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Age of Ishtaria - A.Battle RPG

Age of Ishtaria - A.Battle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by PARADE game located at 〒107-0061 東京都港区北青山2-11-3 A-PLACE青山3F. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Nudity/Eroticism, Sexual Innuendo, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Literally P2W games, after finishing the story, there is no way to get crowns anymore, of course there is crowns that can be obtain in the event but you need to play everyday in order to reach the target and claim only 200-300 crowns, I am working everyday from morning to night, how I supposed to play the event? I play this game since 2015 and I quit and come back for Forth or fifth times but everytime I reentered the games, they not even make any changes about it.
Crashes all the time. I installed this after playing it a while back because I loved it but now I can't go one minute without it crashing. Please fix this cause this game is fun but not worth it if I can't even play.
Its really fun, ive played for years now and have a blast with it But when the app changed companies i noticed that it became much more pay to win. The even packs cost outlandish, and the odds of getting anything higher than a 6* is pretty low. It makes me sad, i was willing to spend money when it was reasonable but its outlandish now. So unless your prepared to spend money this game isnt really for you
Don't start playing this game. It was kinda fun at first with the old company that owned it. But now its pretty much just trash. Events are so time consuming and not very fun. Almost constant bugs at this point. And almost insulting attempts at compensation for said bugs. Not to mention this is definitly a pay to win and this game is not cheap. Just find something else honestly.
Worst gacha game I've play. Way too p2w since they released limited p7 and 8*. Ranking rewards are just recolored existing units with different element. Download screen everywhere and u have to press yes/no which is very annoying. Chat system became weird. Many rude + toxic players. Playerbase is very small. The old artists even left the game, the cards are only about revealing attire and fanservices. OG artist of the mascot don't even make any new cards. Goodluck to people staying.
Fun and addictive game. It offers plenty of in-game options that players could take in order to grow characters. It also offers acceptable gifts to beginners which is quite helpful. Loading issues could push your patience sometime, and I still have trouble accessing ticket packs despite doing what customer support suggested. I can access crown and premium packs though, but it makes me want to use precious crowns just to get cards. On the overall, it is worth playing.
The game is good but there's a problem that they should really fix.. the union system in the game kinda deserted...and it makes the game kind of pretty lonely causing some of the players to leave or break for sometime..My opinion is the game devs should fix the search system of union and make abandoned union groups hard to search and the newly created active ones should pop up first on that search system.This is just my opinion...Devs should think about this..😐
Just got Age of Ishtaria a few months ago and I'm addicted! All aspects are amazing! The only downside is that it's a tediously long grind if you stick to f2p (which I am, at least for now). Definitely recommend.
I personally love this game and never feel like I have to spend money. As long as your active in every event you should be able to buy packs frequently. They are constantly updating the game with events and sometimes adding quality of life changes. I have been playing everyday for over a year, and don't plan on stopping. I recommend everyone give this game a try. When a bug does pop up (very rarely) they try and fix it fast and try to properly compensate for their mistake.
Requires a lot of space just for a 2Dcard game. Loadings here and there. P2w OP cards kills f2p/unlucky people. Community is small and toxic - in game chat became weird instead of banning those players.
I absolutely love this game. No money spent and I still have just as much fun as anybody who does. it is challenging, but it doesn't hold you back. It's mainly free unless you want extra crowns. It's definitely addicting. As much as I love this game, I don't love how it pretty much just EATS away at your data. It's literally because of the data consuming that I take back two out of 5 stars. I am tired of conatantly having to delete all my apps just to have this one. And resetting isn't worth it
Company adapted to troll issue, new solution is an inconvenience that makes in game communication severely limited.
Whenever I try to open the game it kicks me out for some odd reason. I downloaded the game because it looked interesting and I really wanted to play but considering it keeps kicking me out I can't. I tried deleting some apps wondering if that's the problem but unfortunately it's not. I hope you fix that issue because I do wanna try this game!
I like how the game functions, but it is a money proven effectiveness needed to improve gameplay. Also I think some of the levels might be impossible to pass if you do not pay. Also it does not tell you that you first release troops first to have more storage in the game.
