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Age of Strategy

Age of Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Zero Touch group located at Budapest 1224 XI. u. 3/b. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hi! the game is incredible!! But there is one problem. I'm playing on a phone that's not full notch, so when starting a match there is always a small section of my back ground showing which is very annoying please fix this thx! Edit: I realised I didn't give the game credits for being so incredible and the people working on it seem so humble. The game is fun and simple multiplyer and single player and I just found out they you can sell the maps you created for gems to buy upgrades and cosmetics
Pretty fun, don't expect incredible graphics-it's more of a... quality gameplay rather than a graphics game. I honestly prefer the pixel art style to a more complicated 3D style, but that's just my opinion.
It's one of my favorite mobile games ever. The old school art style is just perfect...I love this game and I play it every single day.
This game is very fun I never played strategy games like this also collecting soldier is very fun and has their unique moves
Ye sorry turns out that that I didn't realize scouts aka the dog couldn't move through what look like trees because the building I spawned it in at was surrounded by them 😂 sorry again.
I like all games but one my suggestion for new game. The game name is age of end and add races like zombies, robots, aliens, mutants like Godzilla , gaint spiders and add race of survivals.
NICE!NICE!NICE! I have been playing this game for 4 months now and it really has improved alot, You guys make a pretty good team and i like how this game is made! I have downloaded your other games too! And i will make a review on them later~ So i have a feww suggestions to this game: 1.Can you add Asian based campain? I mean you guys added some samurais?? I will definetly cool! 2.Crusader campaign, where you can fight other orders! Please add more units to every order i will wait 4 it! Thanks♡
Stopped crashing, now works good. Is good game, I'd recommend you download it, if it's not exactly your style, then try age of world wars.
A game with simple mechanic but depth strategy, also this developer is gameplay oriented, so its a solution to them who tired of realistic graphic game with un-fun mechanic
Fun & like offline. Low quality graphics & seem to need to shut off game & reopen at times, or would be 5*
really fun game and a gem in the current selection of turn based strategy games. if you enjoy turnbased games this is a game for you. However the gameplay doesnt have a large amount of variety amd can get repetative, however what you do get is high quality.
Dude!!! I am speachless, how is this a mobile game!!! Its like an Age of Empires game on mobile. I love it I live it I love it!!!!! Bro, amazing work. I can't believe how good this game is. Creator, I was wondering, could you mabe make an samurai or viking or pirate Unit Skin Pack. Please.
Make texts readable. I cant read a single word in the tasks letter, the simple white text on yellow and impossible to read. Fix texts colors. UPD: sent you set of screenshits with unreadable texts. it was hard to find your email :\
This game is great. It is a little confusing at the start but gets very easy to learn later on. I wish you could add a map creator so i could make my own styles of maps and play against bots like that. Overall i love the game. Good Job!
Good game I love it would be better if U could do a Greek theme on units and maps and add gods or even one about the world
This developer makes some pretty good games. The graphics are a classic pixelated look that I enjoy a lot.
I didn't think I'd like this game, but I'm amazed at how deep it is. It's easy to learn, but hard to master. Hundreds of diffrent units exist, ranging from simple infantries and cavarly, to iconic historical troops like Spartans, Vikings, Romans, Samurai, and even Winged Hussars. It really makes you think about your moves, and requires a good strategy to win. The best part is that it's 100% free, meaning you can't buy your way to victory. I can't even fit all my words in. Thank you, Daniel.
Fun game, some of the english is broken and sometimes it's hard to understand. Some of the directions on campaign missions are lacking or arent clear. I'm stuck on the mission city drama and I caught the spies but nothing happens
I like Age of Strategy so much that I play everyday. It is so addicted I stop playing other games till I finish this lovely gem. Definitely recommend this game to everyone of all ages!
There is no offline mode for multiplayer in this game? such a bummer. Please create LAN mode of this one.
the game is nc but u dint follow the exact story like the trojan war i left the wooden horse but destroy it they didn't tke and i hope u update this and become like rts when u move not turn turn.
