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Age of Kings: Skyward Battle

Age of Kings: Skyward Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Elex located at Unit 04,7/F,Bright Way Tower, No.33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Pay to win, developer use money made to implant their brain to their rear end. What a joke as they help people who cried and ban the attacker. Great game for building. Have fun
try and finish the 7 day event.. it wont count the tasks as completed.. only way to do even half well is to pay up
Due to their own game bugs they give punishment to few player.... I think developers are not ready to accept their mistakes and they blame to few players that they use the bug... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ What a developer's mentality... I think they should think again about their foolish move... They did not punish Chinese players because bugs are created for Chinese to get stronger... 😜
my review is being deleted... These people have the best startegy game ever but The game has hundreds of bugs and From few days the game is not loading... Too many players using money and no respect for players who play without money. The developers don't have time to improve game but they have time to delete my review . Very dissappointed.. But still according to me this is the best strategy game ever But the developers are dead.
This game is So Good to play. But Very Necessary To Optimize this game to use very less data. Hope this message reach to game developers.. But the need is that's one more option is that "Collect All" If we tap on one farm all farm resources collected its take time to collect one after one. Same as other things
Very bad game it doesn't not start after I installed Waste my data for installation Why the game need permission of calls
Very poor customer service. Game went in server maintenance a week ago and still its not resume. I have been trying to contact Elix customer service, sent in 5 email followups but still no response. Waste investing money in this game...no proper respect to customers or players.
Game is good but please sort out the problem with alliance chat. Every time you leave the game then go back into it all chat dissappears
This is my second review in 3 months. I would give 0 rating to this game because the customer service is very very poor. I would say, you will never get proper response. To add a note...Google play support is another fake, even they didn't take action on my previous review. Now again I am in this mess because I bought a pack for INR 6200 but that kingdom free teleport never worked. I bought the pack on 24/10/2020 it's been three days and nobody responded to my mails or attempts in game.
This game scammed us all who purchased golds on their cumulative gold purchase event, they said all golds purchased in the first hour will not be counted, I say we all unite all players of aok, don't buy game packs and monthly cards from now on, I'm rating this game zero!
I think that there should be a level bar were high level lords can not attack lower bases im a level 23 and i spend weeks building troops and defense and a level 27,28,28,29or 30 demolish me kill all my troops take all my resources and there is no possible way for me to win a defensive attack except keeping a shield up. Witch means i cant attack bases that i can actually have a chance.
The game is okay, but it keeps penalizing me about my avatar pic for for no reason at all, and that's not cool. It's just a pic of my face.
Another money grabber. A new castle skin every week for which you need to reach for your wallet. No new events. Its good for bashing up weaker players who dont spend real cash. But gets boring after a while.
do not download this game its bad. its 2 days now since kingdom 65 has been shut down after they merged it with k43. all +200 players playing in k65 have been locked out of that kingdom and nothing has been communicated to us thus far.
Age of kings are cheating in events . if you purchase any packs please read about this very carefully they will not inform you about on change .because they want to earn maximum ..
It's a good game..but I have a suggestion for developer..please make all castle skins transferable and it's a long time ago festival carnival event happenedπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Too many bugs in the game and events. Sometimes you get a chance to participate in an event and it freezes and you lose all points and rewards and we are not always compensate for the loss.
Hi, my fellow alliance member, KING_AMOR, has come across an issue regarding the interface of this game. When he goes outside of his castle, he is unable to see any march locations i. e. castles, farms, etc. Can you please help him solve this ridiculous bug? It would be much appreciated.
Game is TO MUCH MONEY PLAY. It's interesting game and all that but to many players are playing with in-game purchases. On the other hand, there are some just insane building times required for each build, no way to make it done at least faster a bit than it need to be, unless you buy some pack or something similar. And yes, all of you devs and game publishers or whatever, trying to make some money of it ofc, but this is totally stupidness when you can barely build castle lvl30 or not build it at all, without using packs and stuffs for money. Optimize it a bit, it's so frustraiting for new players for example, who are there to play it normaly...
I use lot of money to get power but the game bug was not fixed always show red box with ? Now now I didn't get correct image of item, valentine event not showing I use new version even thou I couldn't visible the event, my fairy skins didn't show I reedem that skin by collecting roses, now I couldn't login very worst 😫.
Game has went downhill fast. Any thing you buy is not set price its gambling for only. Developers steal money from you with no reward
I have been playing Aok since very beginning. Try not to listen to some of the bad reviews. If you have any issue message us Moderators and I will do what I can to help you understand the game or resolve a issue. It is a great game best I think πŸ‘β€οΈ
Consistently hangs and crashes. Does not shut down and continues to drain phone battery and give error messages until you manually force stop it in settings. Hangs/freezes in world app. And lets not forget high level players destroying low level players as soon as shields drop. No fun at all and bad for your phone.
