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Aircoins Treasure Hunt

Aircoins Treasure Hunt for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Aircoins - Aircoin Corp located at 120 Eglinton East Suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very interesting and rewarding game, drain battery a lot, mostly because of camera on,Wow this app has enabled me locate variety of digital assets using my mobile but i like it very much. Recommending!!
Aircoins Augmented Reality treasure is a one of the best opportunities. Treasure hunt app that works perfectly for me, great idea and development. I like this outstanding opportunity.
This game is a of the best games, which gets people out and about again instead of sitting at home on your phone, computer, TV. What an awesome way to get fit and make some money and have fun doing it.
This app is a waste of time. Your better off just doing faucets like coinpot or faucethub. The problems with this app I found after using it for a month: - no withdrawal option to collected coins - there's no dash to collect. One of the only that can be withdrawn you can't actually get! - majority of coins are worthless. most aren't even listed on coinmarketcap meaning it doesn't even have a market price! - app drains battery fast creates a lot of heat. Back of phone hot to the touch.
Wow! The concept behind this project is simply brilliant. This will definitely help drive cryptocurrency mainstream as anyone can just pick up coins while on the go thereby making it much easier to reach the unreached. So far, the app has been extremely excellent and given the caliber of team behind the project, this is just the beginning of greater things to come.
This app is best for me...I am using this app regularly and It's just awesome...Excellent features and very easy to use..Highly recommended..
Update.. after reading through the reviews.. Aircoins replied to multiple reviews.. Saying.. they will have Withdrawal functionality before the End of 2019.. it's almost a month into 2020 still no withdrawal function. Plus still having the same issues as before . GPS Not close to my location.. and lots of Coins in the woods! Lots of Coins are in the Woods or fenced in Backyards.. and the GPS is Off By far lots of times.
Hi Team, Everything looks good. Gameplay and location accuracy is absolute. Great work done by developers of Aircoins 👍🏼
This app is very nice. Fusing the latest technologies and innovations in augmented reality, virtual reality, mobile gaming, digital assets, marketing (promotions, advertising, rewards…), mobility and lots of fun! Like a Super App, Aircoins brings gaming, augmented reality (AR), geolocation, rewards, digital assets and payments all in one amazing app. Aircoins is the first in the world
I did give it a try but for some reasons it doesn't work for me .. I mean it shows "coins" on the map somewhere around me but when open the camera there is nothing , I turn the phone where the arrow says but still nothing... I Don't know if just me but this is my experience, other than that recently is showing an error saying : "This page couldn't load Google maps correctly" ... ????
Amazing app. I love this app because it offers us many benefits and rewards. By doing little things we can earn more coins and it is very easy.
Lowered by one star since the"Send" button for AIRx coins disappeared. Also there is no way of withdrawing coins or drop any back into the ecosystem. This app has potential, it just seems like it's taking a very long time to implement the promised features.
It is nice treasure hunt. Good work and nice app. It has amazing features. Enjoy by using this. Recommend to all.
Really fun and awesome app. Such a treat finding the coins. I wished you are able to see the value of your portfolio. Will there be a withdrawal function and/or swap and trade coins option?
I've got only 3 coins in Cloud burst Thunder (750 airex) furthermore application is not re spawning coins in my area. There should be a certain time limit like 12 hours or so for re spawning the coins as we are already stuck in our localities due to covid 19. Boomerang is also not working properly and its difficult to set the exact target 🎯 area. I hope developers will look into these issue to make this app more awesome and I'll definitely change my rating to 5🌟 after they resolve issues.
Says there are real rewards? Cant do anything with the coins, no withdraw??? Also coins seem to be harder to find since I started a few years ago. Great idea thats why it gets the 2 stars but crypto that you cant use is redundant.
Great application you just can’t get enough Great app,I enjoy it so much,free crypto coins what else we need ,It is great to have an app like this one to bring the space to more people around the world, very fun game, Keeps you active great experience, very useful and very easy to use with many great feature , highly recommend it.
What a cool concept! Similar AR concept to Pokemon Go but allowing you to collect real cryptocurrency. Developers are constantly rolling out upgrades and adding new features. Support is top notch. It's very evident they care about their product and the users. They are only touching on the realm of possible AR uses utilizing crypto but are ahead of everyone else.
So far kinda fun but I hate that we can't cash out or spend the coins like you can with bitcoin and litecoin. Was told it was planned for us to be able to use what we collected by Christmas now it is almost new years and still can not use what we have already collected and can not cash out
very good design, love the flexibility of changing from different date formats to markets..but not all price conversions are accurate some don't even work....and at times are completely off the grid with reality...needs a bit more work
I updated it and then tried to open the app and it keeps telling me that my data isn't turned on when it is. Why is this happening for pls and when can we withdraw pls
This company is a SCAM!! I had thousands of Travelcoins in my account, and the next time I logged in my balance was 0. My wallet never received any coins! There's no way to move coins to wallet. I requested to withdraw my coins through the google form and nothing has happened. Will not be supporting a company that steals from users.
This is wonderful app to get the reality treasure and get coins, digital subscription and much more. It have smooth features and easy to use. You can also recommend to others.