I really enjoy this game, overall the features are great; with game modes, campaigns, and even a map designer. The game updates regularly with improvements. The unit types are growing and the factual information about them. It is well balanced and fun. Multiplayer games are great, though make some friends playing and talking in chat. Some games may take a while to play through, depending on the size of map. Donate if you like the game cause it truly is good.
this game is very fun and challenging but this game is most for strategy if you really play strategy games turn base ones but I love it
This game is dope-ish 🤩🤩. Real time strategy, gosh I'm already addicted to it, graphics not that bad, only issue is players that don't come online to finish their multiplayer games 😂😂....but bravo developers 🍾🥂
It's Too Good Game I Like It So Much I Just Want To Make It Less Challenging We Don't Have Any Upgrades Bots Have All Upgrades In 1 Town Vs 1 Town We Lose As We Don't Have Upgrades So I Think We Should Have A Button That Bots Have That Much Upgrades As We Do
Think of a turn based age of empires 2. This game is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. It's artsyle is AOE2 retro sprites. It has a lot of similar units, upgrades, features etc. Except it's all turn-based. Online works pretty good too. It's got a lengthy tutorial to get you started, or jump into a plethora of campaigns.
Age of Strategy is a free turn based Strategy Game set in the Age of Empires and knights, vikings and samurais, winged hussars and Templars and many more! Loads of campaigns, skirmishes and multiplayer games are waiting for you! NOT a pay to win game! The in-app payment option is for donations only. The game is a retro-like 8-bit game, so it is not pretty and it has no fancy animations. This is a pure gameplay-oriented turn based strategy. ***FEATURES*** - More than 280 Campaign maps to pass (Historical ones too! eg: Battle of Troy and so on) - More than 90 Skirmish maps to fight on - More than 200 units and buildings - More than 50 technologies to invent - Rewarding system: Collecting stars on each map (Based on your performance) will grant you gems used for unlocking new troops or buildings! - Spell Upgrades: Do you find a map too hard? You can ease the difficulty with various spells that can be bought with gems! (Used on consumption) - Battle against AI on skirmish maps like in classic strategy games! - Battle against or with real players worldwide! - Design your own maps with the Map Editor feature! (Still in Beta) - Achievement system to make your experience more enjoyable! - A friend list! Go out there and meet new people! - Upgrades section containing hundreds of new units, technologies and buildings openable with gems (Including some fun units)! ***UNIT REQUESTS*** There are many requests for new and unique units (eg. historical heroes), I am pretty open to this since it's pretty easy to implement a new unit. Please join the forum, post there the idea and i will make it! ***IF YOU INSTALL IT*** - Please be kind with the rating, since this app is in the middle of development. - Feel free to send me any suggestions concerning any part of the game (Gameplay, units, unit properties, new unit suggestions, graphics etc...) - If you would like to take part in creating this game (eg. graphics, translation, ideas) send me an email and/or join the forums! ***FOR A START*** 1. Go to Single Player (Or skirmish) 2. Play a map 3. If you have any, send me suggestions! 4. If not, enjoy the game! Have fun! COLLAPSE
Game is great so far some connectivity issues but i love the scale and depth of this game highly enjoyable
I've been looking for an 8bit style rts. This is great so far; doesn't drain my battery and the AI is decent too.
This is unlike any other turn-based strategy games I have played. The graphics aren't the greatest, but the strategy in this game will always challenge you and never get repetitive or old like all the other strategy games I have played (thanks to the constant updates by the great developers). It has easy campaigns and a lot of difficult campaigns that always provide a challenge. (None of them are pay to win though)
This game is very fun but takes a little time to learn. However the music is amazing and helps keep you engaged even when struggling to learn some of the finer details of this game. I would give this a nine out of ten, I hope the devs keep working on it because this game has lots of potential.
Wooooow my fav game like age of strategy for android free latest version free latest version free latest version free latest version free
+lots of single player campaigns and you can make your own -AI uses unfamiliar gem units, so new players are at a disadvantage Edit: Just reinstalled, so I don't know if the bugs in multiplayer was fixed, but I do remember certain campaigns have descriptions, but they're gone right now
Fun addicting, strategic as ever. Aside graphics this game is everything I been looking for on a android.
For a free game its mutch better then most basic buy strategy games on the market. Get over the graphics, this is the strategy game you want.
One of the best strategy games I have played on phone. It surprised me how many campaigns are there in the game. The game is free which make is even more nice. Amazing game.
So i am justing waiting for more and more units. Also if it's possible,when i do upgrade can i know exact units i can get from tech tree? It is slightly annoying. And when will the beta map editor will be out?
Actually quite a cool game. Kinda like a simpler version of age of empires, but turn based insteas of real time, and with some more humorous and creative elements too. Also there is a LOT of levels.
i can't move trops...whatever i dont want this..i want age of empire 2 for Android...please please make this game available for android...make comfortable version of AOE2 for Android
It is not loading on my phone Unable to play UPDATE:OK UPDATE 2: Great game, The developer of the game is also a very humble person. If you understand the game its fun
the game covers many aspects I like that many others dont such as unit building and strategy for moving said units
1. The game has no Undo button. It is very bad if by mistake a wrong action is taken in a turn. Please provide an UNDO button (and also a REDO button) in the next version. 2. Is damage calculated like this? Damage = Power/(A+1) (where A = Armour if range = 1, A = Pierce Armour is range > 1) I don't think this is the formula. If so then how is it calculated?
