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Aim Trainer for FPS/TPS Games

Aim Trainer for FPS/TPS Games for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by PIYUSH HARJANI. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great app just needs work on gyro .. it sticks in one place when you move for really short distance and only works on flicks.. not really smooth gyro
This is the best app to improve ur skill in aiming on gyro (and swipes). But it will be better if u add function for trasfer settings from pubg. And add new modes to training 2x, 3x, 4x etc because there are different sensivitys. Add more statistics to see ur changes in aiming
Even though this is hard but you can always practice in order to be the best pubg player. Keep doing what you do.
Its great, though it needs some work. For example: adding guns with burst, and sniper rifles and scopes, targets in the form of a body. Honestly, flicks is the fastest way to get better at aiming down sights(ads) in pubg, and it helps to aim faster
Very good and really helpful But we need customise control buttons and gyroscope sensitivity low mid and high options And new targets tracking mode Waiting for new update Thanks
Not used this app much but I like it. I am just facing problem to set touch and gyro sensitivity to simulate pubg. Can you please provide FOV for no scope, red, 2x,3x,4x,6x,8x. If I know that I will be able to set sensitivity by comparing distance.
Verg good app.bro you need to make some changes though.you should add ingame offline statistics to see the improvement , app has very contrast colour please fix ,it disturbs refer winner camp and make some changes ,it seems l8ke youve worked really hard to make .helped a lot improve my aim .thanks for the gyro..youre the best bro.
I'm very impressed by his work Just imagian making gyroscope training mode for pubg it's very good for pubg player... like they can train like beast because even if we have training game out there we don't have gyro mode so for gyro it's difficult to use but this man made our dream comes true thanks a alot I hope we will see more interesting things in future update :))
Im 300 sensivity gyro in pubg So what sensivity that would same with 300 sensivity gyro pubgM. PLEASE HELP ME
This app is bettee than other app i see in play store but this is can be better the gameplay is not that high what i prefer and something in game but nice job you done in this game thanks for that and please make it more better than it is now..
This is Insane. The custom mode is nuts, I made a custom that accelerates the target wents insane lol. I really enjoyed it. 4 Stars because you (dev) said you have to divide x to get the sensi from PubG's sensi. My sensi is default, not customised and so I guess this app's default sensi is ok for me. It would be awesome if you add PubG's exact sensi and their scopes. And I like how savage you are to the critical reviews. I think the're hating because they think you're Indian, idk about that.NICE
This app used to be awesome but ever since they added the reaction time update my frame rate is lower, it lags like crazy, and glitches when I touch the screen when I take my thumb off to re-aim. Plz fix thos but this is an amazing game. Also plz I'm begging to add a cube tile frenzy thing like in kovaaks aim trainer on pc. This would be a game changer.
Nice app, best app piyush, can u make colour suitable for eyes, bcz training in this colour not possible for long duration, bcz that colour affect eyes. great app, love it
Would like if the app had also same gyroscope sensitivity as pubgm:) really good app though, think it has very good potential if you want to get good aim in pubgm if you don't use gyroscope because the camra sensitivity is the same as pubgm:)
Brother please provide an option to change the place of shoot and drag... I shoot from the right side but i cant because there is no other option other than doing it with the left side... So please do it ASAP ! Btw.... Very nice app brother
I'm a full 300 gyro player and I have been searching for gyro training for a long time and this is the first one I found that have gyro scope feature, it might not look the best but the features is definitely the best out of all the others I tried, highly recommended this apps for all the pubg or other shooter game player trying it.
The developer can read previous comments before being edited, right? Bro....what a coincidence happend right now !!! I gave my review and said that i was facing some problems while using gyro. Crosshair wasnt moving when i was tilting the phone very slowly. But just few minutes later i got a notification of the update and i updated it fast. And the gyro problem was solved !!! Wow !!! You are amazing bro. Well the coincidence was also amazing. I also came here from "Psycho".
This app is really good despite the sudden lag. It's really amazing and fun to mess around with. It's also helping in making my aim better and also allows me to compete with myself. The only problem with this is the lag. It would also be cool to have a setting to enable recoil so we can practice with the gyroscope more efficiently.
One more star for the swift response.1 star will also be added if u make this app a perfect aim trainer by making the crosshair movement seamless over the mark board.Plz i find a potential in this app.
