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Alien Shooter - Invasion

Alien Shooter - Invasion for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Sigma Team located at P.O. Box 191 630117, Novosibirsk Russian Federation. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I already play this when I was a kid and still playing this till teen i like this soo much and an advice you cannot play this if you don't purchase this on your mobile phone
Really good mobile remake/port of the alien shooter game from my youth. Difficulty levels are set well and it's fun to play, even without paying up.
great game to pass time. ads are somewhat annoying but the rewards are decent. quite grindy and repetitive. needs improvement in controls
after level 5 it's not working.. it's saying that "Required Character level:8 Your Character level:6 The character level is too low.. " please fix this problem for me
One of the best it's kind of like now zombies but with a bit more depth, so easy to use, quick load times, I would like to be your advocate for some freebies πŸ₯° love you work guys
its a pretty good game.a lot like zombie shooter but maybe its before or after that game like a story. controles are pretty good.
I playing this game since 2016 on pc version.After 5 years I didn't play this games,I accidentally found this game and I think this game has been disappear for ages.Now, I'm glad to come back to play this game.Keep it up Sigma Team I can't wait the next update!!!
This is a truly fun game.But i whish that it where easier to level up and to by items or characters.Overall this is a good game!😁😁
Ever since when i was a little kid, i have been playing this game for a long time. Im glad it had a mobile version of this game but it doesnt seem to get the popularity it deserves. If ur reading this sigma team, make a hotspot coop multiplayer update for this game then it may get popular someday.
Worst game i have ever play. Grafix are so bad and we can't move easily without lagging. Its very deficult to kill all alians and win. When we play are best but didnt get any reward. All i say its a waste of time. Dont install it.
Got to say didnt expect this level of detail i mean even chairs move when you walk into them. Great game overall and ive had no issues with it so far. Would love to see more zombie games going with that format.
Most of the things are good, but the arrow (which shows the aliens which are lift) most of the time it doesn't do it's job. The time it takes to reload one more fuel, istoo long. AAAH
Ahh, I remembered playing this game when I was a little kid. I was playing this game on PC, but for now it's different than that. This mobile version of this game is really dope to me and it's really addictive too. I gotta tell others, spread the word about this nostalgic game to my friends on social media and share the moments of this game. You know what to do now? Let's crush all the aliens!
Easy to play, controls very responsive and it is not overwhelming with unnecessary effects and exploding colors that distract from the game play. Good work people. Keep up the imagination. The only thing that makes it less enjoyable are the longer than average ads. Other than that pretty awesome game.
The is so good. I love it i was once play it in the computer and i play it in my phone it is all the same with graphics, weapons and many feautures, its good
Why the level gets over and there are no extra level. I have completed all the level and no more level to enjoy more. I would have given 5 star to the game if it provide more level, because the game is very good. Enjoying it. Thanks
Very interesting game.I like it very much to play from childhood. But I gave you only 3 star. The game only 20 levelsπŸ˜•πŸ˜•.If you want 5 star then please add some more levels.If you add I'll be very thank full to youπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
I wish that developer can made more level/episode for this game.i really love this game soo much.and already finished all the level and unlocked almost all legendary equipment for my game character.tq
Although it is too difficult , but it's interesting too πŸ”₯πŸ€©πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ l really liked the idea of this game , but it's toooooo difficult to get a new character or developed equipments πŸ€•πŸ˜–πŸ˜”
Game is too good and hard I play in pc ,now i ma playing in mobile mobile experience is good but not like pc pc is best this game music is too good and scary also I never reach to leave 10 but I tried My best
this game is really very amazing but there is just one problem that for next level we have to wait 24 hours if this problem will solve so this game is better than pubg according to me
Once played this on PC, missed it and am now able to play it again, but the movement control could be a little bit better, still it's a good game and one I'd recommend to others that remember this game and ones like it, always be on guard and watch your armor and health as you can die fairly easy.
It's the same game which I loved the most when I was a child playing in the PC. Pocket gaming version is also resembles the same. I really loved it.
This game has great action , great action music . ok , im not going to write a full review. Gotta get back at blistering mutant aliens ;)
This is the first official game that I had downloaded and played in my pc from gametop website. I love this game and I wish sigma team made this game from the player's perspective.
The game is cool... Getting more interesting when u are get to higher level.. I think everything about it is cool..
I've loved this game franchise since it first came out on PC a long time ago. Still a lot of fun! Some minor problems with the controls, too many ads, graphics look a bit dated, and I loath when games try to get you to spend rediculous sums of money... but its still a lot of fun. I'd like to spend a fair mount of money to just buy the game and get access to all the content though, like with the original.
