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Alice in Wonderland : Seek and Find Hidden Objects

Alice in Wonderland : Seek and Find Hidden Objects for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Crisp App Studio - Hidden Object Games located at 65049, Ivana Franka 55 Odessa, Ukraine. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Graphics are great, but keeps repeating same page again and again ! And objects. "You need find 4 more items" i found them all , i thought !! This game bit confusing!! And gets bit boring! "And every other "reply" the same!
Challenging to find some of the hidden objects and I have to use a magnifying glass to see them. But I'm really enjoying this game! 5 stars for storyline, gameplay and graphics!
Beautiful sets. The graphics a clear and cleaver. Good mix of easy to difficult objects to find on each level.
Keeps my attention. Love the vivid scenes. I recommend this to anyone that likes to do games and requires you attention.
Perfect hidden object game and I've played them ALL God help me. Such frustration and blown money. This game needs no energy, points, REAL MONEY, just the simple pleasure of a treasure hunt. And very well hidden items. Pure fun and hunting!
Great game! Just wish there was a bit more adventure to it. Like mix it up a bit with rewards and goals that are related to finding objects?
Excellent game. I've looked for a game like this for ages. Brilliant graphics and no time outs. Love it
I enjoy it very much. Objects are proportionally hidden easy and hard to find to make it a challenge. Great game to enjoy and not feel pressured to earn so many something's to move on with the game. Really enjoyable. I understand you are in the process of developing more levels and pieces. Please do! As it's incredible artwork and attention to details stand out. Plus I love the scenes' decor. Be blessed this New Year and Happy Holidays to you all!
The 360° thing and the time it takes to find the objects doesn't jive! Woud be better if it was a regular game because the graphics are nice even though they're small. Or maybe it's the items that need to be bigger. Anyway, overall it's a fun game.
The artwork in this game is so awesome! It makes me feel like I'm right along side Alice and I want to rewatch the movie( I have both the original cartoon version and the Johnny Depp version) everytime I look up at the moon and it looks like the Cheshire cat grin, I start talking about the movie to my hubby. I stumbled on this game at the same time I was probably anmoying him by pointing this out. So now I got my AIW fix! I'm relearning what objects look like that we don't see often too. Thanks!
I can only give you a 4 star as the reading part dose not last long you can't finish reading about the game as it goes away to fast I'm a moderate reader and if you have someone who is slow they won't get passed the 3 line which is sad as I would of liked to read about the game please do something to correct this thanks Wendy x
Quite a good game but you do need to expand screen to find a lot of the items. Have only started this game so a bit soon to find faults hopefully there won't be any
Really like the graphics and the 360° search screen, the difficulty is good, and like that each level can be played more than once. The story doesn't stay on long enough to completely read it all, however, and not sure if that can be adjusted, would be nice if that could be slowed down some. Great game!
Having a great time in Alice in Wonderland. Great graphics, coloring and likeness of items is great, nice calming music and I'm having lots of fun and I have told all my friends and relatives. Thank You
I enjoy this game and I try to finish it without enlarging the scenery, which is quite colorful. Keeps it interesting. AND most importantly, the ads are very short which keeps me playing these games! It doesn't take me 40 to 45 seconds to decide on a new game like with other developers. Thank you
Love this finding game. The levels get harder as you go. Makes it just more challenging and get fun. I give you 5 stars.
I love this game!!! Some of the objects are hard to find and that, to me, makes it awesome! The ads are minimal and you don't get penalized for using hints if you need them.
It's good. No commercials to disturb the game "while in play" like so many others. Some of the things to find are hard as heck, but well worth it as you can use the "zoom in" enlarge feature. Excellent graphics and just fun to play. Thumbs up from me.
After downloading a few games then uninstalling because of the adds that where interfering with play .it nice to have a game that places them in sensible places. The games graphics are amazing the 3d effects make it interesting and unlike some find the objects where it hard see the objects they are much clearer. Not over hard but very enjoyable. Well done.
I fully agree with statements made about the pictures being so beautiful however the reason I only give it 4 stars is because you can't read the story unless you're a speed reader, it says tap to continue but it changes screen without you tapping on it if you don't read fast enough you missed a story. And also I wish there were the characters for instance the Mad Hatter Alice the queen of hearts the March Hare Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Etc....
