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Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by D3 Go! located at 15910 Ventura Blvd., Suite 800 Encino, CA 91436. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Shock and/or Horror Content) and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The Alien is coded to camp/patrol around where your objectives or where your people are and it camps more as you run out of time. Which makes it impossible to do anything. There should also be a way to distract the Alien. Because there is no strategy for countering the Alien other than waiting for it to not be in the area.
Voice acting is great and well done, it feels like and actu a video game with a story that ties in to the series. It is challenging and intense. You have to guide you crew through out the station and keep them safe.
Love this game. However, i wish there was an option to skip the needless chatters and intros after having finished the normal mode.
GREAT GAME!! The only thing I think would make it better is if Ripley could move through the vents and finish the job even if your team dies. Like you could do it in first person. Also, it would be awesome to be able to trap alien in a room, but maybe at the cost of a crew member??
the game is very fun and the object is challenging in a good way but the game story line is too short i've already completed the game and i have downloaded the game today and i have just gotten a hang of the games control and character movements and would love to play more of this game therefore don't plan to delete or get a refund for this game. hope you can use my review to further improve the game πŸ˜‹
I ve progressed till the 4th level, so far I m enjoying the game. It has great potential, expand the levels upgrade the graphics (for a mobile game right now they are gorgeous) and port to a pc version and you ll have yourself a great game! Having a time limit is a let Down but it is justified by the small maps. Alien isolation was a great game which redifined the alien series games and if the devs here play their cards right I think they ll have a similar success!
Error downloading content. Just bought the game, and can't even start it. All I get is an empty load bar with "Error downloading content" press the retry button underneath, nothing happens. I'm using a good mobile (Samsung A70 running Android 10), any help?
The fantastic Alien Isolation is followed-up by a "5 Nights at Freddy's" clone bereft of tension, atmosphere, charm, or any sense of terrible wonder. Par for the course with this franchise.
A very fun game and a plus to the alien world If you do not understand what's going on in the game that's cause this is a actual squeal to alien isolation I highly recommend alien isolation befor u play this to understand what's Amanda doing here and other things
Alien FNAF. Very fun, would recommend. More of a horror-themed strategy game. Jumpscares aren't too bad, they'll give you a fair bit of warning before they happen.
This game is a way cooler than i thought! REALLY worth for the money I paid, but can add some more amazing things to it. But the game is really fun and awesome to play😊.
The game is great, only problem is that 9/10 nothing works. I try close a door, it stays open. I try to draw a path, doesn't draw it. Oh and it doesn't tell me where I'm suppose to draw the path to. When people talk the wrong name comes up. Like why did saito talk in third person?
If u like alien. If u like android games. This is your lucky day. I love this game. Five nights at Freddys meets alien isolation . Check those tunnels or else.
Great mobile game and enough content for price. The only reason it is not 5 star is Because of some performance issues, it really shouldn't be slowdown on a octa core2.0ghz phone, otherwise game wise all fine, not a long game but enough for the price and replay value with missions
For as old as the game is, it plays really well deffinately more terrifying than fnaf. The graphics are a bit out of date but the game is really good.
Its a really good game. Ive seen playthroughs which is what led me to buy it but it runs horribly. Lagging and akward pauses and it tries to load. Kinda ruined the game experince for me. At some point it even closed out of the game becausr it stopped responding.
Nice game.. Can you add free froam like you get chased by the alien and do tasks and you will have 2 roles which is the alien and human.
This game should really be on the pc.. on a mid range phone like mine, the fps always drops and feels really choppy.
Somewhat good could use a new point of Amanda ripley and her role in the game. It needs a first person mode four the characters if the crew dies and ripley needs a gun otherwise it's just a cheap knockoff of alien blackout the pc version on steam and the PlayStation version.
Boring and a massive disappointment. It's like some puzzle game not like COD mobile fighting as I hoped. I paid a dollar and deleted it the same day. This game sucks bad! What a huge bait and switch. Should be free to try.
the game is awesome and fun but the gameplay is very short, maybe u can make an online mode where one person can be a alien but has a map like the suviver and drags the unit where to go and it's like a fog of war type map but if doors are closed it shows a locked highlighted door so the alien has to vent or go an other way. or make some sort of extra gameplay. pls
This game is a good thriller. The Alien stalks you and you try and keep as many bumbling red shirts alive. I think the Alien gets more angry the less crew it gets to murder? If so, great feature!
