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Airplane Flight Pilot

Airplane Flight Pilot for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Game Pickle located at 2 Railway Terrace, South Hylton. Sunderland SR4 0PD. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
As a flight sim this is not good. Throttle has little effect on power. For all practical purposes you have 1. full throttle and 2. zero throttle. There also are no flaps or ailerons. However I like this game because it takes real effort to master the controls it does have. There is a wide variety of aircraft available. There are a variety of missions. You can free flight. You have to look for and collect stars to unlock new planes. And there are cars you can drive to explore or find stars.
It's good and it's so cool! Because if you do a trick it looks realistic! And also you can get jet and other planes! This is the best flight app I've ever seen! Go download it now for free!
It is very simple and good game but you add more level and more planes please and the airports is very short so my plane is crash please long airport
This game is the best game i have ever played but plz improve the controls and make it more difficult so that it is challenging for the players.
I can see that some effort has been put into this game, but I'm sorry, but it is awful. It is probably the least realistic flight sim I have ever seen, and I have seen some really awful ones. The controls are sluggish and just plain wrong.
This game is awesome. Can you add more planes and cars? Can you also add a feature that can cut money for mileage? Can you also make it easier to find stars. Can you also make the map bigger? Have you ever thought about adding blimps or making a blimp game?
Best airplane game with realistic graphics and very good controls. I loved this app But I'm little disappointed because it has only 18 levels . But I'm giving 5 star rating and I hope that developers update the app with more challenging levels . Waiting for it.
I love this game soo much that i couldn't give it a 1 stars this game is so awesome and i love the jet because its challenging and i can do cool thing but there are some glitches that in number 5 and 4 misson airport i cant go inside with a car and fix that plus add some new planes and make some more missions and to make it a little bit more realistic when your flying with the plane for too long the engines overheat and then the engines will not work and sometimes you have to land in the water
I love this game, being able to fly different types of airplanes, drive different cars, that sort of thing. My main problem I have is that at the airport with levels 4 and 5, there is some type of invisible wall on the road that stops your car and traps it. I've had to respawn myself to get out of the situation. Some other things I'd like to see are actual taxiways at the airports, better ATC contact, and other planes flying in the sky. Other than the invisible wall, this game is spot-on perfect.
it was a great and the best flight simulator of my life! It is good but i would like more planes, missions, and the males arms to be fixed
The best flight game I ever play so far. Only thing you guys should add other planes taking off also. And other cars driving and if you can add other control options, instead of just moving the steering. And it would be more excited if you guys can make the plane fly from country to country instead of city to city. But it's a five star for me good job developers.
I fly my own Cessna at home.This is the best hand held flight sim.yet.lot of fun.Major John j. Mcquire,U.S.F.C. RET.
This game is brilliant. For next update, you should put up a marketplace full of houses that you can buy and live in. Also, you could have a family. I recommend you should try this game. Its great and you should add traffic like cars and other planes.
Next: | 1. Please add a digital altimeter that shows the altitude in units per 1,000 ft to make it easier to read the altitude of the aircraft. Please fix the altimeter bug that fail while flying higher. | 2. Add a bigger airport equipped with more runways, and add the airport buildings such as airports in big cities. | 3. Add a speed meter that uses units of Knots, alongside a speed meter that uses units of KM/H. Make players can choose what they want. I hope you guys can do it :)
Smooth flying. A pleasure if you just want to fly, with some missions added for interest. No excuses for crashing, it's as forgiving - or otherwise! - as a real aircraft. Fly, or drive, between buildings. I must have 'stand-up' buildings. Hangars to put your aircraft in, bridges to fly under, houses to buzz or drive round. Try barnstorming a hangar! With this game you can. I suppose you can tell that I like it. Why not 5 stars? Tilt steer cars, replay mode, one or two other tweaks to get that.
This game is one of the best airplane simulator game i've seen. You are able to fly on your own. Use planes you've bought. You can even land on seas if use see plane.
