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Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend

Alien Shooter 2 - The Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Sigma Team located at P.O. Box 191 630117, Novosibirsk Russian Federation. The game is suitable for Teen (Blood and Gore, Mild Language, Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just love how the chest advertising gets to around 10-15 seconds left and stalls for a while. I've waited up to 5 minutes try to go back and it says I'll lose the reward if I do, no reward, and enough time has passed waiting fo the stalled video another chest is available. Sometimes I click on the chest and the chest timer counts down from 1:40 all the way to Watch again and no video, no reward. Also the pistol special counts kills but not shotgun special for mission objective kill 60 with...
Very Interesting plot. Excellent arenas. Challenging missions. Remarkable weapons. But not so fair deal when it comes to the dropping frequency of unique weapons.
Love the game and gameplay, I played the original way back in the early 2000's. But please fix the slowdown issues when there are too mamy enemies onscreen.
The game is great. But I want something like an infinite PVE (player vs enemy) and maybe a place to look at alien info. (also maybe include the names of the aliens) and what are the gears for? And I also have a friend who wants a coop mode. Maybe defend base from aliens? Or maybe play missions (the campaign) together? Or maybe a 4 player pvp? (2v2)
sir plz provide some guidance or Guide Book like something so we can find a secret , Mission 93 , I played Many Time but always i miss a 1 secret . after some time,it looks irritating becz that we cant complete with 3 stars So Plz Do Something........ anyone Buddy who completed this mission with 3 stars, so help me to find all secret
Alien Shooter veteran here, I just wana say this is nothing like the original Alien Shooter 2, weapon upgrades are a nightmare, and you have to find parts amd open crates to get weapons????? What is this really, I'm in mission 15 still using the weapon I started with because I couldn't find parts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This is not Alien Shooter, this is Money Shooter, Long Live the PC version!
Game is great but I wish we can use cash instead parts of the weapon sigma team can you change it please I will rate this a 5 star
YouR tank is very weak to big vats and monsters. I already acquired all firearms from easy to hard level also the skull level and nearly finish the game. All firearms are weak, the only better one is w10 vampire but slow reloading, I fired to big monster and many fire before to kill them. I played the zombie shooter and alien shooter 1, I finished it from the beginning to the end because guns here are strong, unlike alien shooter 2, all guns are weak so very hard to finish the game.
Extremely horrible game could have been a five-star game but you just had to make the controls extremely bad I don't understand why developers make controls like this extremely choppy a little tiny Circle why make the game hard to play just don't get it. And please don't send me a chain letter telling me oh we're so sorry we always try to keep our customers happy. I don't read your replies and I delete them as soon as I see them
The first game of yours I played was alien shooter on a potato pc It was very good but this one legendary you have achieved success
Man, i grew up playing your games. Its so sad to see you like this, you have a great story, great gameplay but to get any gun you must get blueprints and it gets pretty tedious after a while. Obviously you did this so we would pay for a loot box to get advantage, just, why? After trying it out after an update, it's still the same, a soulless cash making game. At least you could've put a survival mode like any other Sigma Team games
It's good,I had played the first one on pc, so playing the sequel is quite nostalgic.But it lags a little,so 4 stars.
Game has promise but the controls are horrible and you gets stuck on stuff when nothing is in your way
Is a fun game, but it has some bugs that are annoying and the control is a little dificult. It get 4 out of 5 for that.
i am changing my review matchmaking is improving but one problem i am using manual aim and its clunky. need improvement in manual aim of rocket launcher while moving. And drop prices of upgrades of every equipment. they take too time to upgrade
I noticed that the first 2 heavy weapon images dont match when you pick up the blueprint peice. The "Granade RG6" image shows up for the "FT Pinocchio" and the FT Pinocchio" shows up for the "Granade RG6" just letting you know you you can fix it.