Very interesting and rewarding game, drain battery a lot, mostly because of camera on, but i like it very much. Recommending !!!
When in camera mode the arrow does not move and a buddy of mine would have his phone on in camera mode and there would be coins that show up on his and not mine. My divice is a LG stylo 2. You were right on the money. My phone does not have that feature. Thanks a bunch.
I've looking for this type of treasure hunt app for a long time, and i Found it. User friendly interface. Thanks to Developer they are doing so well to create it.Though they have to do some update for it betterment. Recommended for everyone.
Very interesting and rewarding game, drain battery a lot, mostly because of camera on, but i like it very much. Recommending!!
Awesome way to incentivize an app that is all around great. Suggestion though... is that sometimes the lens doesn't show the coins at all even though they show on GPS map.
LOVE this app, but it seems to have stopped working!! What's up?!? My map shows coins but when I flip to AR I get nothing! Help!
No way to move coins to wallet. I requested to withdraw my coins through the google form a few days ago and nothing has happened. No updates, and coin balance is still the same.
Aircoins app This update is very bad. It was nice to see the map.How about if I don't have many options without having to buy coin again? I tried everything with data connection WiFi but it doesn't come. How about if I don't have many options without having to buy coin again? I tried everything with data connection WiFi but it doesn't come when it's okay. Still rating 5 stars. Love Still rating 5 stars. I love it
Awesome app. Fun to play. And best earning game. And it is very good for time pass. I like it very much. Thanks for the app.
Wow nice app. It is really amazing. It is working perfectly with my phone. Now i am earning. Thank you.
Awesome, my friend and I love going out looking for airdropped coins, we look forward to more updates and implementations as time goes on, 20 different coins in the wallet at the moment, great to link to the coins website to see what they are about, many we know of, and many new, keep up the great work guys, can be a little frustrating when you are on top of a find but can't get it, I'm sure it will get better 😀
its awesome, literally awesome, free crypto a little exercise, supposed to implement this quarter how to get coins off the game so you can put on a wallet. Would have given stars but the GPS lags when I'm trying to collect coins while my wife is driving. I'm really hoping that gets better in future updates
The concept is a great idea. Pretty cool, but there isn't any payout. No wallet. No way to collect your coins. I was excited enough to try it, but disapointed enough to uninstall it. Devs really need to focus on moving forward with the concept. Losing users as fast as they gain new ones. No point is using if you can't actually collect and transfer the coins. 1 star for now.
Great game, well made, collect anywhere in the world. No withdraw! What is the point!? I been informed withdraw is coming to the game, 3 stars until then.
Was told over 2 years ago we would be able to withdraw our coins, and it's 2020 and still no withdraw.
Aircoins augmented is digital assets and payments all in the one amazing app. Aircoins is first in the world. I give 5 stars. Try it everyone easily available on playstore easy to use
Ive been participating in this app for around a year, and was really hoping it to be legit. Unfortunately I now believe it to be novelty/fun. They claim they once offered a way to "transfer" crypto out, but no longer offer that. They claim New tech, but they offered it before. It shouldnt take this long to reinstate at least your own AIRx token, but it hasnt happened yet. Its a fun game, but for now thats all it is, and any claims of earning "real money" are just false, for now
Loved the concept of how to go around and find cryptos. This is not only a crypto collector app but also promotes physical fitness as you have to go around to collect the cryptos. Just love it. 100% recommending to my friends and family.
Excellent augmented reality game . I got so many treasure and rewards. Amazing to play in free time and have fun . Nice UI designed. I appreciate your time and effort. I would highly recommend this. Thanks
why has this app changed when im in the camera view to collect coins the blue arrow does not move aroundturn coins don't appear all the time it's really hard to get them to appear and they're stuck in a corner when I move around does anyone else experienced this problem? I've emailed the app makers and haven't heard back
I like the concept of this app and im using it for about 2 weeks and collected so many different types of coins, but the important thing is that there is no way to withdraw the coins you collected, i dont know why people put time on such this apps that you can not even withdraw the collected coins!!? If i cant withdraw them, then what should I do with them, also there are a lot of tokens which you probably havent heard their names and there is no important coin such as BTC,ETH, or etc
Updated from 4 to 3 stars and now down to 2 stars because of no cashout option available yet even though they said it would be done by end year 2019 and now it is last week of may 2020...if they could get it together it could be a great app and platform for new coins to get their product out into public
It's a good idea and i like the fact I'm getting exercise and coins too. When are withdraws going to be enabled though? At the moment I'm just building up a collection of coins i can't spend or sell. Another feature I'd like to see added is the ability to add a coin. I'm part of a few communities that are distributing crypto in the form of airdrops and would quite happily fill up a faucet every few days to distribute via the app. Edit: New features added +1 star!
I love this game. It's a treasure hunt for obscure and even well known crypto. I Have found over 40 different types of crypto coins and over 300,000 overall in my first month of playing. The owner is a class act. I won $45 in an ethereum raffle. I also won $175 in a Bitcoin raffle. Sent directly to my wallet. Most the coins are from new projects and at the moment are not worth a lot however he holds weekly raffles and gives away hundreds of dollars in crypto. I won $220 in 30 days of play.