Best game but need update, add some challenges more than 18.. add more mission, very interesting game.. lovely game but need more missions
Good Game Play, Landing and Nice City View. I Love It...buh needs more levels n the other vehicles around should be able to take off. I go around them n I can't drive them, U should fixe thatπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎ
Best game I played in my life first I think that the joystick is not working but after I pulled it downer side then my plane flew and with the help of navigation I completed my first task
Its nor a bad flight sim, but landing gear should be up and down, not off or on, also when u takeoff u get like 400 knots per 4 seconds so like, thats not realistic. Its a good flight sim in any way.
Great game, u guys have done well. This is the best flight game i have ever seen with all the features anyone cld ever want. Just go ahead and download u sure wont regret it., so keep on developing it with more characters and missions.
This is a good game but the Canadair CL-415 has some problems, you can take off in it but you can't land in it. It's a float plane so it's supposed to be able to land on water and it also has wheels so it can land on a runway but when I try to land it on either one of these places it just crashes for no reason. I don't why it does this but it's a bug that needs to be fixed.
It was good could do with more missions and more floor detail and a difference in the types of cars I understand that this game is still in development but its just some ideas and it could also have upgrades for planes and skins would be cool (for cars too) and better cockpit views. Otherwise I love it!!!!
It is pretty good but there is one thing i don't like it is the Boeing 747 when i land it always crash . Please fix it.
Opinion on this is the best the thing i dont like is the fact that we cant see passengers and also its got not the best of details in it so i aould like you to work on that and also add a few more missions. But apart from those problems this is a good game
It's a very good game to play. It not only has filght simulator it also gives you free roam. I would like to recommend that you people should work on the graphics and add more planes and make the quality of graphics of characters better
This is actually what I was looking for... the controls, The Graphics , The Planes, Specially the missions. Everything is just "WOW". My only request to the team is ... please update the game with more missions/tasks. I have done with all 18 of them. Please add many more of same.I dont want to Uninstall the game due to same.
I love this game the controls are perfect I wanna see a bigger land but it's perfect for me other devs sould learn from this no restricted takeoff and landing u can go anywhere u want loved it. It's also wifi free so its available Anywhere. Best app ever!! Like no worry like the others games. If you crash, just respawn. Coins are EZ to get and u can buy planes with them
The game was good it has good plane control but the control of the character is bad sometimes , the graphics need more improvements , need traffic vehicles and motorcycles , there are so many glitches etc. I really love this game little bit bad little bit good πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Now, the problem is that the runway. It would be better if it were longer and the brakes could take longer to brake. And there could be a taxyway, a long one leading to the gates, skinner than the runway but a bit fat. And, the issue is... THE PRICE!!! When I wen't in, I saw, the second plane was 20,000, I mean, Why?! I would love you to do that, and my fave rout is the control tower, the sound. And please add gates. This will be fantastic! ❀️☺️
Super gameplay. It has planes cars traffic etc. The game Also has nuclear power plant, cities and towns. I like the game so much.
It didn't appear to be what I wanted at first, but giving it a chance it turned out the best I've played so far,πŸ‘ good graphics, best simulation of flying situations πŸ‘Œ.Big kuddos to the game developers
Its a very good game not gonna lie but the creator of this please add some more detail and some people,animals,cars,planes and more. I hope you read this.
my friend named Solomon told me this game I thought it would be boring but I was wrong it was so fun but cal you also add fligt decorations so that we can style the plane how we want
This game is very good or in other language its excellent !!!! People who are seeing this review.....please download this game ...its very good and we can learn in real life how to became a pilot ......best of luck !!!!!!
I installed the game to see the update but theres nothting changed and when i ride the water aircraft cesna theres a bug,when i start the engines the propeller is going in the middle body of the plane, fix it so i will rate it 5.
This is one of the most epic games I have ever played. It's insane graphics have a real impact on the player. It gives a insane experience on the player .
Such a good game its realstic game when i play it i feel i truely flying a plane but graphic is kinda bad and the player controler is in right side why? It should be on left side do it on another update do ur best so im giving it 4 star ;-)
This game is definitely awesome! I've never seen a game like that one!! All airplane simulator games aren't good as that one and thank you so much for that invention!