After loading, shows up a treasure case with proposal to open it by swipe, but it don't react on any swipe or touch. So the game just stuck right after loading and no way to continue it. Only fiew reloads help, only then the case react on swipe. Redmi 5 plus.
the game was good. the graphics are fine, and the actions actions were fine too but it is not enough to make me had a best experience. I think you should add voice acting and backround music. Iwant to feel the intensity during attacked by a horde of alien and also the story line by voice acting could be a best experience
Good game. Hordes of aliens trying to path to you with a crappy gun until you get all the parts for the next gun that shoots just a little faster. Rinse and repeat for missions. What i didnt like was the buffs (like grenades) you need for the hordes costs the premium currency to aquire, once you run out you either pay or wait and hope tomorrows free chest will have at least one free grenade if your lucky. Same for health and speed boosts. Uninstalled.
Overall satisfaction but, if you want to progress for a while without paying for money etc then forget it... The missions rewards are too low.. You should play hundreds of times just to upgrade 2-3 weapons to challenge the next levels... Frustrating
Love it !!!smooth controls ,cool graphics ,nice music !!!I love how aliens pop up on you in darkness good storyline..great fun old school shooter keep them coming I'll download..
Really this app is awesome πŸ‘....... My kind request is to make zombie shooter 2 in Android........ We are eagerly waiting for your next zombie shooter game...... We love your games..... Waiting for the next one
When i entered the arena, and i aim to enemies when hit but didn't deal damage and this was a rigged battle, the auto-aim system needs to be optimized and are able to hir strong enemies or enemy player first before crates or weak enemies. Please fix this weird aiming system and i will give you 5β˜… if you decide to fix this literal intentional bugs and i would love this game ever
Sigma made another amazing signiture shooter that I just can't put down. I've been playing Sigma's shooter games for years and still no one has came close to the viseral stress of a reload of a gun. BRAVO!!!
It has a real oldskool feel to it, it would be great if it supported Bluetooth controllers. It has potential, so I give it 4 stars.
its good but sucks because there is no any weapon matching systm in the game like you enter a level 100 battle with a level 28 mini gun only a 200 iq can win this unfair battle also because its a pay to win you will reach missions that will only win if you pay to get a good weaponand thats sucks
This game should get 5 stars in comparison with the paid Alien Shooter Reloaded, it should by all means, be a better game. It has more content too. Paid version has actual voice acting, and it doesn't take hours to grind out 10k cash-you can get 2-3 times that in one mission. They really need to add cash to crates and secret areas. I mean the first one has a skill to reduce gear upgrade cost and that is cut from this. I don't want to buy advanced gear, cause then I have to pay to upgrade it.
This game never gets old it's the best 3 person twin stick shooter cross over out the along side the first alien shooter solid phone games all around I recommend it to any gamerπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Very similar to the games on PC but with that gtoss free to play vibe that every phone game has now a days where you find all your loot in parts 1/5 and have to go through a janky process to unlock and buy weapons and items or pay real money. I would much rather have the PC experience on the phone without the free to play garbage for like $7.99 or something. Its still a very good Alien Shooter feeling game though. about what I expected for free, so still 4/5 stars
Game was good. But I am not getting my old account back. It had years of progress but all gone. I tried restarting my device, re install my game. Nothing is working. AND I KNOW U GUYS WONT REPLY
A fantastic legendary game and it is thrilling. Good graphics and awesome weapons. It's a bit hard to collect the weapon parts. I can get parts in mission 1. But I cannot get uncommon parts easily. And the number of parts of uncommon weapons is too much -18 or 14. plz try to reduce this.
So... Many... Aliens. And only I stand between them and global domination. Runs fine on my phone and is fun. No problems here.
Nostalgic. Controls a bit funky on phone though. Update Game is pay to progress. Currently stuck on a mission where i have to drive a tank with a mounted weapon. And the mounted weapon is my ripper h240 which barely damages the aliens and the tank can only take a few hits before exploding. Cant even last 1 minute into the map. The only thing that can save me now is by opening boxes in hope of getting the power up to choose a temporary upgraded weapon.
The game is based on the pay to win system. Do you just want to enjoy the old school shooter? You have to fork out. I am very disappointed Sigma Team. You killed sense of nostalgia
I'll give it a four star for now because am still beginning but it's a very good game am beginning to love it
Great game, controls are a bit tricky but you get used to them after a while. Nice retro graphics too! :)
Disguised pay to win. Your character gets stuck on everything dont go under any trees, theres junk where you cant see and you get stuck and die...its like the devs played through the game thinking how they could frustrate you into paying for the extra loot crates. Enemies are so OP you would need them.
