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Alice in Puzzleland

Alice in Puzzleland for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by CookApps located at 8th floor, U space building, 670, Sampyeong-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This was one of my favorite games to play until this new update. They took away the free two coins a day and added a whole new screen.
Alice in puzzle land is a very fun enjoyable games & rewards are good to & also Graphics are very good..
My 3rd restart. Reached 1220. Emailed developers but to date still no indication from developers if further levels planned or in progress. Can't make sense of the consecutive clearances bonus and how it works. Doesn't matter as I love this game whatever.
Ads are relentless!!! Non-stop! Before, after and in between!!! Don't waste your time with this lame duck!!!
Really like this game except for the almost non-existent hearts which you can spin for but NEVER actually get; and the ads which appear after every 2 levels without fail, and with no option to mute. Remember some of us are in a country where data costs are high and to force ads is actually annoying and costly and spoils the gameplay.
Im uninstalling this app. The tactics you have in place to not exceed a certain level are astounding. And I'll give you 1 star. I recind the 5 I gave you at the beginning.
Love it!!😊But I would have gave all 5 stars on each, but don't show nothing but Alice falling down the rabbit hole😳...So only giving 4 on that.
The only thing I don't like so far is there is no way to earn coins, you have to buy them. That's okay though I'm playing for free and watching adds for as long ad I can. The graphics are quite pretty.
Can no longer play the game. It won't load. Still can't play the game. I used to love it! Is it ever going to be fixed?
Awesome game,,, great scores,,, best game i have played for years, and believe me i have played many, adverts not a problem well done Alice in puzzleland would give 10 if i could.
I would give you a 4-5 but the paypal ad makes you go to the play store when it comes up. Agressive ads, ruin the fun.
Just like any other monotonous match 3. I have played more than 30 levels and haven't seen anything at all new. And it's not very attractive to beat all those levels and win chests that you actually have to pay to open with the coins that you've earned! Very little reward to this game. I'm uninstalling it immediately posting this review. Good luck!
.the game won't go any futher,it took me back to stage 1-4 and won't let me do anything,I am frustrated because I enjoy this game! Does it go beyond the last stage of the game? If not it will be deleted !
The game jams ups after closing the app and unable to go beyond level 61. Have to uninstall and reinstall each time and I need to restart the game from Episode 61 each time!! Been going on for 1 month plus. Can u fix the bug asap!
Challanging I can not get my 3x moves no adds come up to watch left it on for over 1hr and still nothing.free wheel spin I can not get 2x add to come up either.I really enjoy this game but may be forced to delete it because of this other wise you get no where please fix it! Thankscanyou tell me what all the icons(bonus)at the bottom do,arrows and the others.
I cannot, & l really mean l cannot get thru Episode 142, no matter how much l've tried! I know the mission is 10 blue stones, & l have accomplished as many as 6, but l never see what method or even how they were collected! You have an extremely challenging game & l appreciate that. I am 74, considered elderly, but l love today's technology. However, I am beginning to suspect l have reached a limit of games played for free. Is this the beginning of "Pay to Win" inserted into the the game?
So challenging πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– Can play for hours πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ‘Œfor Me πŸ€— Thank You guys for the most beautiful game to keep me busyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
I'm so Happy to say that I now can finally install this Wonderful game. I just love❀😘 this application. Before my phone wouldn't allow it. Happily, this problem no longer exists Fantastic🀘😝🀘 job on this truly fun game. The graphics are Exceptional Keep these truly magnificent match games coming.. Your work is absolutely exceptional BRAVO
I loved this game until recently. I'm on level 1373 and the game glitches and freezes every time I play. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall. Just sad..... Time to find a new one.
Need support link! I got a new phone today, and my game progress did not transfer over. I was on level 1026!
Great game to relax and pass time with. No life cap so you play for as long as you like. Ads are short, you can also play on airplane mode to stop ads completely if you wish. I would definitely recommend having this app on your phone for those times you find yourself sitting around waiting or chilling before bed. It does crash occasionally especially in airplane mode but just lock and unlock you screen, then close and open the app again.. Takes 30 seconds, hardly worth worrying about.