I happened upon chance to have a go at this game ,im 72 yrs old ,well i can tell you I just love it .Of all games that ive downloaded to play ,this is by far the best .The items are right in front of you but still damm hard to find ,so i really get into the game .I love the Animal game the same as this one ,and im hoping that there are lots more .Great game to play
The 3d effect makes it a very interesting hidden object game. So far I am enjoying it very much. Thanks. 😊
Graphics were fun, pretty, and intricate. Sometimes it was hard to tell what I was looking for (it might say "knight" and instead of armour it's a chess piece) but often accidentally found it. After half the levels you realise that sometimes you can just tell when something is meant to be found.
Like it kinda hard but worth it only just started but graphics and colors nice, not too hard on eyes, may notlike the ads but that comes with the games and these are short so not to get off focus, igive it a 5 star after I play longer,,, I think its pretty fabulous, !,
It's alright, but it can get boring as you are looking fot the same objects in the same room over and over again, there seems to be no progressing in the games unless you pay for it, this is the con as they said it is a free game.
**Update**Thank you! I will look for that in the game! Your work rocks!!**fin** Folks... Diamond. In... Thee Ruff. This is a SUPER Keeper and an awesome find!!! I WANT this game. If I can buy it, so there are ZERO.ad interruptions it's so WORTH it!! Just to look at the graphic ALONE It is a masterful work of art for REAL! !
I am really enjoying the game. I would have given 5 stars if not for one thing. The punitive damages of 2000 points allotted when tapping "too much". Why do that? When tapping the monitor seems the most logical way to find items beside the visual senses. I still love playing the game. Don't get me wrong. I just had to rant. Thanx.
Really good, relaxing game and I love the fact that the ads are only 5 secs long. Was confused about chess pieces that had to be "identical" though. I hit 2 BLACK bishops but it wouldn't work. Instead the hint matched a black with a brown. One white bishop had a black point but 'matched' with another with NO black point.That's not really "identical" anymore! Also there's an item that looks nothing like a "paint brush". It's challenging but not too hard.
Not good! Barely visible hidden objects. You can zoom in - even then some are very difficult to see. Perhaps I'm too old for this (I was looking for an interesting, hidden object game) If it's 3D, it doesn't make much difference. Apparently "Alice in Wonderland", a tiny, badly drawn cartoon appears at the end of each exercise, asking the Cheshire Cat where she is - that's the only bit of "Alice" you actually see. Removing this - don't like being marked on how well I find things. Very boring!
The graphics are great. Having read all of the reviews I can see that you have updated the game to address most of the issues people have had with it so that proves to me you really want people to enjoy the beautiful game you have created. I will continue to play play this game & if it's as well done all the way through I will try all your other games as well to see what else you have come up with & hopefully they'll be as interesting & addictive as this one is. Thanks for the lovely experience!
Such a lovely game! I read the reviews first and thought I'd have a look. LOVE the 3D, the graphics, the story and even the music. It's surprisingly challenging too, not as easy as I first thought. Will be looking at your other games, might even pay for this one too. Keep up the great work 🤩🥳, Thank you!
A very nice seek and find game. Great graphics, both easy and challenging. Would like help. Occasionally I select a spot and loose points. Sometimes I am not sure what I touched, I don't know what to avoid, no explanation. Regardless, I do enjoy the game.
A beautiful and challenging hidden object hunt with a charming story. The clear, lifelike scenes make searching for items a pleasure. The option to replay areas is very helpful. Patience and the zoom factor will help make this game a favorite.
Really enjoying this game I've already download another. Ads no problem. Levels are short and hints if you get stuck. Love it.
I love this game it's really relaxing it's complicated it's the items are sometimes hard to find but it's a wonderful game to play
I'm hooked! Just started, but I really like the graphics and the challenge. I find it very relaxing. And I will be trying Alice Through the Looking Glass, as well. Change of pace from my go-to games. Thank you!
This is the the most elegantly programmed hidden objects game I've ever found--it's gorgeous! The colors are rich, with intricately-detailed, 360-degree, 3-D graphics and varying scenes. Love the Alice in Wonderland story thread. How awesome it would be to have the programming skills for a project like this! Ads are not at all intrusive, in fact fit right in. Kudos for the beautiful, absorbing, fun game you've created!
I'm new and haven't been playing but for a couple hours. Its ok but so far not a 5 star. I will play for a few days and see what I think then. It's not really fair to continueously ask for a rating when a person has been playing just a couple hours!
Objects are well hidden but not impossible. Zoom in and out is really helpful. Overall the game is fun and challenging
Like the graphics and color. Was confused about how to play the games and where to go next. Have to click back and forth to see what I shaved play. And some of the items are very hard to find.
So much fun! The graphics are great, and I love the panoramic feature. Will definitely check out your other games.