Great πŸ‘ but there is just one major flaw. It measures in kmh instead of mph. Make people choose what they want.
Ok this is the best game but it would bee better with multiplayer and single player ok but its nice though i played it since 2018 oh and supercars
It was good. But I hope that you can add more airplanes and be really realistic and add more controls
This is the best flight simulator in the f ing world, congragulations. I am a big fan of planes, my dad used to fly. A couple improvements could be made, (like the controls are backwards on 3 planes. I love this game so much I am writing this right now in school. I love that you can have a character, and drive cars, by the way I have unlocked everything, exept the last character. If you could add other planes flying and landing it would be great, but great game. You can't get tired of it, loveit
There aren't alot of missions,plus i unlock all the cars and planes with-in two hours.Not alot to do in this game and you can't land without landing gear.This game isn't realistic at all the graphics are very bad on the highest quality setting so,not suggested at all,don't even try it.
Wonderfull game, excellent gameplay. Loved it. The controls are extremely good. Other developers should learn from them, how to put ads in the game. Other games forcibly show ads which are way to long and frequent. This one however, shows short 5 seconds ad. Also unlocking stuff in this game is easy, they don't pressurize to buy thier premium to get a certain plane. Loved it. Cheers to the Developers...
Really cool flight sim & looking forward to Dev creating more planes & missions in future update. Totally enjoyed finishing all missions with 3 stars on each. Game has a lot of potential to be really great!
Best flight simulator game ever, only thing is that when u go into fog while flying it lags a bit, but other than that it the best flight sim
This is the best game I've ever played but there's only 1 condition, there is not enough planes and I would like a cargo plane it the game and some others jumbo and mini planes
Its a very good game and it has good graphic, offline , a lot of vehicles , and a lot of missions to pick from but the reason why i gave only 4 stars is because the controls were too easy i hope you make it more challenging like add more controls and add more planes and characters and larger map but otherwise its a very good game im just giving options for you guys. Great Game
It is fun game you're can't go install the game or you like this game? Try it if you don't wanted to install for you can get customisation in because you can't enter the game first number 1 challenge is about tutorial #1 /#18 Challenge it that challenge 13 is too hard that challenge under the radar fly to the ground that was a really hard can't you tell me 13 challenge i want to tell you is harding... ok i will do it next i will be do it ok and get install all the GAME PICKLE. too very full bye!
Great game but why i gave 3 stars it because the cockpit view is only he top the windshileds only abit has the buttons and they dont work and also please make like full world like DPS JKT AND MORE and basically GTA V
I don't rate apps normally but I could not help this app 1 star. It is 90% ad and a bit of gaming in between. My advice to you is never installthis game, even if there were no games left on google play. Also, I asked for permission to access my personal files right at the start screen.
Giving a 5 star but still giving some suggestions for improvement. 1. A bigger map with more mission should be available. 2. Runway should be longer and flight should take more space to land. 3. Daily mission to keep users engaged
Dont put me wrong this is a fantastic game. But the problems are is 1st when you buy everything with the money you cant for anything with it I have over 700,000 and add more planes. A330, A350 and more military planes. Atlas and a globe master
Great simulator only problem is i was able to fly an airplane the 1st couple of days then the next day it took me to a driving simultor and no matter what i do i cant make it take me back to the airplane other than that its fine , can someone tell me how to get back to the airplane THANK YOU !!
Very good game for adventure.... It gives a very good feeling when you fly... Also the Free flight & Free Roam facilities are very very good features of this game... Some new missions or new Maps must be added for endless gaming.... Atleast 1 Helicopter is required for making more Adventure.... Otherwise it's a Super Game..
Everything is AMAZING I've downloaded on 3 devices and its just i can't explain how awesome it is but please add more planes bc I literally unlocked all airplanes.
I play this game a lot. However, there are things I wanna see. First, I wanna see more camera views, Second, I wanna see live cockpits. Also readd the ATR 42. You also need to add the 787 and A350s. I want to see autosaves tothe game so when you uninstall this and reinstall your progress recovers automatically. Add the dream lifter and the airbus beluga. I'd like to see them. Add other planes flying or landing and takeoff. Add more liveries. Other than that this is why the game gets 4 stars.
