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Airport Scanner

Airport Scanner for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Kedlin Company, LLC located at PO BOX 851 Bellevue WA 98009. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Drug Use) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Absolutely LOVED meter maid but it's not available on the Android platform so this will have to do. It's a fun time waster with its own strategies and challenges.
Good game but I find myself frantically clicking on things and it doesn't alert them and I have to restart to try and get three shields. Other than that it's an ok game with some good challenge.
It's a fun and interesting game. Similar to an actual screening. But on an actual screening machine you have a little more time to identify the items not allowed on board an aircraft.
Well this game is very good, I mean very very good!! But I have some suggestions:- 1) Adding of narcotics control bureau. 2) More Airports, Like:- Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Mumbai & Seoul :) 3) Body Scan.
Well done to the devs πŸ™†.A fantastic intensive game play that kills time.For all the people who rate this game bad they just tryna ruin the game so u cant download it.😺graphics are crystal clear .great game in my opinion but there are some parts that get boring here and then .good job devs πŸ™Œ
The app has a problem I ran into.... The game is good and fun to play except the bonus game of giving the people you caught with illegal items in their bags. The text of the buttons to give them easy, tough, or fair justice appears at the very top of the screen and I can barely click anything. Also, the app doesn't give any options to ask for help so I am reviewing and I hope they see what I wrote. Thank you if you respond.
Played this game long time ago and loved it. Just came back to it after I stopped playing for a long while. I would give this game 5 stars, but I've come across an issue where the game is unresponsive after attempting to open the x ray shop in game. After pressing the button to open the x ray shop, the game remains unresponsive. I thought waiting for the x ray shop to open was a good idea, but I find that nothing happens after waiting a while.
Surprisingly fun. The xray is just a little too touchy and I report bags I don't intend to. Otherwise great game play and funny graphics. I love when security swats people away from the plane. 🀣
Don't get me wrong this is a very interesting game but there is some quwriks that deduct a star such as the items legit burryed inside the clothes and random stuff
I think this game is really good because it's really fun it's not laggy and there is no ads. But anyways it's super enjoyable because you can buy things from the shop with the money you earn and you can sell things too.
Awesome game that I've been playing for over 6 years. But the justice page, like the one with the bus, is glitched and doesnt work. Thanks a ton in advance.
The game seems to crash on start (It'll play some music then will close itself like that's what is supposed to do instead of crashing with the message of "Unfortunately Airport Scanner has stopped responding.". I love this game and haven't played it in years. Please fix this.
This game works and everything is great, except for the Sheriff's star. Everytime I tap on the star it doesn't register and it ends up being a missed threat bag, usually its paired with a gun. I tap the gun and stop the xray to try to tap the star it just never registers.
As a real life security screener for an airport, I can say it is mostly realistic, just not all the colours are realistic...
The end of level bonus game has a pretty irritating button alignment bug, but its otherwise fun. Fix that and I'll change my rating ☺
Still the same game it was when I played it back in 2013. Nostalgic and fun, back at a time when games in the app stores were actually good for the most part. 100% Recommend
Its a very fun game for your speed and development. And its very clear with the graphics and controls. i like it. Idk what else to say except its another 5.0 free app!
Only problem I have with this game is once I complete the level the justice mini game does not let me do anything so I have to back out onto the main menu. Anyone else having this problem?
I grew up with this game, so much fun and it is just as good as I remember it. But, I would give it 5 stars, but the Bonus Game is broken. The buttons are off screen and you can only select Fair and Tough Justice, please fix this, and I will fix my review.
This is a great game for you if you like games where you have to find stuff but at the same time, juggle other things such as barriers at the same time.
it is really fun. if you want to pass time this is the game for it. it will make your kids quite on a road trip and also educate them on what to not take on flights. three thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
The graphics are simple but fun. The controls are good but the gameplay is not that good. I just don't like the impossible people but I'm a sore loser & I suck.