Great game until the lending tree add made it so I can cancel out of the add to play the game. Uninstalling
Not enjoyable. I've played these type of games and I'm pretty good. It takes a couple of moves to get my rythm going and have no problem doing it once on other games like this that I play. most of the time I can't finish a puzzle like yours. Not enough moves. I like to sit and have fun with a game. I'm not going to play yours when it takes 3 tries to finish one. I've seen other reviews mentioning the same thing. FIX it!!!
Sadly now a cesspit of nauseating ads which, of themselves, are tolerable. However, their intrusive stubbornness in appearing when Play is clicked, 6X in a row to date, makes me want to remove even the lone remaining star above. Unfortunately, there must be a default preventing that. One hopes the developers reexamine their funding perspective and not let poor ads timing be cause for mass uninstalling.
It's been some and there doesn't seem to be any new levels. Will there be more new levels soon? Already completed Episode 61 weeks ago.
There is no story or goals or travels. Just matching jewels with different challenges as you progress. To me, it is good for relieving stress. But too many ads, some long, and no way to opt out. Laggy since updates. The screen often blacks out.
Fun for a while, but Level 146 is so badly rigged against you that you have to spend so much money for ridiculously expensive pieces. I refused to spend more than $10, and uninstalled even though I love Alice.
It's OK, but there are issues. One: once we give you money, there should be no on screen ads except for ones allowed for extra loot. Two: if you offer DOUBLE the loot in exchange for viewing an ad, and the player accepts that offer and views the ad entirely, then you should actually double the loot drop. That's not currently the case. I've done the math and the game has never delivered 2X loot after I've let the ad play. Not once. Shame on you.
I don't like the update. I like the the option to watch an ad for more chances. I refuse to buy anything for this game because it costs too much for what little you get. I am uninstalling.
It starts fun a little challenge here and there but after like the 2nd story thing of levels u have to keep buying more and more or u cant beat the level and on 1 level like 143 to 145 u cant win less u have extra moves and other items to use again u have to buy them i spent 50 hearts just to beat it by hitting keep playing
I'm so tired of these match three games that make it impossible to win after a certain level. This game is ridiculous.
The game itself is OK. But it feels very pay to play. You don't get rewards by passing levels like other games of the type which is why I'm only 3/5.
I gave 2 stars for the first 70 rounds which were great! Progressively challenging but could be won after a second or third try. The graphics and rich colors of the game are nice. However, you won't win booster rewards, cash or coin without ads. Watching ads for a booster won't help win a round. If you try to play without watching ads for a booster, the game forces ads & no booster. Once I hit level 74, without spending real money, I can't progress. Un-installing.
Enjoyable, lots of action , almost overdoing on the advertising though if not for that it would be a 5 star
This game is almost perfect! I'm really loving it, wonderful graphics and I love the Alice in Wonderland theme BUT my suggestions too make it better would be... make it easier to earn coins, like maybe make it so we can watch an add or two too spin the prize wheel. Also, atm, it finishes the game before its even finished comboing at the end, kinda annoying. Let the game finish properly. Otherwise, a lovely alice in wonderland themed game!
Unskippable ads after every single level. Every 10 levels you reach another "episode" but there is no story or episodes. Each level ends with Alice falling down a well but she never reaches bottom. The white rabbit welcomes you to Wonderland which is really just me wondering what the episodes are there for. I'm pretty sure the levels just repeat after awhile, the # of moves just decreases. In the end, the constant ads and pushes to purchase bonus packs are a dealbreaker. Deleting.
Fantastic game very relaxing ,& very addictive too ,it keeps me up all night !! The only thing wrong is I don't think you get enough prizes !! There are not that many !! I think you should give more prizes out because there's never enough when I get to the higher up games & that makes me go to other games then . Thank you .
