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Alien Shooter - Lost City

Alien Shooter - Lost City for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Sigma Team located at P.O. Box 191 630117, Novosibirsk Russian Federation. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Good game follows the first original Alien Shooter game. Id rather pay for the app than to constantly hsve to watch ads. Please consider.
This game is very good but this game is not played on mobile displayed on laptop or computer type then install it laptop or computer
this game is nice but the controls are suck.some time when i play this game i can't move and the alien killed me.so sigma team please fix the controls.......
Its an amazing game with good graphics, survival mode helps u to earn enough money to buy weapons. I love this game
Best game of my childhood. Thank you for making such a great game. But on my new device it doesn't work. I tried every step possible to get it to work but it wouldn't. Dont worry,you still make the best games so i will play your other games.
A bug on flying alien which can shoot poisonous liquid. Green layers appear whenever they shoot it. Please fix it, thx
Very good game. I have played it 2 times. But it needs upgradation. Please add more features like new variety of weapons, hand grande, more missions, new strategy to play, implants, shield for legs, head and chest, new drones, shield can be repaired for the next level and many more improvements should be made so that Alien shooter can be a strategic game play for gamers like Alien shooter 2. So I request you to upgrade this game so that more gamers will download it again and feel the change.
There is a bug that when reaching the area with bats in Stage 3 and they started to shoot the main character, this game automatically closes. Please fix. This is a good game
One problem the he aims isn't right i am struggling too shoot the monster because of the move button and shoot butt on but its a good game
Goddamit i was fan of sigma team since 2009 when i first played this game on pc, but when happen now? Your game character always get stuck in obstacles and die when swarm of enemies come. Plz reply me back if as i am fan of sigma team if you reply me i will just rate you 5 stars, i want to see if you really care for your fans taynkyou.
Super offline game. I have completed all lavels repeatly 3 to 4 times. Everything is good but in this game there is no option to sell unnecessary material like other games (alien shooter 2). To purchase new gun, i have to paly many levels repeatly many times. So i think there should be any option for selling to purchase something new.
This is my best game from childhood. This is very old game but is still my favourite. It is the best and is better than other games
I hate this in mobile its better in pc you can pick up weapons, no need to buy weapons,no need to buy ammo and no need to buy the resurrection and this mobile it change everything you need to buy wepons, harder levels, needs to buy resurrection like 5 times, and the old character was changed into new character and harder to buy items like drone, armor, radar, etc. I really hate what you did to this game i just uninstalled it. And harder controls. ๐Ÿ˜ก
Game running stag/ mission / part >> stay or hang >> and lost the game mission >> SO uninstall the Game >>??? Bye==bye //// ?
I m playing this game from 2010 to now and i m suggest u to take out 2 part i m obliged to u thank u sigma team for take out 2 nd part
The game is very fun very well optimized and the Carnage that is left afterbattle is one of the best I've seen in any game on any console.
I love this game. First time when i play it in computer i was in class 8. Now i download this game in my phone and now i am very happy.
The Best Game I Ever Played. It's Like I'm Playing Doom But Not First Person Shooter & I'm Shooting Aliens Than Demons.
Yeah, this game is similar like Theseus on PC (same game by Sigma Team). Instead, weapons and charactes from classic Alien Shooter. You start with NO LIVES (you need to buy Extra Life to add +1), can't change difficulty due to hard difficulty (Theseus can change it), and expensive items. Also, No mission completion reward. Please fix the difficulty, start with 2 lives, add rewards for completing mission, and lower item's prices so anybody can play.
The game is so nic .new new adventures in it.and i enjoy the game with my siso . It like a horror and fun story. I love it๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
The game is good. For me, weapons are decently easy to get. But there are places where you can kinda get stuck which is annoying and deadly if there are monsters too.
I love this game sooo much because of it's amamzing graphics and gameplay and also for less size mb.It does lag anyway.It is a best action game forever I had played in shooting action games.
One of The best alien game ever, I really enjoy graphics and how easy it is play. Keep it up guys. Lee get back and enjoy the action.