How long does it take to receive a password registration email? I got a new phone and a new account and would like to able to switch between accounts/mobile devices. I have been waiting for the email since October. I haven't received anything yet.
Iv played this game since the Start and it was so much fun and you actually had a chance to be good but now everything has changed. If you want to rank in events and get good prizes you have to get event Units which usually means pay to win. The events are getting harder and you have to get an insane amount of points to get rewards(pay to win). Also it takes almost 3yrs to come out with more main story i dont get why...
Where is the option to download all game resource? This is a thing that is supposed to happen before you play the game for the first time. I'm tired of the bloody prompt every time I click something new.
I downloaded the game and attempted to play it. All i got was so many loading screens, download screens, and crashing everytime i tried to press a button in game. I was looking forward to trying the game but sadly this has happened.
Used to tryhard this game on and off a year ago. Now its p2w with 8* having a 0.3% chance to drop. Newbies get grindable P7 tho which is nice. Don't play in public the art is lewd. Events are hard for newbies, require potions and to tryhard you need an event unit which they have made so much harder to get. Potions you get from trading or using irl money however player base dropped so no one wants to trade + you can't even talk in game anymore. AT LEAST its easier to get in game money now.
This used to be a good game, then Silicon Studios sold it to Parade.Now its steadly becoming unplayable.Parade is were good games go to die.
One of the most beautiful illustrative card and visual novel mixed action games I ve played....it has everything from action, animation, visual novel story,japanese voiced story,well illustrated cards with powers,team raids,individual battles and still keeps improving..
So far I'm getting really annoyed. After every single cutscene there is another download. Just download everything all at once please. I'd rather wait an hour for it to download than to tap tap download, tap tap download, tap tap download...
So I actually really like the gameplay; like the concept of it is really nice. But most fights devolve into the same amount of button presses each time, with variation mainly being in stronger teammates. Also content outside of the main play ranges from strange (raids) to not even using the regular system (pvp, stronghold events). Also freemium resource gain is awful and the consecutive log in bonus for this game is literally the worst system I've ever experienced.
I don't really like the UI. Game is okay but gets really boring quick and the whole point is kinda just to get good cards, and battle, and battle, an battle. Literally nothing else to it. The cards are really good, battling mechanics are good, but when that's all you do, it can be a little boring. Giving it 2 stars though because again, good artwork and stuff. I don't think this is a terrible game, it's just not my type of RPG.
Game is fun and what not, cute art, nice Union mates. But during the 4 year anniversary event there is an irritating issue. I cannot access the ticket packs without the game crashing. I can typically go to the main packs and premium packs fine, rest of the game is fine. But as soon as I click on the ticket packs to try opening my anniversary pack it crashes on the chibi salix loading screen.
Sexism is a two way street I'm a male all I wanted was male character to represent me but most of the characters are female it's near impossible to find a male character
a cute new take on an anime RPGs card game. Love events and how there's so much has to do to gain cards/crowns and other valuables in game. I wish we could put more cards up to auction. at a time. and wish all cards can be sold n bought I'm bazzar. but the game makes it too were u can get a 2nd copy of card if u play the game. last bosses on missions, ie. folcalr aka nemesis transformed is extremely hard!!love how u can make missions easier by purifying.all together cute n beautiful great game!
You have a major bug for the current Call to Arms event. I can't even participate because it keep kicking me out. Not only that but the event button says quests instead of event when I try to get back into the event. it is continuously kicking me out. I have screen shots. I really wanted these points so that I could win some event prizes. this is so frustrating. As of right now, you're game is unplayable for me.
Downloaded. 3 7 star characters given and 2 were the same. Pretty lame. I completed the first set of missions. I can't claim rewards from my treasure chest. The game crashes every time I try. Not even 10 minutes in and it's a buggy mess with a million download screens.
