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Airport Terminal

Airport Terminal for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Meridian Digital Entertainment Limited located at 20/F., 111 King Lam Street, Hong Kong.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am disappointed as I couldn't click on the person in level 1 because the writing covered the bubble pleas fix this
This game is a OK game but at level four you get stuck there because it shows different kinds of versions, I think I will leave it for a few days to see if the versions are out.
Paid for this game and it won't let me go to the next country... I'm in the 4th country on stage 4...hv gotten perfect repeatedly nd still can't move on...plz fix or give me a refund..not fair...will rerate when fixed
Won't continue to level 5 in the first city!! Stuck at level 4 even though I get a perfect score!! Loved this game a few years back and was excited to see it still offered, but very disappointed it will not work. Uninstalling....
I would love to purchase this game, but unfortunatelly my anti virus detect there is a virus malware in this game. Fix this please. Thx
Get 4 levels for free then you're expected to pay for the last 5, not really worth it when you can unlock everything in the first few levels
Beaten the level after the bonus level multiple times but the last level in the first area will not open for me to play. Even resetting the app does not fix this problem.
I've downloaded it 3 times and all I get is a fuzzy screen. Please fix this as I do love this game; had it on an old phone. Thx
Free only first three countries then you have to buy the game to unlock the rest of the levels. I finished the first three countries then decided to buy the game but I was pretty shocked that they only have NINE countries in total and that's it. I completed all levels in one day. Feel like a fool
Rubbish though. Will not let me play anything past Gate 4 on the first level. Despite me getting perfect results on all 4 levels. Can't be bothered if the company who wrote it cant.
It's a fun game! It can be a little challenging to play on a small screen phone due to stations being so close together. But I have it on my tablet and I play pretty often. It was only $2 and I definitely feel I am getting my money's worth.
Actually I love this game. After playing level 4 gate 4, the next level is the same (level 4 gate 4). What happened with this situation?
The game doesn't work. You click on the customer but you cannot click on the place they need to go to
I really really really love this game but i think there is a bug I couldnt open it and had 2 reinstal the game and some levels dont work proppen but still a very very nice game
Get stuck on 1st passenger (hang problems..) but good Idea good game format just fix the hanging problem
I purchased the rest of the game to play all the levels, the purchase went through my phone account but failed to register inside the game! I knownits only $1.99 but that's crap! Fix it or refund the money back.
Did the training level then when it was time for me to try myself it won't let me click on the people then when a ad would pop up it boots me out the game omg was really wanting to play this game :/
Some buttons or items are unable to press or highlight. Please fix the issue or i want my refund even is only $1.99. Thank you
Man, words can't describe how much I adore this game! If it was a drug, I'd b an A.T. junkie! I have to say, it can b a PAIN to play on small devices, so I HIGHLY suggest if ur considering purchasing this game, I'd do so on a pc or IPad and u will find that u, too, will become an A.T. junkie urself! I can literally play this game, obtain every upgrade there is, get all gold stars and perfects on each level, beat all high scores and start all over again as soon as I'm done! Luv it!
Loved this game until today im on country 7 and have done stage 1,2,3 and 4 2 times! And it wont let me on stage 5, so angry and disappointed
Bought the game but it will not let me advance pass Canada. I've beat the 4th star on that level, with a perfect score, multiple times and it still won't let me advance. Is this fixable? If not, then i want a refund.
I brought the game but stuck on stage 4 in France......why? I played to get a perfect 10 times and nothing! I feel like I've been duped.
I scored perfect for gate 4 in the first country but I can't go on with the game. I used to play this game a few years back on my old iPhone. Now I m using my Samsung phone to play but I can't continue.. what's wrong? I love this game so devs pls help.
Just paid for the whole game. Told me my payment was successful, took my money and didn't unlock any of the levels. Open the levels or give me my money back. It is now more than a month after my last post and no response, no levels, and no money. You guys are 🤢🤮💩
got to the toturial and got angry, it says tap on the questions but your TORTURIAL BOX is RIGHT ON TOP OF HIM... time to uninstall
I love this game it is very fun and challenging but it won't let me progress further. It's stuck on Germany level 4. Please fix and I'll change my rating to 5 stars.
Refuses to let me into gate 5 in certain countries! I thout it was because I was offline, so I went back started again using WiFi, and its just done it again!!!......seems like this happens a lot by other reviews Iv read!!!!!!!!! Loved it but im not starting over AGAIN off to find something that works
I love this game, but cannot see how to get the bonus upgrades using miles. Are there miles available in the android version? Otherwise would have been a 5 star game
You can't even select on the different options to choose where they are suppose to go, I downloaded this game and because of the graphics, and the inability to actually play it...I'm deleting it...seriously. and I won't even touch base with it freezing....
Paid money there are no other levels damm shame taken people money clearly the game don't work I'm very upset
The game ia good but when clicking on an item it click a different one on non which lets me get it wrong. It would be good to play if this was fixed
It may seem a little dull when you glance over it, but this game was very addicting to play. Although it doesnt ever state in any description that you have to pay to play the full version, which it should. Im still going to buy it, because this game is worth it. A little challenging at times when you have multiple people but not difficult to pass.
I loved this game in my iPhone.. played for hours. Clearly the port to android wasn't as successful. The responsiveness of the game is pretty much non existent. Had to go through the tutorial, however, couldn't even get through it as dialog boxes and non responsive gameplay got in the way. Hopefully they intend on fixing the game. Until then...unistalling.
Game has potential to be good expect for the fact that when I click on an item it doesn't choose that item or it thinks I'm choosing another item causing me to get it wrong
As soon as I purchased the game it started to freeze up and push the wrong thing. Now all of a sudden it's not even showing that I purchased the game at all. Total waste of time!!
You get so far into the tutorial n then it tells you to tap the person n tap the restroom but you can't cos the dialogue box is in the way! Uninstalled!
The game was fun and until I purchased the full version. My money was taken but I did not recieve the full version.So therefore I can't rate this game higher than a 2 star. Very Disappointing
Could not get past first level. The speech bubbles were in the way of playing. Bit of a bad design if I'm honest. *update* tried to play after a year and still has not changed!!! Have photo to send to fix issue!
l couldn't get past level 4 for a long time but eventually passed it and now at level 6. This game apparently requires perfect scoring to advance past 4. Can be discouraging but done without purchasing the game. Don't give up!
So after playing this game for an hour or so and getting to a high level (can't remember which level exactly) and buying lots of upgrades I turned it off so I could get some sleep. I go to play the next morning and there is NO WAY to continue my game. It just says "new game" "options" and "help" on the main menu. I enjoyed this game and would have rated it higher than a 1 if I were able to continue where I left off.
Played perfect for all stages and countries yet can't advance to next country. Shouldn't have bought it. Beware, you paid for 9 countries but get to play only 4! Come on Meridian, do something about your game!
This game has good potential, and is highly addicting, but needs bug fixes and more improvements. When I pause during the game, there is an option that's supposed to say "back to world map" and instead it says "back to wprld map" and I always have to reset my who entire progress when something goes wrong.please fix
I got cheated!!! I brought gold clocks twice... It took my money but i never recieved my purchases....
I've never played this game since it never leaves the white start up Meridian screen on my LG G4. Please fix
Bought the game and was loving it until it didn't go past Country 7. I have completed all levels available at perfect stage. I have been mis sold the product and would like my money back.
I paid for this game, it was taken from my account and it isn't acknowledging my purchase. Either give me what I paid for or refund my money. I even have a text showing the purchase!