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Alien Shooter

Alien Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Sigma Team located at P.O. Box 191 630117, Novosibirsk Russian Federation. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Yall need to put more lvl in the game make it more fun to play enjoy playing it but game done to fast
Great game but there are so manh inconsistencies that needs fixing. The autoaim is good when using the infinite dual pistols but when I used it at the grenade launcher and shotgun, its the worst kind of auto aim. It sucks. If this was a multiplayer campaign, that would be great, uninstalling because it needs more players to win. I tried Hard Mode for my first time, its too easy.
Played it previously on my broken old laptop but never got to finish it this game is good mix the difficulty to the variety of enemies to the number of them you get Alien Shooter an absolutely badass alien shooting game I like the idea of facing an enormous horde of aliens by just yourself without any assist the game is perfect for such a price for an old game it's just amazing never thought I would play it on my own phone but here I am.
It's a twin-stick shooter, but not optimised for mobile. The aiming joystick doesn't work well, and the text is far far too small to read, so you can't see how much ammo you have for example. Swapping weapons is waaaay too hard to do, especially when swamped by enemies. Good try, and if you have patience worth a shot, but not the game for me.
Enjoyed playing this, nothing to say that is negative about this game apart from its rather short! Let's see if there is a update or if you have to pay for part 2!
Tried all the configurations, the controls just don't work. Worked well on my old tablet, just not the new one, Samsung Tab A, 9.6
I wouldn't say it's "good" but it's certainly playable. Be careful about how much you explore because it's apparently pretty easy to get stuck and hard to start over just because you wanted all the secrets. I'd say that if you have play pass and need something to do, it's worth a go. You can always uninstall it. I wouldn't have been happy about spending money on it, though.
Horrible controls, laggy, trash, the ibtro or tutorial makes 0 sense, the cobtrols are literally annoying to use. Who even pays for this? This is the worst ever LMAO
Partial controller support .....will give it five stars once full controller support is implemented......Other than that it is a great game and it plays nice and smooth.
Gameplay is cool.. controls kind of bit crappy.. and character development need to be adjust.. items also need to update.. overall, a good shooting game that can be improve..
The first level was a blast, running around shooting non-stop at hordes of crawlies, but unfortunately the screen for buying upgrades after that is shrunk down illegibly small on my 10-inch tablet screen, so i can't sensibly progress.
For about 1 year, I have thinking that will be very nice to have this game on Android platform! Year's later there it is.!!! I have enjoyed many nights on this game and part two:-). I can't wait to try "The Lost City" I wish if is possible the make it a bit bigger? Thank you very, very much:-))).
I played this game in my younger days in pc. Here in android, finding it was great joy.. it wld hav been better if there were more stages. I lubed this game to the max !!
Fantastic game but the free version works on my Nvidia Shield and my paid version does not?? Please make Shield compatibility for this and your other games!!
Controls bug me into a wall and I can't move. When I use the touch screen to use waypoints, the pathfinding also gets me stuck in walls. Do yourself a favor and stick to the free version. So many buggy games in the playstore. Most are given away for free too. I can see why... how this has a 4.6 rating I'll have no clue
Isometric twin stick shooter. My favorite type of game and this one does it superbly. It's amazing that it is decades old.
HOLY HELL THIS GAME IS INSANE I COULDN'T STOP LAUGHING BECUASE IT WAS SO HECTIC! Only negative I have to say is the weapon swapping. I found myself getting caught up and stuck because I couldn't get the right gun out.
The port isn't particularly great, you need auto aim to survive, but the amount of carnage is HUGE! Sadly homing weapons faster than you ruin the late game, that's not fun. Anyway it's alright, if you like Doom or Shadowgrounds, give this a go.
This game was a favorite of mine when it was on Shockwave when I was a kid!!! I played this game soooo much back then!!! Thank you so much for bringing this to mobile!!! I can't get enough of this! The addition of the red arrow toward the end of each level to show the last few remaining enemies is a WELCOME addition. Love this game soooo much really.
Gave it a try as free but I kept morphing into the walls rather than bouncing off them. The AI of the monsters is not good either with monsters stuck in walls. I certainly would not pay for it but I guess OK if free.
Decent enough. So many games feel too similar but this has its own gory style. Played a few lvls before fully intending to refund but decided to keep it instead.
So far so good, my only complaint is weapon swap controls, it's hard to swap weapon especially in combat. Could you make it so swapping weapon is easier, also there is no button for weapon swap on gamepads.