Game is fun place like old-school game I don't know much about the game just started playing and I'll give a better review after I am done playing it some more then the Stars might go up or Mike Estate One
i love this game so much the graphics are beautiful and the controls too i have so much fun!! and please update the game for more fun!!
This game is a really good and fun shooter, though I think it would be more suited to larger screens, as phone like the S8 i feel like mr magoo squinting at the screen trying to make out the details or finding the hidden zones. really fun game though guys nioce one.
The controls are terrible. Just finished the tutorial and I see that you're selling a machine gun in the shop for 49.99 dollars??? Are you guys having a f***ing laugh???? I won't even give a chance to this money robbing bunch.
So far so good but i really want the option to customize your button lay out personally step it aside the game play it self is very fun and challenging. But i hope it will became more beginner friendly because the store is kinda confusing to navigate. But over all it is a good game
No side missions (This is the most annoying), completing fragment for each weapons, lagging system... (Especially when picking up fragment/ etc)
this is a nice game please update the graphics a little bit I like this graphic sorry tone not update the graphics please do not to so many weapons - you like alien shooter
increased chance of new weapon/equipment part is a mere gimmick. moreover star requirement to enter new level is absurd. have finished main story mode and sitting like a vagabond. 'got nothing to do. so boring!
i remember playing alien shooter on my crappy laptop 10 years ago, im happy you guys are still making fun, simple games, specially for free.
Purchases for decent weapons are expensive and you have to upgrade a weapon each level (even if you already did for a previous level).
True to the old pc games, but a modernized mobile version. Sigma team is a seal of a good shooter. I would however change the dual controls from in base to battle.
I played the original one a long time ago and it was a blast and when I found out there was a second one I instantly downloaded it and so far the game seems rlly good no annoying ads no in your face buy this limited time only type stuff
Art style is great. Character movement is terrible. Unable to see character in the forest so you get stuck trying to find your way out while getting swarmed by aliens. Just moving around the game is bad. Too much clutter in the ground that you have to manually go around. If a rock was in your way while moving forward your character would be stopped. If you can power through the janky movement controls the game is fun.
Legendary game series continues.... With few bugs, on the second map I got stuck by the wall and some barrel, so I had to restart that level. However great fun as always
Guys I feel boring about this game now cause of the new pvp update. Better you guys make server 1 and server 2,the server 1 is for the the strongest what I mean is atleast you have powerful violet guns and the 2nd server is for orange gear and green but you can still enter in the server 1 if you want to challenge yourself to the strongest player. Sorry but I've been playing this for years and it is my opinion nor suggestion to you guys sorry for my bad English English is not my native language
i am very happy .....thanks to sigma team...no chance for lossing game data if you keep connected with servers..great game..i caan smoothly play this game in my 5.1. this game will be more fun if you update this gsme like this 1.players can found midkit,generates while playing game.2.adding some new weapons will give players more excitement 3.The most important update is needed when a player loss a battle.... he/she can take the equipment and anything he/she got. 4.endless mode with reword
Games really good I played the first two missions and I liked I recommend game for people who like top down shooters
The game is nice but the controls need a little improvement.the text are so small I'm having a hard time trying to read them.but overall a nice game.
I am a fan of this game Edit - Yeah the way of getting in game currency is poor, it's hard to earn the in game currency unless we spend real cash. And like the pc version of this game, there should be the elements such as Vampire skill, hypnotise skill etc. Also the matchmaking for PvP should be fair since newbies are always matched with high ranked players
Great game but,.. how the heck i can well playing if small size button at bottom left and right corner of screen, im using tablet. No option for editing controller place.
Simple controls, good games with plenty of weaponry to earn and choose. Easy to pick up and play, but sometimes hard to see monsters on a smaller phone screen as some of them seem invisible because of similar colours to background apart from that a great way to burn off some steam.
