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Alchemy: Forge of Gods

Alchemy: Forge of Gods for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Pipkin Games located at 220116, Belarus, Minks, prospekt Dzerzhinskogo 84 108. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game. Just finished it. However forced ads are fine but ads for help say connection problem. Do something about it. It sometime gets annoying because not all the combination make sense. However a good game
RESPONSE TO DEV: Im not blaming anyone but you. The graphics are ugly, tapping some things dont work and hitboxes are messy. There ARE ads all over the place, your grammar sucks in game and here. Its like you rushed making this game. Your not better than little alchemy because they did it right, you did literally them but worse with a few new features. Credit for the features, discredit for dev being rude to other games and rushed development.
I found this game pretty fun and my sister helped me find combinations I would not have tried. I like how you do not have to spend money on Mana and the stone, but it is really hard to find all of the famous people. We also can not get hints for them which makes it even harder.
Excessive ads, about once every 2 minutes... without being able to skip or close regardless of length.
Very stuck... trying to understand... won't move past 2 screen... I've made many combinations & it won't move off 2nd screen Help
I got almost everything it was a bit challenging but one country was there then its not anyhow more could be added like bear or woman I've played other alchemy games but this one doesn't have a lot to find and some make no sense of a mix maybe a little more of a info of what it stands for like darkness just for an example.
Pretty cool game, simple, not overly complex. Dont over think it, some things are just obvious once you figure it out. Only complaint, and new players are going to hate me for this, it's really easy to just watch a thousand ads to get the stones and finish the game quick. I get competitive wanted to see how quick I could finish it. Answer 4 hrs tops. Also expected something to happen once you get all the collectables and elements. Looking forward to future updates.
I like how gameplay works with tabs. It's easy to go through every combo when you have a known element (and saves me from feeling like I PtW buying both hints...). On the other hand, I've only had it for a week or so, and I've nothing else to find. The elements found in certain categories don't make sense. Maybe because the categories aren't specifically named? Overall gave it a 4 because I see it's being updated as it goes. Staying hopeful for future updates and keeping the app for now.
It's like Doodle God but without being choked by ads. They're still there but it's not overwhelming. Merging elements are easy to combine, streamlined menus. It's enjoyable!
So you have to buy hints using rocks. Ok. I'm ok with that. But wait, then it shows you two hidden objects that you then have to open using jewels. What the heck is that? A money grab. They dont have many things you can make. Plus you cannot keep one object on the anvil. It's just a waste. Dont bother.
While mostly intuitive with how you fuse elements, the game is constantly interrupting the player with ads and achievement unlock screens.
Combinations don't make sense and the ones that you think make sense that should make something don't make anything at all. It gives you free gems to open the hints but then you are forced to either pay or watch a video to actually see the hint.
Cool game, but having certain reactions in separate categories really slows game play down. If all reactions are in the same place, it would be easier to combine them.
Love the two panels, makes combining things much more comfortable. I especially loved the funny combinations (like clouds for sheep). A bit of explanation would have been nice for some features (like what di the red and blue runes mean, what do the colors and stars mean on the collectible clouds) but these dont interfere with the playing of the game.
A wonderful game for those of us that are bored out of our skulls and just want something to do. A game truly worthy of 5 stars but don't forget to keep adding content!
This game is a pretty okay alchemy game, pretty standard. I like the use of tabs to sort all the things which is kind of what gives this game its unique thing when put against the rest.
I wouldn't bother. Early game is fun. Combinations make sense. About half way through the game it takes a steep drop into crazytown so that you have to either watch a hundred ads to figure out what in the world they're thinking, or pay stupid amounts of money for gems to unlock the hints. Not worth it.
Normal alchemy game, but the hint system is off compared to others in the genre. You have to pay crystals for hints (which is normal and fine) but usually if you ask for a hint you actually expect one. All this game gives you is the icon and name of the target when you ask for a hint, when the norm for the genre is that you get a single element to point you in the right direction, but again it doesn't give you even that. This makes the hint system pointless and causes anger.
They get a C for effort and a F for creativity. The game is a clone of Doodle God. It does have good graphics, just not the best interface for the genre. I will look for more games from them, but will not be playing this one anymore.
Had to uninstall it after having all elements in boxes made and all states and more than half of personalities, but the game clashed and though it opened and I tried to make merges it wouldn't make them. The three spaces beneath the forge remained empty and I was only able to make a couple of personalities. But I like the game so much that I installed it again. If it clashes again, then I'll definitely change the review.
Got my last Famous Persons card, but a new one has appeared now. I just unlocked Elon Musk. Possible glitch? Hints for collections would be appreciated!
Eh, it is decently fun. Some of the combinations make no logical sense, but whatever. The main problem is that it seems too easy to finish the game. Took two days of moderate play to complete and find all of the basic "elements". I don't imagine it will take too much longer to go through the collection combinations, especially the country ones.