Had real fun in the past playing this game, decided to play it again.It is still as fun as i remember it but the mini game part where you dish out punishment is broken or bugged.Please could there be a fix put in for it!
I love it, but I have a problem in the main menu, and the log book. I have to click 5 times sometimes to get it to bring me to the actual game! So I just think it should be a little more sensitive
A game, really. The graphics shout it. No killing or graphics trying to look realistic. A game, a fun distraction. Still trying to pause the game when interruptions happen, but who cares, it's only a fun little game.(I am still trying to get super scanners. You best be not color blind.)
Long time fan of Airport Scanner, having played it way back in its early days. Now I'm extremely happy they're working to fix the framerate issues many like me have experienced on newer phones with 90+ hz refresh rates. Glad to see the ongoing support but come on! Phones with that feature came out more than a year ago. Still a great free game with hours of content and excellent challenges.
I like the game I almost got all of the items on the log book could you please add mabey the RPG or the bazooka or may add more airports like for russia or Japan or China these are just suggestions for adding to the game.
Some of the buttons won't work for me :[ I've always came back to play this game but it won't work on my phone maybe it's cuz it's to new? I'll rate 5 when this is fixed
Honestly, great game! If you like puzzles where you need to find items, (find the item games) this might be the game for you!I also like the feature...(i won't spoil it!) difficulty racks up the more you play, no in game ads (exept when you want some free Money (in game) Would recommend to a friend!
Great game! Unfortunately the reason I say my review to 3 stars is because there are a bit too much distractions as I play, it makes the game a bit too hard for me, as i am trying to concentrate on finding illegal items in the baggage. I guess this game is not for me.
My game just broke off and doesn't do anything, no menus, no buttons, just the justice dispenser with no controls at all, don't know what happened, and i don't want to begin from zero...
It really is challenging and fun at the same time i really love this game which is why i gave it 5 important magical star's for who ever came up with this intresting and addicting game congrat's to you!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
One of the best mobile games ever! In this game you play a cop on duty at a airport scanning bags and things and send them to prison. Its simple, yet fun. I played A.S. 2 but I say that the og A. S. Is better. I hope this gets a PC port but beside that this app gets a 10/10
Its a well made game to help pass the time. Its simple, fast paced, and easy to learn. It may have its bugs (for me the punishment minigame after each level is bugged so the options are pushed halfway off the screen, making the first of 3 options off my screen entirely) but they dont affect gameplay too much. Overall, pretty good!
The game is great. The touch is so terrible though I have to click something multiple times Very annoying.
Gave 3 stars to be nice cause I loved the game on my galaxy S5 but on my S10e, nothing works. I downloaded the game, opened it, and that's as far as I could go. It was unresponsive to any touch. Even the X didn't work to close the game. I had to touch home to close it. Opened game again and it was still stuck on that opening screen. Had no choice but to uninstall.
PERFECT! It's perfect for playing when your bored. INSTALL THIS NOW. It's also funny how when there's a person with illegal stuff the security guard just punches them away.
I'm having a huge issue where the screen registers taps where I'm not tapping. It's constant, and happens on every tap. It's slightly above my thumb so I have to tap below buttons n stuff. I noticed that when the app opens it starts a different size then seemingly (un)corrects itself to fit my phone screen. Once it's fixed, and I can play the game again, I will change the rating.
It is a good game but I wanted it to be more like papers please but even though it isn't I still like it, could be improved by adding in cheaper upgrades and also not just tapping on the bags but also there are passports to check to see if it is correct. Please add that in. Thank you
awesome but the cross bow is tricky because it's orange click the illegal items to win but some peoples stuff have nothing illegal what i,m trying to say is keep your eyes open all right you know how to play and the tricky parts any ways i gotta arrest some people and give them punches
Good game but need to fix the touch sensor i need to toucht the buttons multiple times sonit can advance for example the main menu button or when playing the game i need to touch the illegal item multiple time so it can be lit in red.
this game is amazing you can play it offline and fun to play put out all the problems of the world anyway im waiting for the 3rd one fun to play again keep up the good work