It keeps on crashing down, some when I'm about to do my 3rd or 4th battle. When trying to view packs etc. I don't have any problems on any of my other games but this one. It's hard for me to complete crossover quests for Valkyrie Crusade because of it.
its a nice game. not to complicated and doesn't require much grind. if I had to say one thing that could be improved it's the evolve function. its extremely difficult to level up your characters once you reach a certain level. however other than that the game mechanics and story line is well done.
Trading card games such as this one is super rare! I'd say this is a really beginner friendly game with all the free stuff that they are throwing. I like the artworks and the voicetracks and it is very easy to progress through the storyline allowing newbies to get plenty of premium currency to summon ASAP. I cant say much about the events yet because I'm still on the early stages of the game, but I'm quite excited.
All Quests get UNEXPECTED ERROR upon killing boss meaning you cannot complete quests. That means you cant complete the first quest after tutorial. What a sorry, pathetic excuse of an unplayable game. Download only if you want to waste your time. EDIT: wow so many forums saying many players have experienced the same SINCE MONTHS AGO. Uninstalled game for the ghastly experience
This is a fun game with great art for each card. My one and only problem is the bloat. I had to uninstall the game because it was taking up over 1.5 GB. Hopng to do away with the bloat, right after uninstalling I reinstalled and the file size is now only 259 MB. If the devs could find a way to get rid of or lessen the bloat then this would easily be 5 stars.
Been playing for about 3 years now and this game changed a lot. Introduction of 8* and "op" limited plat 7* is creating a barrier between f2p and p2w. Now, bugs are here. Can't even participate in the event without it showing an error every single time. Honestly fustrating. Developers are unresponsive and not helpful as usual giving the excuse of having a "vacation". They don't give a fk about the players and just want money. No wonder this game is going downhill with people retiring.
When back to this game, and i should say that's its good, one thing that's a problem is the login linked don't how to link my account so i can save my progress should add Google login or Facebook login
I put in a support ticket and still haven't received anything, not even a confirmation of receipt of the ticket. My account was registered so I uninstalled and reinstalled to try to fix a glitch and ended up losing access. I put in the password and it said it was incorrect. I also tried to recover through the web link and still nothing. Will change to 5* once I regain access.
After i 1st download the game it works until i finished the tutorial but then suddenly the game said i dont have good internet connection so i tried every possible way like restarting the wifi or going data connection, im quite disappointed. From what i see in the tutorial the game is quite fun and has the potential to continue but i dont what is the issue why i cant get pass the loading scene, hope the devs can fix it and i will change my rating to 5star in instant. :)
was a great game...but after last update cant log in at all. force closes/ crashes as soon as the game opens. Has made it totally unplayable...would love if this could be fixed and would gladly give it 5 stars, but as of now...0 is better as it has become completely useless. Made several complaints about this to support and nothing has been done. Will not make anymore future purchases on such a terribly flawed game. Congrats. Job well done
I swear this game used to be better! Been playing since 2014. Before it was sold off to another company, it worked great! However, recently it makes the player download things when doing almost any task. It's crazy! It makes the game unnecessarily large and takes up a lot of space in my phone. I keep having to uninstall then reinstall the entire game in order for it to work. And that sucks because it really is a good game. It also takes a long time to load (though sometimes it loads quickly).
The game is perfect, fun 2 play. Just one problem is that you have to do loads of downloads when opening packs or battles, it's kind of irritating
I love this game I have played it religiously for 6+ years daily however needs more exciting new events or old ones to return like Bingo or original colliseum ingame battle style and why they did away with changing art for evolves artists for game seem to be more lazy in this aspect these days sadly
The art is the one good thing cuz rates have gotten real bad over time and with that being said time to leave the game.
I love the artwork and how easy the gameplay is. It does not take long to get the hang of things and become a pro. The tutorial is easy to follow and the inquries are answered very well and sometimes quickly. They resolve problems thoroughly and send out good compensation. I really enjoy playing this game! :)
Well, many time ago, I was frustrated with additional microdownloads. But after aquaintance with onmyoji (5-6GB + additional) and other such games... You, who made this game, you are the best!