This is really good tbh. So yeah if they add an online mode that would be AMAZING btw game pickle do u update your games? And game pickle please see this I'm young and always liked flying games tbh so yeah I rate it 4 🌟🌟🌟🌟because the map isn't that big although it's really good this game it would also be good if you implement online available to the whole world 🌍 thanks bye this isn't a complaint love you game pickle! Oh yeah I wish there was more planes than 15+ or something but keep it up
Best offline 'Airplane (& also car) simulator' game 'under 50MB'πŸ˜ƒ . I think , your competitor is 'Turboprop Flight Simulator 3D (AX gamesoft)' on play store , todays . [5 Weak points of game :– (1) No reverse gear option (2) 'Control (Driving) board' make problem in 'Looking full view of game' (3) No 'steering wheel , camera angle & headlight' options for car (4) No 'Damage option' for plane & car (5) No some 'traffic on road' πŸ™] "I hope , you solve this problem 'Under 100MB' in next update .
Great game other than that we need open buildings,interact with other people,especially cars sounds the same All that needs to change and we need bigger runways and Bigger Airport We also need more planes
I like this game very much but there is a few things you should add like these aircraft McDonnell Douglas md-80 the DC-10 the md-11 Boeing 737 Airbus a320 all Airbus aircraft all Boeing aircraft all McDonald Douglas aircraft also can you add multiplayer please if you can do it I'll give you a 500 billion star review but I want to planes as well but the ATR 42 the ATR 72 the q400 and also the dash 8 and all Lockheed aircraft and other aircraft flying and landing πŸ›«βœˆοΈπŸ›¬πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
Good app but the reason i rated 4 stars is because it does not have other planes in the air, like when am just roaming around its just me alone. Atleast make it hotspot multiplayer or online, like come, but its a good app its dope you must download it
Very great game no bugs smooth control, nice landing and there are water planes, fast planes and also cargo like planes the cars are also awesome as the nitro does not ever finish
This is the best flight simulator game I've ever played but I wish there were more planes, missions and cities or other islands and countries because the island is small.
This game is good in graphics for this storage space and it like a gta .It make me to play again and again because its gameplay.But there are two demerits that are while driving in the car we can't drive it by tilt control and it have only limited levels and it very nice to play but we can finish all levels in only one day of playing.It give enough money for buying things so mod app is waste for this game.
Many people are hoping for a realistic plane flight simulator game, however this game might not be as realistic as e.g X-plane sim. The game is very simple and also has cars now included so you can drive to different missions!! The down-side is that I now have 500,000 in the game and nothing to spend it on! Please update soon, Thanks!!!
I recomended for everyone to play this game its so cool The only problem though is the other airport have small runway The second problem is youre the only one in the city there is no other car running youre the only but its a great game though.....😊😊😊
The best flight simulator ever and ever the biggest plane is the airbus A360 and the fastest is f-16 add more planes and multiplayer soon please best game and if i see it on my phone my mind changes to play it i cant even stop playing
Really like this! Simple and plain fun. Love free roam, no license to buy, just planes with in game money, after you build up your funds in play. No time restraint, no fuel costs, no loss if you crash, just respawn. Graphics,controls,smooth with no lag. Plain fun for a pilot wanna-be. Recommend it if you want fun, instead of reality seriousness. I give it 5 stars because its real decent and fair. No pushing for money, moderant quick ads and choice to double rewards by watching more. OKAY!!!
Good but maybe have an entrance to the cabin to be more like being a passenger sometimes also you should be able to design the interior and exterior of the planes
This game is ADDICTIVE. When you crash into the water your plane sinks, unlike some other games where the plane just crashes into it like the water isn't water. But enough about other games, this is also really realistsc for an offline and free game. I recommend it.
Really good app I like how you can pick some of the planes and there is different airports that you can fly to I also love how you can do missions.