I like it. I do wish someone would develope a game like this with a third or first person view though. Very bad luck finding anything like that for me. Also finding offroad racing games with mud and water to race tbrough are almost non existant. This game is enjoyable though. I would prefer a closer view though. But overall great job on this one guys.
better than the pc version of the game more aliens (exept for those metal spiders)=more fun!!!!!! excellent work sigma team!!!! Looking forward for new updates Please reduce the number of Collect the following missions They are extremely difficult to play Also by adding more collect the following There are more of such missions Than the actual story line Please bring a an update .
i met hacker PvP, his always glitch while im walking fine, and just 1 shoot my hp 100 go to 1hp. his name user_819618. 8 times met same player same weapon. talk about skill and weapon upgrade. everytime use heal my hp run to 1 hp again and again. weird why 1 hp. seems odd. i just collect daily chest everyday without playing better. no fun play game with no security mesurement, cant even detect hacker yet release in year 2020.
Controls are really bad. And hero getting stuck also the terrain pathing is not visible.. Movement stick is also difficult to control..
errors in your game. I'm on 46 level. but now my all weapons and prize is not show. This is very low quality in gaming. why made here errors. 😬😬😬😬😬
just started but so far quite fun, control take a little work but its nice having a game that you can kill and avoid monsters instead of just trading hits like an idiot. getting lots of parts drops also, read that it was hard but a couple pieces per lvl seems good. I dont want the game to be so easy i finish in a few days, ill keep going and post an update if my opinion changes :-)
Good much , it improve knowledge. I like it and also experiencing me in how different type of weapon works I thanks thanks for this game it leaves stress . Thanks , thanks , thanks thanks. Thanks and I hope you improve this game for me to get smoth. To play it and again you can lift up me for more. Bonus bb. In order proceeding enjoy this game. Yeeeeees. I like. It. For me. For this.
The thing that needs some work on is the move button it doesn't respond the best but is still playable just needs some tweeking
This should have been a paid game. This series is good on Steam, PS3/PS4, Android, whatever you can play it on
Cooperative mode for this game is a must, just a suggestion still the power to develop this game is in your hands. I presumably agree that this was an exquisite work of a collaborative team. I am really impressed of how you guys manage to make the game an isometric stylish platform. I hope you notice my/me review. Glad for the old-school type of genre.
Enjoying the game but 2 issues need tweaking to improve it dramatically 1: the directional fire in same movent joystick just don't sync up fixing will improve. 2: Brightness in the game needs to be higher as hampering you deciphering the background out and from crashing into objects and doorways and some general moving around places...
Many people here complain about how to obtain weapon parts me i didn't because I've collected all armor..weapon and drone parts upto rare but when the unique is the only one remaing i didn't complete the drop rate is almost to 0% for the unique parts please do something about this like increase drop rate. ...even if i want to get the final bazooka and energy weapon from buying using scrap parts those two you need 10,000 and 20,000 i've been playing for so long but my scrap parts was at 5000 only
The following are the issues I am facing. 1-Unlike AS:IAI , we do not get a weapon from Chest. Rather we get parts which takes long time to unlock a weapon. 2-Frustating & Poor concept of reload weapon was introduced for making game difficult. 3-Poor Graphics. Things we collect in missions and emenies are not clearly visible at all. 4-Even a Upgraded player is too slow. Its too annoying. 5-Commander & his friends make you work like a donkey. 20-30 in sequence level are better as in Isometric AI
Good game,i play the first one at least that one is very good,"help player with drone"hope you will have something the same, all the best boysπŸ‘
Pretty fun shooter. Movement is a bit wonky and you get stuck on things in the environment but overall it's fun!
Just started playing this. Been playing Zombie Shooter by same company. This is a good extension of the original Zombie Shooter....maybe a little more difficult, we'll see
Needs major improvements, character movement is so jerky and choppy and I keep getting stuck in places for 5 min straight. Also need to hire some proper translators because it's a disaster, you're translating it from Russian. Nothing like the old and good pc version
since I 5 or 6 years old I was playing this game on pc version and I finish this game again and again and now its on the mobile and thanks for making part 2
Nostalgia to the max, but in app purchases kind of ruin it, they also make it point to throw it in your face as much as possible. I wouldve glady paid a premium to avoid in all purchases.
the cash that gives in every stage when you done it, it gives to small amount of money, and in upgrading is to much expensive,in stage you can get only 300 up, and you cant buy a weapon or parts using money ,you only can pick in stages but its very difficult to pick if theres no drop
very good game. I love your all games and all time I playing... plese make alien shooter lost city part 2 and make more level
I'm enjoying this game so far. I love the fact that it is a full game for free. You have options to buy guns, but you can make it without buying anything.
