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Airport Security 3D

Airport Security 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Webedia located at 2 rue Paul Vaillant-Couturier 92300, Levallois-Perret France. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun game! Love it! So why 1 star? Because it seems every 30 seconds or less there's an ad. 1 quarter through a level, ad. In one level I went through more ads than game play. I get that these games need ads, but this is ridiculous.
It was simalar to another game called money buster because it really was only the game in the ads every now and then. There were to many minigames
I guess this game was fine. The prizes you get are really nice, but you have to watch endless ads to get it. I like the idea overall, but once again, there are just too much ads!!
This game is great but when you've visited too many countries it doesn't let you play and it keeps showing your passport right in your face and you can't make it stop. It's a glitch. It would be a good five stars if this didn't happen. Fix it please
Most of the time you can just skip the ads And Whenever you come to a person ex-ray You have to move it all around If you see anything at hold it and then search and then it's when I think you get money in the game but not real money So it's great
Waaaaaayyyyy too many adds. Not kidding, there is an add after every thing you do. The game usually has 3 parts per mission, after everyone, there is an add
Its so stupid! i have an add every time i find a new person and i have to watch more if i want an OUTFIT!!!!!!!! Overall it is good even if you need to watch adds and to know a game is good you have to know its bad.😊
It was fine, barely any ads in the first bit. Now there are ads every 10 seconds it seems like. That's not cool. Let me play the game, that's why its here and the reason I downloaded it.
Ima give this 2 stars bc there was way too many ads And I barely got it and then everytime I was playing it was would put like 2 ads or more and this got me mad. I gave it 2 stars also bc I liked how the quality it wasn't glitchy that much but I hate the ads 2 stars period
I really enjoy the game but the amount of advertisements really big down the enjoyment of playing the game. I may uninstall when it gets really annoying since I just downloaded it.
The game is fun, albeit cheap graphics, but it is totally ruined by ads popping up every 10 seconds or so. If I could pay a dollar and turn the ads off, I would enjoy the game, but this is ridiculous.
It has potential, but there are TOO. MANY. ADS. Example: An ad before I could scan the second item. Another ad before the fifth item. Yet another ad after I cleared the level. That's THREE ADS for literally less than 30 seconds of actual gameplay. (And that was after I'd already watched an ad to unlock the "First class" level!)
More ads than playtime. Ads in a free game are understandable, but when they pop up in the middle of play, it is very annoying. Most games have ads between levels, not every 15 seconds. The game has potential to be a good time killer, but so many ads makes it frustrating and unplayable.
It's a pretty cool game except for a million ads...literally an ad between each person or so. Remove at least some of the ads....I can see an ad after each day or whatever but not each person that's just ridiculous
Its a good game for me theres a lot of comersicals Its a game to not let bepeople go on a plane with weapons or water sometime food
It is an amazing game but there is only a male character not a female one. And if there is I don't know how to change it. Otherwise that it is a wonderful game to play bit it gets boring after a while. :)
Can Not play the game everytime you start playing 4 seconds in adverts pop up this made me lose interest, otherwise it would be a good game shame it is ruined
This Game SUCKS every time you search someone or go to the next level it just pops up a add the only way to play this game is one airplane mode and it sucks seriously don't want your time downloading this game πŸ˜‘
Fun but way to many ads and I would give it three stars but when there is an ad in the middle of me searching someone for no reason it knocks it down
πŸ’°Ε‚nstaII ( WHAFF ) App to EARN FREE MONEY! Absolutely! love it! Genius level game. Am inlevelg. But one annoying thing about this game is that the rest team has got much better weapons than the left team. I've been gettingno feedback whatsoever regarding my game that freezesk out ofm games to play. Ilose a lot of points because of this issued, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with my internet connection, the game completelyfreezing. Please fix this, graphics are cool and very environment, this has been going on since the new version onmkanniversary!!
