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Alien Path

Alien Path for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Appxplore (iCandy) located at 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #06-05 Singapore 139951. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
this is a great game I really enjoyed the game the only problem I had for this game is that it needs a lot of memory data just to download this game and on top of that I don't know why this game asked if it can make phone callsto me that is ridiculous other than that though it's a pretty good game I only wish if this game was a lot less MB to download
Cool concept, easy to learn/hard to master. Okay, not *that* hard tbh. Only downside is the very limited energy but, I mean, the game is free so no complaints here.
I've been playing Alien Hive for 8 years now, always been in love. Recently needed a new game to play, this was suggested and was it absolutely correct. Very much a different game but still has the same creation concept with the aliens and naughtybots. Just as adorable.
I love that Alien Path has the leveling up aspects of an rpg in a platform style game with short levels. The ads are not annoying at all, either; all of the videos are optional with bonuses for watching. I absolutely love this game!
This is one of the best games I've ever played. Appxplore produces such great games. It provides unique and engaging puzzles, and it even contains rpg elements and a wide range of skills alowing the player millions of different ways to play the game. One thing I wished the game had is a way to mark cards in your deck. It would make sorting decks and finding cards much simpler. Over all, a fantastic game.
Love it! I would like a form of character customization though, e.g. giving your adorable alien a hat, or changing their color. Appxplore (iCandy), keep up the good work!
Pls see history view I want to say more words Pls take more than quintillion likes and plz past something on youtube and I agree with luna.. I hv 6 words for u too.. WE LOVE EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU, APPMAKER! It's ok if u get dislikes, Just try ur best :) See ya in a Appxplore! Oh and I wonder, I think we need to visit in real life or in animal jam it's fun too ;) And hey, I am already making a mail for u but it's too many words, it will take days.. 😢 But it's ok i can try my best to finish it ;)
It's an interesting game without problems, and I would suggest downloading it. The only reason it gets 4 stars is because the controls are somewhat difficult. 😝
Couldn't stop playing but I ran out of stamina so I had to stop. Absolutely deserves 5 stars, great job.
Game has a real puzzle quality that's great but the unique upgrades to ur own alien and abilities is wut makes it so fun, overall a really addictive beautiful game.
The game itself is a very fun experience, the puzzles feel rewarding and the difficulty curve is well made. The game is fairly generous with giving out it's premium currency, and doesn't paywall a great number of things. My concern largely comes in with the number of ads that appear, be it for the game itself, for all of it's "VIP" or, "Starter Package" options, which stick to the side of the screen and are always in your face. The other ads you get, are either for the game developer's other works, or small pop up ads for other games. I do not mind the ads for their other projects, as I feel I might of never heard of them without that, but the frequency of which these pop ups appear does make them rather obnoxious. At this time, I wish I could give it a 4.5 instead of just 4, but that does not seem to be an option. Mobile games have the reputation for being predatory, this is one of the better ones. Though there are still some of the tell-tale flaws. ( My previous review was on my phone, which made it difficult to type, thus the short review.)
I , got 4 words, for this app, for u..... 😀I ADORE THIS APP!!! I love it! Its satisfying and it's very very cool. Playing as cute little aliens fighting robots by saving the world and stuff love it! however though, I would love to see more games like this keep up the good work!!! 😀😀😚 (・ω・)
Top game, lots of tactics to consider, and creatively done. Will there be more levels added to this game in the near future ? I just hope...
Fabulously addictive, attractive and detailed. Love to see some kind of card trading ability between guild members. 2019-09-23 Plus 2 for removing the previous bug. Now a glitch exists that returns the Quint Craft (with full cargo) after one cycle out of main screen and back again (no wait for 24hrs). Number 54 is placed on ship icon. 2019-09-12 Minus 1 for bug - cannot allow 50 Friends.