Its good but grafichs has to be very changed when we ride on aplane we see cant see land clearly and it have so much lag plese increase it . Thank you i really appreciate it
No control calibration or trim. Looked ok but soon as I got off the ground it was a constant struggle to keep from instantly diving into the ground that made flying it nerve wrecking... So, I had to give up on it and try something else. What I found calibrates the controls before every flight. Sorry, Uninstalling.
just soooo fun but can u make a A320 because, well, i like the a320 and my favourite airline (easyjet) has a lot of a320s and a319s and a321s. And i really love airbus. Even though you have 1 airbus, not that enough. Please make a A320 😁😁😁. Thanks.
Ive played this simulator so many times on my phone and its really good ! But it doesnt want to load anymore and it doesn't work... Everytime i want to play this game the game crashes and i crashes to my homescreen so pls fix this i beg you... My phone is redmi 8a
Best game ever! Can you guys make the map a little bigger and add new runways? Other than that I LOVE this game!
This game is great! It's fun and not too easy but easy enough that you can complete all of the challenges fairly soon.
This game is really fun its just i think it would be better if the runways were longer and air traffic contol said different thing (appropriate to what you are doing)
I play this game a lot. However, there are things I wanna see. First, I wanna see more camera views, Second, I wanna see live cockpits. Also readd the ATR 42. You also can add the 787 and A350s. I want to see autosaves to the game so when you uninstall this and reinstall your progress recovers automatically. Add the dream lifter and the airbus beluga. I'd like to see them. Add other planes flying or landing and takeoff. Add more liveries. Other than that this is why the game gets 4 stars.
I think this is amazing but the grpics look fresh and shiny well the caracters? Idk whats going on with the caracters but i give it a 5
Okay I'll get one thing straight this is not realistic at all a simulated is supposed to simulate what's real you market this game as being a realistic flying game but it's not if you want a realistic flying game play extreme landing is an old game but it's good to end this is not worth my time or my money (also I played this game for an hour)
Nice cockpit view and controls. Just need steering wheel for car thanks. Add steering wheel and i will rate 5 stars.
Best control i have ever experienced in a flight game. But map is too small. Very less misson. I have finished the game in 3hr only.
Could easily give it 5 star its a very good game But i would like to see some changes More options in setting And alteast make the pilot look like s pilot And also the day and night changes too fast But its a very good game❀ The time changes to fast in the game please fix that and after playing it gets boring flying over the same places over and over again
Excellent game, many flight sims out there but very few deliver a decent experience. Would love more levels and possibly a few more vehicles. Would also like to see the altimeter go past 1000. Other than that, can't flaw it. Rated 4 stars as finished too quickly.
love it play it every day you are the best make more like this reccemendation: a boeing onee with easy controls and taxi way and planes please add some 787s all i get is access money please not add that money
It's really fun at first then it starts getting boring I wish you could play with other people and then it would feel real to see other aircrafts on a runway and on the air and more cities on the top of the map because it would be fun to take a trip up on the map but the only runway there is is a water runway and have more planes and helicopters and get the graphics a little bit more up
It is an awesome game but there is a glitch of the flight - the flight that you can only unlock if you find 100 stars you know that plane right I can't land it I put the landing gear down but when I touch down it just crashes I even tried to land it with out any power but it's just crashes if you fix this glitch I will rate this game 5 stars and please update this game
Now this is the best airplane game I'v ever played. Just one thing is missing wich is defferent maps and it could use some other planes liveries to And all the airbus and boeing planes should make the game cooler or even more ausum and also some crashlanding feachers without any missions like in free flight when puase the game we could get a scroll with loys of emergencys available like bird strike and the we survive it some how but it will not be a missoin and it would be cool to butter landing
Great game! Considering how new it is, & more features will be implemented Supposably, I do wish the controls could fade, not the buggy dashboard, but in all, its a verry wonderful game, features i would suggest if permitted are; more planes, rain effects,Helicopters, larger map, different flight physics for each kind of plane, car dash board, faster motobikes. Thanks☺
Great game wonderful concept of mutifunctionality in game modes car, airplane, why not add a nautical aspect to navigate through through world to get to islands or aircraftcarrier a small boat is docked nearby. A radar console for aircrafts could make fog or windy conditions better , why no fog lights , ie zeon bulbs as in reg aircrafts,
This game is so good i recomend you giys to play ot but this game doesn't allow you to touch the water and the plane in can't do a barrel roll so give an update to this game ok.