It was fun and all on a few days with friends, but of you don't plan to waste money like me, better look for other game, this game is good only if you love to spend money on game to bully nonspenders, every week new items is available for purchase, every day f2players leave... If you want to spend but don't want to bully f2p you'll get bored easily.
Ill play these game 5 years , in first year of the game is good..but every years come the game was involde a lot of money...resources , heroes , skins shield , soeed-ups...these are can have you are rich...you will not be strong if you dont invested or buy there items...
I would give a higher rating but this game has many bugs that cause meeting event goals to be very difficult. Server maintenance is also done without advanced warning which causes great irritation especially during a kill event.
keeps crashing my phone when i switch accounts n nowwo t log in after spending money ... Facebook account wont work now ...dont buy anything from these people rheir response isnt in english at all when sent mesaages about beung lo ked out ywt again through facebook
Excellent game, wish more were like it ! Thank you developers ! Game keeps you busy, lots to do. The only bad thing is a lag, especially when checking the mail. Wish we could have multiple cities with just one account on same server. Please?
Age of kings Is the best. Gameplay is awesome and the player to player interferece is so cool. A must own game.
Been playing for almost 5 years. Spent a lot of money just to be able to compete with others. Don't get trapped. Endless money pit.
Love Age of kings been playing for years. Some people are upset about things they did in the game themselves. Do not let a bad review stop you from downloading.
When you update a game! And have new content start checking it properly to make sure it displays the item instead of a huge question mark with chains! We want to know what we're getting or buying when it's happening!
Unable to login since 2 days. Just showing "Server Under Maintenance.please try later". It's useless.
this game is one sided credit card holders hold all the advantages it's not even fun to play anymore if you don't have a credit card you have to wait weeks for things to get done troop training building upgrades take weeks I have also heard that players in China pay $1 for things at the store while everybody else has two to pay $90 $50 $20 $10 very one-sided if you're still playing this game it means that you're a spoiled little brat probably a good thing for certain people
It's become a money pit these days. No new events. Only thing they offer is new castle skins and hundreds of your hard earned cash to get them. Don't waste your time complaining either they never listen. So many times I have requested new events and they put up a new castle skin for sale. That's not an event that's a cash grab.
Build-An-EmpireTM, but the Hero system seems interesting. The Skyships are promising, but mundanity sets in quick if you aren't agro.
If you want to spend some and buy some items that will never help you, then this game have a lot of it. If you want to grow in this game but you're not rich, go rob a bank...
good game really is fun but 4 stars due to a glitch in newby rename,you name yourself but doesnt apply changes,you end up having to use 200 gold to take effect :(
Customer service is terrible don't waste your money on this game. They don't even have the courtesy to reply back.
This game looks fun but actually not. Don't want to play aa farm? Become a whale, if you spend little, it's the same aa not spending, if you spend huge and become a whale, you'll find a space to play normal... Sadly,. Normal people can't be a whale...
game is kick azz.!! u spend $$$ like crazy, has too many bugs, thiefs, spys, traitors, 3rd party rip offs, but addicted for 5 yrs.!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It is alrite not the best game but it passes the time / needs more English players also could use more n cheeper whays to get any were troop lvls are throwed off / takes way to long to get pet / agian just a money game that lets u get no were!!!
I downgraded this from 2β˜† . I have only played this game for a week, dug into my pocket to buy a monthly card. Never again! The rewards you get are not enough to sustain growth agaonst the multi million power players who viciously attack to farm you. I have also noted that thousands of players in my kingdom have abandoned the game. This is also due to the huge power alliances attacking the smaller groups. Once my month card has expired i too will abandone this game. The devs just don't care!
Age Of King best Castle build game ever created. Trust me you have to try out this game. So much fun and so addicting.
This game is got buged. When i start new castle i lost my all bounded castles. And it started with kd 1000. I cant move to my friends to kd 75. It shows noting. Nubest elex work ever.
Game hates Americans. Chinese rule. Everything benefits them, unless you spend money to keep up with them. Don't get addicted!!! Will cost you a lot of money, trust me. Example. I have hero's that are suppose to save me hammers. A total of 714 but the game only says 284. Emailed customer service, NO RESPONSE!!!
Limited to premium players, a stage reaches where the free players are restricted. E.g lord equipments, all good heros are totally not available to free players, 3 good pets are premium, it doesn't take a day for a paid player to overtake you even after many years.
