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Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2022

Airlines Manager - Tycoon 2022 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Playrion located at 40/42 rue barbès, 92120 Montrouge. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very nice game. Playing the game in professional mode. Everything is fine. Only drawback i see is that some functions like alliance and some other features work only in website. It would have been better if those options were made available in mobile game too. As I started playing on mobile, I prefer mobile only to play this game.
Really fun. But it is a little confusing. I think there should be a help menu that goes into more detail. Might help people understand the game more
Ads, game rigged to make you watch Ads repeatedly. In fact more than 50% of game play is watching ads. Recently they doubled the amount of ads required to watch! As a software developer myself, im willing to support game makers, but this is ridiculous. Uninstalling and I regret wasting time with it now.
A really amazing game! We are hoping for future updates for the B737MAX 9 which currently have 210 seats in game and add 10 more to make it 220. Also, the posibility of "select multiple aircraft to sell" feature or if it's not possible to sell multiple aircraft at the same time, maybe after you sell an aircraft, you will return to the list of aircraft page and not on the radar. Kudos and keep up the good work.
Its fun overall, but the ads + 'AM gold' make the game worse, I appreciate no pop-up ads, but the AM gold just really ruins it, I honestly wouldn't care if I'd have to watch 5 ads to unlock automation, without it, the game becomes more of a burden than something fun, but since its the best game of the bunch, I'm stuck with it. Hopefully you could make some adjustments, at least, maybe add automation without AM gold, or just certain parts. Thanks, Shawn
The 'services' tab could have been better. For example we can apply HUB specific services. This is because HIGH ECO HUB will not have the same services as HIGH Business Hub, For example CKG being an example for High Eco and JFK being an example for High business class hub, Thank you Look into it
This strategy game is really awesome & the graphics are very cool😊, but how do you get your airline from doing hub & spoke to doing Point - to - Point & having focus cities & operating bases, & getting your passengers from Point A to B, &/or directly to Point C like what Southwest Airlines does with their network of routes & focus cities☺? Also, once I enter the game & open up the workshop, it's taking too long to load up, please update the app to get rid of the bug, thx👍🙂
I enjoy this game very much, it's pretty close to authentic and fun at the same time! I wish there was some way to show off my aircraft liveries more and see them more during game play but I am not sure how that could be possible. Just wishing! I just wanted to add that I have had a few questions and emailed the team who were immediately emailing me back, they always fixed my problem quickly and were happy to help!
Aerobiz evolved. Old school simulation game fan. I love this game. I do wish it moved a bit faster, so that any time I log into the game, there could be a few more things I can accomplish. Overall the mechanics are fantastic and satisfy my 30 year itch of a relatively open world simulation game, something that I truly believe I could play for years and never be able to accomplish everything, but still intrigues my fantasizing mind. Thanks to the creators. Truly great game.
This is a really well made game, it doesn't steal you from time, yet is fascinating and hooking. I didn't think I'd get this hooked on a Tycoon game of this kind, but I'm really pleased. And the customer support has also been amazing when I have had questions or issues, I 100%recommend to try this game out, it's a real diamond in the rough.
Dear Developer, I unlocked the Epic cards yesterday (taking advantage of the black Friday reduction) but now the cards are blocked again! The 79,000 travel cards I used to unlock was not returned either. I'm screaming blue murder here. Please look into this urgently. I'm available for further details. Thanks.
The game is really good but for some reason I stopped receiving money for flights .It got fixed when i reinstalled it but the problem still continued. Ps fix this problem as soon as possible as i really don't wanna stop playing this game.If this is not a bug then game developers can u pls reply to me about how the problem can be fixed(Thx for fixing it) .Also in next update can u add something that allows u to buy routes from the map but make such that u can turn it on and off in settings.
good app, I would make only more slim with so many animations.. thay make it look good, but it also makes us waste time, I have a super fast device, just to make things go fast, and this app has all this useless animations, other than that,, very good game..
