix it
this game is awesome with good control and graphics. But their all games are like same;they just named one game different,changed the graphics,named it HD that's it. I'd love to say make different types of games,show your latent creativity. ❤
I can't believe Google Playstore only recommended this game to me after it has been release >4 years ago. IT'S AWESOME. Crossover between Mass Effect, Aliens, and Starship Troopers. Great ambience, loads of gunnery fun, I even like the techno BGM!
Superb graphics/environs and challenging. I like the auto-aim tech and playing a powerful heroine :) Incredibly I have reached Mythic Round in free mode - never buying any thing with real money. Fair play - (no hacks/cheats needed)
The graphics are very good...but it seems very easy... please try to make it little hard....I will rate 5
It's good game but I wish you make Third Person view camera options and also improve on the lights- it's too dark. Thanks developers
The best shooter in playstore!wow I finish all levels!it's very challenging..and the graphics are awesome!and the important is it run smoothly even in low end device!thank U Devs for making this game!hope many games to come that even in low end device it run smoothly so many of my friends can play..love U guys!thanks and God bless..and plz can U make a zombie like this?plz..and it run in smoothly..thanks again!
Very simple and straight forward. No sound control so you have to listen to the horrible song 1000 times or turn all sound off by your device controller.
Not bad it good but the colour . please change the colour thats why I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5
Superb graphics/environs and challenging. I like the auto-aim tech and playing a powerful heroine :) Incredibly I reached the final boss (Hardcore) in free mode - I never bought any thing with real money. Fair play (no hacks/cheats needed)
Good graphics and control. Is just that when you go further you must buy their items if you really want to pass the hard levels. Is quite really hard to defeat the the aliens at such levels.
The game is nice but few issue The controller sometimes stock and you can't move The level up crystal are useless, they shoupd let you upgrade items for free but you cant use them, the only option apears for upgrade is spending money Lots of good items and upgrades need genetic tube which you can not get them in game at all and have to buy them with real money, so basically its a pay to play game
Great and fun to play, like the graphics of the environment, great job, possibly maybe add some melee
interesting game but fully upgrading the weapon is almost impossible later on .. the music and sfx sound really sucks..must ve turn off/on option for music and sfx..
Same as all other alien zone/raid games, armor/crit%/hit% all broken while in a mission. How the heck is not anyone else posting this??
very cool but lack of character creation i dont like beeing forced to play premade char i hope they add some customization as name genre etc
The graphics was good for me... Though the character was not that realistic to his/her movement... Much better if you (dev) improve it to your next update of this game... It's my first time to play this game and hopefully see more of it's improvement in the future gaming... Over all, i already like this game so far 👌😁
Um I'm stucked at level 9 basically the door just wouldn't open and I've played the same level more than 5 times pls fix this
Yeah the game is ok bt so complicated in acertain level that i cant change or evn buy afighter so ,its so disgusting
AMAZING! The game was very good especially the graphics. The fact that it was offline made it better! However, I kinda hoped that there was some challenges or missions that we could do but still great game!
Nice maps. I like the inventory and gun selections plus the extras and medical kits. Fun game good graphics.
This game is just perfect it has everything which makes its player happy and interesting. But it has a problem since other player are been unlock by real money. I didnt expectif that is there. All in all this game is fabulous
It's a fun game, it's just like the rest of broken dawn, or other raid game's, but it will hold your interest if you like these sort of game's.
This is a very awesome game.It has great graphics no glitches levels are awesome characters very well made. It is just a fantastic game.
Very nice game i finished playing the whole level before this my second time downloading it and the game is super awesome
is game shooting action rpg mod kamal ki hai, aur weapon mil jati upgrade per location aachi hai alien space baki aur kai game hai per ye game auesom hai yar please make many more game similer this type and offline.
I love this game.....full of action.it"s like your in the battle of aliens.a lot of aliens that you have to defeat to survive.in this game you will experience how to fight agains aliens.but hopefully the speed of the defeater have to upgrade....
Just like Diablo 3 except with aliens and you run around as some badass chick shooting those aliens and much more. Give it a try you'll like it.
So cool. Almost perfect, but can you add some challenges in which the player can get more credits (gold)
Where I must restored my purchased. I've purchased every skin in this game. But after I found a bug, I uninstal this game. The bug is the daily gift looka like never end. After I open the gift, there still give in there and that's make my game lagging.
The best game i have ever played is very difficult to open big amours and i really like it. Thank you
Alien Zone Plus [Game Intro] Space station under invasion, city on the verge of plague, even the whole world, is moving towards devastation. You are the Savior! [Exquisite 3D Graphics] Real-time light, shadow, lambency and depth effect... Enable you to experience a 3D next-gen console game on mobile platforms. 22completely different stages, i.e. 22 distinctive scenes Ensures a breath of fresh air every minute in the game Romantic park, perilous factory, trap-filled power station, .
The game is fabulous one must download to have thrill; fun and excitement. I ve played a lot n reached at the stage 11 but one thing stoped me to go ahead is u ve not arranged how one can optain coins to play further. Pls add some critaria to obtain coins. Thanx.
The amount of money drop is very less. We cannot buy anything weapon or armour etc. If the developer slightly increase the amount of drop money than it would have been better for playing.
This is my first time playing this and I already loved the game. It has a good gameplay and graphics. But i hope you to improve the viewpoint because sometimes i can't see well where's the enemies and golds and even the way and doors. Maybe it's good if you're going to put a viewpoint control. If you do that then it's perfect and i will change the star rate to 5. 😊😊😊
Hello Why only 22 levels please add more and add more characters free to buy gold not dollars So much love the game .God bless U can get 5 stars if u update the game
It's cool, but it would have been if it had team from all over the world when online and with Autobots during offline. But overall it's good. If it is done that way then I may think of giving this game a five star rating. You got that? & Best of luck.....
Superb graphics/environs and challenging. I like the auto-aim tech and playing a powerful heroine :) Incredibly I have finished the entire game in free mode - never buying any thing with real money. Fair play - (no hacks/cheats needed)
Nice sci-fi shooter, reminding of Action-RPG in a good way. Lots of pay to play, but one can solve several levels with the free version and without buying anything for real money! Some hot-chics along, often assaulted by mobs and gangs of alien mutants. ;-) Good game, but low on story, and few character stats (variety).
This game is very nice and enjoyable. This is the game I actually play most because the game graphics is very clear. Good game
I love this game so much. It's really addictive and fun to play. I recommend this to everyone who's looking for a fun addictive game that you will play nonstop.👌💚
Good game But i am having problem with level 3 . It is a never to pass level. You get stuck in a place where all doors are shut
WOW, guys I'm massively impressed by how good and fun this game is it's Soo good, your glued to your screen for hours one small issue is the viewing angle but hey no game is perfect
This was a good game exciting but the graphics are too can't find a word for it but it's got a glitch in it too because the areas that a person need to walk there are buildings in their area but I can walk through the buildings to get to the enemies but it's not enough heavy duty weapons to defeat them need more powerful weapons
This game is awesome, not only is it offline but has beautiful graphics as well as being a storage-friendly game. It has a mix of starship troopers, Resident Evil and Doom sort of vibe which is cool. Additionally, it is a game with easy controls and mechanics not to mention an RPG shooter game which is kinda rare. Anyways it's great :) LOVE IT, LOVE IT, GOTTA PLAY IT!!