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Air Control 2

Air Control 2 for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Four Pixels Games located at Kennedy, 12 Kennedy Business Centre 1087 Nicosia Cyprus . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Mostly ads stays on the top of the screen taking some space makes me feel not interested in playing it. Ad is okay when it appears after or before the game but it stays all through the game 🤣.
Complete garbage. Won't work without giving it permission to access everything on your phone. Avoid this developer. Uninstalled immediately.
i really really like it its very good ive been playing this for a while its a very good game 10000/10 im not a bot im a real person i luv dis game and its only a couple mb so its great and pls dont put many ads i wont give 4 stars even tough it has many ads cuz i like the game its simple i play this when im bored :3
the developers didn't do a good job in balancing progress, you can land dozens and dozens of planes and get few coins..... also why I'm not seeing my current coin count clearly? i had higher hopes for this game but you ruined it for me.
when the stupid ad isnt at the top of the screen for over a minute letting planes crash into each other its not to bad. origional version is better
The intrusive adverts that actively affect gameplay means a that's its almost impossible to enjoy the game.
Its a really good game but I hate the adv for the air control 1 which covers the content leading to unnecessary collisions. Please do something about it.
Paid achievements and ads permanently covering half of the screen. You get to play only on the half screen and planes crashing behind ads banner.
The ad across the top of the screen makes it impossible to play without crashes occurring that you can't even see.
It would be great if you were smart enough to show the adverts without covering the map. So you make it almost impossible to play. Although we see the adverts you published we can't play the game adequately. Shame on you!!!
If you want the best gameplay. Put your device in airplane mode. The ads are in the worst spots, and I cant even see other incoming aircraft until it's too late. Plus, you wont get annoyed by ads in airplane mode. Cheers!
i don't mind a few ads since i don't want to purchase this ap, but you NEED to take the dam banner off of the top! how am i supposed to see traffic on the top???????
It's fun except the ad banner across the top of the screen blocks part of the playing area so you have no control over planes in that area and can lose a game because of it. Ads are ok, in fact needed, but design the playing area to shrink a little when displaying the ad.
Do you want to see ads instead of playing the game? Congratulations you found the best app that shows ad instead of allowing you to play the game. I guess google should alot a award category for "the apps which are marked as games but shows ad instead". I guess air control 2 would top the list.
Good game but the ads break it. Sometimes the ads will come in the form of a banner at the top of the screen which cuts off a large portion of the map for the whole game. What's worse is that the part of the map cut off still acts as it would normally so you can lose the game by getting unlucky and having a plane crash off screen
Advertisement banners are frustratingly irritating, and interfere with the game meta, imagine the top 1/8th part of the screen covered with ad banner and crashes taking place in the ad covered part. Needs urgent fixing. Already Uninstalled, poor poor job devs.
Great game spoiled by in-game ads that get in the way. We all understand that ads in a game allow us to play for free but when they actually spoil the game, it's gone too far. Developer really needs to sort it. It's not making me consider the paid version!
Very hard to play as many airways come along once but I can't understand the multiplayer mode that no body come to help
I understand ads are needed, but ads suddenly start to play in full volume. And, now, in addition to those ads where you madly have to look for sound off icon, you decided to add more ads. This time they interfere with game play! Thanks. Uninstalling now
Game is great but the ad up the top that stays longer the further into the game is terrible. It's one thing to have it above the gameplay, but when it is placed over the top 20% of the gamescreen and interferes with flight patterns it gets a massive fail.
The ads BLOCK some of the screen, making very hard to play the game. Please fix that. Freaking annoying!!
Fantastic game feeling so amazing. I'd never seen before this game. Graphic,smoothly control etc.I think add more stage levels. Everything is okay. Superb...
This is a nice game, but please add option to limit planes to any number to be controlled easily. Or provide option to on or off plane/helicopter to control them easily.
Nice game but ruined by the 1cm advert banner across the top of the game screen and interferes with the game! Why do I want to see an ad for air control 1 when I am playing air control 2? The helicopters are too small for my large fingers.
Had the aircraft carrier map unlocked, but for some reason, I wasn't signed in to Google Play. When I signed in, I lost access to that map. Game said it was premium content. Did something change. I had been playing that map forever. Uninstalled
Would be great, but the ads make it unplayable since they permanently cover a good portion of the screen. I lose games because a collision takes place on the parts I can't see.. that's practically a pay-to-win situation right there. 🤷‍♂️
Most intrusive ads I've ever seen. In addition to ads on menu pages and videos between each game, there are a ads that actually cover the game screen. That's right. They don't even scale the game to accommodate the ad. It just covers the screen. One star is generous.
