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Age of Magic: RPG & Strategy

Age of Magic: RPG & Strategy for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Playkot LTD located at Cyprus, Nicosia, Strovolos, 2035, Stavrou, 56,Office 104. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I would give this 5 stars but so far seems really hard to buy any kind of upgrading stuff but as for everything else storyline graphics that is all amazing and if thebuyingthi he gets easier I will come back and give the 5 stars but in order to keep playing and advancing in the game it's really kinda hard at the moment waiting to see if that improves
Age of magic is a fun RPG lot to do but when it comes down to character factions how they work which characters you need on each team for certain passives to be a viable aspect of the game it's a money grab it's 100%. After the newest update the druid rework you can now buy heroes that were locked behind the magic pass with some kind of magic pass currency that you only get from owning the magicpass. The game has free content doesn't make it free. The undead faction use to be farmable. 9.99each
Game is pretty good. Sorry is good but feels like it was rushed. Biggest problem I have is when I purchase an upgrade pack for a character I keep getting a tutorial that pops up which prevents me from using the upgrade item for the character I purchased it for. I'm stuck using it on the character they point to instead bearing in mind I HAVE COMPLETED THIS TUTORIAL SERVERS ALL TIMES ALREADY!!!!!!!!! Play the game but don't put money into it. You'll end up getting screwed over also.
Man, this game was fun, has a great potential but within 2 hours I realised I hit a brick wall so quickly. Maxed out my first characters and I'm held back at act 2 of the light portal, and I have to grind hard just to progress or add "friends" for their high lvl characters to progress. No pride in this. I gave 5 stars at the start for its aesthetics and gameplay but it's ultimately an app that makes you anxios to buy heroes and stuff just for you to get ahead. 2 stars for money bait strategy.
This is definitely a cash oriented game once you get to level 80 it's so hard to level up characters unless you buy chests or anything as long as your willing to spend money and when you make suggestions you don't get feed back ive been playing for over a year now and think it's time to get rid will not recommend
Well, playing this game for a year now. Year ago, with small investments like 15E per month, you were able to play. You were not the top player,but good enough that it is interesting to play. In last 3 months, playkot is working in opposite way and now it is just money grabbing game. I have 800k acc, invested over 300e and this is my last month of playing. P.s. admins usually reply with stupid generic answer which is not true, do not believe them.
Too many issues with the purchases of equipment for characters. If you buy one. Wait a little bit to buy the others as it will not always give them too you right away. Also when buying equipment, make sure you read what it says. It usually reads it will fill in the pieces you are missing but after purchasing, it may not give you all of them. You may still have to search for them.
Latest update screws over all players. Rewards reduced by 50% or more from magic pass and new currency added at a high price to allow players to buy back the rewards that you are no longer getting from the magic pass that you already pay for. Devs shouldn't even try saying you get some of the new currency for free because the tiny amount you get free doesn not make up for the missing rewards
Playkot destoyed game with two latest updates. Game dont have any sense anymore. Every modification gave worse results. From best game online it went to 1☆ waste of time.
The game is nice, good design and campaign, challenging but not taking too much time. You can play for free at the start - but soon you find yourself spending more time farming then actually playing, and as you advance - progress becomes too slow, not much choice but pay to speed it up. Off course this must be intended. The main problem is that bug fixes and promiced features happen too slow (if ever), and changes are not always for better. Playkot should listen to its players community more.
Great game, draws you in and is fun to play and wasn't too expensive until the most recent update. Now every time you want to work on maxing a character, it's $50 here and $30 there. To much!
Love this game! I play every day. Come join my clan: Angel Warriors. Update: My review used to be 5 stars. However, once you get to level 80, you are stuck. I have defeated the entire storyline in 2019 and there has been no updates to it since. Uninstalling.
All round good feel to game. Absorbing music and storyline. Looking forward to progressing the characters, a few quid here or there. Noneed to break the bank on this game..Nice job :)
great game but heavily leaning toward pay-to-win. you can also progress free-to-play, but it takes way longer and more often than not you will not be able to max the best heroes without spending or waiting literally years. EDIT3: PK continues to downplay my comment as if it is not relevant. I am subtracting 1* for every reply they give to make it seem like my comment is untrue. The game is P2W and I stand by that. I've been playing 2 yrs and have 930k power.
I'm not easily fooled by grubby games nowadays so I was pleasantly surprised. There are some grind softeners, graphics are great and all is quite enjoyable. I didn't feel I need to buy any currency so far. Review edit. Sadly each recent update makes the game more and more pay to win. Cant recommend it to new players with clear conscience.
This game has decent graphics, but they could have made this game worth playing by simply adding speech and packs actually worth buying, I would love to spend money on this game but it simply isn't worth even the £1.79 pack, if they update and add speech and far more content and hero specs to increase then it might be worth spending on.
Having played this game for a few months now, I honestly can't recommend it sadly. There has been no new content added whatsoever in the months I have played. New characters are lazily added in once a month by way of the Magic Pass which you will need to pay for for the new characters to be of any use whatsoever. New players have been shafted due to the recent nerfs to obtaining shards for certain characters. How about giving the endgame players that are leaving in their droves something to do Playkot instead of alientating any new players? One final note, there is a special place in Hell for whoever created Tomb of Horrors!
