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Alien Shooter TD

Alien Shooter TD for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Sigma Team located at P.O. Box 191 630117, Novosibirsk Russian Federation. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Need to grind a lot! Upgrade costs raises exponentially which you can't keep up. Unless you pay. The upgrading time is VERY long. Like other reviewers said,, lack of content , lack of character animation. No soundtrack. I enjoyed the game one day. The next day i gave up because of above.
A fun spin-off from the usual Alien Shooter. The game is fun and challenging and I prefer Tower Defense over Dual-stick Shooter. Playable offline, Achievements, cloudsave. Unfortunately, the once-amazing graphics is very outdated now. Worst of all: our troops. They're just standing there, like mannequins, no idle animation; not even a firing animation! And of course, everything is so expensive, we'll grind A LOT! not sure I want to see a bunch of mannequins fighting aliens that often😁.
Good game... But too long waiting upgrade troop n to difficult stage... Please simplify n decrease time to upgrade....
It is really fun to play this game when I was little my dad play this game and I watch it today I am 12 and I am scared to play alien shooter and zombie shooter but this not scary it really really fun
Fun Free to play game. Takes some grinding, but a very good game indeed. Thank you to the developers.
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It would better if some unit that need a line sight to attack be given some colored hint went they LOS get obstracted. Unit like sniper eventhough have the longest range they will not shoot/attack if they LOS get obstructed with wall, pile of sandbags or even trees
Not a single game issued by Sigma Team has ever disappointed me. One of the best game developers in the world.
I tap download but it's still not working It's showing waiting for download please say how to fix this
it's a very good game I loved it but I can't continue after level 3 but there are many troops available like flamethrower Ion Cannon etc so I'll update you had made this game for me only thank you sigma team.
The alien shooter TD is great a new game style and I've usually play experience a Dota tower defense etc. Version so yeah I've like this, keep up the good work sigma dev.
Having enjoyed the Alien Shooter series, and enjoy a decent Tower Defense, this is great. The graphics are just like AS2/ASV, and the UI is clean. The only issue, so far, is that panning can select things and screw up your soldiers' targeting, on tap-release, but that's just a minor issue. So far, ads haven't plagued my screen, which always makes everything far more enjoyable.
It is a cool game. Like the fact the you were able to turn a shooting game into a tower defense game. Good job. Hope you make more games.
Waiting for an app that just kills time is awful. This app is free to play, but would take months of literal waiting just to upgrade troops or a hundred dollars. To be honest, its worth neither. It gets more time consuming and asks for more money the further you go. Challenges are non existant after troops with upgrades are applied and loot boxes aka virtual gambling are disgustingly added. Im not shocked to see half the reviews are paid for.
I just bought something to support and say thanks to hours of entertainment this game provided me when I was a kid.. goes to show the game was way ahead in quality at the time. Thank you for the childhood memories of accomishment this provided.
An interesting TD game with new generation weapons. Not too challenging, but worthwhile if one has time to spend.
Good game! It simple /user friendly..... it could use a restart level and app/game option as well as a better way to controle your units in ways where you could have some units shooting at one type of alien and not the rest or for my units to focus on destroying the first alien in line insted of the strongest type would be super cool having a * alien shooter td 2* or a map expansion .... or just simply and update ..... like I said great game even with my dislikes great potential worthwhile ,!
I love this game, but can you improve the ammunition? its kinda drains fast please improve it and i'll rate you 5 stars.
Not liking the troop layout, example the rocket launcher guy needs 9 squares to deploy instead on the standard 4 so limited were u can put him and makes him unless
Best game ever!, The graphics are Awesome!, this game reminds me when I played Alien shooter in 2016 on the PC, too bad my PC broken now :(
Great game but, it is not so fun when you have to wait several hours to train your soilders. Please fix this or allow only minutes of because honestly it greatly slows your game progression
Fun game. A lot of detail and great graphics. Overall a nice TD style with a lot of options. Good for casual players, do not need to pay to win, just watch the occasional ad.
Great game, upgrades take way too long, 2 hours plus to get to lvl 5? How can I enjoy something for 10min and wait for hours for a simple upgrade.. Pitty really
A good edition to the Alien Shooter franchise. Very nice gameplay. Edit: I'd give five stars if you all could add soemthing different to the game. Maybe istead of waiting for troops to be trained finished, players could still deploy them at 50% penalty firing rate or damage. I'm sure that'll make this game unique from every other game. Most games collects cards to upgrade, coins and time. I look for ingenuity. Keep up the spirit, guys and gals! Edit Edit: Thanks!