Was good at first. Then the add at the top started showing up. Can't see thg while playing area. Not good. If not fixed i will find another game.
Near perfect arcade ATC game. Only complaint is that ads intrude onto play field. This is very frustrating in later maps.
Interesting and addictive game. But stopped working after one day. All i see is a blank screen whenever i open the application. Tried forced stopping it. Didn't work
The game is fun but putting an ad ON The playing field is BS!!! It will cause planes to crash, Out of your control! It's apparent they're doing it so you'll buy the game, but I'll remove it first.
Uninstalling the game for one sole reason - the ad bar at the top of the game screen. Never know what's coming from behind it.
The game is difficult to play. Balloon aircraft size is too big wrt screen size which makes the smaller aircraft hit it at screen edge where if you try to control the notification bar gets activated or you have very poor control on screen edge. Also, after 2-3 min. of play, the number of aircrafts increases to so much extent that there is definate accidents since there is no option to control speed or altitude. There should be at least level 1,2,3 to arrange aircrafts if there is no speed control
Adds hinder play on all levels. What the heck? no try and buy if you like, because of the horrid ad placement. I say fail and won't waste any more time with this developer
I used to enjoy this game, re-downloaded through nostalgia. The game is disturbed for the first 30-40 seconds with adverts which in my opinion distorts my enjoyment if the gameplay. will be deleting after this review and finding a game that doesn't require me to forcefully wait through an advert for longer than necessary to enjoy...
Great game but the most annoying thing is the ad placement which gets on to the screen and shrinks the play area. Uninstalled the game the moment ad started bothering.
Ads are expected in trial versions when opening app, between levels, after the game, but in this case when there is an ad that covers upper part of the screen, making the game unplayable is a very bad thing. Only this keeps menfrom fully enjoying it and buying the full version...
Adverts break game play. During the game adverts overlay the game play area and prevent you from seeing or using the elements of the game. Terrible UI.
Fun game focused where organization pays off as things get hectic. Ads take up a huge chunk of the screen blocking planes and paths.
The game is really good. But in the free version, the ads take a huge chunk of the top screen and the runways don't go down. So it doesn't make sense to me to play it anymore. All the fun is out of game looking at just ads
Garbage game due to overzealous ad settings. Keeps obscuring screen making it difficult to play. Developers need to stop with the over intrusive excessive number of ads.
I was interested until I read review after review of bad experiences due to the advertising. download canceled.
Great game but ads pop up over the playfield. You will lose games because planes crashed behind ads and then they ask for coins ($$$) to continue your game from where you lost.
Good game, nice graph, but the way they display ads just kills it totally. Lost a game several times because of ads... annoying.
the in game ads destroy the game. you crash plans you cannot even see because of them. otherwise it's a five start rating. update it and put more ads in between play for all I care just get rid of the banner ads.
stupid ad takes up the top portion of the screen while playing game, and sometimes planes crash behind the ad.😑
Fun but lacks variation later on... And needing to pay actual money for the last maps is a bit disappointing. would like being able to buy skins for planes or something so coins don't become obsolete.
2 ads just on entering the game. When in game, an ad actually covers part of the screen... Is this a joke?
it is nice .But it does not give enough information about the air crafts in the game ......! so i gave two stars for this game pand many ads to !!!!! plz fix this
The game is very fun and challenging. However, after a few games, ads start showing up. Which isn't bad, at first. I really didn't mind the full screen ads between selecting the level and the start of the game, however, there is an in game ad that takes away a good portion of the top of the play area. I uninstalled the game because the ad was so obtrusive and took up so much screen real estate that it made the game frustrating.
Awesome game. Easy to learn but hard to master. Ideal to pass the time during a break or while traveling. Best suited for a tablet but good enough on a phone too, particularly one with a large screen.
Fun, but ruined by ads. I have the free version, and there is usually a drop down ad at the beginning of a level that blocks about 10-20% of the screen and affects gameplay. It used to go away after about 30 seconds, but now it stays and makes the game all but unplayable. Its almost like the devs are extorting me to buy the game (which I considered before, but after reading stories that theres still ad issues after buying, I think I'm gonna pass).
Maybe I'm missing something but I'm sure before there was an in app purchase to upgrade or am I missing something I definitely used to have the full version
Ruined by no explanation. The planes have names, and targets are given but no clue which plane is called what. ads are super annoying. no point of earning money once all levels are bought. no upgrades.
The other reviews on the ad bar says it all. The silence from the developers shows how much they give a sh**...
One word... Ads! No game should ever be covered up by ads, making it completely unusable. Uninstalled.