I've been playing this game for a few months now. I must say that it's a great game. You don't need to spend money to progress. It does require you to spend money if you want to progress FAST. The community is great. High level players always open to be friends with you to help clear campaigns. Just need to open twice or thrice a day to spend those energies and do daily quests (chill gaming).
Very addictive...if I could I would probably spend hours on here. I have not used real money yet...however I will probably have to quit because I live paycheck to paycheck, until then I will continue playing the game.
*Update* I'm uninstalling now. PLAYERS beware. Whether you spend $ or NOT THESE folks will RIP YOU OFF. Maybe once upon a time it wasn't like this but we now know how GREED corrupts. See for yourself in the devs reply the inability to take RESPONSIBILITY for their business mishaps, pawning their problem off on OTHERS. WOW. GROW UP. Don't waste your money or time here folks. The GRAPHICS are lovely but definitely not worth getting scammed by THIEVES. ** FIN** I want my money back.
Fairly good game, you can play free and get a great team, it just takes a long time. The game is slowly becoming more pay though, every month they add new heros that unless you spend a fortune, you'll never level them up enough to be any good. The magic pass was good the first could of times, but now it's just a money drain. New content is always a good idea, but too many new factions and the old factions get left as useless. Only play it if your committed to the long grind
Bugs, issues, lack of content and load of broken promises... Playkot is has ruined the game... message to potential players...STAY AWAY!!!
Good graphics. That's all. That's the only good thing I think. P2W. To many pop-ups asking for money. To many bugs. Lagggg.
I want to love this game. All the foundations are right. Sadly, they have allowed the metagame to become so stagnant and for such a long time that it can't warrant a good review. The Archon faction is easily 95% of the the arena teams with not a single character different on any team. It's been like this for well over a year. Lazy, lazy development. An absolute shame.
I can't seem to win. :( been playing for couple of months already but i don't seem to increase the levels/stages i can go thru because it seems that i can't win the enemies even if they are just 1 level lower/higher than i am. Difficult to win enemies. Some images posted here also is misleading. Those are not present on the main game! Tsk tsk!
Please deactivate haptic feedback, it has no purpose, is distracting and a battery drain. insane in-game prices nice 3d demo, you'll see none of that in the game (not strategy)
This game is only for people who like spending money. There is literally nothing left for the free 2 play players after the latest update.
Absolutely wonderful!! It reminds of gzmes I have played for the last 30 years but with new and really beautiful art work and a few funny lines to smile at
The game is dead. All Playkot is doing monthly pass for a hero nobody want and changing the game to make the player spend more money and not adding content of making improvements. I played the game for a year. Spent around $1000 and now I'm very disappointed. I wish I didn't spend a penny on this game. Update after latest response: How did you break what was working before, by adding new pay content?! You do not have testers? Playkot completely ignores the voice of gaming community. Still 0☆
Interesting, bit of a money grab. But fun to develop... Grind style of game, good graphics, interesting teams set-up. A bit unbalanced. Edit: If you would like further comment on it, and/or utilizing the "Help" button in game, please buy the monthly "comment pass", PayPal or direct transaction. Easily available! Just click on this red dot here 🔴
Way to orianted pay to win game. Of course at firs its is fine game, but once u reachax level and max most of your heroes the u will still be behind dont mather how much time u invest unless u pay a lot of money to keep up.
So far, so great! Hope to see it continue. Beautiful graphics, intelligent and engaging storyline, and very memorable characters. Feels like watching and even being in a 5-star animated film. Love the feel and environment of this game. I haven't been playing long, but I am very impressed so far. Hope I'll be playing this one a long time. Great work!
It's a really cool game but upgrading your items to craft suck, I don't understand why it takes so much and i'm tire of spending so much money!!!!
Whenever I load into game it ask to to accept the the new terms. Once I accept am on stuck on an infinite loading screen saying server failed to connect.
Ever since I got the newest update on 5/5/21 the game has been shutting down on me whenever I am in a battle, when I am looking at things it likes to freeze up also. Problems that never occured before I updated it. Thinking I might need room I deleted some things and the problems still are happening
Of the mobile games I've played this has to be the best overall,the only issue I have is some of the dialogues and ability descriptions are unclear or grammatically incorrect.but that doesn't affect gameplay too much.customer support is also great.so in short not everything is perfect...but it's great nonetheless. edit:bad updates tho
Removing another star for not being able to recognize the issues with syncing tournament battles and alleging that losing tournament due to facing different squad than was on preview is 'not a bug' and 'is working as intended'. You had one job, Playkot.
A large roster game with an actual focus on story, and characters that have personalities. It's hard to articulate just how much better this game is compared to something like raid. It's SO MUCH better. Your not just collecting characters, and strengthening them. You have a reason to. Vastly superior to most of It's kind. Think guardians tale but 3D modes and a more mature mood. I would easily pay $20 for this. But have yet to pay a dime.
Game that could be great, but it is waste of time and money.Perfect example how greediness can distroy a game.With every update they give you "a lot" but actually taking away even more. It is true that you dont have to spend money,but then no chance you can compete with other players since progress is way too slow. No content for endgame even though Playkot is very good in selling fog.From alliance of 6 clans we came to barley 3 clans. After last update i will be happy if we can fill one of them