It's a fun game and I have played this game when I was a child. And I can't belive that they made thid available on mobile
Having seen it's good audio-visual effects, it's large size makes sense. However, this version is a farce compared to the pc version, it has a stingy reward system for difficult challenges + bad aiming/movement controls. I haven't been able to progress beyond level 6. The next level always has too many monsters. It would even help if my player had a basic armour + helmet. At level 6, he alone dies out of the team due to lack of armour. Weapons are too costly to buy/upgrade in the shop. Annoying.
I have no words to describe how amazing this game is. I pretty much love everything about it, even tho the aiming seems a bit clunky, it still offers you some great aimbot. Saw some reviews of people complaining that they get stuck in between items and you can't see yourself yourself while walking on trees, but that's the beauty of this game lol. Small tip to anyone getting stuck, be sure to click the running icon and if if you're surrounded by aliens hit the adrenaline also. 5/5 game for sure.
Best game ever I liked it from the pc version Edited:yes there's some problem with the movement system I keep getting stuck and become unable to move in certain places
Thank you alot it was one of my favourite games on pc. too bad my pc is busted. but hey now i can play it on my phone.
Great game.Gave me lots of memories from my childhood. But there is a bug where I can't equip my weapons. I finally got the Slibert DM shotgun and I cannot equip it for some reason. When I equip it and start the match , it just disappeared. It only show my other weapon Mantis M1. I tried clearing the cache , I tried reinstalling the game but it doesn't work. Please fix that. And I will give you 5 stars back. Also it's hard to find parts.I am currently playing both paid reloaded one and this one
Reason 1 star because the Arena is totally Broken... Edits; let me explain properly... Every PVP arena has specific weapons and rules required to get 3 star from Katia the NPC Arena... My first arena said used Pistol to kill enemy 5 times but i met with a bazooka energy weapon from long range by a Pay2Win players that has max items... Removed the condition to used the weapons restrictions if you want us players to gt 3 star on that event -_-....
It works, but the color palatte is moody above funcionality since you cant see the monsters , they are the same color as the ground. The character constantly gets stuck on scenery, and there is a,lack of progression getting weapons, ive done 5 missions and got parts for a,pistol. But ut works, i mean, you can play it a bit before the paywall. The paywall is the second area at the admin center after saving nicholas. And you have enough money to pay someone for proper english translations in 2020
I hate this game because the m11 gun is soo weak, hard to get parts, hard to kill aliens, expensive items like grenade, useless soldier's, hard to kill rat's, hard to find all Secret's and it's soo hard to earn money.
This game need more improvement, like make more mission, and every mission i play the game only give me small amount reward and i only get 1500-1600$ even when i was in mission 50+ pls fix this
Not nearly as enjoyable as their other game, this one seems to be made extremely difficult so you have to PAY money to get anywhere. The weapons are very weak and out alot to upgrade, and the other weapon blueprints take forever to aquire. It feels like they kind of dropped the ball on this one.
Auto aim is helpful but jittery and camera angle is difficult. Frustrating being stuck in a map by something minor but extremly difficult to maneuver. But like overall having hard time using grenades or explosives in general without blowing my self up. Game is fun and look forward to getting stronger.
Edit: Gotta give 3 stars for now since the game gets really repetitive at time you need to collect all the weapons parts which means you're stuck with stock guns for days and effing loot boxes! It's impossible for me to complete that one time based mission with the damn stock gun. This is why i said Reloaded is better hell even Conscription is better than this new one. :'(
Having played the PC Version which i loved i had a nostalgic feeling to play it on mobile only to get disappointed by pay to win elements.What made PC game great was steady progression, gameplay, upgrade system.Here you have two options: Buy a weapon or hope to collect/find PIECES to make it whole. Why not just set price for a game? Ahh... Greed. Watching ads becomes your daily routine to unlock two daily chests just so you gather loot to survive. Takes away the fun. Terrible
the game is amazing my only issue is the controls they are to stiff at times and at moments u will get stuck causing u to die. Other then that very solid game.