Great game, I spent entirely too much time playing it :). One request though, maybe more single player campaigns that award gems?
Pretty good, not best graphics but runs smooth & is playable w/o the p2w garbage found in other games...
Great and fun game, I have some suggestions though. Early Handgonner- Armed with the early stick looking gun instead of the rifle looking handgonne. Axeman- Like swordsman & upgrades, just with an axe, maybe a bit different stats. Peasant with sword- A peasant with a sword, no shield. Longswordsman- Like a swordsman, just with a longsword. Oh also same skins for all teams because I want the enemy to have golden handgonner then I change so I have shadow.
I doesn't matter thanks for the game you're doing a great job BTW: there is also a bug that if a unit steps on a stealth unit they instantly die
Well done on a brilliant game. Love the historic side of the game, just won the battle of kadesh, brilliance.
The second tutorial (on how to train units) didnt even give any instructions so i died twice. This wouldnt be an issue if the game was in any way intuitive on its own. plz fix.
A very instering game entertaing and chalengeing at the same time i love how big it is and advanced ive been looking for somthing like this so thanks creators
What an amazing game, its an incredibly fun and easy to learn but hard to master. Incredible that its free and not pay to win! Id say the best game on the app store is right here!
I do not like many games on my phone, so only this game is, after started play multiplayer games, I enjoy it even more, for me ideal is turn based strategy, nothing happens if I have no time for game.. :) no ads, it's best strategy game experience for me at the moment
What is there to really complain about? Its add free has no pay walls and an amazing kind community and a dev who really listens to the community when they post on the awesome forum and even puts in some user made content like levels art and units.
Could you pls fix where the castle cant show the production menu also the graphics glitch where units and technology wirds are swapped during the game
The games graphics are not as good as most games now a days, but it took me back to when games where super fun. I loved the gameplay because it reminded me of Age of Empires. The simple controls allow you to focus more on strategy rather than how to figuring out how to work the game. Mulityplayer is a great feature cause then you can play friends. Overall great game and I wish to see more like it.
In depth strategy. Better than 99% of others out there. Especially if you're looking for something to play with friends or colleagues.
Nothing I hate more than game designers who waste your time with bad sections when the basic design has a lot of potential. This game is like that.
This game has a lot more depth and strategy than the others - it's not just some formula to take your money. Lots of intriguing possibilities with different units tech etc.
I really like the game like being able to make your units look like you want with the packs really like strategy games you can play offline.I like to think of it as Chess with attitude.
A perfect strategy game. One can get upgrades without paying real money and the maps are interesting.
I think faith could improve moral and help technology and armor but fanatism can give power instead of armor like what you call "fervor religion" taking for example one armor. I'm trying to say faith is very much positive unless is fanatism that is not faith. Is my share of studying theology also computer science, for example Pascal was theologian and the 1°machine before computer was his invention. Thanks, 4 reason & faith😊! Pd: It "ate" the "encuesta" i made and diamonds too, but thanks!
I am liking the game alot but starting out was a little tricky to understand, However if you have the patience to read the tutorial it's pretty easy to get the hang of
Its an epic strategy game, that grants a rewarding experience, where you unlock items as you hone your skills and acquire better units and techs. It also provides the player with medieval gamestyle which is very hard to find. My only complaint is that while it is engaging and fun, I found that the game involves infantry with guns; and while this provides no problem in itself I have always enjoyed medieval games with knights, swords and bows, and the addition of guns ruins that experience.
This game is fun they have many and I mean many different kinds of troops, with lots of maps. You can ethier make up your own battles or play set battles.
game play is great so far, will update after I have more time in. graphics are meh.. but that's ok with me, I care more about gameplay than gfx.
the game is amazing it has me attach to it and I been playing another game from the same developers and they see that they know what they are doing. Trully an amazing game.
Cant select multiple buildings/ TC s and create units at the same Time . Add an icon with this feature, it saves time, also improve multiple selected unit waypoint movement , sometimes units go were they please. If movement and unit making was a bit more polished id give it a 5, other than that its perfect. Uniwar and Age of strategy are the best turn based games out there.