This game sucks it keeps popping up with ads in between of what you are trying to do making you lose track of what you just did and also get a bad grade on it fix it Noah needs pop-up ads in the middle of a game wait till they are done with the game or at least at the end and then proceed with the add this game sucks hard
the game is amazing even when there's ads I don't really care. It's just a really fun game I would download it and there is not ads after you keep tapping everything is just like one of each round.
Sometimes there are items that look like something dangerous but they are not.You need to watch adds when you get something new.But the game is really fun to play.
ADS ADS ADS CALM DOWN WITH THE ADS . The game was fun but too much ads every second there is a ad right now it's a one star update it and I might download it again deffently UNINSTALLED
It's a neat concept and I can appreciate the fact that free to play apps do need a stream of revenue to continue to be maintained. A reasonable amount of ad time is ok but when it goes to an extreme it kills any fun that can be had. This, like many others, takes ad time to an extreme. Do better my friends.
Best Great Game ever MADE!!!!!! Thx for creating the game (- : but I do recommend updates for the app often if u guys, I would recommend it to be updated tho, and make it were u can play it offline and when offline u Don't hav Ads at all tho in was it is online, well if u like Ads of course.. I mean I don't so I recommend turning off wifi, if ur a ad person then download the app and leave wifi on I guess lol but yea that's it tho 😊
VERY DISAPONTING. I stared playing and all was going good until, 2nd 3rd 4th 5th time playing. So it stared having ssssssssssooooo many adds. I was so ANNOUED. And every time i clicked on the game the first time it took me out IMDELETLY!!!! And Abolutly NOTHING is wrong with my tablet so u people realy need to fix it because a lot of game i get do this and more. IF YOU ARE NOT THE WHO FIXEX THIS STUFF PPPLLLSSS GIVE ME INFO TO SOMEONE WHO DOES. Thanks for all the helpful ratings. Pls fix Thanks
There's a bug in the minigame where you check the bags for their weight, and its REALLY annoying please fix it.
It's a fun game but there's just too many ads. When I play the game for like at least 5 or 10 seconds, an ad pops up out of nowhere. I think the game would be enjoyable if there weren't that much ads. It ruins the experience. Please look in to it.
I understand it's free and there are ads but in the middle of while your playing come on developers. Please, if you read this make it like every time you complete like one or two days.
Uninstalled...I'm guessing all the 5 star reviews are fake fluff accounts to boost their ratings. The game is littered with ads. It's a decent time killer, but I'm getting ads every second scan. You can't use airplane mode to prevent the ads because the game requires you to watch an ad for certain levels. If they fix the game so there aren't so many ads it would be a good time killer...until then 1 star. I also find it funny that since my initial review the game name has been changed.
hmm i thought it was a nice game and all the reviews for the ads were for few people only but i guess i should have checked the rating..3.9? still i trusted it and went further but like literally at the start of the level ad at the end ad.. even to get things it will constantly ask me to buy it by watching ad... even the story is very boring... urgh ... this is the worst app ever!!
There are too many adds I'd be wasting my time on adds I don't like it I have an app called screen time and I'm only allowed to use it for 2 hours and when I play I'm gonna waste my screen time on adds !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please can this stop???????And when I waste my screen time I'll not get to play any games.
I've never played a game that has as many ads as this. Uninstalled after about 15 minutes. Terrible, shame because the game itself does seem quite fun.
This game is good saw it in another game on an add, I downloaded it and I'm ashamed because after every person or whatever over jobs there are there's an add. It's is really annoying because it's a good game. Please lower the adds because I have now uninstalled
To many ads. Ads make games old and not fun after a few minutes. I downloaded the app thinking it would be fun playing as TSA. After a few minutes starting the game I deleted it because of the ads.
Super bad, the amount of adds.... its like each 5 minutes its an add. Its super annoying and i cannot enjoy the game. But its really fun, i love the way you get to check the bags and the body. Its so cool i feel like a spy.... was that the right word to use? Great game!
Would rate it higher but after every action in the game is a 30 second ad which you can skip but only after 10 seconds and I do mean after EVERY ACTION!! You can still have a fun game but with less ads I mean theres no need for this many, other games can do it so you guys can as well.
