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Age of Warring Empire

Age of Warring Empire for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Elex located at Unit 04,7/F,Bright Way Tower, No.33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i used to play it from longtime. started in 2014 and finally quit in 2019. the app has now become too messy (interface, premium events, boring events, etc)
I have been playing this game for eight years. I look forward to playing every day and seeing what new the developers come up with. I would suggest this game for anyone. I have made a lot of friends while playing this game. Some in the US and some overseas. Hope to see you in battle 😎🙏
awesome game, been playing for going on 6 years and updates and new features for the game are excellent. Great game
Although though mechanics and gameplay are superb, the authoritative figures in the game at times harass and target players, abusing their power and at the same time ignoring others that do as you or worst with zero consequences. In short, the fairness of the policies and standards are at the convenience of those with authoritative access, and not as the appropriate responses.
OMG customer services are pointless!!! The lag in big events drive you nuts and new events never work. Played this for a long time but i doubt it will be around much longer.
Great game that has come a long way in becoming an elite game that has made it affordable for everybody to get the items needed to be able to be competitive with all players, whether it be the big spenders, or non-spenders, basically closing the gap to make it an even playing field. Great Job!
There isnt any good guide for new comers and lack of support from the developers as well as GM tend me to give 1 star.
used to be great an i played for years n spent several thousand dollars then came server mergers an i lost my account somehow an i didnt get help to get my account back that i had taken years to build..had many friends online also that know who i am an still they didnt help because they want me to restart hoping ill spend thousands again well i found a new game call3d game of sultans who are now getting my money
big time Money grab!!! remember the line from War Games : '''The ONLY winning move.........is ........ NOT TO PLAY!!!!!''' There are too TOO many heroes with new ones that outclass the previous onez.... U've been WARNED!!!!!!! sign at G collection scams, taxing when NOT lawful!! US [NOT =] American..... Review war for independence. .. & 11th ammendment
this game has grown so much since I started, they are good about fixing/ compensating for errors, love the heroes
big time Money grab!!! remember the line from War Games : '''The ONLY winning move.........is ........ NOT TO PLAY!!!!!''' There are too TOO many heroes with new ones that outclass the previous onez.... U've been WARNED!!!!!!! sign at G collection scams, taxing when NOT lawful!! US [NOT =] American..... Review war for independence. .. & 11th ammendment.
Never loads up! 1 out of 10 times it will work.... tired everything and still the same... spent money for timed events and lose out because it won't load up....
It was great for the last 7 years... I could not log in for 5 days. Have uninstall and install, typically a thing you need to do. But... I had to share my whole contracts, pictures... etc... I quit... no loyalty...
I like the game but somehow my account was uninstalled and now I cannot get it back I am really disappointed I was at level 42 I believe and I have put a lot of money into it I am really disappointed
This game is the biggest pay to play app that ever existed.The only events you can win or participate,make you buy thousands of gold
I play since 2015, stopped for a while because its pay to play. Make it a bit easier for us to devlope and have high level heros without purchasing gold and items
Made my first huge buy since coming back an the game crashes. It's funny that there updates always says, "fixed some know issues" I'm pretty disappointed already.
The worst pay to win game I have ever played. All events are money related. New events and updates all cost more money. They keep opening new servers and just leaving the old ones to die with players that have invested a lot of money.
Poor customer support. They respond to you like bots. Poor developers team coz game has been with a lot of bugs since 2 years. Customer support is also sub standard. I heard Lead g.m. RC ( male) replies with different female names in support.
Don't ever spend money on Elex games. Worst company ever. Game has a LOT of bugs. And when you can't retrieve what you p(l)ayed for because of one, they tell you it is not their problem and they are not going to do anything about or even look into it. Has loads of players cheating with automation bots, which they also do nothing about.
i used to play this game alot back on servers from 11 to 74, and was hoping to start playing again, but it seems they have stopped adding servers and stopped any real updates to the game. so its a game on the brink of total shutdown. makes me sad, because it was such a good game, even tho it did turn into a pay to win game, it was still fun.