Extremely challenging game specially if you don't want to pay to play. The game changes, very often, unfairly. I managed to play until the level 146 because, this time, I decided I was not going to give up easily. But now, I had enough of it, I've been trying to pass this level for over 8 hours.... are you joking? And I will not start paying at this level considering it has 1000 levels.
I like the game, but it should have more info about what certain combinations do. You just have to switch this with that and see what happens
My favorite game of all. It doesn't have all of the "lost lives" like some of the other games. Easy to play - tons of fun. This is a wonderful game for children as well.
On level 480 at the moment and my only complaint is that it occasionally freezes after extended use. No other app or game on my phone does this so I know it's an issue with this one and why I only gave it 4 stars
Great few weeks getting to level 880. Restarted till the game ended at 1120; continued from there until 1140. 2nd restart today while developers add more levels. Thanks for this fantastic, addictive diversion. Love it but detest that hideous, yucky dancing brain ad!
Complaints about ads are totally unwarranted. One after every SECOND game isn't bad at all, considering they're only 5 SECONDS LONG (and a lot of them can be closed immediately), so stop your whining!! That being said, after 90 levels, I have grown very bored and have no choice but to uninstall because the rewards aren't worth playing for.
While I enjoyed the game, I am uninstalling it for one reason-the amount of coins that you can earn is ridiculously small, requiring one to buy coins and boosters which can be problematic for someone on a budget (which I am) and you really don't get a lot for what you have to pay. 100+ levels passed, but not worth it.
More fun than I expected clear goals and a bit of brain work makes a game more interesting glad I opened it!
So very odd! I've just downloaded this & am on level 52 & so far not 1 ad has popped up (not complaining) & no story pages. Each new level just opens another Super Easy match 3 board. I usually have 23 - 17 moves left after completing each level!
I was loving this game up until today. All of a sudden the game started randomly crashing. At first it was only when I tried to play my current level (318) but then it started crashing no matter what level I tied to play. If you guys fix the crashes, I would mostly certainly rate it higher.
Simple and casual gameplay with nice music and visuals. It's a match-three game with an Alice in Wonderland theme. I've had the app for some days already and so far it's stable. However, the game doesn't have any story or narratives, despite it being advertised with such. At the beginning of every level, we see Alice in air, falling down the rabbit hole; and once we win the level, we will see the White Rabbit welcoming us to Wonderland. I'm already at 'Episode' 3, Level 51. No story or anything, just those things on repeat. To me, it's fine if you don't have a story; but just do not advertise it like you do. Would have given 4 stars if not for the false advertising.
I just completed the final level of the game. as you get to the higher levels, they get slightly more challenging. The ads are for the most part short or able to skip after 10/15 seconds.
Too boring, too many ads, no story line. Uninstalling this boring game either make it interesting or delete this off of google play. Your gonna lose players and this game should be pulled off from here
Love the infinite lives of this game; however, I keep getting kicked out of the game and have to restart it.
I love this game! It's so much fun and I can't get enough of it. Probably going to be one of the games I play the most on my phone.
I bought 300 lives I have used 7 times each time is an extra 5 in total I used 35 lives and my balance from 300 is now only 187 I should have 265, Please explain!
Loved it when I first got it. Lately have to wait thru 30 second ads between play. Almost every time I time out or finish a level another 30 seconds. Didn't used to be that way.
GAVE a second chance and it's even worse with the ads The game play is okay. After level 80 the 30 second Ads begin. By level 83 I'm done with greed. Up until then the ads where perfect. Stupid greed!!!
So glad to see I was able to receive another Episode to play more levels. I hope to obtain more Episodes soon.Im ready for more Episodes after 89. I finished Episode 90 When does the new Episodes begin????When does new Episodes after 90 begin?
I love this and if it weren't for an ad after every single level.. I'd Keep it. I only made it to level 10 and I just read in the reviews that actually get LONGER after level 80.. There's tooo many of these kinda games that don't have ads at all. Off to find one that is as pretty as this one