Not a bad game. Could use a few reworks on the upgrades but the gameplay for the boards are fun at least
If there's just a greater word than excellent, that is what this game I'll describe of. There's a lot of features and adventures to be enjoyed here!! Please download because this game is worth your time and space in your phone 💙👏!!!
Cool game but there are way to many add no need to bombard people with advertisement since it only makes the gameplay more anoying
Sweet when it works but frustrating when it does not. During tutorial, swipe gesture is not recognised repeatedly. After logging out, could not log in after 10 retries ("failed to connect to network").
I would rate higher if the game didn't crash while I was playing so often. Lost stamina kinda lets the wind out of your sails.
The game sucks and it's a piece of trash. For a game this simple, it requires fast internet(literally fast) and it consumes too much time opening the app itself. A MOBA app is larger and must require faster internet but still it's faster to open.
I am one of those people who typically try out one or two games on my phone a week only to uninstall them right away. Most mobile games are worthless cash grabs. This one is actually very engaging and honestly, the artwork is amazing. Pretty much any game from this developer is a great experience. Great for passing small amounts or large amounts of time.
What can i say this game is totally addictive and its so unique especially with the different types of alien. I give 10/10 cause it is super good easy to get coin and other material. it just i can't purchase the special deal like treasure box and the coin and diamond in special deal and i hope it should change with something more easier to purchase. I also hope that this game can have more new alien types with other ability and more planet to explore.That's all from me.
this game is so good its an amazing puzzle game i love Aliens and puzzles but convined makes it beter keep on making games ther the bomb
Since updating to android 11 the game crashes constantly (despite restart, clearing cache, reinstalling, w/ good Internet connection). This game was great, but now I've finished the game there's no new levels.
This is a very good game and definitely not your casual puzzle game. The fact tgat every move is very vital that you have to think very carefully. The only downside is you have to play online.
Simple mechanics but fun and in depth gameplay with great graphics to boot. The usual micro transactions are present here but that's standard fair these days.
I live for these cute graphics and I love the way you fight. My favourite bit about this game has to be those mini comic story pages you get. I am really big fan of manga so I enjoy those kinds of things. This game is awesome! Thanks for creating it! :)
It works now! The game is great, just How i remembered it. Thank you for adding compatibility! Edit: apparently most games that were meant for phone, when it logs into google play i have the same issue. Edit 2: I accidentially signed in to my google play account and that crashed it, i restarted, it auto-logged me in.
This was a very fun game. It had great controlls and I loved custimizing my cards. It had great replayability. Overall, a fantastic game!
I think this game is realy cool and I think its a great way to pass the time and to streghthen my statrategic skills.
Would not let me in. Keeps saying "failed to connect to network. Game will be restarted.". I have a very good connection so thats not the issue. I have a good phone and after double checking everything is good. Its a game issue at this point. Too bad wanted to try it.
Fabulously addictive, attractive and detailed. Love to see some kind of card trading ability between guild members. 2019-09-23 Plus 2 for removing the previous bug. Now a glitch exists that returns the Quint Craft (with full cargo) after one cycle out of main screen and back again (no wait for 24hrs). Number 54 is placed on ship icon.
This is a great game, other then Crabwars it's the only game I've downloaded onto all of my phones. Great puzzles, with the signature graphic designs I love with this crearor.
Ya know what? All the other positive ratings and personalized responses from the devs made me eager to try this game.. and it is brilliant fun! You guys have done a great job with the whole thing.. it's fun, it feels polished and is the ideal casual game to fill a few minutes here and there. Keep up the good work, clearly this one is a hit with practically everyone who has tried it. (For those who haven't, now is when you hit download..)
I wish there weren't so many mandatory ads, because I watch them willingly for some things, but other than that it's got no complaints from me!! It's fun and the art is amazing!!
Another limited play game with stamina. Everything else does not matter at this point. It can have the best story, graphics, everything. Stamina based is a big nope. To avoid.