A fun game, with plenty of tension, keeping well in the spirit of the Alien universe, and is a canonical continutation of the Alien: Isolation Plotline. While I would have prefered a full PC/Console based full Alien: Isolation game sequal, this is an excellent placeholder, keeping the flame going, and ties up a bunch of loose ends from the preiously mentioned plotline, which Alien: Isolation had failed to resolve. Alien fans should give it a go.
This is like Alien: Isolation but make simple and put into mobile It's really fun and impressive If you miss Alien game and wish for Alien: Isolation sequel, this would cure your nostalgia
You will understand if you grew up on this. 5 stars all day long. Amazing job for for a relatively small app. Wear Headphones. Cheers!
Too Scary but also looks like The Mix of FNAF and REALISTIC AMONG US......im still Figuring how to make no crew dies in First Stage😒😒😒😒 can this game have Easy and Hard mode?
Love the game, absolutely love it. A feature that could probably make it even better is an editor. Walls, doors, alien amounts depending on map size, entrances for alien, hiding spots, this also allows for multiplayer sharing maps and add a daily lvl that is chosen and can be played in the day. I've given 4 stars cuz after awhile it does get repetitive but last mission is different. Please add this and thx ^-^
I've only played the first level, I normally don't like games like this, but this is like 5 nights at freddy's with an alien and a crew. This game is so fun. Great job guys
This game is a great alien game, worth the money, but what I want is a mobile game where you can BE the Xenomorph.
Probably the best alien game I have ever played. The graphics are relastic . And it take less space . This game is awesome. Everyone must try it Again thanks for making this type of game. It is a good game to make yourtube videos
Great game for the price. Best Alien game I've played so far. Next is Isolation! If the alien sees your crew they won't escape, you need to be vigilant. Love the suspense this gave me. I got a few jump scares, helps that it's a phone game. Would love more games like this.
Really really good, I loved how the alien behaves and the environment is crisp. I would love to see more levels in the future. Thanks
This is a decent game. It does a great job being a holdover until another aliens game is made. And is quite fun even if you are just moneteeing people. It is great with suspense as you track an alien to a spot one of you crew members is hiding. The character acting is fantastic and they feel like character's I would see in one of the movies. Yes it asked for you data but I looked into that on there websites and contacted them and all it is used for us to monitor trends and talior the game to you
Very fun game, I'm terrible at these kind of games but I loved Alien Isolation so I had to try it. Controls could be more fluid but there's nothing really to change
I love this game its kinda like some other games but its still a great game its still a game you should try if you like horror you don't know when or where he's coming but there's a trick find out by playing this game i still haven't completed the survival mode I wish they make more like this
Loved the game. Its a very well made game. There r definitely some bugs and glitches like one time I couldn't open the screen through which u access the map. It happened 2 time in total. But fortunately didn't lead to any other game bug. Great game overall. Loved it.. would recommend it to anyone. I had actually got the game when it was free for some time so i didn't have to pay.
This game is lit definitely worth the dollar but I have one complaint and isn't that bad but the game is way to hard when you start make it easy at first then make it get harder cause I can't pass the second mission
Great visuals, spooky sounds and enjoyable gameplay. Having this game after watching Alien: Covenant felt like i was playing as Amanda Ripley to conduct the crew while dealing with The Xenomorph. I haven't tried the "survive" game mode yet but nothing different as much as the story mode. So having a little bit more game mode development would be boost the gameplay time since my story mode had finished way too fast unfortunately, but overall, great game!
Interesting concept and good visuals and atmosphere. It's a nice addition to the Alien game franchise and on android devices. It uses the lack of a controller in a way like Republique.
I Love this game, but my major problems are the Alien seems to be clairvoyant catching my team even when they are silent and stomping around where they are hiding until the timer runs out. Also the touch controls are temperamental getting me or my team killed because of its lack of response. This especially hurts on survival mode.