It was good before But now there are many problems to be faced Also, there is no chance of picking up data connection and I've seen it with The WiFi, but the map doesn't come. Now when will you solve these problems? I hope so soon.
website says drop, exchange redeem coins as feature..none of it all in my app and its up to date. not being able to withdraw any, just collect collect collect.makes no sense. same as respawning,none of it. need to walk half an hour to closest coin and thats increasing. coins arent worth anything so its getting too boring to walk for those coins.
Great game and very informative about all the different crypto and fun to play it and it runs like pokemon go so get to get exercise and discover new places
This app is very good and works fine for treasuring aircoins. The user interface is also good to use and everything looks fine.
This is nice app. Aircoins App is the modern-day treasure hunt using 3D and AR/VR technology. Collect digital treasures, digital subscriptions, rewards, and coins all around the world. Many different redeemable AR-based rewards. Download now to start collecting with digital augmented reality assets.
Great app!!! Great way to get exercise, get crypto coins and just have a lot of fun. My son and I both have this app and love trying to find coins before the other one does.
Would be cool if the coins would actually be where it shows them instead of some random distance far where the coin is seen. Keep having to walk onto roads to get coins on sidewalks and walk through bushes. Troll game. Cant even do anything with the coins im pretty sure idfk.. if this app was more efficent id considor collecting coins just for possible future worth. Peace out reply to this comment anytime and when you improve it to my liking
Fun way to collect coins, only the app crashes at lot and then you need to restart the whole app and by the time you did that you may have passed the coin
Aircoins augmented is digital assets and payments all in one amazing app. Aircoins is the first in the world. We give rate at 5starts try one must everyone easily unavailable on play store easy to use an installed l. Thanks for creating this app.
The app doesn't work...I've uninstalled and reinstalled...cleared cache...everything. will not startup. Update: that would make sense except I've been a user of the app for years on this device.....
Aircoins augmented real coin game is game with excellency. All amazing features and graphics it contains. So simple but interesting to play. Good game ever.
When I open the app I keep getting a message on the loading screen telling me to enable data or wifi connection.??? Never changes screens.
No way to transfer coins off of the app, which was promised ages ago. Will revise rating if that is fulfilled, but this app is useless if users can't access their findings.
Very good application. This application works excellent. Good job by the developer so I give five stars to appreciate him. Wonderful application
It is fun and I have found thousands of crypto coins I just haven't figured out how to withdraw them yet
This is a great game with an exception. I see coins in my neighborhood and it is not safe going on to my neighbors yards without their permission. If their not home the police will be called wanting to know what am I doing. This is the type of game or treasure hunt one can or I should say get hooked on.
Working well until last update, error occurs during map showing. Tried removing and reinstalling the apps but same problem. Tried off and on Data, Wifi, GPS but also same problem. However, The apps "Google Maps" works properly.
Aircoins is best app for me. It has good features. I like this app. Easy to use and install. Good work and nice app.
Really enjoyed playing even though you couldn't trade the coins when I started. But I had four phones sense then and none of them will allow me to to collect/play. I'm able to do everything but in VR mode the arrow points where the home button is and don't move. Aloud to look around but if any coins are close only when I switch to VR will they show and only able to collect one if lucky
Aircoins Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt is a Very good game app.The app offering me a lot of rearward but its getting slow after updated.I think it will be slove very soon.
great application , so helpful and very easy to use and it has everything you will need to gain cryptos, Great application with lots of good features in it, I really do appreciate that, great experience, It is perfectly working ,and I would like to recommend it to everyone.
Very interesting app and the game is a of the best games, which gets people out and about again instead of sitting at home on your phone, computer, TV. What an awesome way to get fit and make some money and have fun doing it.
Man this app is really worthy and highly addictive! Its rewarding as you can collect coins all around the world via vr technology that i personally loved using.You can collect various valuable digital assets while doing the treasure hunt in this lovely app! Highly recommended! Get your aircoins❤
Very fun and rewarding app for collecting loads of different alt coins. Also like the fact that Apollo is one of the coins you can find. I do have to reboot the app every few minutes or so as the map tends to stop populating coins in the area. I also hope to see more types of coins added as well. All in all its great. Collected over 10,000 coins within 2 days. Will be nice to have the option to transfer onto exchanges soon hopefully.
My arrow is stuck and the map says Im on coins but Im not seeing them! When withdrawl?! Update: It's been over a year and a half since my review and I still don't have a withdrawal option. Don't tell me there is one for Airx because there is not!!
At the starting time, i haven't any idea about crypto coins or aircoins. But this app helped me alot to earn myself through Augmented Reality and Real rewards and collectible treasure hunt. Thanks to developers.
Very interesting and rewarding game, drain battery a lot, mostly because of camera on, but i like it very much. Recommending.I really Enjoy lively, real-time, AR mode, location-based App, with free aircoins earning
The app doesn't work...I've uninstalled and reinstalled...cleared cache...everything. will not startup.