I am playing this game for years but now Iam annoyed with constant "map loading". This is not "hard" game to load and I have new phone so there is no prob here. This happening when I am loqfing game for the first time... Game loads normaly... I enter city and when you try someting its start loading and loading several minutes until he make it playeble:/ Also if I am almost there to collect someting... It starts new sets of gems or something and then collect all over again. Frustrating :/
It is not working in my mobile jio data. Only working in wifi.. Please help..if anybody knows this issue
A very good game.Most people say its pay to win,but I strongly disagree.If you can find yourself an active alliance,and participate in all events,it can be very awesome.
Awesome game, I enjoy it alot. What I like is that the game keeps evolving. I didnt play for 3 months and i regret that, but I'm back going strong lol. It's sorta like riding a bike. There are things I'm gonna have to re-learn, but this game is very well worth it... Hope this helps, I also wanted to say this game is worth learning. Heck I'm always learning in this game.
Can't even log in after spending $100's of dollars. Can't find out why and have no way to contact developers outside of game (which again won't load) piece of trash app, I've uninstalled reinstalled, tried mobile data instead of wifi, and restarted my phone. Pathetic how much you guys make off this app and you can't even manage to keep it available to play.
Unfortunately I'm experiencing problems with the app I'm using a brand new Samsung tab a and the app says it's not optimised for the device I have several Samsung phones which all run the same device update as the tablet but I still seem to be having issues with game play e.g screen is slightly out for touch and is a major problem please try fix this
Been playing for years since 2013. Long time fan. And never had to pay to play. Iv got ways around it that still allow me to keep a decent pace with the rest of the players who do part
Fun game but my dad brother and I all have the same phone and have a hard time opening the app. when opening it will show a white screen with a black banner with the title at the top.
huge 💰 pit. even if you spend big (1k per week) you still lose. damage ratios between a Max acct and a half Max acct you still lose. stats and level of gears no longer matter. they get you to spend for nothing. don't waste time. customer service is horrible. all automated responses.
This is a good game... Please make sure that the materials required for equipment creation is equally distributed in the magic tower. Right now it's highly uneven...
updates after the SERVER MERGERS that they NEVER DISCLOSE they will DO 2 YOU AT THE START i can't even start the game- so OBVIOUSLY I cant rate the controls or game play EXCEPT that when I was on ghey are BUY their GOLD to be competitive, once you fall behind may as well get on your knees and be ready to take it with ZERO lube.... are you sure you still wanttoplay?
I have played for many years. At the beginning it was a great game. You met people from all over the world. Now not so great is more who can spend more money in the game. It's no worth spending the money you really don't get to enjoyed the game. They keep opening new servers but neglect the old ones. 😥
money hungry dev's. dirty tactics to force "micro" purchases (giving "random" players free equipment and coins.) . was fun at first when dev's cared about players. a long. time. ago 500$ and many hours spent/wasted to be forgotten and scammed by none other than the super greedy dev's. fun game. only if you have $ great community few are toxic most are great people. met many great friends lost many also beware. meaningless money pit but fun and addictive for the first few years till devs forgets u
game used to be good, now there are many bugs in events, there is too much lag in events. some servers are dead or dying because no merge in over 2 years
worst playing experience!!!! have been playing this game since inception but cldnt log into my other accounts...devs sucks!
Gacha style, with interesting city building behind it. P2W (as most Gacha games are), but the feedback loop is well designed, so it's actually fun to play
The amount of money I wasted on this game was ridiculous glad I don't play anymore it's just a money grab like EA
Latest update causes the app to crash if you don't give it permission to make and receive phone calls from your device. Why does this game need to make phone calls at all? Customer service refused to answer the question.
used to play it back in 2013 dowloaded ot again could not even start the game it loads to 90 percent and gets stuck had to uninstall it again
I am unable to login to the game on my normal internet connection. Only wifi connection works for this game. For the games my normal internet connection is working very well. Please fix the problem.
I'm highly addicted to this game, love it but there developers offer crappy customer service. I've been banned from the chat because I sent them a screenshot of the chat where I said "teen" which they censored. This is their way of thanking me, highly considering requesting a refund for as much as google will give back and quitting the game.
