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Alexander - Strategy Game for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Alexander RTS Game located at RotaSOFT Yazılım Teknolojileri LTD. ŞTİ. ODTÜ Teknokent, Silikon Blok, No:9, Çankaya/Ankara, TURKEY. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Guys Join alliance and sends reinforcement!! That is fare! But ig you send an reinforcement to unknown user, you"ll be banned!! Good game!!
There is another game exactly like this called "war kingdoms" look it up... slightly better just without all the problems this game has... lets go bois
The admins are unfair and unprofessional. Do not spend money here. The admin will take your goods back without refunding you. Do not waste your time with this game
This game is a con do not spend your money these thieves have hackers and admin who will end your account so you can spend more money in another part of the game you will feel Rob and cheated if you play this game
In fact after i install it i discovered that no game at all just tab the game and it will tell you an error occured and press ok to exit, good work done to spam anyone. If you installed it be faster to unistall this hacker game
This game is a joke. World 59 everyone got banned lmao. Come on man, there are people spent tons on your game! And there is more people do not use sub accounts! Shtty game to be honest. 5 yrs with u is a hell thanks.
Played since World 8 and very much enjoy the game. Largely based on information, skill, diplomacy and strategy. Can play as a solo player or on one of the many very friendly teams. Each world can last a few weeks. Can join in or just hang out. It's a tournament and a war game . And is generally played as such. I don't use diamonds and still enjoy the game. My name is vendor_combi
I have started world 39 and banned after 24hrs same in world 38 but was able to play world 37 and finish world can anyone help get my account back up again??? Admin??
I keep getting a 12 hour suspension for "improper language" however I do not use bad language. I'm 50 years old!!! This game is not worth what I pay to be cheated by admin "mistakes"
The game mechanics are good. Unfortunately it has a large Turkish player base, and they all stick together. Your better off playing War Kingdoms, same mechanics and not so racially based.
Thanks you too love I finish work Alex Mark is on his way home I have to go get a haircut and the call to this email address or phone me Alex and I are going good afternoon ma'am I'm going back home and I finish work Alex is in quarantine I will get it to me only for my exam is at the house in a few days I have to be there by Alex and his is a good time to have a good time and I finish my work Alex is in quarantine I finish at my work and I have not received any information I can you know when .
pls. fixed the problem of like resources not growing and make this game uncheatable so we can give this game a high rating and so I can share this to my friend's without having some issue like bugs,and I'am requesting to add more animation like armies marching to destination whatever so it's not gonna be boring all the time like watching hour's of upgrade.hoping it can be heard thanks.who's with me?like if u agree
more game guide needed....how to make colony, city...hhat is max population limit...some more details of how to play
Game are very interested since 8 world fight in war . Please download this game only 11 mb downloads in 3 minutes
This is what we call a strategic game... Build more but show some types of troop fighting... That will be more bonus
Dont like the update...the music in backrpound is annoying...I cant play now at work.....shut the music
He was said succesfully updated btw i still cannot open n he said(( EMULATOR ILE GIRIS YASAKTIR )) WHAT HAPPEN
My idea is to make more bulding ... If i have gold i can make more army in diferent bulding...In army need general with rang.. As many battle general make more stars he have... U can make assasins for killing general and sometime general can die in battle.. In histotical most important in a battle is general.. U need more fantasy
Tbh thought it was gonna be a past time for a few days then uninstall but it's wildly addictive. Great fun. Cant stop playing
Your updates are so annoying once adding music without any option to stop it when that fixed another update with minor bug fix came and now i can't open this game..it gets crashed...i wonder from where do you get these idiotic programmers....you people just blew your good name
Good game but they changed the Diamond buying system and won't now accept some UK debit cards now .... Also admin are..... errr useless...And spoilt the original game with pointless changes to game
I was banned without being told the reason behind their action besides I didn't violate any of their rules so I stopped playing the game for a long time, you should be specific next time please and try and tell the public your reason next time
This game is a cheater game. How can a new player be attacked immediately after the tutorial ended, further more the player was under full 5 days protection? The attacker was fully developed. Does the game allow cheaters to use macros and ignore the game rules?
Nice strategy games . If need more fun... create another more army. ..like Feodrati we can upgrade to Knight. . hastati can upgrade to Spearman. Priciple can upgrade to Swordman n longswordman...if can do like that this game can more be extreme n challanging...
The best strategy game on play store love it sooooooo much love the concept and gameplay best game ever
Only putting 5 stars to get it noticed. This game is terrible. Nothing really fun about it. Just a sit and wait type of game. There are cheaters and hackers everywhere and that just makes it that much more terrible. The admins do nothing about it even though its clearly stated in the ROC. Don't waste your money on this game. Unless you pay alot, they will ban you and that money is gone forever. There are so many sub accounts that its starting to affect how the game works and not notify players.
Although the game is superb but new types of army with different powers can be used for better experience
I love the game I really do but theres a few things to fix for example: if a player buys diamonds then it should be able to trade diamons per gold food or wood cause I bouth a bunch of them spend some money but it felt like it was usless cause I cant do nothimg but train one type of troop and it takes so long to get em ready I trained 1500 and it took litteraly 60 hours and i couldnt skip it or nothing I just had to wait please upgrade that wjere we can trade diamons for supply
Love the game, but you should reduce the protection sheild time, one day would be enough.I want to attack other countries but it appears that "kingdom in protection mode" or something like that. But i dont get it, is it talking about my country or the other one's country? Because any country i click on to attack it appears the same only
Alexander team...you have banned my account for no reason.. this is seriously getting out of control now. I like this game and been playing for a number of years now but the banning of players is getting ridiculous now. please reinstall my account world 33. thanks.
Played this Game for Two Years. Used to be a Decent Game. Now it's just Pro Turk Players Every World. Just been banned for no reason in 29. Play by the rules & you still get Banned?? War & Order a better Game..
Game sucks... Many bugs are still unsolved... I am unable to search a castle , after showing the search results when the target castle is clicked then it always shows my castle....
It's good game,i really enjoy it get new friends from all over world it will be great if u make casstel with towers like war kingdoms in Alex all castels are same so it's hard to find empety centers and attack it fix that and i give 5stars swear
Need More Strong Unit...Example Army is ( Knight ) This Army Open When Reach Age Point 5000 + Feodrati Riding n Cartography Full upgrade lvl 20
nothing change on installation of tower or upgradation of forts there must be some graphical change on upgradation moreover multipal actions must be allowed in same building
Don't play this game,i was close to win,but the alexander team take mony from som player and ban me!!! This game is all about mony!!!