The game is wounderful. High graphics and also powerful gaming noted in this game. A best way to time pass. Download now. Play and enjoy . You will have to level up to the last. Please big the fort size.
Just like PC's Zombie shooter same experience, same great experience in particular. I recommend this game Thanx to the developers
I am downloading and going to play this game but I gave it 5 stars because I know that this game is awesome because I played this game in PC and I know that it's android version is also good . It reminds me of my childhood.
Its same game that I used too play on computer same version in android also never seen any other game with very good graphics and with good controls
Its good and toooo...... difficult.......i have played a level 10 to 15 times to get ⭐⭐⭐ star... I have installed last week now only I am compted 6th level with 3 star.......... Now for 7 level its asking 508 Lights for next level... If you can face or want more difficulties in any game .... I have requested to play this game...... I am giving 4 star because of more difficulty and always asking more lights............................ I think so I will complete this game in 5 or 6 years..........
The perfect guide for me to enjoy my childhood game. Now that this game is available on Android phones. Thanks for giving us this kind of game. I surely loved it!
I just completed the game today. That was just awesome πŸ˜πŸ‘. thanks for such a game. OLD SCHOOL!!!!!!
I was playing this game when I was 8 years on my old PC (512 my ram) and I was enjoying this game, and it's mobile version is very superb. I also wanted to play alien shooter 2 reloaded but it lagged a lot, now I can play the legendary alien shooter on my poket android device. I will recommend everyone must try this game.
Repair cost is very not balance with money earned on the mission. Weapon equipment slot 1 always dissapear after mission & replaced with next slot. Please fix & rebalance money earned / the repair cost.
Everything is okay. But we have to play one level again & again for unlock levels or upgrade weapon. Which is painful & make boring. πŸ™‚
It is a good game and I give 5 star because there are so hard levels and I like hard levels it is so it resting game thank you for this game
Well hear me out,yes this game is so good i advice you to play it but you dont have to well i found some gliches im not sure if they are only for me but these were the gliches i encountered,1 when i went to the shop once all i saw is a red screen and it went on for a while then it was gone,2 when i was trying to shoot (and yes i was pressing the red button to shoot) but it didnt shoot (and yes i had ammo),3 while i was running around the map of the level i noticed something weird it was a entity
The gameplay is fine and I really enjoy phone shooters that don't make me aim, but the "difficulty" alone makes this a super hard pass: your drone eats your currency on repairs and if you dare die to the army of aliens because you didn't use yet another medkit, your armor takes a HUGE hit and eats most of your savings - all it took to wipe almost all my money was dying twice, and the armor alone cost me 3 stages worth of currency. Simply put, avoid like the plague.
I like this game a lot. This was my favourite game when I was little. I used to play it on my pc. Now I am supporting this game in mobile version too. It is my first favourite game. But i got disappointed how this game become so unpopular . I thought it was one of the best games ever. I think The Sigma Team should Come up with a new update or a New game with new ideas. I really wanted a cool update so I can enjoy it more and more. Please Sigma Team I want to see this game shining πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί
This game on pc is better than this, I mean this version you can only carry one weapons, there's a lot of ads and this version is complicated than the pc.
Excellent game! Tense play, easy controls, and more like the old school (90's) style with "2021" upgrades! Love Alien Shooter! Thank You, Creators 😊!
Everything in the game is okay, but if I feel that the amount of fuel should be increased by more than 10, then the continuous game can be played. Take my message with a little attention .......Plz☺
The game is good but i saw it suddenly become very Hard. Level 4 to 5 does not mean became skillful. Mission 50 kill become 420. Game is unplayable
You should do a two player where two players play with each other that will be fun and you will get your favourite 5 star
Such a wonderful game ,I remember it from my old java phone. Need to improve 01.increase adverts for rebirth 02.Giving more money 03.put health kits on game
took me 3 day to finish this game but the game seem incomplete in story mode. SIGMA TEAM!! please add another chapter 4 for the ending.i wish to see humanity arise against this creature and bring world to light. some soldier fighting at chapter 4 would bring some joy to play.
Great t-d shooter. Very dynamic, great intensity, and not PTW... very fair.... All in all a solid game!
Realy nice graphics and amazing i think you should add season update here so you can have more people to play this game!
Not bad, bur the original PC experience was much better. Edit: Thanks for the reply. I didn't know there was the original game as well on Play Store... Amazing, I'll make sure to check it out.