Super fun, suspenseful and genuine to the original experience. Too bad it isn't long but survival definitely brings the challenge!
This game is amazing, in the way it requires skill, strategy, and even some dumb luck, depending on the scenario. Depending on who dies and who doesn't, the dialogue is different in each level, and you actually feel bad for losing someone.
Time-pressing and forcing player rush is the most stupid thing you can do in puzzle game design. We already have Five Nights At Freddy's. This Alien game has much more interesting mechanics, but demmit.. they still managed to ruin it.
This is like Alien: Isolation but make simpler and put into mobile. It's really fun and impressive. If you miss Alien game and wish for Alien: Isolation sequel, this would cure your nostalgia.
The AI on the characters the Humans and the Aliens when you tell them to hide they take a long time I know you guys trying to make it look real like there looking for the locker but fix how fast they go for the locker when the Alien jumps down and you tell them to hide they take there sweet time next is the run if someone doesn't want to wait make them move faster also in one of the missions the one with the two Vents and the door it's dark I can't see anything I can't even the vents fix that.
Good game based on its genre I hope you guys are working on first person version where we can freely move in the map aswell rather than fnaf style
Fun twist on an alien game. Challenging and unique. Could have some improvements but for 99 cents it's a great game!
I know the style is similar to fnaf but guiding people makes it scary. It would be cool to have environmental distractions like in Alien Isolation; smoke in the hallways, noise maker, ect. I'm enjoying it and trying the survive challenge.
Amazing horror game! Very scary stuff and I appreciate that the developers didn't go evil or too labyrinthine with the map layouts. The sound design is excellent, from voice acting to hollow-metal-corridors-in-space reverbs. The interface and mechanics are decently designed for the limited dexterity available to us with mere thumbs on a small touchscreen. I did find a bug: Amanda's flashlight sometimes craps out upon phone notifications and leaves you guessing where the alien will emerge next.
the game is great, the concept is also good, so is the gameplay. the voice acting is perfect, probably the best compared to other mobile games. im an alien fan myself so its quite nice to have an alien game in our pocket. the idea is a bit simmilar to FNAF but the gameplay is far different, the graphics and details are on point. its good and worths much more than the price. although i would like to have more levels and a difficulty setting
It's a great game definitely gives you a scary Vibe but freezes up a lot and if try to transfer to a new phone it does not work
Well the controls are good I'm liking the story so far but the second part I'm trying to close the maintenance hatch whatever it is but it won't let me close it and I still die in the beginning it shows you how to close it and try and doing that and nothing happened
The game is good and it got horror and help your own crew ha this looks kinda like fnaf but you can close the doors on the cameras and help you're crew to there way and find a pattern to save you're crew.
A bit clunky, is hard to be precise with touchscreen controls, and it's a little difficult to quickly tell each Crew member apart on the map quickly, but other than that, this is an amazing game!
I totally recommend the game. Lives up to its name and is totally one of the best mobile games out there. Wish more games were like this instead of constant clicker or idle games coming out full of ads. It's worth the money and time, the game isn't played out like Alien Isolation, but well this is a mobile game and what they did with it totally fits. Still gives you that sense of fear for the xeno while you try to save the crew. Really get it if you're a fan of Alien in general.
Probably the most tense and atmospheric game I have ever played. I started off really not liking it but really got into it in the end. It has real issues with its interface that could be solved with common sense; such as removing characters that have already exited the level information from the side of the screen but it's easily one of the best games on Google play.
just brought recently but already love it cause the graphic and the storyline...but the button is quite small and the Alein is easy to be distracted by only using door so it quite boring when there is no challenge when we outsmart the alien. but overall i like this game so hope you continue make game like this which is better like u can make more alien.that all tq
I love the game and everything about it but i have one problem, i am unable to access the survival mode because it says it can't verify my licence but i have bought that game through google play and i don't see what is happening. Other than that one problem the game is challenging and engaging, definitely want to keep playing. EDIT: the survival just started working all of a sudden, don't know why but the problem is solved.
