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Age of World Wars

Age of World Wars for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Zero Touch group located at Budapest 1224 XI. u. 3/b. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game, but I have to uninstall the game and reinstall it to play. After I close the tab with it, and then I need to reinstall. I hope this can be fixed, the gameplay is awesome! Edit: Yay! The recent update has fixer my problem. Now my only problem is that I can't find out how to delete skirmishes. When I go to other and then help and go to maintenence I can delete campaign maps, but not skirmishes. Other tuan that, again, I love this game! Edit: Problems solved, great team!
What is there to say? A lot of campaigns and content, no ads, level creator... It's a very fun game. It has user levels and campaigns.
this has been a great game happey france is now a nation italy sould be a nation two some more tanks for france and italy sould be add jeeps sould let 1 unit be in it you should make it look like when you put any canon in a transport truck make it look like it is pooling them please add these to the game thank you.
This game is some how addictive but the only problems for me is the rewards aren't enough and there should be new soldiers like ,Nazi Germany's Waffan SS and assult rifles gunners . Most importantly the effectiveness of fighters to gorund forces aren't enough so please fulfill my demands .
Amazing game, with good mechanics and a good accuracy in ww1 and 2 history. The game makes me excited because theres a t95 tank unit here and even tiger 1 (wheres the king tiger?) I actually mostly play on the russians or german side. But really i would recommend this game to everyone, its a good startegy game with a good AI, i hope you can make a game like this but in a 3d way!
Its a good game and very interesting. But i would like to suggest we the players could make our own map and play it right away. So we will be flexible at trying our new unlucked stuffs
Really fun and amazing experience, I absolutely love all of the Age Of games and I can't wait to see the next one!
I love the idea of it and how it's implemented, but I would love it if Aircraft couldn't be produced at Cities. I've tried the long campaigns and I constantly lose because the AI does nothing but spam out Bombers. This could easily be fixed by making only Infantry available at cities. And I have tried making fighters to counter the bombers.
This is the best game ever. I absolutely love this game and I have a request for the developer that please make it easier to obtain gold completing a mission should give 2 gold instead of one and please add more units.I am waiting for the next update .please add panzer VIII also
Cant wait for new factions, but can you make it so that only tank factories can build tanks and airports can only build airports, im sick of being tank spammed, so only transport can be built in towns or paratrooper aircraft, only infantry stuff.
This is honestly my favourite military strategy game would definitely recommend to others wide variety of units and technologies amazing. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Absolutely the best strategy GAME IVE EVER PLAYED The only problem is that there should be easier ways to get gold I can't get gold by ads cause it says "no ads in your area" so that's... my only problem with it.
It's a really lovely game with lots and lots of different units and a healthy couple of countries to pick. I think adding more in terms of mechanics and AI would be great. The AI in this game isn't the greatest. Adding things like for say a plane getting the effect of a broken wing beacuse it took alot of damage. The effect of a broken wing would decrease it's movement. Another problem I have is that the planes don't have to refuel. Otherwise really great game =).
I love this game... But for some reason in map editor I can't create units from factories or anything at all. It's probably pretty simple to make it work but I've done everything I could think of and it still won't let me. I've even tried looking it up but no one else seems to have the same problem...
Very good game, except gold is kinda hard to come by. Also, when the computer(s) have/has completed their turn, there is a pause before I can do anything. But a really good game other than those, which are the only problems I have found
So, after actually getting to play this game I am very impressed with the detail of combat that this game goes into. I do admit that it is still in its youth and you can tell because of multiple bugs and incomplete tech trees. However the core of the game is amazing and I hope it continues to get consistently better.
Great game and make the ships a bit more good like the french richelieu, and also this game needs more buildings while building a map, add italy also, in the axis side you need to include both french and italian heavy tanks, like the ARL 44 that was made at late WW2 all you have known tanks just put it onto it. But This game has almost all the very old style one, and by the way I found out some bug I think for sort of, the game lags when placing a terrain or water while building a map.
Very fun and I love the inclusion of more obscure tanks, planes and ships from around ww2, but some campaign maps such as Vaerlose Airfield need the difficulty tweaked down (such as bombers or stronger planes), but I do hope there are more maps and campaigns coming out soon
Very worthy of Five Stars. I will never be without this game. Keeps getting better(2020). And better(2021)
Really glad you guys decided to add the cancel production button, i've been waiting for that for such a really long time. I think having an XP system would make it more interesting, maybe you guys could make a poll on your site to see if players would approve or not? Because i think it would entice players to take care of their units more, also so that basic units aren't just treated as cannon fodder.
I play this game on my phone and was fun but I wish they add more thing to it i wish yall add the Atomic bomb in this and lower upgrade ever thing is high and i wish you can put more usa campaigns because all the usa stuff unlock but there are not lot of usa campaign on there but the game is a lot of fun
Excellent game. As a software engineer myself I recognize how much passion and effort has been put into this game, it is well balanced and challenging. You will not get through it quickly, it always seems like there are more maps available. Love it!