I have played this game in my childhood, I actually grew up playing this game, this game, we played in pc and I was so happy after founding this game in play store after 8-10 years
Very upset.It started out strong,bought a few things (10$),yet almost every time I log in and get the daily box I press to receive and never get it just like yesterday and today's res box.Vey disappointed I will soon be un installing this game.
There is only 2 drones. Please add some drones. And the game will be more attractive. And please add the multiplayer version too. Which can play with wifi-hotspot.
I like this alien shooting game πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ a lot it is fun to play and it got good graphic and the control they are smooth and if it's very addictive it's fun to play β­β­β­β­β­πŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ€œπŸ€›
I've played this game on my PC when I was little, and it looks exactly the same in the android version and the slightest difference here is, a drone is been added to the game and it has make the game more enjoyable. Thanks to you Sigma for this beautiful work done.
It's good game..but still it deserves 3 stars. We can't gain skill points after reaching 30 points for our character, please update the game and allow us to increase the skills level
I love this game so much but there are bugs need to get fix as fast as possible.First,the bugs.I recognise when I'm using a weapon with additional features like "Fire, Ice, Toxic".My weapon with these additional features I mentioned earlier can't be triggered at all. Recent path(version), this additional features "fire,ice and toxic" work well with weapon but current path(version) my weapon didn't even triggered with those features.I hope u can fix it. I'll always support you Sigma Team.
What a incredible game,really brings back my childhood.Controls are good enough and the gameplay is amazing please add a multiplayer to make it dope.Add a way to earn skill points instead of only through leveling up
very nostalgic, but I think you need to try all control settings at tutorial first to find the one that suit you because the default one may not suit your playing style. DON'T go to the missions before you find the suitable control setting, or you'll end up with ripping armour or rebirth window.
The game is awesome and gets even harder as you progress which somehow kills the enjoyment as you need to start using real money
Ugliest pay to win combo. Great game destroyed by pay to play schemes and countless adds. Destroys the enjoyment of the game.
Not able to pass the level even though I have cleared the mission ALL THE TIME!!! Please fix this glitch, it is so annoying that I always wasted my time to clear the level but it unable me to pass that level.
Good enough, but i am missing the same thing like pc, the gun changing option during playing is missing and fastaid box which are available here and there is unavailable in the game but presence in pc.... If you can add those, it will be much better and you can change the chests to like pc.....
This game brings back my childhood memories and thank you very much for making this game free to play. Even so, I don't like the level thingy when I want to equip some weapon or armor that's why I only rate it 4 star
I have always loved alien shooter the best game ever i use to play it on my pc is addictive and challenging i always wanted to finish first level and see wants next ,,,,please download this game and you will surely rate it 10 star
Great game fimilar with childhood but in this game plz add turnet boxes update. It is going to very hard to handle with one drone lots of alien forces .my favorite game 😍😍😍
Hey guys me and my cousin are former youtubers but we are searching games with lan coop and epic battles so can you pls make all your games lan coop and make online versions of them duplicated but one ia online multi and one is lan multi __ edited part __is there lan or internet and hey thanks
Dear Sigma !! please update this game. add 1 level insane challenge unlimited waves. the monster getting aggressive from time to time. my money reach 27 million using boost lucky 100%. Please Update Oh Sigma Team
Thank you so much for keeping this game in mobile version,This is mind blowing game.This is wonderful
This game has changed allot since it first came out on PC. I have played this from Google play store as well. It has more options. I like the drones.πŸ‘
Joss game, not a easy one at all, one of the best thrilling games in my whole life, u should try this, not kidding, i just cant Believe
I do enjoy it, but a top-down arcade feel would work better over isometric 3d, IMHO. Still giving it a crack, wishing age off zombies was still a thing!
I am a very big fan of these guys! #SigmaTeam. I have been a fan since I was seven! Am so excited that they have released the mobile version of Alien Shooter especially amongst all their games! Thank You very much! Please keep up the spirit!!