I don't get the in-app what I pay for, they compesate me very unfairly with 200gc . Thats not what I pay for, why false adds when you are not giving the inn-app. Also Customers service Chat very bad, they will never reply on time. Can't trust
Game is dead and constantly bugged. Every week there's either lag in big events or events are taken down due to bugs. Devs responses are generic copy and paste with no actual inclination to read what was written. Useless old game
Worst app plz don't download the app waste of time and internet and of money also if you put some Always there is a bug in a game , there servers are always down I made a recharge of ₹10100 in the game for gc and many other gift They cut money from my account and it's 12hr the gc and rest rewords haven't came yet I complaint to there coustmer service now they are just want time of recharge and proff Every week there servers are down Anytime they will take your all gc now keep complaining
All inter server events have bewn facing kag issue for more than 1 year but the developers are not able to correct it. All they care about is the money they get from alliance legend event and the server 171 for which they are killing other servers one by one.
Account for sale .. i played this game 8 years ago i have a big empire lvl 36 alot of materials,gems, heroes and golden mony over 100000 so you can change any thing u wanna and max any heros gems etc .. nw i don't have alot of time to play so i want to sell the account if some one interested ..
WAS FORCED to give 1 star as there were no BLACK HOLE objects to more accuratly describe the MONEY pit that this ?APP? really is ! ! You will NEVER be a top notch player with all the deep pocket players that are in the game... I read a review that quoted from a war game movie that the ONLY winning move was NOT T O play!
The developer is a crook makes you spend money for rewards and then strips them from you , comes up with stupid excuses we are sorry we will fix this. Then does it every time and the same excuse. Game is ok but crooks if you ask many and it won't let me post a picture of their nonsense
purchased gold. didnt get my items. contacted customer support ingame. they admit it was an event problem but they wont give me my items or my money back. i reported the problem to google with screenshots of the event and also the conversation with the game developer but google wont help. they agree it was an event problem and its the game developers responsibility to refund my money or give me the items i paid for but they wont do anything about it.
It is a wonderful Fun game to play a new server would be nice I would like to see hot spot arena come back on new server Great Job to the developers 😊
great game i enjoy it this game keeps evolving and that is a good thing too. i didnt play for 3 months and i regret that but im back going hard. its sorta like riding a bike but there are things im gonna have to relearn but worth it
I've been playing server 169 for about 7 years now. Developers don't solve bugs or lagging issues accordingly or in a timely manor. 169 hasn't seen a merge in roughly 2 years and it's next to dead. You send a complaint in and all you get is a auto response or a GM that can barely speak English. This game has been the most disrespectful game I've ever played for the $ tens of thousands I have spent on it. If I could give these idiots a 0 rating
Recent update not fix login issue for me. I use Google play games, so deleted AWE app & reinstalled. Skipped tutorial, closed app & forced stop. Run AWE app again, wait a bit for google play games to catch up then select profile, load new game and back up :-)). If nothing happens try settings - Account - google+ button to get google play games app to kick in. Worked on both my android devices. Good luck.
Why this gane wants to gain access of making calls? The issue was rais d to lead GM RC and he ignored it calling it normal practice in games. Chinese are collecting our data as usual. They won't allow you to g t into the game if you don't give access.
Wants access to your contacts. The game has no need to collect your contacts details. A classic example of Chinese games trying to collect all the data from your phone. Even if you agree to share it. Be wary, Only play this game if you can buy regularly. Any amount to the max offer options. Regularly. Not once or twice.
Games like these should be banned from play store..its a scam game..they will keep bringing new things in game which can only be brought by real money and after buying they will introduce some thing better making previous spent money useless..this is a loop process by the developers to scam players money..there are better games in play store,i recomend never to play this game or any game which asks players for real money to become a good gamer.
Fix your game let it rotate with the phone and optimize the game for a full screen display. For people who don't play this game don't start there are much better games out there.
Played this game for yrs..Now its just a joke developers not interested on improving it.. its all about money..!!! SERVERS are dead..so i wouldn't bother installing it if i were you..
its a good game , really expensive game. if you dont pay you dont really get to play . needs better fighting events that really give what you need. cash is king here . in one event it takes 55000 gold coin to get something you need . ridiculous
love the game, has everything anypne woupd want... however there is a small learning period. it took me a couple of months to get the hang of it, but now that im getting better at this game i really love it. you will too
big time Money grab!!! remember the line from War Games : '''The ONLY winning move.........is ........ NOT TO PLAY!!!!!''' There are too TOO many heroes with new ones that outclass the previous onez....