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Air Fleet Command : WW2 - Bomber Crew (Offline)

Air Fleet Command : WW2 - Bomber Crew (Offline) for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by MASTGames located at MAST Games 9F, Office No. 911, 140, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea . The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Implied Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is absolutely amazing and I love the idea of the game, a unique concept for mobile games, please can you update the game like add more features and another stuff so the game can be more enjoyable (?)
This game is so good. I only just realised that the 'return to base' button means to restart. That is on me for not reading the text above it. But I got back to where I was before. I play this game nearly every day and the game doesn't need any wifi so I can play wherever I want. I can't wait for another update.
Used to be fun, now its more annoying, the game screen is not compatible with the galaxy s20 screen I.E. the game screen is not fitting in the window of the phone and the ad boosts videos never work, if fixed ill raise the stars.
It's a good game, I wish that the 2nd bomber was a little bit cheaper to upgrade or that it started at the same tier as the 1st bomber and then I would accept the high upgrades price.
The graphics are good, but the gameplay is near minimal. Icons obscure a decent chunk of the screen and in some cases they obscure each other. The posting icon needs to be moved to a top corner. The historical battle needs improvement especially, could you make it so the player has visible input on the game please?
This game was very well made and it is very good looking. But I ran into a problem with the game itself, it keeps loading into a black screen, even when the enemy bombers are off to interscept me. Please fix this.
Can't see control buttons. Explanation windows pop up for less than quarter of a second. Messy interface. Uninstalled 👎
Cool game but can you fix the game UI for bigger phones like the note 9? It is cut off on the sides. Thanks.
I would rate ot high er but the screen is a bit too zomed in for my phone and its ki da bugging me and im not able to contnue the game without haveing to exit the game and entering it again to play so please fix this problem i would love to play it as normal
The game is easy and nice paced. It was the first thing I installed on my new phone but the resolution issue from the old phone got worse. I cant reach the menu button since its off screen.
Very good game when it comes to gameplay but recently the game keeps crashing for me which is the cause of why I'm rating it 3 stars, I hope this is fixed soon.
I only rated this because you can not man the planes all in all it is pretty good Ps. the boss fight on level 4 is pretty hard lower it down pls
This is a great game,please add the choice of several Squadrons of aircraft and the choice of merging them.
This is the best game ever its half 2d and 3d and i like the sound this is the best add more updates please and add japanese bombers and zeroes please
I used to play this all the time and got up to almost the jet age and then it just started crashing so i uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but instead of letting me play it would crash in the loading screen not letting me play at all i would have rated it higher but until this gets fixed I'll have to leave it at a 3 star
Update the game one more time because right now this game is the best and I know that you put a lot of work in the game already but maybe a little update would be a little better
Seems like a sweet game. Skins for airplanes are toooo expensive. Especially since there are so many. There should be at least a couple cheap ones, so i dont have to use paper planes. It looks stupid. Also, bombers dont do damage to blimps? And i can not target blimps for my planes to priority attack. Great game though, but 2 star for missing the obvious.
A World War 2 game made by mast games awesome Graphics you can unlock aircraft by using Badges and orders and redemptions you can use orders to unlock supports upgrades Redemption can unlock air support are Maneuvers and clothez and metals great to have its first person but the graphics what do you use the graphics and realistic like realistic engine sounds and realistic gun sounds and realistic clouds add that please make sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter to improve updates
i used to play this game all the time on my older phone, no trouble, no problems, now that im playing it on this phone, the game has a lot of glitches that can be fixed for one stage if i restart the game, and its getting really frustrating because it was such a good game and now i cant play it properly without any glitches
The game is pretty fun and enjoyable. There is issues with the ads though. They don't always work. So you can't always get the buffs.
I used to play this game on my okd Iphone 6, and it worked perfectly. But now when i have a samsung galaxy a70 the ui is halfways off the screen. It sucks that you are not fixing this problem.
Game UI does not fit Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S screen. I've played the game in the past with another phone and it was a blast, I hope this gets fixed soon.
If the buttons are halfway off the screen that means the your phone is not completely fit for the game it happens to me and im fine u just cant fix it sorry
This WW2 Simulator is very fun. The translation from Korean to English is not perfect. Close enough to be understood though.