Best 2D game ever The only problem with the game is map making Seriously, I dont understand anything... Maybe because I'm a dumbass or is it the game (without a tutorial on mapmaking)
This is a great game prob best mobile strategy game. could you create a colonial Age strategy game great gameπŸ˜€πŸ‘
Surprisingly involved, with lots of unit types (including navy) and different capabilities. Provides a lot of good playing options with depth.
Superb..Basic but Superb ..It seems hard at beginning but tutorial helps and it enough troops to make every game different.
This game is very immersive. I could not believe that at first sight, I could play this game without getting bored. The graphics are not very impressive, but you would not look for that in a game like this. The graphics fit perfectly well with genre of the game. Please add more animations and improve multiplayer option. Thank you for this game. I have not tried the other variants, but if they are as good as this one. Please donate to Zero Touch Group!
This game is perfect for anyone that wants to have a good, hard but easy to learn game to play about war. I'd say it is one of the best strategic mobile game here.
So you added a couple more german units that's good I've been studying german Vehicles for a few years and I have a few ideas for some more german units here you go:) 1. Focke Wulf Fw 200 Condor Could be a naval bomber or heavy bomber 2. Gustav cannon You can never forget this artillery 3. Sdkfz 232 puma This is an amazing and we'll known armoured car for Germany 4. Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet Another good plane idea a rocket fighter 5. Heinkel He 111 Good well known medium bomber
The game itself is awesome... Not gonna lie... But still, it need more vehicles update, terrain, and the most important is the encircling system... Where you could encircle enemy's by forming an attack from multiple direction. Also please nerf the howitzer!!! 😁 overall it's a great game. Thanks.
Really really good game it we'll be nice to update it I was thinking more maps and vehicles,tanks,planes,and navy I sure need new update....
really good an detailed, quite hard and complicated however still satysfying, lets you choose how you play and makes nice refferences and has unlimited games due to all the maps, ai's and choices you make.
Incredible! As much as I love the medieval versions, I think this is my favorite age of strategy yet, amazing the work the devs put in to constant updates and balancing and its all for free! So much fun here.
It was great but the tutorial doesn't help much. Would've given 5 but yeah the tutorial is confusing and doesn't instruct how to play the game.
This game does alot with a little, simple pixel graphics, but good accurate sounds, distinctively the katyusha, stuka, etc. Tough campaigns with tactics in mind, good game, And i am a fan of the custom map. Devs also keep this game nice and listen to the players. No real complaints.
Roughly 700 units and buildings from world War 2 a guide for them all a map editor multi-player 34 campaigns lots of community content which you can see on the forum and a great developer
I love the game. But it's infuriating yhat I'm forced to play multiplayer for the daily rewards. Not a login based thing. Fix that and maybe I'll change it to 5 stars
can you the developer highlight the seperate army's beter. it is alittle anoying to find my side on map. i a have to go through pressing on each unit to see if it belongs to me. Like for example colour code the different army"s Will give 5 stars if you could give attention to this please.
I love this game, I thought it wouldn't have the P1000 Ratte or other wonder weapons but it does. Though I don't know how to use the V-1 and V-2 the game is fun.
Fun, but this is coming from a kid who loves historical and strategic games. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars!!!!πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“
Simply one of the best WW2 strategy wargames you'll find on mobile. Part of the Age of Fantasy family of games. Expect to be entertained repeatedly.
This game is fun and challenging. I really enjoy the ability to have pass and play games with my family. I like how many units and maps you can play. It would be cool if your units gained experience like going from veteran to elite to Ace or something.
Best ww2 strategy game by far!!! The game is overall perfect and likely has everything you would want in a ww2 strategy game. The game is very in depth and I can't go in to everything the game has to offer there is so much within the game. It's overall perfect there is just one the I would like added please. A Gustav gun.
Usually I get tired of games like this but the updates are 90% good enough to keep going. Kinda wish more updates will bring in more missions and more to the campaigns. Will continue to keep playing though.
Great game. The only thing though is that no side has combat engineers. ie assault troops with flamethrowers, explosives, conventional weapons, and entrenching and construction tools.
Its a good game , i love how it included some historical units and how different unit do different things . But the campaig is hard , it will be great if you add a different difficulty.
This is the best strategy game I have ever played in my life :) please only add more cold war units such as tanks T-55,T-62,M48,M113,M60...some long range missiles and some jets like the mig and sukhoi jets with F4 phantom and skyhawk... some cold war naval units as well with SAM air defenses . Many thanks and keep it up :)
This is the ultimate in ww2 strategy games . No numbered turns just fight till u win or die . A ton of hardware including rare stuff which ww2 fans will love . The updates are coming think and fast building this into one of the most in-depth military strategy games on play store,,, Oh and it's got a heap of historical maps and maps from fans and it's offline ...........what more do you want...............enjoy !
Great gameplay a few bugs but each patch helps. It would be better if you were to allow for more ways to get gold and easier instructions for certain battles. You can also allow for better upgrades.