I like this, because graphics, sound, controls everything is good. Too much entertainment game, my suggest if you need any good offline game so download it,.... 😘
Used to love this game! So I'm glad to be able to play again. The controls aren't the same as a keyboard and mouse but I'll get used to it
I remember playing this game on my sisters windows vista back in the day and it was awesome, but it doesnt translate good on apps on phones. Really hard to navigate the shooter into the areas to get loot, life, and money
Its very nostalgic for me. I have played this game so much in childhood and it is the copy of alien shooter pc game. Love the game
Not a bad game. Time well spent. Just a bit of an improvement is required for the controls. Otherwise it is a good game. Alongside nostalgic too
Enjoy i crazy about this video started playing an automatically generated based upon where you can also use it as well as the registered player whether this is the best regards
I find it very difficult to progress. Enemies never get finished, they kill me in instantly. The gun in the early stages aren't good enough to help me progress. The old one of PC was very simple and addictive but this one is very difficult
It is a gd game but the only thing I hate is u have to upgrade yourself constantly just so u can do the nxt level
Bringing back all the memories from 2007, playing all day long after school and exams. Glad it's available in android.
Well i this game is soo awesome i really enjoy playing it❀😩🀞...lol funny it's always been my favourite since from my childhood...i am looking forward for your upgrade (management). Besides it is still enjoyable ❀❀❀πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺ
This is my favorite game in pc when i was 10 years old till now,now this game in mobile..its awsome.. Please make more carrector
The range doesn't matter. The only way to win this is just getting stronger weapon which is not the same as the pc one. Run and gun is not a thing in this one. Bad and not fun and challenging
So far so good, runs smooth and fun to play! Early days, but looks like I'll be keeping this gave installed
best game ever played , freshned my old memories , but you can do much more, likeΓ· 1 adding new levels 2 camera mode changes like 1st person view etc. 3 adding new wepons 4 enriching graphics etc. but thanks!,TO SIGMA TEAM
LOVE this game! πŸ˜€ But the screen shots and writing are WAY too small! Im already having to wear reading glasses. Im afraid my eyes will only get worse straining to read what's on the screen. For that reason alone I may drop it.
I've been playing this game for almost 7 years and every time I play I use to say God bless the developers...its a very nice and addictive game...so I will recommend it for everybody.....thanks to Sigma Team
I love this game, this is my childhood game in PC... Now in on Android but I surprise because there is a lot of challenges but can you please the drone issue, it doesn't work.. I can activated but still it can't be use it the 2nd drone when I'm playing.. maybe it's a bug issue ..
Nice game but ads make this game booring I am play any level of game after the level complete ads showing
Level 7 is glitched and I cannot destroy the generator. Tried all manner of weapons and even grenades and it still wont take damage. Glad I wasted my time on this garbage
I think there's some bugs. One time I can walk through walls, and other times when I get in the cracked walls for the secrets I ended up getting stuck in there and can't get out. It's a minor issue and doesn't affect my rating but wish you'd fix it. This game bring back memories, I love it.
This game is awesome but health is decreasing very fast I play this game in pc in pc they have big machine gun in this android only one level have machine gun please put the machine gun in hard game
Important, I loved this game on the PC years (many) ago. This is a blast from the past all the better because I can play anywhere, anytime, all without trying to get an old program to run well on a new computer. The game was fun then and fun now. I will only point out that this was a lot easier with a mouse and keyboard.
AWESOME! It really brings me back to my childhood and it's also giving a vibe of old and new! Overall, Good Game! Well Played! Keep up the awesome work, Sigma Team! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
Fun game, field of view is a little limited. Got me killed a couple of times because of an explosive just out of camera view accidentally getting set off.
very immersive grafics of these beauty. .so clear mission. .and no tension. .buy the developer please be a little kind heart for may the player to be easyly got much money. .at least give us double money on field of play. .
This game is incredible but hard to play because it take a months before you finish it but all performance of this game is good because it likes you play in Pc
Good game, have already played its pc version. What i don't like about this version is that I need to play each level three time to upgrade character for free (makes boring) or need to spend πŸ’°.
Nothing changes from the alien shooter on our pc... excellent graphics..perfect controllers for easy movement. Guys you can download and bet you, your data won't be waste
This is the best game of the world like this game i play this when i was 7 years old in my pc and I love this and my pc is not working for a while I new this game everytime and I want to play but forget name and I want to play and I remembered the name its a good game please try it out thanks
This game is a good game. The graphics of the game is good. I play this all day long when I fell bored. And it's also a good game but there is a problem the game uses energy. I have to stop playing if the energy is finished but I still rate 5 stars and I'm looking forward to install alien shooter 2 the legend
I loved the game when I was young. I played it on pc but android experience is not so bad even now I am in love with this game. Thank you for creating such a amazing game. Childhood memories refreshed😘😘
I played this game when I was a kid on pc version and I'm happy that it still exists today. I just think you guys need to fix some control options. Overall it's great.