Need more options like aim acceleration,the sensitivity is probably not correct. The cursor moves faster than the in game sensitivity
Dear Developer....pay attention to the application.... Giving only 2 stars because this app is not giving 60fps. It is giving only 40fps.before this application was giving 60fps continuesly.so fix do something .Thank You .
thanks a lot Piyush Harjani but please add pubg gyro sensitivity and increase the size of the board as well as a fixed firing button please Bhai update jaldi dedo bhai......😍😍 Bhai add 3 small shootboards in total of 360° which will work like if right side is target then it will make some signal from right earphone If the target is on left, game should make some sound at left side & if the target is front or back then both earphones should ring same as like as pubg..😘😘😍😍
The screen suddenly gets blank..and plz update like ee are shooting to moving character (enemy) The app is amazing..
Very Good app but i thinks some more things need in this app like saving setting, scopes for sniping and ARs, same sensitivity settings as in pubg M of every scopes, specific buttons for fire,scope in-out, move player like that,overall i want to say pls make this app as similar to PUBG M's same scope sensitivity,same controlls hope you understand, THANKS FOR THIS AWESOME APP.
Great app to train aiming. It works smooth as heaven. And I think this app helps a lot to train mentally to aim. No ads. So perfect!
The trainer is excellent but you just need to improve the touch sensitivity and exact it like pubgm, when I try to aim it's not sensitive to very slight movements and when it recognizes my movement it gives a larger result than needed, thanks Edit:I just found out it is called pixel skipping, pls fix it
Rating it 3 because it has potential to improve. In Pubg, the swipe speed increases with time. Faster swipes accelerates and move very fast. There is an acceleration value which should be multiplied or squared in the code i guess for swiping.
4 stars because following things can be implemented 1. The formula to calculate equivalent gyro sensitivity in PUBG mobile. 2. Presence of recoil at par with PUBG while shooting. 3. Objectives while playing at certain level Please tell me the formula to calculate equivalent gyro sensitivity in PUBG mobile
Excellent shooter game, helps to learn alot including aiming, dodging, sniping, tracking,flicking etc. thanks alot I highly recommend it.
bro this sensitivity wont be as same as pubg because screen resolution differ from device to device so can u make us select a screen resolution? and make enemy pop out not circles which get bigger and smaller.
Amazing work, get way to improve. I wish i had an app like this when i was learning pubg would have been so much easier then. But nevertheless get app for those who want specific aim training. Because training like this is not available in training mode
why don't you make the targets move on all walls instead of small board I think you should increase the size on tracking mode it goes crazy at high speeds and you can add mode where circles on all walls and there is a mark to tell on which wall the circle is , it would help for the close range training sorry for my bad English , you are doing great job keep it going
Sir! Love your invention(app). I have deducted 2 Star because I am a gyro player and want to practice gyro but the sensitivity is not as same as pubg. I hope you will solve this and will send a update. Waiting for your reply. After gyro fix I will give you 5 🌟.
Very good. Simple, and straightforward. I am very happy with the app as it is. I would like to see a couple of extra features. Like more points for getting closer to the center of the target. Thank you developers 😎👍
I have my gyro sensitivity 300 in pubg and touch sensitivity 200 _ what should be the sensitivity here?
The gyroscope is a bit buggy. When i move crosshair freely it works smooth. But when i just try to place it on target, the crosshair stops for a second or two seconds before working. again. Please fix this soon. I am playing it on Red Magic 3. Edit: you fixed this! Yay.. It works flawlessly. Thank you.
This is a really good app to improve your aim. But I think that ther should be a jump,crouch and a joystick to move. As dodging bullets is also ani important tip for players, there should be a mode so you have to avoid bullets. The bullets can be red in colour. Listen to me it will help a lot.
This is pretty good hopefully one day the gyro will be set like pubg but that's just on us to fine tune the gyro to find our best settings but it would be nice also if it was accurate as it will be nice to port the setting to pubg once the set up is perfect. Well done.
It's pretty good, I'm not sure the sensitivity is the same as my sensitivity in game after changing it though. Glad that you thought of people using claw to play unlike some of the other apps. Great job bro.
The only problem is it that it is difficult to find out same sensitivity of PUBG Mobile. Please add Sensitivity setting like that.😢.. Otherwise my aim gonna be worst 😭
The game itself isn't bad but I dislike how you can't change shooting and movement areas at all. There should be a way to change controls.
Excellent app for training but just need some improvisations. You made the app with fixed speed but Pubg aim is kind of speed acceleration. Just said, but i'am fixed speed aim guy & thats why i nail at CODM. Could you please add 3 more boards with 45 degree gap between them & a map to show which board has the aiming thing at instance. It will be great to practice 180 flick shots & randomess of board higher or lower will drill any Pubg player into pro.
Keep it up. Good game. But this should with character movement please add this feature. Well addictive game this is. Nice..