It's definitely an interesting game and I am profitable with 10 planes and routes and I make a profit. I haven't had to pay a dime in order to feel like I'm progressing. The only thing is is there is a lot of ads you have to watch in order to get money and credits which are used for upgrades, but i can't really complain because that's why I haven't spent money.
I really love it. The gameplay is addictive. It is very realistic and I can control many things, unlike in other games. However, I'm not sure how to get the blue AM coins without paying haha
This is a really entertaining yet complex game. Progress is slow without throwing coin into it but it doesn't stop you from playing
Think about this game like fantasy sports for people into air travel, a little at a time over a long period of time, except there's no end to the season, ever. Just keep flying. Gameplay hasn't changed in 10+years and people from day 1 are still playing if that tells you anything. I think the creators set out to build a business simulator without using a single graph & as few spreadsheets as possible so some info is burried 5 windows in, only to back out & go back in just to make a comparison.
This game is fun, made me realise how much I miss working with Airlines, however, there should be an option to allows a player to design a free default livery for your aircraft which can be automatically applied when you purchase a new aircraft, any customised livery after should be paid for with blue coins.
It's a fantastic game and I have been playing it for a month now. But there is an flaw that I would like to point out. The Cargo that is there has very less demand and the money that we get is also minimum. Please do increase it as I am planning to open a Cargo Airline so.
I work in aviation industry and this game is good. The downside of this game are the maintenance game and wheel of travel card. For maintenance game the multiplier always goes to x1 and the wheel game sucks. Can you atleast raise the chances for these mini game.
Good game, I do enjoy playing it. Fun to check in every once in a while and great game but the amount of adds I have to whatch for certain things dose take a bit of the enjoyment away.
You need to invest time to play this game and make real calculations on pricing, seating configuration and destinations. If you make bad choices you won't feel happy as too much money would have been lost. This game is for those who loves aviation industry. But it's fun to play and gives you good perspective on decision making
Very addictive. The only improvement that I would suggest would be greater competition between airlines on the same routes, but that would give new players very little chance of gaining a foothold against the established players with huge airlines.
Great game, really enjoyed playing it but it can be a bit buggy. Twice my AM+ subscription has been affected by issues with automatic maintenance not working, which isn't ideal considering a recent hike in price. Today it will load to 80% but goes no further and ultimately crashes. I guess that's game over for me.
This is a well done game I was easily hooked with the concept. It took a while to learn the mechanics but everything functions as you would think it should.
i am now an addict.. spent some money to make my fleet better.. suggestions: 1. put the destination on the airplane to easily recognize which is which and make adjustments. 2. be able to have a table where i can see my planes, destination, income, and passenger/cargo etc. the current tables make it hard to manage the flights 3. be able to buy other airlines 4. have events. 5. performance/income graphs Be able to buy other airlines that are inactive or bankrupt airlines.
After over a week, I have no idea what your supposed to do. Apparently, you're supposed to go find what this game is online. There's no walk through that I saw. I guess others like it, but I don't see why you'd waste time to look at a map with lines on it with very little gameplay to actually do.
Ok, it's fun setting routes and building an airline. It doesn't throw ads at you but you'll feel the need to view them. Once you have your planes of choice and a nice collection or routes that is it. What now? Spend real money to expand? Play the stupid games and watch ads to keep your planes flying? Fun for a while, definitely interesting. But reaches a point of side games not real game. And that is boring.
Just decided enough is enough and not playing as am fed up with watching 30 videos an evening to maintain my planes specially as the adverts just keep repeating themselves. Must admit twas an enjoyable game and maybe I may return one day.
Extremely relaxing yet entertaining game. It doesn't demand constant attention like a few other similar ones. It helps in strengthening management skills by focusing on your thought process. It allows you to relish (at least partially) the passion for travel and exploring new places. Addition information about the airports will be helpful. Line number of runways, number of aerobridges, punctuality of take offs, etc.
I do genuinely enjoy this game. It is a good tycoon game. I do have a few complaints, the time it takes for everything. To get a new plane it takes 3 or more hours. To research a plane is even longer. Another complaint is the free livery wait period. I think the time that takes should be decreased to 1 hour for large planes, and 30 minutes for small planes.