I tried to download alien shooter 2 as you advertised it to me through this game but its when I started getting problems with this game , now the game is quitting itself when i open it, I have tried uninstalling and re-installing it but the same thing it's doing. Pls fix this problem so that I should continue playing it because I love this game.
Yes it's free but the balance of how long it takes to get greenbacks to upgrade your weapons/repair plus 1 cell when you need 80 to upgrade your character is not realistic except if it's pay to play. Oh wait of course πŸ₯Ί
This game is so awesome i think you guys should try it, it's just like the PC's version,the only problem i encountered was the control,but it got better when i tried the three types and found the better of them all, second problem is you cant use two weapons........but the is so amazing thombs up guys
spent so many good times playing it on pc...now its on mobile! yeah.... but giving 4stars only bcuz its not like pc version but it is a mobile money version....
Very nice game but I suggest you should introduce magnet so that it would pick the money on battlefield
Quite different than the one I used to play on PC including the addition of supply crates and stuff, but on summary it really suits up pretty well though I should admit that it's a bit difficult to control the character it will take the newbies a bit of time to get used to, but all in all no other issues πŸ™‚. Good Job, Sigma Team.
I personally love the game and downloaded both part 1 and 2 this game also provides challenges and missions to us . Love this game
Hey,,, My friends this game i will completed the all level.you can mak another level to the update.if you no gove more level i will uninstall it's apps.. So it's game Alien shooter it's very wonderfull game. but i love this game.can you make more level ?
enjoyed this game so much these game makers have so many good games check iut the zonbie shooter. all these keep having me pkay more and more!! 5 stars!!!!
This is a great game, but the aliens like spider that comes in level 3, that aliens comes much leter in pc version. Its very difficult to defate those aliens in level 3 on mobileπŸ˜₯
Nice and awesome game.... Completed all the levels and now I am feeling bad that it has very less levels πŸ₯Ί.,. Kindly please add more levels through update it's an amazing concept πŸ˜ƒ
Finished the game for 1 week...It was more better since there was more 3 chapter than the PC i played on my Childhood although the start is hard,i can still get some free Crates when i log in using Internet
Let me just start by saying I am possibly the biggest Alien Shooter fan of all time! I've been playing this game since I was 9 years old and I've played through every single game, all have been great and this is no exception. Any Alien Shooter fan should appreciate this masterpiece.
I like the new experience, this one is a bit different than the first one I ever played, the one you have to buy. Although, I would say this is a bit better, using the joystick on pc is hard but you can get the hang of it soon.
Add green blood pls and make those freeze, toxic, and incendiary effects working again for weapons, not only for drone, i beg u
this game is fine. But it would be awesome if it had options for changing gun during the game & keypad of control. anyway, I am diehard fan from childhood
I've played this game in my childhood in pc around the year 2007 or 2008, but still after 12 years it brings out the nostalgia of third person shooting after Sega's Virtua Cop...
This is fantasticπŸ‘πŸΎ, I didn't believe there is a mobile app that look exactly like the PC one! It's like cloning. Thanks for your great job πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ
This game is absolutely great but difficulty to log into another level. eg, level 6 if I can have a little help to login πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ please
6-7 years ago i used to play this game on my pc and playing this game is a good time pass. I love to play this game..
Actually grew up playing this game, so happy to have found it for free on the play store. Picked it up and haven't set it down yet. Now give me my supply crate.
I most like this game. this game's action shooting is beautiful but huge alien in level shoot very hard
Awesome game but the thing is we want that character skill to go to next level and It is so irritated to play one level three times if we play three times only we are getting three stars please remove that please
Truly this is a flashback to my childhood experience plus there's more items and things to do. It's not a pay to win and really challenging but also rewarding experience.
Addicted to this game. I install it again because its so nice to play this. Better than the other offline shooting games. Adventurous and challenging for every level you face.
I love this, apps, I have been playing it on PC and now I discovered it on android. Worthy of 5 stars
Great game I used to play back in 2006 only problem I got is the movement I try to go up but I go left not sure why other then that I still give it 10/10
Nothing similar to classic PC version of the game. You need to pass same levels 100 times to upgrage weapons and character and pass to the next levels. Or spend real money.
Before I used to play in computer it was not that good ,but mobile version is excellent . Nice gameπŸ’―πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
I noticed that you updated the game recently. I liked this game and lot and hence request you to add more levels, weapons and stuffs. I would love more rocket launcher, energy guns and battle drones. Please do it and increase the character level cap. Thanks. I liked this game a lot and played some 3-4 times