Very addicting, but some levels are very hard. Note to dervelopperr : I hink that character upgrades ( like life increase or accuracy increase ) should be permenant once paid, not to pay each time. I hope that you will do this kindaz change. Thank you.
Got the play pass on a whim, and boy am I happy. Game have me a solid hour or so of fast paced alien massacre, and it was just what I needed. I hope there will be more soon, and maybe a new even more powerful weapon. One thing I disliked, the lil combat drone you can buy, is only one use, and seems to have too lil HP for end story.
For some reason whenever I press the shoot button, the auto aim cursor jumps up significantly causing all shots to miss. Using a Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra.
Why is this rated so highly. Playing it is a chore, controls stick so you run forward for no reason, aiming is very hard, and it looks like a rushed Windows 95 port of an old pc game. Google has a fake reviews problem on the app store.
Why its very short compared to the free version, you should make the pattern just like the free version.
Very good game all around... A classic title, pointing to move is cool but needed to adjust to it but didn't take long to get the hang of it. Great imagination in the graphics. 😎
Was initially put off by the controls but they soon make sense and before I knew it I was having a blast! There are so many enemies on screen that you can't help but smile as you blow them all away. Reminiscent of some of the best shooters from the 80's arcades. Great game.
Pretty fun game to play for how old this game is. It looks to he a port from the PC or game console platform. Whatever it is, it has the three criterias of being a good game: decent graphics, smooth gameplay with out lags, and decent controller for the touch screen.
It is a very good game, but I finished all the levels of this game in one day. I request that you be pleased to provide more levels of this game
I like the game very much but I think the game graphics quality should be improved. I played this game in my childhood but in a laptop. The controls in the laptop was more reliable.
Great game, works well and is a lot of fun. The only issue is the auto aim feature can be a load clunky but nothing that stops you from playing.
Good old game but with controls which are pretty hard to handle. Died many times just because of it. Uninstalled.
Why does the character keep running in the direction of top right even when i am not touching the screen. If that is intentional then this is the worst game i have ever played. And i truly mean that it's not an overstatement
I love that game from my childhood thanks sigma team for give us a enjoyful game thank u Google u also
This game is really cool full with Nonstop Action wow unexpected keep updating more missions or random missions generates to make this game endless ❤😘
Basically Unplayable. Controls don't move the player properly and quickly uninstalled. Has great potential but player movement is severely hampered.
Beat it in a few hours. There are certain bugs that ban be exploited and techniques that make it a little too easy on the easiest setting. Ending, anticlimactic. Basically, shoot the aliens. Not much more story than that. Had no problems with controls on my galaxy s8 phone, used two joystick controls. Didn't have a problem with bugs other than the ones that actually made it easier.
I like the game but there is an audio issue. Everytime you select an option on the menus it does a bleep sound but also distorts the speakers of my phone (S10 plus). I'm worried that it'll do permanent damage to my speakers. Fix it please.
The game play is good, the graphic is OK, but the controls are so bad. My character keeps moving to the southwest corner of the screen and moving unintentionally.
Dev I know you respond to comment My best game is not working perfectly on my Galaxy P601, 2014 edition, pls I need it thanks.
game nya seru banget dari misi, senjata sampai alien nya. tapi ada satu kekurangan menurut saya, misi yang terlalu sedikit sampai saya bosan main, saya tahu tidak ada yang sempurna di dunia tapi paling bagus adalah mendekati sempurna. jadi saya harap daveloper game ini mengupdate game ini dari memperbanyak misi, player, dan senjata. terima kasih salam Crish
very good android shooter so far.after play for free edition cant wait to continue for next level ... just bought and this is worth for my money.
I love it! Heart pounding suspense and gory action of mowing down countless hordes of hostile monsters using the most devastating weapons. Highly recommend it!
This port was just not very well done. The font is almost illegible. I also picked a non-default control setup, and then when I started a new game, it returned controls to the default setup. I just think the developers overlooked various things that may make this good for a tablet but not a phone.
I used to play this back in the Vista Hate days, and it still is the same game, great controls for touch screen but you have to tinker with them, just a short no-brain game thats really fun.
Finished on Easy mode. the last gun is very powerful :3 will play it again for harder mode. remember, use all money before enter any stage, don't worry about money :)
Abysmal controls ruin it. Th PC one I beat 2x now and I have Alien Shooter 2 (great) and Conscription (awful) so I know the series. This is a buggy mess where I got stuck in a wall in under 10 mins play and the different control schemes aren't even labeled correctly. Avoid this, not worth the time or money. Get it on PC.