First game. Awesome. Sure to spend $ on this game. You will get tired of constant need to have to update.
I love this game. you should make mkre games like this. Im rating this 4 stars because 1. If you wanna make maps you cant copy the terrain layout in the skirmish one.well i mean when you make a random map draft you cant place the soldiers 2. You can only get 1 video .
The controls are difficult to use and it is hard to figure out if the unit you select are your is your unit or the enemies.
Loved it please make a vietnam game! I know you can do it you are the ONLY one who can do it please make my dream come true i have many ideas for a vietnam war era game let me know what u think thanks!
Cool game, But my only issue is That please give the option for launching V2 Missle SO THE GAME WILL BE MORE INTERESTING AND DEADLIER AND THE NUCLEAR WARπŸ™‚ Also Add some Powerful Jets like F16, Sukhoi, And some more Missles because without missles, The game will not Interesting More!πŸ™‚πŸ€— Please!! I am waiting for Next update For I got
One of the best games I have ever played to be honest this game is time consuming but fun I love it I just wish that some of the upgrades were free that's all but still an awesome game!
Dear developers of this amazing game, I would agree to add four stars, this game has a good amount of strategy in which makes it a amazing game with alot of units you can unlock But I do say it need a bit more detail if possible but everything else is perfect and I would love to see this game grow!
I really like the game and the different units you get to play. The game has a little bit different feel to it than the other games that your company has put out. l find myself playing it more.
A game with simple mechanic but depth strategy, also this developer is gameplay oriented, so its a solution to them who tired of realistic graphic game with un-fun mechanic
Great strategy game! Just started playing today. Show next and previous arrows at all time if applicable. Love it! Thanks!
I personally am very fond of this game. I cant wait for this game to grow. Its an amazing game. If you love turn based strategy games this is your go to. Also i would love to see more nations added
I love this game, I would really appreciate if you add an ability to interact with allies when we got radio uplink tech and could request reinforcement or air strike by making a waypoint as an indication for them only if theres any available infantry or air unit or atleast communicate with the nearby allies infantry if we didn't have radio uplink tech. The communication would end the infantry I used interact. I don't like when the AI just mind their business and didn't help my infantry.
My favorite of their games, with the ww2 gameplay i know roughly how each unit should fare against its enemy, sevwral factions and many units, the cost of training a unit os the number of turns before its ready, some of the big ticket units make a huge impact if they arrive to the front in time but its hard to say what the front will be like when they arrive.
I love the game, but I have to uninstall the game and reinstall it to play. After I close the tab with it, and then I need to reinstall. I hope this can be fixed, the gameplay is awesome! Edit: Yay! The recent update has fixer my problem. Now my only problem is that I can't find out how to delete skirmishes. When I go to other and then help and go to maintenence I can delete campaign maps, but not skirmishes. Other tuan that, again, I love this game!
Great game, has a lot of units used in WW2 and WW1, along with some descriptions of the units. Though, I will say, map editor is a bit difficult to use.
This game has a great community where everyone is polite and it has a forum to post new ideas and report issues which the dev responds to and also the one time I encountered a rude player who was mean to everyone I consulted an admin and never saw him again its also a smaller community and its easy to open discussions with people and have fun.
I like everything in the game mostly about the fact that it takes place in WWII, and the controls and graphics are fabulous. And I too have noticed at least one bug. The one bug I noticed is that when tap on something and I decide to go back on it so I hit no or cancel and it thinks I hit yes, so basically it puts 2 yesses instead of 1 no and 1 yes. It did this to my in the tech tree with my gold, and now I lost 2 gold to the wrong tech.
I have never found a strategy with such depth on the updates for the units that you play as. I mean how I can't see how this game could get any better but I'll just wait and see what happens in the next update I mean there is so many different types of tanks, infantry, planes, artillery and ships to use and plenty of buildings to make them with.
The controls are nightmarish and unintuitive. 5 minute into the game and I'm looking for everything! The second issue is the tutorial. This is by far the worst tutorial in a game. Let me explain what is the concept of a tutorial. A tutorial is a strict, experimental chunk of the game made for the purpose of explaining the general concepts, ideas and mechanics. 2 minute into the tutorial I have no idea what's going on and I've been a gamer for 20 years playing strategy games.
Love the art style of the game, the actual strategy, and they're constantly updating so it stays fresh.
I love the results and tbe updates , the new troops are very detail , i wish you can detailed the older troops too , but could you please just please simplified the trigger editors? I can say im an idiot and dont know how to use it but Like just put something like : if you press the troops there is an options to make them static till the player saw them , change names , and buff or nerfed the stats of the selected troops ,
I played Age of Strategy for a long time and only recently switched to Age of World Wars and I'm glad that I did. Best of it's kind in my honest opinion.
I love playing this game with my cousins, we play it almost everyday. The controls are iffy but easy to control and understand once you play the game for a while. To the developers, I would love for a new game in your series with modern day military but the same style/layout everything as this game. Keep up the great games