I've played a lot of alchemy games in the past oh, but this one seems to be one of the best. It's very easy to use and is extremely fun.
Not only the interface is very good and intuitive, the visual and feedback from the game play makes it easier to go forward ! πŸ‘πŸ‘
Doesn't even load up for me, sits locked at a title screen and will eventually crash out. Kinda disappointing.
The idea is not new, therefor there should be more to it then just mixing elements or materials, cuz it's been done hundreds of times before this game. There is no actual game play, and the rewards for progressing is barely any good for something.. It's not a bad game, it's just lacks a purpose.
Fun game, beat it in less than a week, would love to be able to go father. The only ads are for in game bonuses and one 15-30 sec ad every 15-20 match attempts.
|| ΒΆ < ' . ' > 'Simple, Intuitive, challenging, and Perfectly Enjoyable Play * ; ) ( ; 'Blend of Enjoyable Stimulation + Educational & A great way to Relax and Experience Mind' ) β€’ 'Playful Exercise for the Brain and such' : ) ( : < ' . ' > βˆ† ||
This is fun, but limited..I would appreciate it if you let the creation of elements be free and imaginary.. like the only limitations are my imaginations.
The internet connection works fine for all the forced ads but 90% of the time it won't let you watch a video for a purple gem. The blue gems, contrary to the tutorial, can't be used for hints. Need those pesky purple ones. These are major roadblocks to my enjoyment of your game that I started out enjoying thoroughly.
It plays will, but despite having quests to try to guide you which give a currency, you can only downside that currency to found out what results you can make with elements you have, and to find out even one of the included elements requires premium currency
Pretty fun combination game, most of the combinations make sense... A few don't or do but but nearly as much as if it was a different combo. Good for scratching the combination itch.
The UI is an improvement over other alchemy games; scrolling through a long list is tedious. One thing that isn't clear is that sometimes when I try to make a combination the anvil flashes red and other times it flashes blue. Does that mean anything?
Honestly loved the game a lot (obviously) , I do have to say tho, a lot of the combinations don't make much sense, though I understand that it would be pretty hard making every single one make much sense, since there lots of stuff that be created with fire and water or are air and energy maybe! P.S: I do agree with the comment suggesting the menu thing, it'd be pretty helpful!
Fun idea but barely a game at all. More just an excuse to throw ads at you. Didn't even get an achievement for getting all the combinations either. A cut scene would have been nice. Fun graphics though, nice icons, that's about all.
The best of the bunch by far, the mixing alter makes accessing all the elements so much easier and adds are not intrusive however I believe in paying for quality so it's well worth it for the price! 🐾
EDIT: It's a lot better after the update! Many new combinations and more hints. I felt the game now deserves a higher rating so here's 4 stars! :) Pretty nice game as it doesnt annoy you with ads and has pleasing graphics.
I have always loved the alchemy games. The layout of this one is so much better than any of the other alchemy games. I'm hooked already
The tabs system really isnt that good. It just takes more time, and the combinations realky arent that scientific.
I absolutely love the interface. I've played a lot of alchemist games, and I've always hated the chaos and confusion. This one fixes every problem I've ever had with all the other games. It is very user friendly. Beautiful interface, organized tabs, and (BEST FEATURE EVER!) you can see your progress towards completion.
I have completed all of the combinations but... I don't have any Country Cards and I only have 9 Famous inventor cards. The rest of the slots show locks. Am I missing something??? I see other reviews mention they have gotten Country Cards and all of the inventor cards.
Fun game but... doesn't show ads before asking to rate which is deceptive and will show an occasional ad then say there is no internet connection to watch an ad for a reward. Can't recommend.
So far very enjoyable but it's only been like 20 minutes relatively normal of level of difficulty just dont agree with a few of the combinations but that is a minor thing
I love the graphics and gameplay. I really like the challenges for gems. Very well thought out and fun to play. Thanks devs!
Don't just throw ads randomly during gameplay. Make them a price to pay to unlock hints or something. Don't interrupt me while I'm doing something to force me to watch an ad
Honestly having more fun with this game than I thought! Couple of things though would make it better! One is I wish there was a codex so you can keep track of what you merged to get what. Two, sometimes I swear I tried one combination that didn't work, only for it o work later on for some reason?
initially I didn't intend to rate the game because it is made with unity. However the dev has good sportsmanship because when I declined to rate they still have me 300 gems. So that was cool of them.
I really enjoy this game. I've had fun trying to come up with correct combinations. The only thing I would like to see is a menu where I can touch an element and see what it was made from and what it can be used in to create. I figured out the red and blue flashes really fast, but I end up redoing several combos because I can't remember how I ended up getting some of the elements. Overall great game.
Was okay, very chill and simple, would be great for relaxing IF every 2 mins it wasn't a disruptive ad, when you look for a hint ad, not even diverse, literally the same annoying ad repeated.
I played the the whole game, please when are you devs going to update the game and create more things for your gamers to combine because this game is really fun.