It is fun till you get over 1,500 planes. Fixing your planes takes forever watching hundreds of ads every day.
this game is amazing the feature in this game are also amzing. But theres one small issue that always bother me, so a while ago i was playing and suddenly the game said theres no connection or something like that meanwhile my phone already connected to an internet with a good internet speed.
This is the best airline simulator that you can get. It has a wide range of aircraft and more are coming! There are tasks that you can do to get rewards to help your airline and to help you learn the game. You can download the Airlines Painter app to create your own liveries. I would definitely recommend downloading this game! It kind of teaches you how to control money as well! The game doesn't allow you to get into debt but save up for the things that you really want or need.
UX expirience are very bad. F.e. Simple creation of the route are very complicated. There isnt some route overview with all necessary infos. There isnt information on the map about airports, only some stupid numbers. I want to touch each airport and see efficiency.
One of the best game. Good graphics. However i rate it 3 star. The developer need to allow restoration of coins too. Again, we need to have a delete account button. For easy deletion and starting afresh of the game.
Such a good game, but glitches. Whenever I log into my game, my cash that generated during the day or night, is not added to my bank account. So I cant expand my fleet without taking a loan. Not fun at all.
Awesome game. Let's me grow my airline just how I want to and there is no shortage of options and features in the game. I only wish that the game was explained in an easier to understand manner so players can understand it straight off the bat. Still a great game though.
Nice game to play, building your own airliner watching it grow day by day. Learning to make the right desisions its just great. Looking out for some great updates!
Decent game. Getting good takes lots of time or real money. There appears to be a glitch with airport taxes. On the same route you can have two different tax rates on two different planes meaning it's possible to pay less tax on a bigger plane.
This game used to be good, yet it wasn't that it was getting a bit boring that stopped me playing (I had over $2.5 trillion), It was that they increased the price of several things, and tried to force people to have an AM gold subscription, Which they doubled the price of if using "AM coins", or tried to force you to pay with real money, Which is another great reason to require you to re-enter your Google play password before a purchase can be made 👍 So I am now uninstalling (noviebutsafe)
I'm highly addicted to this game at the moment. Playing tycoon mode to get to grips but I'm thinking of moving to the more realistic business focused mode as I'm glued to the game constantly at the moment. The livery creator add on is a lot of fun too, just a shame that you can't have the liveries you create for free all the time, and a few too many things cost premium in-game currency...
Hey Team, This is one of the best game I have ever played, I woke up every morning and yhe thing thing I check is my flights are on schedule or not. With the game, I think i am learning geography too. Thank you But there is one suggestion, though game is very interesting but add some good events or activities. Else perfect.
This game needs more balance. At the beginning it is normal as always, but when I got to a point I spent all resources on passenger and cargo services, the game suddenly become too easy to control. I even tried to make a route than in real life, no one would even book a ticket for that route, yet in this game is giving me a ridiculous demands. What this game need is more realistic route-to route passenger and cargo demands. Also for convenience purposes, adding slots to research would be nice.
Still 1 star. Even though raffle is a mini game, please reduce the chance of getting 400k dollars and 200k R&D currency. I hope that this will be the last time I am giving you 1 star. I need to regain the money I lost immediately in the game to do the quests.
The best game i have found till date. Be it coc, pubg or any other games... this is simply best and you can learn stuffs too. It teaches how difficult is to.manage an airline. It doesnt steal ur money and its worth spending time in it. I am proud of my airlines though i have just started. Only one con, please allow novice players to sell their liveries and earn more coins and repairs..
You don't really need to spend real money to progress, however progressing becomes a painstakingly long and tedious process if you decide not to pay your way to success. I've been playing for 6 months and I've made decent progress for someone who's never spent a cent, however I've been playing almost every day. It's a great game, 4 stars.
There is some problem with login with this game please help me I want to register but it's showing nothing.... I don't know how to register in this game really frustrated.....???? It showing unable to retrieve the list of survers...