It's amazing but can get boring is you have time on your hands I recommend getting it now then later cus it's forgettable the game is a slow past and you only get attacked once per night if you play right make sure use motion trackers it's almost impossible without them!
Graphics could have been better but the game is really scary. Need a lot of time to finish the game so okay slowly
It's a good game but it's hard and frustrating trying to control 4 little dots with specific commands while trying not to die.
I would place this game in my all time Top 10 Android Games. This is without a doubt the best strategy/survival game I've played. With exceptional graphics and clear cut storyline, it makes you wanna keep going even when u fail. The game is however short with increasing levels of difficulty with each coming mission. Kudos to the Developer! Looking forward to many such games from the team. Cheers!
This game is good but it's hard because the alien is camping every where you need to go and it is so annoying and some scary games arent fair . I mean the monsters in the game , they have no issues but your character just ...... the more I'm close to a blackout the more it lurks
A really good bridge after the events of Alien Isolation. I never normally enjoy the "Five Night's at Freddy's" style of games but I found myself unable to put this one down! The difficulty curve is manageable and ramps accordingly throughout the game. I found that sometimes after restarting the level manually or when Ripley died that my flashlight wouldn't turn on, not sure if this is a bug or intentional. Sometimes I found that I couldn't draw a path for the crew as well, but overall very good
I mean it's a cheap and short game that's very engaging and you get what you pay for even if the content is a bit lacking. I love this game, alien is my favorite movie and this games throwback to the original while tie in with the isolation game is amazing.
A truly amazing game, love the fnaf feel to it! What I don't understand is why my flashlight only turns on sometimes. The alien tries to get in and once I have stopped him, then the flashlight turns on?
I bought this game because I saw a few reviews saying it was good. When i opened it up it reminded me of 5 nights at Freddy's and was initially very disappointed. Then when i actually played it was tense, extremely engaging and nothing like that sad excuse for a game. Everything worked exactly the way I wanted and they have managed to bring that alien isolation game feel to the phone. Very well done I did feel sad for losing a couple Of my crew members 😒
Awesome. I played Alien Isolation and I'm a fan of the Alien franchise. This game is merely strategizing, but it is still thoroughly enjoyable.
Amazing, it adds horror and strategy in the best way. Worth the money and i highly recommend. Though the dark in the game makes it harder to see in the day without a bright screen. Otherwise fantastic game!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I hate to purchase a game then have to turn around and uninstall it because it sucks like this one does. This game has no strategy because you can't never see the alien, so you just running around in circles like an idiot. And I can't see anybody getting any enjoyment out of this unless they're totally brain dead.
If you're looking for some stealth or tactical game I definitely recommend this one. It's really good and woth the money. The story is going and it's really challenging to keep all the crewmates safe while also keeping oneself safe. I really would love it if you create more games like this.
The graphics are pretty good ngl. But the settings for it is verry limited, sure i may have the need for advanced gfx settings. But hey still a great game, it just dose'nt really fit my style.
The gameplay is really good, but don't play this if you don't have a big screen and headphones. I'm not scared any more, I'm just angry because I want to beat it very badly. But then the alien starts coming through the vents and even if I can look around really fast and actually see it coming when I press to close the vent NOTHING HAPPENS AND I DIE. Please make this game bearable on smaller devices and without headphones. Having an option to scale the crew command buttons would be so helpful because I can't press hide in time even when I know where the alien is going 5-10 seconds in advance. And just a little visual indicator on where the alien is coming from would be great. Also, I have basically memorized what the alien is going to do every single time. I don't normally tell them to hide because I see the alien is about to enter the room, I tell them to hide because I KNOW the alien is about to enter the room. Every time I restart from the bad controls killing me, the ai does the same thing: - Starts in the same place - Enters the vent - Exits in the same room In my current level, the only reason I'm losing is because I'm getting unlucky on which direction the alien is coming from and the vent doesn't close when I tell it to close.
Pretty good Aliens game and mobile game in general. You always feel like you are in danger but you have to keep progressing because time is against you. Gameplay is similar to FNAF but different enough that it doesn't feel like a rip-off. I've played a lot of horror games and definitely pretty good for a mobile game. Also, this game doesn't have microtransactions or in-app purchases which is refreshing to just buy a game and play.