Im an fan of alien shooter pc and really enjoyed it and the arena is very unfair i fought an full equip enemy while i had is only the starter gun the heck can you add an ranking system in the arena and make it fair for everyone
Way better than the older games. At least you stand a chance and thank God you fixed the ads. Have ditched the game when it became impossible to progress without purchases. I guess not everything in life is free. But enjoyed it while it lasted. Ps I don't give 5 stars to anything as there is always room to improve
It's a very good game. Graphics are really good. Missions are really interesting and guns are nice. Many types of creatures. I think it's a five rating game. I like it very much. I had also completed alien shoot one. Then i download alien shooter td and zombie shooter,but i didn't like them,so then i download alien shooter two and i like it very much. It is very difficult game,but it's very interesting. But one issue is it take long time to reload a gun, any game is not easy. This game is so nic
in some level..mount mission (can use only machine gun) it too dificult..with no powerfull gun how can i finish the mission?...
Actually I love this game so much😍. This is a nice game. A few problems are there but when I reported them they responded positively and they said they will fix them.I'm happy about it. For some mails they not responded.My suggestion is-there are so many missions with collect that part-collect this part some of which are extremely tough without a special set of four weapons which are not available easily. So such kind of(collecting parts)missions should be reduced then it would be super.
Wow! Good game looks like the miniaturised version of the pc game i used to play decades ago! And can even be played offline too! Cheers!
After level 7-8 it does not give powerful weapona. it says to buy the weapons. so this is very bad in this game...
Unless this is Bluetooth compatible with a controller it's hard to keep my aim on the bag guys with the touch screen. And this Is me just playing the tutorial. Tutorial. But to be fair I can see how fun this could be.
Y'all jokers must be crazy! Got to the second lvl.and on a rat hunt? And 3minutes is not enough time to find the rats and fight off a few thousand alien's..then the duel's with other players I'm severely outmatched? I'm not gonna pay for a game that shoves it in my face in the introduction! It was fun for a day of gameplay but that's about it. Think I'm done with greedy developer's and mobile games, shame on you!
bad game. made a purchase but gave me all the parts without one complete gear!!!!!!!! so still need to grind the game to get full part of the gear/weapon. bad game.. bad bad game.
the game is very good especially the graphics love how the more you stay in the game the harder the enimes come at you very on point and not dull and boring when you usually defeat all the enemies
Good but there are three bad things: 1- Movement: even tho i use the adaptive mov. pad, the pad remains fixed if i tap close to it and i have to wait for it to disappear, otherwise i have to tap in a different area to reset the padz making the movement annoying. 2- Music: i'd use ambient music, the one you chose isnt good for the game IMO and ruins the atmosphere of apocalypse and "sorrow" that such an alien invasion would bring to earth. 3- Move animation: PLS change it, the char is too "fixed"
This game is really bad i paid $5 thinking the boxes you get give you gear you can use buy no instead it gives you parts that you need to collect to make the item. There is no daily rewards so it isn't even worth it because as soon as you start you'll hit a stop unless you pay the ridiculous amount for a weapon. No Thanks i will get my refund
Could be a good game if the controls were good... The shooting aspect is skewed and the aliens color scheme make them sorta hard to identify
I played the java version in my school age, spent a lot time on time. That was really a 5 star. Though this one isn't 3D but looking forward to it. (After 1 hour of play) *ahem! Time has changed. Graphics, movement, understanding problem all piled up. Didn't meet my expectations.
Im a big fan of the first game and playing it on pc was probably one the best memories i had on gaming when I was a kid. Now knowing that its playable on mobile devices I decided to give part two a go since i haven't tried it. At first I was hyped up, because the graphics improved and the soundtrack is still a banger (5 star for that) but however as the game progresses, I dunno if its just me but the game gets extremely difficult to the point that its impossible to finish a level.
another Pay to Win Game. The monster on second Destination is unbeatable, lacking of cash, the weapon damage is worst, and difficult to get cash for upgrading. The other way to get it is with real money to buy.