I am having the same account issues in this one as age of fantasy, I have an account in age of world war, and it said to earn 10 extra gold try one or both of these games, so that is what I did, and it won't let me log into my account to record the fact that I did this. :(
Difficult to learn the interface. Some obvious features like surrendering from lost battles are hidden behind disabled menu trees that you don't even know about without combing every setting and option in the multiple layers of menus outside the game. Slow and boring to play solo, with a steep learning curve that only rewards you if you're perfect every time. But fun to play with a friend because their reactions to surprises are great.
so far it's been a really fun game, wish it was available for iOS so I could play with some of my friends but other then that it's pretty solid so far. edit: I've downloaded the other two games (fantasy and world wars) and I have to say I think this is the best one out of them imo.
Just had a freind download and complete all task and got no gems like promised.. I'm about to delete the game in less I get feed back shortly. Thanks
Great game, but I feel like there should be an undo button for miss clicks when moving. Also the AI pathfinding for way points isn't the best, u might have to do it manually
This is a great game, but maybe just a little too hard. it gets easier with experience and upgrades. It is also addictive.
Amazing game..I just wish the tutorial covered more things, like how to upgrade units and such. Having a multilayer game have a shorter window if desired. Other than that great game!
Strategic fantasy sandbox wargame at its best. There is an abundance of scenario and character options, and the it's got some serious depth in its massive upgrading tech tree. It can be a little challenging at times, but it really pays once you start getting the tactical aspects down.
Tactical goodness. Its an essence game for anyone that loves old school stragedy combinding rich scenarios and solid advancements. Two thumbs up. Update: the first part is still true 2 years later. Even better now. Tonnes more content. It can be adjusted to your level of tactfulness. Plus one stars for that. Good job DEVS!!!
Great strategy game! The tutorial is decent enough to get you started. Only thing that needs improvement is the tech tree. No clear paths, everything seems to be kinda just thrown in there somewhere. I mean... Tie fighter? really? anyways, give it a shot. go through the first campaign and you'll probably enjoy it if you enjoy the civilization games.
some very challenging levels but could use better explanations of what clases each unit is in, like calvalry or archers or foot soldiers, and whats weak to what. better than chess.
A great strategy game, been playing it for a few years now. Regular updates and new units added keeps it fresh.
is great for people who like tactics games and commanding there troops. all in all is a really fun game. also I think it would be cool if you made a Star Wars one as it would make me happy
Only giving out daily rewards for multiplayer gaming is absolutely the most brain dead idea I have ever seen. We play the game but can only claim the reward for playing a MP game. I hate MP phone games. Most of them are full of nothing but trolls. Why are we forced to play MP? Seriously ridiculous. Oh and the obnoxious CONSTANT pings on my phone that its "your turn". I dont need to be reminded every 15 damn minutes. Uninstalled. What a joke.
it is very fun I enjoy playing with my friends thank you for responding they are easy for you to tap the wrong button I was playing the game to find the problem and couldn't find it sorry for wasting your time also I don't no if it's in the options but I think there should be an option for a confirm end turn button there have been a few times where I accidentally pressed the end turn button
Four stars only because have not seen it all yet. Great play. Wide variety of maps. Upgrade for everything. So far one of the best strategy game out there
Quaint and massive. I love retro grafix with stupidly large amounts of things to do. My only issue is I can't find the "make map" function otherwise I'd be making maps more than playing them
This game is good and all but it's confusing at first so add more tutorials for what the wizard powers mean etc and just keep on making the game better.
Stop updating the game. for what?! if you want to update your game, Id like to earn more diamonds on playing scenerio games and also earning unlockable "updates" in scenerio. NOT ALL PEOPLE WANT CHEAP SOLDIER UPDATES when you update the whole game. Thanks
The fact that this game is free is amazing. It is so detailed and rich and 100% strategy based. The only downside is that some maps are so huge that it can take hours just to beat one level. But it's fun doing so.
I like the game. I just wish that one can save your progress and place it on new phone. I have to start from the beginning now.
I love this game, its better than the age of world wars. Why? Because it challenges me to do my best in strategy. Also this game is harder than i thought, i like it. It's like fighting against another player, because the AI have the better technology like it already have all the units also the spells. While i didnt unlike all of them yet, that makes me exposed and weak. Yet i like it Also while in loading screen it shows some cool pictures, age of world wars dont have thanks for this cool game
Good so far, an actual game, dont be like me and just buy a bunch of units right away go for buildings, though the tie fighter is hilarious
Classic TBS with a heavy influence from old games like Age of Empires. I only gave it 4 stars because the UI could be better/intuitive. Lots of content and lots of fun with a mild learning curve.