Elex - Age of Kings will take all your money and give you no rewards. They will not listen to complaints or game issues and will reply with generic pre-written broad responses. They have also recently accused players of using a β€œbug” that only Elex knew about. They went in to player accounts and removed items from castles for punishment which can only be corrected by spending approximately 14k to repair. Glitched the castles to the extent of being unable to continue with normal game play without spending. Be wary of any games from Elex, they will do nothing but take your money and disappoint you. Google will also not support you when you report Elex. I, along with many others have tried.
This deserve negative star, but 1 is the lowest so I'll use 1, this game ia not strategy game, no need to strategize if you have money, if you don't spend no amount of strategy can help you grow. Competetive multiplayer means spending competetiveness, you compete to other whale on how much you've spend. If you have extra $$$ play this so elex will get your money, otherwise donate your money is some way to other people in need
There haven't been any gameplay updates in over a year, they just release new skins for people to buy. You have no chance to compete unless you plan to spend at least $500 a month.
The game, when it works, is great to play, but there are so many bugs in it, and none more annoying than there system for reporting bugs/problems that doesn't wotk because oh yeah it has a bug in it too, that never get fixed. I have played the game for almost a year and in that time they have never bothered to fix the alliance chat that doesn't work.
if you can't spend real money then don't play. login has problem issue sometimes its not login and you loose soldiers and resources. also high level players are danger. they attack you and you loose everytime . small castle not even buy piece shield. and you can play game for 100 year but without money you go no where. Also there are shield penetrate now so no one is safe now.
It's a good game, but I can't give it 5 stars because it's a pay to play game. Lower level upgrades take too long unless you buy speed up buffs.
You need to fix the codes to display items in events and in inventory so we stop getting orange block ? Marks so we can use and do events it's tied too!!
Game is alright. Teleports are way over priced. Gold is hard to get unless you spend. Many of the information on items is incomplete so very confusing and the rest are translated into broken English. Also chat disappears often so makes people think they are being ignored.actually shields are impossible. translator and glitches are horrible. we are looking for a new game already
Kindly don't loss my interest in this game, this game I like the most and now unfortunately lost gold due to debit to negative because of your own system error/ bug/ feature that I was unable to understand and done mistake unknowingly. I am stopping playing this game as I am feeling embarrassing that AOK family imposed gold penalty of its own bug. As I love this game I request AOK again to normalizing my negative gold to keep my interest in this game.
Love the game. But unfortunately you have to play this game with child molesters and rapist. The developers do nothing about this and the people who come on the game saying they're gonna kill your family rape your children and sleep with your mother. So if you want play a game that will put you on the brink of suicide go ahead and play
this game is one sided credit card holders hold all the advantages it's not even fun to play anymore if you don't have a credit card you have to wait weeks for things to get done troop training building upgrades take weeks I have also heard that players in China pay $1 for things at the store while everybody else has two to pay $90 $50 $20 $10 very one-sided
Worse worse worse worst costumer service very very very disappointing game this I will recommend you do not install do not install do not install the game if you will install you will regret after 15 level it is a boring game takes only money πŸ’° and time waste of money data time
The developer of the game will not respond to you for days, many times not at all. The servers will be offline at random times making it unavailable to access your account, and during this time the customer service page is also unavailable, there is no emergency response, and many times your castle will be destroyed while you can't get online and there will not be any compensation
It's a fun tough game, a game of honour, courage, and friendship...... Friendships that can last for as long as the rest of one's life......
This worst to play. Waste of time. Because Aok employees also playing this game they attacking correctly a players.
ZERO STARS - Downloaded this "game" for the first time yesterday. According to the game the server has been "undergoing maintenance" for the last 24 hours. The entire game consists of one single server that is undergoing perpetual maintenance apparently. Oh, and my last comment was deleted. If they deny any of this they are lying. These Asian developers do not deserve the access they have to make mobile games. But let's not get into THAT territory giving current events right now.
**Bullet ** 2019. Been playing for almost 5 years. Spent a lot of money just to be able to compete with others. Don't get trapped. Endless money pit. The gap between the powerful and the casual player is HUGE! The more new stuff they offer the stronger the P2W players get. If you have $50k laying around you may find it a fun game to start.
Devloper not understand players time and value, game have many problem, main problem my castle have summons march queue not insrese i will complete all stage every week but he not insrease march queue, some buff not give properly, i will report many time but not reply my report, and this game have many bad players he using bad language i will report deolvloper and devloper muted chat him only 1hours amd after open him Very bad game dear friends please dont waste your time and money for this game
Seriously poor Rewards,, No historic or military accuracy,, Far too many alts not enough players,, In-game controllers obvious,, Slow progression No modernisation,,
Tha game become almost 100 % "pay to win". There are no more events to keep the people in the game. 0 eveniments 100 % eveniments with $$$ => they should say in the description this "only your money are good here" They already lost many people and will leave more. In the game soon will be nothing to do. In the past the game had some eveniments with heroes with good stufs but now they put only eveniments with big money to spend.