I love it. It gives us thrill cuz its a lil bit difficult. So i love it. It makes my heart beat. Not boring
I had played this game alot in my PC. Thanks for bringing this games for the mobile. But this games crashes at the middle. how can I get rid of this problem.
thanks again for your time with the family we will have a great time with the kids and we can get together for a game and then we can talk about the details of the games and then I have to go get my car and then I will be able to do that but I'm still not sure if I should get my email from yesterday and today but I will be there for you and I can go to the store in my car so I can get my money back or not but I'm gonna be late today so I'm going to it and the other one is a little you can get the
this is one of the best entertaining game....i love it.... i clear all level...so the company should add more level...thanks
Awesome I play this game on pc too anybody who is not afraid of blood can play even though I'm ten I play because it's fun but I am warning you only people who are not afraid of blood but if you want this game so badly you can switch to green blood also thanks a lot sigma team for the car game on pc it's grate๐Ÿ˜€โ˜บ๐Ÿ˜‰
Hello Sigma team I really loved your games, I played it since 2014 But Alien Shooter lost city is kinda hard, I keep dying in Mission 9 because there's a lot of monsters If you can add a difficulty setting I'll be happy. Thanks for creating this great games! One more thing I got this problem where I kill a monster The music doesn't change It's just the music where there is no monsters, it's not the action music, If you can fix this. I'll play it Good luck!
Its so hard to beat the level i only got shotgun minigun and rocket launcher and u dont give some reward im so dissapointed and this game literally unplayable EDIT: ALSO flying bat alien when they shoot the screen will turn to green screen i though my phone was broken but the game is broken fix this
Even hard to increase money with just playing game and you forced to purchase if not patient enough, but this game is one of the best offline and enjoyable game, especially many developer focus on developing online games
You have to understand that this isn't the end all be all zombie shooter. One thing for sure is, i like it so far.
this game is very good. graphic are awesome. but the gun not free we need to buy this about 50000,100000 coin... this is very bad..if the gun will free it's will be beautiful and enjoyable....
Fan of your games since 2010. 2.5 D still but it's amazing. I wish you make make sequels. I played each and every Alien Shooter game on PC. Time for Android. GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR FUTURE PROJECTS.
Weapons and ammo pricey for the coins you pick up. Character keeps freezeing in the middle of battles wont move or fire
Nice game. Takes some time learning symbols and playing on phone as writing is small and hard to see. In app purchasing seem to be reasonable so far.
games is good but its too hard..when you reach some level you will die easily becoz there are no health pack in this game..you also need to buy ammo..
The game is good game but there are not enough money for complete higher missions (Specialy3&9) So i think it's improvement is in cost.
very intresting game i like such type of games very much since my childhood i love it.so please release such type of more games.
Its amazing game from ist up to last allienshooter and i finosh all that so addicted๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰.i hope that there is part 3 of this....
We need updates for this app because it crash every time, I cleared my phone cash and still crash plus please reduce monsters coming to 10% of monsters because my phone crash that's why.
It's a good game but there are glitches where you get stuck and none of the life saving videos work at the moment but I'm told that is down to Google not Sigma. Customer service are fast to reply and brilliant by the way even if they can't help
Wonderful Games Creat for Android Smartphones. But No Sale Any Bullets, Weapons, Body Armor, Etc...... Please Please Improve This. In This Games.
i have played this game its so hard even in the 1st level.tons of aliens coming i cant even manage it and the controlls are too bad. make it better plz
I'd already played this game in my computer and it was fantastic then. In my mobile there's a slight dificulty of motion due to the size of the screen, perhaps. It is something you should work on in order to fix it.
Similar to Alien Shooter but not killing the whole aliens and it is similar to arcade games as there are survive mode
Its so hard to beat the level i only got shotgun minigun and rocket launcher and u dont give some reward im so dissapointed and this game literally unplayable EDIT: ALSO flying bat alien when they shoot the screen will turn to green screen i though my phone was broken but the game is broken fix this btw i like the guns just like in pc version
Best offline game ever played.Every mission is challenging and just for 54 MB, the sigma team has included 10 missions. Great work sigma team!
This is a good game because in alien shooter mobile version but looks like pc it's have a very high cost of weapons. So this is a good game. Please please please make the alien shooter old version becase i didnโ€™t like this version.
Not an Alien Shooter game originally. It's actually a game called "Theseus: The last hero". It was rebranded as Alien shooter, and a model was changed to fit the alien shooter name. Other than a lazy reskin, it's good.
This is best game,but it's weapon method is so old. Please upgrade it like zombies shooter and alien shooter free. It's bulit range is low.
So cool. I really love alien shooter 2 on pc. pls bring alien shooter 3. There's no other games which is more action than this. Thx sigma team
This game is awsome, you can play in offline. I rate just 4 cause to hard to gain coins and buy some good weapon