This game has a lot of promise, but until it's fleshed out a lot more and has spelling and grammar fixed (hundreds of issues, devs are not English speakers), this is an (embarrassing) alpha version at best and probably shouldn't have been released at all. Developers need to pull this one off the store until they work on it a LOT more. We'll give it another spin in a few months and update.
Hi, there is a bug where if you restart the game, you get a sudden stop of the gameplay, then it continues. Everything is ok but the bug made it annoying. Pls fix this, for the time being, im saving the game where i need to reinstall the app.
A really fun game for air raid bombings. I did not give this game a five star is because the graphics of the planes are not really good. I know that you can paint your planes with free skins but it would not be the plane that the pilot is using now. You get what I mean right?
It uuuhhh reset all my data and I had all the planes so it was fun but, I owned ALL the planes, cloud saved, and lost all of them. Would rate 5/5 if it didn't reset all my planes and skins
I actually have a problem with the game. The screen is zoomed in too much where I can't see how much money I have and I can't pause the game. Its a fun game I've had for 3 years now but after I got a new phone the game screen is zoomed in too much now.
I love the game. But i noticed that for some reason it won't load ads so I can have the free buffs. Is there some way to fix this?
This game looks great but every time during the start up of this game it will crash, my wifi is fine and im not running a whole bunch of other things while trying to play this game. I would have probably really enjoyed this game if it didn't crash constantly.
Wberything about game and graphics is fine but the screen size is to big for some screens including mine some of the buttons are even off the screen please consider fixing his bug
I think that this game is innovative and interesting. It's a fun mobile game that I've spent an hour or more on in the past few days that u think is a lot of fun. With that being said, I have a Google pixel 3a and the screen does not fit at all. The pause button and beyond is invisible to me. I can't even tell how much money I have. I hope they fix these bugs because other than this bug the game is amazing and pleasant!
it was a really good game, i like the timeline and the style of the game. i like it how you can upgrade and pick your own camo which changes the way your plane looks like, right now my camo is a russian camo. i sugest you get this game but it will take you a while (long time) to get enough money to be on my level (like a month or two).
Nice game, but needs more paint jobs, like Ace skins for each country, and more planes, like more modern bombers and fighters (1950-present) also, the damage tables are a little unfair, because enemy planes have almost no hit points. Also, would like to see sequel to this game, tanks or ship's instead of planes maybe?
Overall i think it is a good game but there is 1problem: the skins cost too much but other than that it is a pretty good game and also, the ads don't work so i can't do some of the missions
I absolutely love this game. The ONLY reason I didn't rate it 5 stars is because, for me, the ads dont work and so you can't get the buffs. I tried 8 times on a boss fight before I could get past it. Besides that, I love it.
I had this game before but now it said it cannot run the game anymore. I'm on a chromebook fold and im on a Android account. please fix this. this is the best 2D bomher game.
I love this game. The only big issue I can find is that if you are playing on the Samsung Galaxy S10 (Not sure if this is the case on other devises) the screen is cut and you can only see a portion of the screen. otherwise this would easily be a 5 star game.
Its a great game everything is smooth and their are little to no ads, but the game doesnt fit the formatting of my phone so that it is hard to use some functions. it would great to allow the user to change that
It's good game but can you add a cutscene where the bomber or the fighters take of from the runway of the airbase please
I enjoy the game and I have spent countless hours on it it's great for long trips to keep you occupied but I think It would be cool if they had a game like this but with tanks with the fighters as light tanks or armored cars and the bombers as heavy tanks and instead of bombing mission's you can assault convoys or bunkers
It was a very fun game, untilll it started freezing up. I reached about stage 50 until it would freeze every few seconds and unfreeze. I have a galaxy 9+ so I know my phone isn't outdated and it has plenty of space, and it was the only app running. So I decided to reinstall it, and despite it saying it had a cloud save, I lost all my progress. Great game, but don't invest too much time into it. Oh and it still started freezing even after the reinstall
Interesting game, a lot more interesting than many of the games that fall into the "plane combat" catagory. The developers of this game obviously love what they do and it shows in the design. If you also add in the facts that you don't have to pay to play and the ads are minimal, this game easily outshines 90% of similar apps.