The BEST of all games I've downloaded and continued to play. It requires real though, strategy, common sense with uncontrolled variables that require you react ... a reaction that has variable outcomes.
My AM Gold subscription was auto renewed and the same was deducted from my account, but the developer has cancelled my Gold subscription.. I sent few email to the developer and addressed my issue but still the issue is not resolved.. first mail sent on 1st May and the last one was on 5th May.. and I don't think the dev gonna resolve my issue anytime soon, the customer service is pathetic and so uninstalling the game...
great game with awesome gameplay, but there is a thing that make me rate it 4 stars, i can't connect my gmail into this game. It keep saying that my password is incorrect in the "confirm password". well I already put exactly the same password though.
Slow but addictive. Longterm planning, non intrusive ads (optional ads), competitive elements, real nice to just check up on a few times a day and set long term goals for yourself.
There must be a good game hidden behind all those arbitrary timers and RNG rewards somewhere but I simply couldn't get past the timers wall to find it.
The Livery Management system should be updated. Just added one single livery through Airlines Painter and the game doesn't allow to add more for 15 days. It would be better if the number of liveries added is increased. And also why isn't the Antonov AN-124 cargo plane not added? Looking forward for your reply.
Just started playing. So far I like the growth rate and diversity. Ads are very manageable and most important, this does not seem to be a money grabber or advertisement platform. So far, so good. Will adjust review as I play.
Love the interface, the loading time even on newest Mobile is killing me though, the servers should make it flawless to change from one part of menu to other
I love this app so much because I am an avgeek, I love airplane, airport, flightradar24. This equate me being a millionaire having an airline company in the Philippines. 😆🤣😂😹 Although I am seeing some defects in the app but hoping that their software tester will see it on their own and fix it. 😀
Good application, it would be even better if some modes could be played offline and keep track of your airline even when you are not connected to the internet
The game is very good and its alwise interesting. But I do have something to mention airplane maintenance is not good because you dont have the option to repair you're whole airplane fleet at once instead you half to repair your airplane fleet individually separately. Also what I have notice it the delivery list seems to freezing when you have a lot of delivery and time for completion take longer when frozen and some time it be come annoying because it happen way to often.
With most games you make money on i think this is the only game i play which doesnt give you offline takings in you face when logging on. It would be nice if you see the money you made in simply when logging on. All so need a search option for stuff which is in your budget having to go to every county to find what you can afford to buy can to so long once your into the game fully
Month 8 & its still a good experience. There is a learning curve. It does take awhile to navigate through the app and become familiar with the various areas and understand the information on the numerous screens, but it's not impossible, or that difficult. I'm getting better at it, but I would like the passport to pay out at the same time the slots and wheel reset for the new day. I'm not always able to access the app at the same hour.
Congratulations for making a great FREE game, I changed my rating back to 5 but still I'm asking to add more graphics details to hub like flights take offs or landing. Furthermore, give us more control on tickets price, meals facilities and so on!
Im gonna say I've never played a game on mobile that I've kept for as long as Airline manager. Seriously its so amazing. Ads only Come up by your choice. There is so much to do and I haven't discovered all the functions yet (probably). Small thing but wish the you could design interior but that's a small thing anyway.
Quite absorbing strategy game for managing an airline company, routes, planes, personnel, research. It has great depth, good graphics and even mini games to play! One of the games that I do thoroughly enjoy! With the new updates, like the secondhand plane auctions, there is always more to expect!
Not realistic. I thought it would be much more realistic but you have the option of customers paying for toilets. That should affect negatively and should've shown.
Giving 5* to the game principal. But going down to 3 due to the adds, I pay monthly for the game and having to watch adds for tickets or plain repairs reduce my game pleasure. I just think of quitting paying and quit the game also.
It's really a great game I have a hub In india and I am having more than 60 routes and 60 planes like q400, b787, a320 , a220, Atr 42.... Also my airline is now a 7star airline with a huge amount of profit I really liked it