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Agent Legend - Legendary Sniper 2020

Agent Legend - Legendary Sniper 2020 for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Mint Games Global located at Hongkong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a barely okay game. The sniper portion is interesting for the first few games and then after a while, it just gets confusing about what you need to do and the gameplay gets repetitive. And then the whole girlfriend side aspect is just another silly Chinese game mascerading within another in order to get you to keep watching ads. I guess what do you expect for free...
This game is too complicated. And the prize is so cliche. Everytime you reach a certain amount of points, you get to rescue someone, which turns out needlessly sexualised women.
Game was fun until I reached level 31 and the levels stopped loading and I sat at a black screen. I tried to restart the game and my phone multiple times with no change.
Very exciting small game, the person who designed this small game is really amazing. Extremely fun. Let the office workers who are free from work and leisure every day can enjoy the fun of mini games. Thank you very much.!
This is a DIRECT COPY of the game "Detective Baldy." Similar art style, sounds, plot, and features! It was made just a month after detective baldy which means it's a copy.
I would play this but i dont whant to a stupid female spy thing. Also there is too many ads. Thats why i uninstalled this game. Good game otherwise.
Kinda fun once you learn you can keep clicking to get more and more guns then combine them to upgrade.
The quality of the mini-games is very good. The picture is clear and awesome. The background music is very nice to listen to. The mini-games are also very interesting and addictive as soon as they play.
Could have been more fun....... When you watch a video for 15 weapons create, it will give you 15 lvl 1 weapons which will make you watch more advertisement. Buying weapon using coins will increase dramatically....
Great fun game. But this new update made it to when I play, the app shuts down on me. I cant even get into a level now. Please fix! I have a galaxy s9 btw if it helps.
I don't I don't kind of like this game because like it's a rare is very very hard for me to play and I'm only 7 years old but is getting a little more easier for me so I'll give you more stars right now BNI like this game but some of the and I like the fact that you are able to skip them in and I like the reason that you let us have a lot of things on it but I might I might delete this game but I'll keep the Keep The Fire Starr this game is good but there's another game I like more than this so
It's a funny game and interesting design and all. But after an early point in your game you spend like 10% of the time playing the levels and the rest is wasted in trying to upgrade the weapon that is needed for that level. And whatever way you do this, you need to watch a ton of ads. At least 15 to 20 ads to play couple levesl that last around 15 seconds? Too much! Shameless attempt to push ads on people. And you only have support till level 102? There's nothing beyond that and can't play after
This game is sooo underated cause it is rated -G however there is shooting and girlfriends but still is good gameplay
This is the WORST GAME EVER When you shoot the bad guys it does none and also it keeps going to the side when You shoot FIX IT
This game sucks!! To many ads even if you go to menu, one shot and it takes forever to get a second shot in. Waste of time
My classmate told me a very interesting little game, I experienced it and it was really fun. The content inside was very exciting, and many of my classmates played this! Very good recommendation.
This game is fun and all, but it's basically nothing but ads, you have to watch them every 5 seconds basically, and the female spy thing is inappropriate for kids that like to play this game, sorry, but I'm uninstalling this game, it wastes my time.
A really entertaining game, one that is really unique and fun. The game is basically living on ads, but so many games are like that nowadays, just because of ads doesn't mean the game has to lose a star. It is a long term type of game which you don't finish in one day and that's what l like about this game
A very good game to play and good graphics. Combine 2guns together to get a new powerful gun what a genius. Just love this shooing game and would rate it 5.
Was fun until it stopped working. I can upgrade guns and watch ads all day long but as soon as I click to start a mission, the screen goes black and the game freezes.
It's not a bad game but its total BS that you have to upgrade your gun on every level. It takes the game from fun to a grind. It sucks all the fun out of the game.
Not what it seems. It seems like a sniper game but really it makes you date this girl that u save and the girl is wearing showy clothes.