This game is very fun but the ads are bad everytime you get ready to do something an ad pops up and they also pops up at random times but overall the game is good
This game is loaded with ads. Whenever I press anything there is just an ad and most of them they wont let me skip. It would be fun though if there were way less ads . Please remove all the ads . Thank you 😊
Oh. My . God there are so many ads I never rated a game but this game. This ducking game. I want to die Jesus EVERY LEVEL IS ADS. But if there were less ads I would give a 3
The game is nice , it doesn't need data and when the data is off there are no ads.The game has no problems it is so fun and needs no fixing at all.
One of the worst offenders of Ad games I've ever seen. Every 3-4 clicks, even in the middle of task, an ad appears. Complete a task, get another ad. Move to start the next task, you get an ad. 3 clicks in, another ad. If a task takes more than 6 clicks, you get two ads. Avoid this piece of junk.
Way too many ads. I mean, I get that they need ads to generate revenue but not this many. I mean, if it weren't an ad every few seconds, I might keep it, but I just can't deal with that many ads. Uninstalled.
The ads are unbearable, way too many ads, it makes this game not fun to play! You makers of apps are pathetic, there's no reason to have so many ads like this!
Its fun and all but it has to much ads and im trying to play fun but i dont think it is a good job and it would be good but yhe ads made it worse so sorry but not a good game
I've never seen so many ads in one level before. And I looked through the reviews, and there was not one comment without the word "ad". That's your biggest problem with this game. I'd say, fix it, and I bet you would get a lot more down loaders.
I didn't like the ads popping up in the middle of my games. I don't mind before and after but not while I'm trying to play. I actually kind of liked the game but I Uninstalled it because of how the ads are placed.
Hello im not trying to be mean but....... YOUR GAME SUCKS. every time i dont get it correct a ad shows if you would not just try to get money from these ads i will play it but if those ads are not gone then nobody should play this game. Oh and this sucks because the lag to dont play the GAME GUYS IT SUCKS
I give it 3 stars. 2 missing, juat because the app is really buggy. Its good it doesnt need wifi. 1 thing i really hate is that, if u turn on airplane mode and it doesnt left u with the game ur data isnt saved, bad from 2 days ago :\
One thing that needs improved is no ads during a game.between games is fine,but not while you're in the middle of one.
There are more ads than game. There are way way too many ads. When you win something it asks if you want to watch an ad to receive it. If you say no you don't want the item you still have to watch an ad not to receive it. There are ads in the middle of game play. Very frustrating to try to play. Otherwise it would be a cute game.
I think its a good game. But it shoves ads down your throat , like when your in the middle of a level it would do an ad fix it please and maybe even a better rateing but do fix it
I like it but there are way to many ads every time i make it to the next costmer theres a ad and it relly anoying so thats why it only got three stars and i uninstalled it
It's okay... the ads are too much. They happen before, after and during game play. And the game is really over simplistic. That could be why there are so many ads. Gets too boring for long term game play... so get as much in as possible before the inevitable delete
First when I looked at this game I thought this was the games that I would like,but obviously it wasn't. It have an insane amount of adds,so then you can't even play.The end.
More annoying than anything else. The game would and is a really good game but the amount of ads it has is annoying, you can not play a single level without being interrupted by at least 2 ads, that's what made me uninstall the game.
The game itself is good but there are so many ads. They pop up every minute. And makes the gameplay less fun.
Terrible. All you do is the same thing. The vibration every time you tap the screen is VERY annoying. Once you get all of the upgrades there is nothing else to do. There are ads EVERY TIME you pass a level! The animation is very poorly done, it's like they didn't really care about making this game. Definitely DO NOT DOWNLOAD. It's not worth it.
Wayyy too many adds. Not even after each section of the level, it's after every person you check which takes maybe a few seconds to do. If you play without WiFi/data you will not be bombarded with them but you need to turn it on to get the prize after filling the percentage of the plane to 100. But then it starts with adds again (even if you turn it back off) so you have to close the app and reopen to not get the adds. Not much variety. Too many adds. Uninstalled.