The screen is just too big for my phone, it is annoying to play because of the screen being too big, its more of an ipad game
None of the adds seem to work at all, only leaves a black screen you cannot leave unless you close the game
How about sizing the app so that it fits on the screen? Little ridiculous that it doesn't. Otherwise it's kind of a cool game. Repetitive.
My phone doesn't so some of the screen the sides of the I can't use auto aim or the buffs on that side or see the settings I can tap it but I can only see half of the screen if the makers of the game see this can you maybe make an option to customize size the screen
Its a fun game however there's been the same bug on my galaxy note nine since I started playing almost a year ago. The gui goes right off the side of my screen. Half of the buttons on either side are missing and there was one time I'm pretty sure there was a button that was supposed to be there that was off screen entirely. This is really annoying and wish it would get fixed.
I used to have this game and really enjoy it and so when i saw it i swiftly pressed install, however upon opening the game i noticed something. Every 5 seconds or so the game would freeze for a brief moment. I would like to know what has happened.
Great game, but needs more historical missions and aircraft. Also add more aircraft with the historical paint or skins to the game please.
This game is awesome. But the only thing that hurts me is the resolution. Some buttons are half on my screen and some are even off the screen. Please fix this cus its a good game and i dont want it ruined just by this small annoying thing.
I like this game very much. Not the greatest, but an excellent time killer. Not too engaging, not too boring. Just enough to keep you entertained. I only have one complaint: the camouflage for The Xaviet 1st Recon Fleet does not work properly. Only one of the 3 skins included in that pack work. Is this a bug or is it intentional?
I loved this game when i was younger but now it wont fit the size of my screen and i cant access half of the things in the game idk what happened to this great game but now its trash
the game it's self is really fun to play, there's a few minor bugs here and there but other wise it's great. I will say the most annoying bug I've encountered was getting a call during a historical sortie, and then having the "awaiting orders" thing when trying to re-enter.
Believe me, I love this game, I really do. Only problem I encountered was because of a different phone, I used to own a Huawei Mate 9 which ran this game no problem! But on the Oppo Realme 2 Pro, the resolution seemed to be too big for the game, I can't hit the pause button or any buttons on the edge of the screen, at least the game runs well without problem, just the strange resolution that doesn't fit the phone :P
Little cheesy on controls graphics aren't really that good either, would be way better as co.op with 1 person at the flight controls and others able to be turret operaters. If you made a game like that I think it could have some real potential, ah .ma in future releases???
So, is that all i do is sit there and move my finger around the screen? Wow...ingenious is all I can say....this app really screams 'Gamer's Paradise'. If my finger had a mouth, it would be asking me why i keep making it go in circles on the screen. And I would tell my finger (I guess it would need ears too) to keep it's piehole shut and just keep moving. So, let's review...my finger has a mouth and my finger has ears...and this app sucks. The end.
Probably my favorite "idle" type app on the Play store! Combines elements of WWI/WWII bombing, WWI & WWII dogfighting. Awesome selection of skins for your bombers, fighters and interceptors as well as almost too many upgrade trees for power, armor, weapons, etc. My only small complaint/wish would be to make a custom skin at the start for the base planes since the historic ones also stop the plane model from evolving. But that's small. Overall, Highly Recommended!
Please explain to me how this game works perfectly and is displayed perfectly on my Galaxy S7, and yet on my NEW phone which is a ONE PLUS 7 PRO, the game plays okay, but appears 3x larger on the screen so slot of the main functions are off partially off screen. Even THOUGH my new phone has a screen double the size of my Galaxy S7. How does it display on my S7 and not on my VERY upgraded ONE Plus 7
The game is great, and I love all the different planes, though there are one or two I'm surprised I'm missing, but either way it'd an amazing game! However, I'm on an Samsung A51 and the screen is a little zoomed in, and the ads never play, it's just a blank screen and nothing happens and I have to restart the app, a little annoying, and limiting, but other than that a great game!
Is okay but the UI doesn't fit my Samsung S20+, it has been half a years and the UI issue hasn't been addressed despite numerous complaints, I really wondered if they even pay attention.