Great game but there is one glitch were the people that are there disapper so pls fix that. Its probably just me so guys reading this i would download this awesome game!!
The first time I played, I couldn't stop it at all. It was a pretty good game that had been played for one night. Good game, industry conscience,
An obvious ad platform. You can play about 1-2 levels before you have to upgrade your gun, which you can't see do without watch a s**tload of ads. "Oh, you can upgrade your gun with jewels!" Yeah, and how do you get the jewels? You guessed it...by watching a s**tload of ads. Total and complete waste of time. Deleted...
Very poor, game is full of bugs. Text language keeps changing, and some scenes are incomplete, i.e characters are missing, some scenes are partly black & white, some bits are missing. Very disappointing. Ended up uninstalling
You have to upgrade your gun every level, and it's not just a click of a button. It's a process, and you may not have enough coins. Just don't waste your time on this, there are better games out there.
Too many ads. Everytime you guys ruin a decent game like this. This is why I don't play mobile games anymore.
This game is pretty fun! Love being a hitman, although if I could ask for one thing to be added is a better description for the person you need to kill. Other than that this game is awesome!
damn I think found a game in your ads... I'm not sure tho because it disappeared right after - btw I'm curious how much effort you put into those bot ratings? cause it's obvious they're bots... gtfoh
Seems to rely on intuitive intelligence to play, which I seem to lack. None of my shots put down any bad guys. This was an uninstall after 15 minutes.
Garbage. The ad where it lets youh play it is impossible and broke. When you miss, it says Try Agian. It doesn't even use proper spelling. The game is also filled with dads and I say to uninstall now
The game would not load past the title screen at all. I was looking forward to playing it but alas that looks to not be an option.
I love this gun, the picture is very beautiful, and I do n’t get stuck when I play. The character setting is still ok. The storyline is very attractive. Let ’s play together
Shoot Not badd, the mission is easy for me, and the graphic and the guns are lovely. But there's one mission that the police is the suspect, I am not sure if this is on purpose LOL. Anyway fun sniper game and it is fun to shoot. Will Recommend to others..
It's very interesting. It is really a good mini-game ~ there are rewards to go in, and there is a lot of content to play. I am very happy to play, much more fun than previously downloaded, more fun than other mini games-definitely give five stars, will play for a long time every day! .
Shootout game is good. A very playable shootout game. I really like this shootout game. Yes, it ’s really better than the bald detective mobile game. I love the shootout game.
It is a cool game. Nice graphics, and everything is cool. If you feel like an animated sniper game, tissue is the perfect one for you. Please rate this game 5 stars because I played it for a long time and I know that it is a fun game.
Very wierd how there is the dating feature, this was not needed at all and is very inappropriate. Also, I can't help but fell like the art style is a clear copy of the playgendary style.
Too many Ads. And game ask to Upgrade weapon without clear instructions. Female Spy is very insulting and bad gaming experience to the rest of the play.
A very fun game, I don't know how to use the software, it's good, it's addictive, it's very fun, it just dies too fast
Totally enjoy all of this game just need more guns and missions, It's more a merge game than sniper game but still it's fun to play!! Keep up the good works
I Do not Recommended To Install This Game. This Game Used only 3 Shots And they Show ad. I Repeat they Show ad.
What a [email protected]&ing joke! You hit the target in the head but doesn't die, then runs away and reloading takes forever (cause there's only one bullet in the gun apparently)Even if you upgrade your weapon a dozen times! Don't waste your time. I'd give this a zero if I could!!
Shoot 3 times then it goes to the ads. You need to watch ads to be able to watch an ad so you can try and watch an ad. What the hell is this supposed to be? It damn sure isn't a game because all it has is ads and NOTHING BUT ADS!!!!
Very interesting game, originally played with a mentality of trying, but accidentally played all night, it was an unexpected game
This kind of software is the most fun ~ This mini game is the best. It can also be puzzled! You have to play a few every night. Feeling addicted. The child also loved it. -it's actually very good,