Awesome game, I like it very much...!! Error in just level 13...!! Kindly check and make it easier for users...!!
Best flight game played, no pay to win. Just the screenshot aren't real. Also Helicopters don't exist and ADD MORE PLANES. And Liveries would be cool too.
The best airplanes game I had played ever!!! But I want more planes like (antonov an-225 mriya,124 ruslan, all airbuses and boings) graphic are 95% good. It has only one problem when I drive car it stop and when I get out of the car the pilot or driver also stuck so I want to respawn. It my request to solve all my problems and add more planes.
This game is very impressive. I really like it. 5 🌟stars you deserve. In terms of (graphics, controls,) very realistic. I feel like I'm in the inside of real airplane ✈ Flying in the sky. . You can able to "free flight" and lands any airports in different cities to earn money. Both FREE FLIGHT ang MISSIONS are so very realistic that I ever play.. AFPS the best. Keep it up! also we can both use cars and airplanes to earn money and to buy all airplanes and cars! I really Like it much.
Really good game! Best airplane game I've played. Only thing is, there needs to be more levels and new planes & cars added. Also theres a weird invisible wall that traps the car I have to respawn to get out of it. Little things needed optimised but overall great game :)
Fly real planes high in the sky in all-new exciting flight simulation!✈️🌎 Take flight in real airplanes across this massively detailed open-world flight simulator. Explore scenery and airports in high resolution with satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, air traffic, weather conditions, and true volumetric clouds. More than 150 km² of the area! Perform a wide variety of missions to become a professional airplane pilot.
THE GAME IS AMAZING THE graphics are good the planes are good but not gonna lie need more plane and I like it does not take money to buy planes like real money but add some customizations like delta Emirates and others other airline logos but a good game or an amazing game and also need the worldwide map and random air problems and probably make the landing how planes should be landing. I can accept if it takes allot of updates.
This game is really awesome and the developer made many controls and physics in this game. Really one of the best flight simulator And my request is to add more levels and need this type of simulation games
Please add boeing 737 , 787 dreamliner, airbus a319 , a320 ,a321neo ... So we have more fun.. Rest of all are superb but please add all of above And mention some other countries airport and new mission..
I love this game in this game u can fly any plane any where on the map and they should add helicopter 🚁 and some now skins I just wana is that the girls stand like boys and boys stand like girls please fix it and one more thing they should add a new map on the world I just wana say just make the map big and also rhey should add multyplayer game mode and friends list BTW its a good game :)
For a non complicated simulator, game pickle blew my mind. 99.9% recommended. Great controls and graphics. The game even has cars you can drive.game pickle, you guys are the bestπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Airplane flight pilot simulator has Good grafics . But the airports are very near. To go from one corner to another corner , you need only 1min. Game pickle , it's A good game make it more good by add full world map to fly , make airport big . Make all airport in real location. add some more airplane . Make the flight multiplayer. Make control more hard ,like, flaps engine off,on and make real contral with airport tower, and in multiplayer . There is only car make to drive bus.thank you.
Where do I start with this beautiful game? I'd say, 'love the graphics, the controls are perfect. It gives one a real flying experience. Oh, your planes are from out of this world, I'm telling you. 5 star from me because the game is flawless. But some missions are challenging, though. That's what makes it more interesting, I guess. Keep up the good work. Oh, by the way, Something comes to mind as I'm typing this review. How about you make use of those boats for us to travel with. Just a thought!
This game is really really a fantastic and superb game. Too all our future pilots try this game and you will love the natural experience of piloting. But this four stars is here because I the game should now be perfectly perfect live having a free taxi ride and having plenty persons around to make it natural I think some of this things should be considered neither that the game is fantastic