Well, nice move about the bp drop rate increase and new game+, but still after hours of grinding and completing the game, it's all boring now. Gameplay is somewhat repetitive, you shoot stuff, not get killed, repeat. Simple right? Now imagine that you will do that for 300+ missions, which is equal to 2 months. Not so fun, for me. Still a good shmup, but gets real boring after some hours. And yes, I wasted 2 months completing this game, kinda not worth it. TL;DR Nice shmup, but gameplay is boring.
I request you to lean down the spread on the new punisher shotgun as it doesn't deliver the blow to the opponent as per it's firepower cause of the big spread. Pls make it more like K77 Phoenix. Thank you.
Alright I love the game but it's quite grindy but I don't really mind that much. What I want to complain is how strong the monsters are. They can spit from short range and deal 10 damage and they're medium class (Something I made up myself. Light is weak but fast,medium is well balanced,heavy is highly durable). The heavy ones are just broken in general. For example:They can shoot lasers in quick burst, comeback from death. Just balance the game and maybe add campaign multiplayer.
The network speed gets very slow and it makes me unable to play more. I think some problem is in the app
Yes it's free but the balance of how long it takes to get greenbacks to upgrade your weapons/repair plus 1 cell when you need 80 to upgrade your character is not realistic except if it's pay to play. Oh wait of course 😳
I love this game cauz update the game continously😍😍😍but the graphic is not good too match please work on graphic update.
hard but fun to play, and also its reminds me of my late lil-sis, its so much fun when we play together
Fun little game, but super-grindy. Expect to repeat first levels until RNGesus favours you. However, I really wish I could play the game instead of being spammed with duel requests every 3 seconds (literally!) from wallet warriors who have gotten their hands on their mommy's credit card. Desperately needs an option to turn multiplayer OFF or auto-decline for "duels". Until then, 3 stars because it keeps disrupting the gameplay. Also, needs optimizing, gets very choppy and laggy sometimes. Also there are no new graphics, the game is heavily reusing assets from the Alien Shooter series on PC. I don't think I can see a single new asset. Sigma, have you gotten lazy? After the latest upgrade I have started to get duplicate weapon part drops for weapons I already own, making the grind exponentially worse. I am stuck until the rigged drop system gives me the last part I need for my gear. This drops yet another star from my review. And I just ran into a bug that deleted ALL my grenades, medikits and adrenalines (more than 50 each!) which means I watched all those ads for nothing.
Still wall hack without any solution and players use this hack to beat us and lose everytime .do something..this game full of speed hacekr and developers do nothing..I will stop buying anything..
I love Alien Shooter! I've played this version for nearly eight years over and over again and still love it!
I don't know if it was glitching or what, but on the first mission I couldn't find the network terminal and the avatar would sometimes get stuck when moving it around. I went to the map in case I had to go to another location but none were selectable. There was no tutorial, either, so I'm removing from my phone.
Make a good sale.. You are repeating the same sale. Make. Big sale so we can buy.. Im tired buying every single weak sale and still cant get the unique weapons.. Im planning to delete this game. I had enough..
Great game, except one major problem. it's very frustrating that I'm half way through the game and have no armor, no helm, no support drone and only 2 guns because you have to save up a ton of parts to get any equip. Ruins it I think.
Pretty dang good! A little on the repetitive side which is why only 4 stars. But overall, a good game.
Uninstalled this unplayable game. Come on, you should have the courtesy to retain the stuff the players gain during each quest. Some taks take 15-20 minutes to complete. And if it's failed you gotta start from the start and there is no optit to upgrade the weapons other than spending real money.
Duplicate games in every session , I don't understand why they didn't design game for every lvl and session , it gets so boring
I was really enjoying the game until the game randomly deleted all my items (22 med kits, 34 grenades, 48 adrenaline). This happened after I had quit the transport mission (the one where you have to drive and find the new base) because the vehicle had glitched out and got stuck into a tree on the map. I'm not sure why it deleted only the consumable items because I still have all my other stuff (armor, weapons, and drones).