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Age Of Wind 2 Free

Age Of Wind 2 Free for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Deemedya INC located at 1250 Borregas Ave. #118 Sunnyvale, CA. 94089. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Free. Haven't seen ONE ad ingame, hours of fun gameplay. I can't express clearly enough how much I like the developers! I'm inclined to play their other games due to this. Almost nervous to try the third installment (didn't know it existed), but they probably did right in that onr too! Thanks!
When it was released I downloaded the game and became my drug. After I bought a new phone, I searched for this game and took it again. It's addicting, It's fun, has a lot of strategy, missions, and cool songs if you like classics as I do. The only thing is that I never ended the game untill now, but I reaaally hope there will still be upgrades with new missions and ships. Good job with the game! A well deserved 5 stars! :)
I bought $4.99 in coins when I reached Pirate Bay for the 1st time, then I got killed on the way to a nearby port and all the coins I purchased disappeared. I tried the "Restore Purchase" option 4 or 5 times and I waited several minutes but the screen just froze on a "Please Wait" screen. Please give me back my coins or refund my money! !
After having it for quite a while. Just wish the whole map was there {some islands are off the map and therefore hard to find}. I'll continue playing so that I can get the best ship from Treasure Island. :)
I love the potential this game shows in every way, but there are some bugs that make it hard to play. Items marked incorrectly in the map (such as sometimes something should be marked North when it's marked South) and much of the time the suddenly stops working and edits without warning
please fix this problem. It doesn't work on samsung galaxy S4. Plays the first tutorial battle then freezes at reward claim banner afterwards. Disappointed. I really liked this game when I played it on my galaxy S3.
I can't steer the ship. It keeps going in circles, I had high hopes for this game but it wasn't worth my time trying this game.
It seems to be a fun game if I could play it more than once! I play one game then it goes to the screen "were you sttacked...?" After that I can't advance in any way. I have to uninstall and reinstall. If anybody can tell me how to fix this I'd love to rate it higher.
I enjoyed playing this game, though when you sail... You sail it like it was real It took so much time. And One thing the story is short. I finishes the game in just 1 and a Half day. I'm not that satisfied. So that Left one blank star.=) Keep up
Works great on my old Samsung galaxy...yeah the first one and on my newer Samsung galaxy core prime. Great control interface and motion. I read others complaints and they don't make sense. Never need to buy coins and spend $$! You earn $ to repair ship and buy new ship by defeating enemy ships. You then pick up cargo and sell it in port. Graphics obviously indicate that. Oddly, you do not need to be at the level stated to buy a more powerful ship.
Literally impossible to play. Could not control the ship at all. There was nothing in telling you how to play. The slightest twitch of screen causes to wonder off. Getting it to turn is easy as you go round and round in circles. Could be fun but again impossible to steer. Also it gives you tasks and doesn't give you options to accept them or not. No way to dock to sale inventory. Upgrades were massively expensive. And again it's impossible to steer. Or aim. Smh. Waste of time.
It's a good game and my opinion better than the 3rd one. It gets annoying though when it automatically slows the ship down when you get close to other ones. It's long enough traveling between ports without it constantly slowing you down. It also gets annoying to hold the view button to see what's in front of you. That needs to be sure switch selecting between the two. The hidden objectives also need to give hints after trying to find them for so long, people will give up and stop playing if it gets to boring. Other then that good game.
For goodness sakes. Have a freaking tutorial and make it possible to dock in the first port you come across. There are no instructions on how to dock, no indications as to how you can return to port. It's simply God awful to leave a game with high potential with such a poorly implemented introduction to the game.
I gave four stars because on the 2 or 3 task where you have to plunder the merchant my game crashes when the merchant fires its first round otherwise its great and can i suggest you put this game for pc on like steam or something because this is the best sailing/pirate app ive seen on the app store. EDIT: I love this I just had an android illusion at the time which was a really crap phone
I got stuck on the black pirates mission screen where it starts: "were you attacked?" and there is nothing to press to advance or close the screen to move on. So the game is stuck there and I can't even play.
No button to accept the mission objective so cannot progress. Only a few minutes into the game, I see it has happened to others as well. Looked quite good up to then, shame.
I'm on galaxy s4 I would rate it higher but there are a few things that could be fixed that I see... one a scroll bar on the stats would be lovely aswell as the map.. controls a bit glitchy and sometimes it just bugs out and my ship starts going everywhere however I am going to support this app by purchasing it because over all it was alright.
I'M about to restart, but I wish I could get my old stuff back. The game is a little cheesy, but it has great graphics and a great story line. After I beat this one, I'm going to play the third game.
Too short of gameplay, beat it in less than a week & i don't play a lot. Also barely got to lv 14, need lv 16 to unlock the best ship. Pointless to level up 2 more levels for that. May as well not exist
All dialogs have a scroll bar on right hand side. Just drag down a few times on the right and you will see arrow to continue. Sell all loot from battles pick battles with 2 or less ships. Easy money from this. When selling its also hidden scroll bar on right side. Rotate your phone sideways to control ship.
Fun game, pretty much have to do story line to get experience and you pay to get anywhere. I paid for repairs only to have to pay for more repairs after I just did so. It doesn't fully repair the ship despite having paid to do so. This runs you dry pretty fast, so you buy more coins to get things back in balance. So why do it that way? Well, raiding only costs you more and you don't make enough raiding to cover things. Good graphics and decently large map. Like I said, fun but costly for a free game.
Took a bit of getting used to, but now addicted. I love the way players can progress to bigger ships without having to shell out real cash. Just collect up the barrels of debris and sell the booty. Repair your ship by salvaging red cross boxes. Steer your ship at right angles to enemy vessels to give them a broadside without being hit yourself. Hoist the mainsail me hearties!
Need a game to use up those spare hours at the office but tired of tower defense and word games? Don't want to continually spend money to remain competitive? This is a solo campaign that takes more than just a couple hours to complete and once you've started you can't drop it until you're done! (you can still pause and auto-save) Limited ads that don't interrupt game play and hours of free fun... this one's worth a look. Anyone that claims otherwise simply has a terrible phone or no idea how the game works!
Tilt sensitivity seems to adjust itself down to the point that trying to turn becomes almost impossible. The ship often fires from the side facing away from any enemy ships, or will angle shot towards a father ship than the one right next to you. A tutorial would be nice. Only a couple ports have different prices on goods, and the difference isn't as large as the devs would have you believe. The missions speak of rewards, but you don't get them.
I do like the game but a few things are messing up the game. Map can't be move around so we can see more of it. When you exit the map, your Ship fires the cannons. Scrolling the item list is very difficult as the touch function on the scroll bar is not properly placed. I would give 5star if map is movable(without that I can't see the rest of the map and it's making gmeplay very difficult as now I can't find where is san Luis so I can't advance now!!!) and some big fixes are implemented as well.
Great game brought man of war ship come back the next day and it replaced it with a Carrick with no upgrades never even brought one of them my money was gone and the mission was the same so now I'm just ticked off by this game
i installed the game today and purchase for $1.99 300000 coins. but unfortunately it is not showing. it shows 5000 coins which is default. not worth spending money, I normally pay for different games say Age of Kings, Boom Beach etc. but this is 1st time money deducted but coins did not came. bad service.
I absolutely loved this game when I had it a few years ago. It has great gameplay, a gripping story and nice graphics for its time. My only issue is the bad English in the descriptions which detract from the story.
But needs more something! Lol Like better Camera Views 4 one thing... And better mapping... And those LONG boring cross water trips are awful... Add a turbo button maybe! Just to get to where your going quicker...