It is a good game, I have been playing it for 3 yrs, but it has glitches, right now I can not change my picture nor can I change my castle name. No keyboard.
Annoying game everytime you heal another smacks you back down to nothing. There is no added feature for those that play and gather to try to grow. Good luck I've been trying for 5 + years to get ti castle 30 the problem here is you gather resources to grow but if you get attacked after your 8 hrs shield drops it knocks you back to zero. For the average player the chance at success is zero for the player with a lot of money to throw at the game they can be a God.
no point in downloading all that will happen is youll become a farm for bigger castles unless you spend thousands on a phone game... literally pay to win. also all the packs they sell are stupidly overpriced they chargee up to 100 dollars a pack which if you spend that much might as well get a reall console or game. they should offer a way level up easier for lower level castles and should give them a bunch of gifts but they dont also good luck trying to join a good guild
Check this out: "Awaking" your hero to new powers actually drops his lvl. Gaining stars for your pet requires you to sacrifice other pets (takes 8 days to hatch and are next to imposible to obtain). Your ship is too weak 'till Castle lvl 15, where you can upgrade it to be unstoppible behemoth, and there is not much use for it anyway! Idea for the game is great but it's just sooo underdeveloped.
Bajingan . Game busuk jangan pernah install. Very bad game . Only use money and money , never ever end . Never ever install this game . Trust me
great game. plenty to do so it keeps your interest. nice graphics. easy to learn controls. I've played a lot of kingdom builder games and this is one of the best I've come across.
They said they will help but they never help. They ask for screenshot of battle report but the battle report dont open, they will ask you to contact them ingame insteas of the developer contact link here but the ingame contact doesnt work. They never do what they say they will do.
if you can't spend real money then don't play. after level 30 only money is way to upgrade. login has problem issue sometimes its not login and you loose soldiers and resources. also high level players are danger. they attack you and you loose everytime . small castle not even buy piece shield. and you can play game for 100 year but without money you go no where.
I love Age Of Kings. Been playing since the beginning years and years ago. Try not to listen to the negative comments others say about Age Of Kings. Every game especially good games cost some money to have something unique. Ask help from the Moderators. That is why we are here is to help.
this is a huge war game, full of reward giving events and sub events. very addictive and real fun. takes a long time to build up your castle, but i kind of like that about it. there is the option to spend money to speed it all up. i suppose it took me a couple of months of playing to work it all out and sus what the best value items where. you are online with other gamers from all over the globe ( with a translator ) and it didnt take me long to find new friends with helpful advice.
if you can't spend real money then don't play. login has problem issue sometimes its not login and you loose soldiers and resources. also high level players are danger. they attack you and you loose everytime . small castle not even buy piece shield. and you can play game for 100 year but without money you go no where.
for a year been trying to unbind my google to start a new game its fun to play but not one person can respond.
This is one crazy game. It takes a long time to learn, there are no instructions, items way too expensive. Hard to upgrade without a lot of money. Developer is very irresponsible barely answer messages. Lots of bugs and we always PAY for their mistakes. Your castles can be banned at anytime without reason. We players are always wrong developer has the right to do whatever they want and when they want. There is no security in your investments. Not GOOGLE'S fault they are only middle man..
I have been playing this game for 4 or 5 years now. It was very fun for awhile and i spent quite a bit of money. Just recently there was a glitch in the game that many were not aware of but banned for unintentionally doing. When i was able to log back on the punishment for this mistake on the developers part, was basically so harsh that my castle is now useless. That many years of building something all down the drain and costomer service is horrible. PLAY A DIFFERENT GAME
The worst game is the biggest error that has been so far spent a lot of money in this game misery until you made this mistake and we could not log in and that's how the epic came I destroyed everything I did one year I lost resources 200m power because of you ... I do not recommend
I absolutely love this game.. been playing for 3 years now. it takes you awhile to learn how to get the swing of things but it's totally worth the wait
This is one of the best games since clash of clans I hope they make more adjustments and add new featsπŸ™‚
Non existent customer service. Will take your money but ignore you when you need help. So many glitches ive lost count.
The game server is too bad, always bad connection for this game only, but my connection already good for other aplication!!! Too bad for server and graphic
Good waste of time and good waste of money and developers never replied on time and after they never help you more