Hey man we have to make this game a bam!! The downloads are so less, only 500k, devs u really gotta work because this game is very good but u have to add a tons of new modes and features so that it can be played N loved by millions. You have to also do ads about this game, so that it can grow, please show respect to my reveiw and do as said so that the game can grow and reach millions
hey. it's a good game. you should download it. blowing up robots with aliens is objectively awesome, and that's science.
"pretty good. but not worthy of 5 stars." is what i said, and i still don't think it's the best game, but I've played this game again, and i think it deserves 5 stars, In my opinion, this game is entertaining. it's not my favorite game, but i can see myself playing this for hours, everyday. and it's nice that the developer's actually responds, unlike other games.
Controls are easy. Powers make it fun. Characters are cute. Am doing this for the gems so I can get more
Love it. Not hard to learn. Has plenty of daily goals, guild goals, and level ups to keep things lovely.
I love this game. You move in a straight line but you can use the arrows to make like a huge parcour. You can even change the arrows direction!
Not bad. Cute, can't play it for very long at a time because you run out of stamina very quickly, however it's a good brain teaser
Good game. Just wished I cold play with out WiFi so when I'm on the bus I could play, but its an overall good addicting game 9.5/10
"Ever-changing levels" is just marketing speak for player-screwing RNG. Don't be fooled. This is just a match-3 clone with slightly different mechanics.
At first, I really couldn't get pass the first planet. Then, I finally figured it out. It's a really fun and beautiful game.
Cutest alien puzzle game ever. I regret not downloading earlier. Levels are challenging but not frustrating from early on. ♥ The music. I have no complaints so far. You guys rock! All your games are so well-made and maintained.
Graphic is good gameplay is fine...i like cute creatures(pokemon fan) so it kinda work for me ...i would like to see an adventure type creature games from u guys...
Happy that I haven't been forced to make purchases, but my biggest issue is that this studio seems to create games and abandon them to make something new. Alien Path is a game that should have regular updates like candy crush or any other game that has a leveling set-up. When there's new content I will happily review again in the future.
Wish it was alil easier to complete the level u easily get stuck on a level. And wish there was more aliens and powers
Actually quite an engaging game, better than I expected. Well worth a try if you don't mind having to have a persistent internet connection to play.
I like the gameplay, it has unique puzzle mixed with rpg. But, I want this game added multiplayer game upto 4 players in coop mode, the play style is turn base with bigger board. Can you guys add this?
Its so cool and I'm addicted to this game. Its also fun but hard. The alien look awesome and its pretty fun to play i would play this every day.
Fun, but a few too many pop up ads for their other games for my liking. While they replied to a previous review and claim it's only a click away, they underestimate how irritating an extra click is when it gets repetitive. Especially if there isn't an option to turn those off even after paying for a package or two.
Devs, you got some explaining to do. Don't worry, this is a positive comment! At the beginning comic scene we saw that the first alien was powered by the blue (probably) female alien. But then later on we encounter something called HATCHING A NEW ALIEN WITH DNA!!! You already know what's up! Do we hatch a new alien from her? Or do we just hatch an egg which turned out to be powerful? Overall a really great game. But i'm sure fans are begging for more than just 3 alien spell slot. Please do so!
I have not played yet but i have high hopes because crab war is amazing so i hope i get the same from this game :)
Nice take on a puzzle game very createive. Although cant give a 5 stars because of al the %discount. And payment options. But happaly not much on screen.
Well, another game that's great, but they get you hooked and then you gotta pay. I barely can afford a phone. Answer me this- If I keep trying, can I move ahead???
This is a very good game. The graphics look great, the controls are easy and the game is addicting. The only bad thing though is that you can't play without internet but other then that, great job!!
I get stuck when trying to sign in with a Google account, it just shows the loading spiny wheel; yes I have a persistent internet connection.
I love everything about this game. The energy recharges super fast so you can play as long as you like and it's easy to earn in game currency.