This game is awesome! Small problem is that it's a little bit laggy in the vent and it's hard to close the vent while the alien come i play it on Android J6 but overall it's a awesome game
Fun game it's hard for me because you have to keep up with everything but i like a challenge. Also if you're an alien fan you'll love this game
This game is legitimately awesome, hoping for more stories and scenes aside from getting some survival or challenge whatever. Multiplayer would be good, the other one is the alien hehe
It very laggy and in some levels the vent door sometimes don't close when I'm very far in the game the door won't ever close
Probably the best $2 I ever spent on an Android game. A great sequel to the Alien Isolation game on consoles and PC and takes a few hints from Five Nights at Freddy's. Definitely wear headphones to get the true atmosphere of the environment.
Loved this game! This game is the best game on playstore! I was playing it in late night! I actually got scared lmao! Anyways, game is perfect, best horror game! Everything is awesome! Especially, the creepy sound effects
It isn't leting me play when i log on.i spent money for this game (wich i barly do) and it won't even work! I would have given it zero stars if it was optional
Too hard to track where the alien is. I can't run or hide from the alien. When the alien is near me crew, I don't usually have time to tell them to hide.
Very impressive for a phone game a must have if you're an Alien fan it's pretty challenging I would recommend head phones or ear buds if you want the full affects of the scary sounds affects. Phone graphics are evolving faster with games like these it's well worth the 100 pennys I recommend it and that's saying a lot as I'm very picky about my games especially on phones.
It plays great, just would have preferred alien Isolation 2 on console and PC. This is 5 nights at Freddie's isk. Idk I was expecting something grand, "Yes finally a sequel" then was shown a mobile game. Kinda down
this game is very interesting , the gameplay are cool and the graphics are fine . the task are protecting the crew members but i often get them killed lol anyways i really recommend this game for the alien lover out there
Drawing path while the character is hurrying is quite annoying. Noticed delayed conversation and body expression in the first part of the game. Weird. Completed the whole game saving only Thorncroft and then replayed again from the start this time saving all the crews. Whew!
Please add an option to make the look sensitivity a lot higher. I find it hard to quickly look left and right to see where the Alien is coming from. potential 5 🌟 game! :EDIT Thanks for adding this feature, much much better. Adjusted score 😊
Really awesome! I'm a big fan of the alien series and it having the Fnaf mechanics in some way makes it better! It's somewhat difficult but it's possible. The jumpscare to it's just so scary and unexpected!
God...I really hate when premium games do the license check all the time. I know you guys want to combat piracy but this is kinda overdoing it. License check should only occur once after opening the game for first time
I've played stuff like this before, such as FNAF, but none of them had the sense of urgency and purpose that this game has. The objective of thise games is to only keep yourself alive, whereas here you have to keep yourself and other people alive. It's so fun and so terrifying at the same time.
I love it but the doors is the prob if alien to close but he not fully in the room I can't close it pls fix that
Really amazing. The Alien is kinda smart too. Any noise and it's there. It's realy Hard but totally worth it. Had a really good time keeping everyone alive. Multiple reloads!
Went into it very skeptical, but actually a surprisingly excellent game, just a bit short of a game for the price. Hopefully there are plans to add levels in the future.
I have played Aliens Insurgent and loved it. So imagine my excitement when I saw this game. It's great that it follows the same story line. Was not expecting how it needed to be played. Freddy nights style. Still live it though!! Keep em comming!!!
Personally I like this game very much, entire experience of the is very good graphics audio and story. Kindly add some more stories bcoz I have completed this game and looking for more levels.
I love this game but sometimes it makes me feel bored to start over again everytime i lose. I hope that there's an option to continue where I've lost
As a hardcore Alien fan, I liked my experience. However this game definitely needs to be fixed. I came across game breaking bugs and lags. Sometimes directing crew members and closing doors needs to be pixel perfect for it to work. When this happens, you have about four seconds to find that one pixel to save your progress. That's why I gave it a three star, because it can break the experience for others. But I will say it was worth the $1.06 I paid for this game. For a mobile game, it's not bad.