The game is fun but you can't play a single level without constant ad interruptions. All the ads kill the fun of the game. If they fixed the ad problem I would play it again but for now uninstalled because of the frustration of ads.
I like this game. But there is way too many ads. I understand you need them to make the game free, but I get an ad after every 2 xray checks. It got too annoying and I had to uninstall.
Too ad heavy. I understand that's where they get their revenue, but can't they use a little moderation? Could only play for a lite bit then lost interest due to ads. Only gave 2 stars to at least give some credit to the effort they put in.
Games graphics are ok considering its a time killing one it's not too much off a big deal but there are way too many ads all you care about is the money your making off them every 2 searches is a ad and every 3 bag weighing it seems there's an ad too it's just ridiculous, It's staying at 1 star until you reduce ads
Borderline unplayable due to the ads. It's not even after every level like with most games. Every level is interrupted by 4 or 5 ads.
Has the potential of being a decent game except for there are ads after every action you perform which ruins playing experience
Its a fun game and i like it but there's one thing that i dont like... why are there so many ads, i mean come on
WAYYYYYYYY. To many ads literally as soon as i finished a person it was an add would nit reccomend and i have installed
It's a fun time killer, and the game has lots of potential. Problem is, you get ads every 15 seconds. If you get on a roll when scanning bags, you sometimes go to click a button just as an ad pop ups. This then sends you to play store. You also need Wi-Fi to unlock good items, so you have to suffer through constant ads to get new scanners. Get rid of the ads and this rating goes to 4 or 5 stars.
If I could make it 4 seconds without an ad, this game would be somewhat fun. But you guys just love to flood your games with ads. 0 stars
I only got to hit accept once and the game stopped working and if I could give this no stars I would because I have uninstalled this game and got it again and the game won't even work still so I would not tell anyone to play this game. Other people are getting adds and I'm getting nothing. I should have read the reviews first. Sorry but I will not be playing this game no more.
This game is really fun but it goes so slow like and there's also like way too many ads in there like the only way you can really do anything as to watch an ass every single time it changes your direction like for your game you have to watch an ad so my point is way too many apps like way too many ads
Toooooo Many Ads!! I love playing the game, but the ads are way too much and the game keeps locking up when I try to collect my prize of if it offers a boost to your prize its won't let you collect it. But if you reject it the game keeps going. #Uninstalled.
I love the game, it's the best but every time I click something a add pops on my screen. It's so Annoying! Please fix this. Thank you
I don't usually complain about ads because I get it. Money to be made. But wow! They are excessive. Its hard to get into the game. From what I can tell its pretty simple and will pass time. Except for the ads!
Could be a great time waster, but there are too many ads. A level only takes about a minute or so, and in that time I've seen 3 ads. Not worth downloading, save your time and data.
Totally agree way, way too many ads. Have played many games with ads, but this one is way over the top.
As if the games not already tedious enough, its a cashgrab. Its literally an add after each person you scan which takes about 8 seconds. They know it is because it doesn't give a rate option I had to come into the app store to find it, and once you download it the app is called x-ray not luggage please. Trash.
TOO MANY ADVERTS! I get that you need to put adverts in but seriously! As soon as i click approve or reject for anything that's it, a advert shows every second. This needs sorting immediately! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME unless you want to be bombed with ads!
They only get good ratings cuz htay tell the people to. But to be truthful, I need to say that this game is FULL of ads! I mean its great and all, but that is ,that is my BIGGEST problem. So Webedia, please say least try to fix this
Needs some improvement...I like the premise andI expect ads. BUT in the midst of play, not at the end of a level is aggravating. Causes short minimal playing time. Sort of kills the reason for the ads, don't it?
This is rediculous. As usual way to many ads. No one is gonna play a game that has a hundred ads in 10 min. When will developers realize this. Also the people that are purchasing the ads are getting ripped off since no one really plays games like this for more then a few minutes. On top it all this game is insanely easy with no goals or any upgrades of any sort.
It was a good game way too many adds but if you want to play any game without the adds for free you need to turn on airplane mode