I have been playing this game for a long time but have not opened it for a few days and now this game is not opening ....Please solve my problem
I really like how Sigma team can still make 2.5d games that are fun and look cool beside fact that market is full of 3d ultra photo-realistic games. Even in games like this tower defense all guns have their own 8 sprite on each character model. This is awesome. Fallout shared the same model for many in game guns and armours. I really hope someday you will release online course on how to make game like this. This review is by developer for developers!
The game has significant problem with balance. I stacked on 21th mission. I can't pass the first wave even. But almost all previous missions I finished with 3 stars. So, I have 2 options: either waste a lot of money to open legendary boxes hoping to get some incredible weapon or uninstall game.
1 star because when upgrading a troop u need to wait 20 hours or more please set the 2 hour of maximum upgrade
I like it, very nice there is a endless mode :) small miner bug thing, it's hard to see where you place squad members becose they are under your finger ;)
I own this on pc, thats a fun game. This is a painful experience injected with cash grab mentalities. The enemies are bullet sponges compared to pc and faster, this causes you to have to train your troops more to get through the same level compared to pc and toop training takes time which you can bypass for ingame currency of course. Third weapon slot is locked behind a pay wall and troops ai is absolute garbage. If you liked the pc version of this game like me don't get this. Really sigma?
pretty trash. the game is a bit of a huge quick cash grab and the game is only fun for the first few levels. after that its just hell
I rather like this alien TD, not a big fan of the ammo refill, but I guess that adds to the challange.
Good, but not great. Game is fun and challenging, but I'm not really a fan of the timed upgrades. I'm at the point now where I have to wait 20 hours for the upgrade to complete in order to play the game. AI also needs some improvement, targeting units should prioritize weak units and units close to the finish first.
Definitely a PTW/PTP or grind away for hours to attain the necessary requirements for upgrades. The timed upgrades for training of troops is ridiculous and unnecessary. Deleted after five levels.
Awesome game can't stop playing it. One question, how do you increase the amount of money you get when you start. The stages are getting harder and you can't get the more powerful weapons, only weapons that don't even take any power away from the first wave of aliens.
Very nice game from what I've seen. I like the features but I would really enjoy a bestiary on each of the different aliens as you encounter them, armour, streanths, weaknesses, hp, ect and a bit of lore on each alien type. Can you please add a bestiary to your other games as well. Thank you and keep up the good work. *Thumbs up*
Essentially have to stop playing during any troop upgrades. Which take hours. Unless you pay. Not worth it IMO.
Good graphics. Great heroes. Nice weapons. But somebody might have drunk and prepared few steps. If new weapons are used with upgrades, price of the troops will increase where there is no option for increasing of money during game. No additional bonus for leftover cash after waves and levels. Very long duration for troops update or skills. High cost of troops and low game starting cash. This makes no sense of game. The very first wave itself we will loss life and no chance to get gold star.
Another ruined cashgrab game, enemies health went absolute bonker as the more you progress so you either wait forever to upgrade your troops and weapon or pay money insta get op, what a waste of time.
i play every games of sigma in pc. please release alien shooter 3 version. and aslso makes multiplayer games.
You can win and play this game without paying, which is rare in this time, yet its fun and addictive.
its ok, but impossible to play higher tierr maps without donating like crazy !!! monsters are way too powerful, their difficulty scales insanely compared to the upgrades available !!!
Alien shooter 2 is a real legend but this game has not much fun as other sigma games it should have also a team death match like game
Enthralling and frustrating at the same time! Very addictive just like all Sigma Team games that I have played. Not many games hold my attention like their games. The first Alien Shooter was great and Zombie Shooter was just as good. I don't leave reviews but I have been enjoying this title so much. There are ads but there are not an issue. Unlike some other games that bomb you with ad after ad. Hope these guys keep making titles and updating things.
The creator of this game thinks my degative opinon of the game is unfair because for me it isn't worthy. Besides the characters just standing there, it's made to milk you for money. You can't just buy it like the older games and there is not health, amo, money or anything to help you in the game unless you buy, buy, buy. That's what's really unfair. It's sucks and that is the truth. Period!!! Don't like it, make a better game and stop the greed.
the game stalls alot and you can't play. Other than not being able to play half the time it's a great game.
deserves a good 1/2 ☆ ,really needs more expansive camera movement & awareness of what is happening could use a smarter approach for the angles
Pay to win - not even a chance of surviving unless you pay, or like, grind for a month - definitely not something to enjoy
Innovative Tower Defense inspired by Alien Shooter! Be careful when downloading the game: you run the risk of escaping the real world for a long time to get completely absorbed in saving the Earth from the imminent threat! We are happy to present our innovative game in the genre of Tower Defense inspired by the legendary Alien Shooter series! Here you will not just build towers to protect your territory, but will also get in charge of a platoon of elite warriors. Each one of them has their ow