Wont let me even finish the first starter quest, ses error an sends me back to home screen. i,ll change review when an if u ever FIX IT
I really love this game since 2016 when I installed it but now I dunno. Caused some bug issues problem caused all of sudden the app is closing and getting black out on some events and event packs like now..
Good game it's easy and good! I still hate the fact that you need more experience than you get! When the game started you get enough experience to level up but even after I progress through levels the EXP I earn are the same so improve that a bit. All and all it's a great game but it has it's bugs!
I used to love this game.. unique units, variety of events, and constant motivation and incentives to keep playing.. but now.. it's all about money.. the only way to get anything anymore is multi-accounting, which can get you banned anyways.. not all of us can afford to spend hundreds of dollars just to play.. I miss the way this game used to be: fair..
This is a great game, i love the way the cards are designed, the way fights are and quests, but my problem is trying to load the ticket packs, i can load the crown packs and premium packs but the tickets packs seem to either crash or kick me from the game, it works sometimes but most of the time it doesn't and I've been trying for two days to get the ticket packs to load, so other than the pack problem the game is fun and addictive in it's own way
Just like mr.daniel sharp said too much cutsinns... and more download for every cutsinns so i'll say us a game tester this 1000% junk game to down to any phone it's waste of time and company that make this game is useless because they don't care about the players just money only they care. So they give respound on any comment on google play!? To all players stop downloading this game & stop playing this junk waste of time 1,500% junk...
I am always impressed at the mechanics of this beautiful game. The battles are fun with union members when they are actually participating! The cards' characters are intricately wonderful, (please add more male characters). The attacks of the 4 elements are amazing and I love how the music intensifies gameplay! I have been not playing since 2016, I think, but am glad to have started back up again! Thank you again for the awesome game!!
The game itself is not too bad. I deleted the game because there was a glitch. when I logged back on to the game it showed that I had used 3,000 crowns, equivalent to about 30 dollars. I had never made the selection for the cards and was a little upset because of the glitch. I contacted customer support to have it reversed and they stated there is no way that the game glitched (Basically user error or I am a liar). Needless to say I dont need to waste time on a game that cares more about money.
Changing my review due to the crashes. It kicks out everytime you attempt to go to the pack page. Pointless to offer so many when the pages can't be opened. Everything else in the game works fine. Just can't get any packs. artwork is amazing. no farming needed. new events all the time.
Its a fun game, gacha is not repetitive, artworks looks nice, gameplay is easy and fun, and story is kinda whack but enjoyable.
This game was good 3-4years ago. Devs doesn't care for the players, even let leecher toxic player stay in the game and disable the chat feature unless u follow each other, instead of banning the source of this issue. Recruiting for unions in game become even more difficult in this small playerbase. Active - casuals are dying and only whales stays on the top. Art quality and even VA is declining. Game still often crash. The only good thing they add is the monthly subs which is way too late.
Admittedly this was my rating many years ago but it remains the same. This game is heavily dependent on grinding and creating an economy through events. It's too expensive to compete and the only thing that keeps people interested is CTA and out of proportion melons
Revising my review back to 5 stars. The game had been crashing everytime I started it, but a quick couple of emails to support fixed it right up! So, not only is the game fun to play with great art too, but support is awesome too and quick to respond.
I love this game's story as well as its amazingly beautiful art. Some of the game events are fun, but the others are pretty much boring. The P2W aspect is really strong but fortunately i can still manage as F2P with high patience (of course). I still believe that this game needs more improvement to make it fresh and better.
Gorgeous cards, decent storyline, and love the auto feature to be able to zoom through dungeons when I'm busy! I used to play this game a long time ago I never gotten as far as I did thanks to all the EXP boost! It's honestly improved greatly from back in the day. I feel its a lot nicer to none pay to win players!
This would be a decent game if you could play it for any amount of time without having to force close and restart. I've tried playing on 3 different devices and this game constantly freezes on load screens. Not just every now and then, CONSTANTLY. Lucky to get 3 minutes of play time without needing a reset. Sadly, this seems to be pretty standard for Parade games.
I installed to see if it's really censored and yes it is censored. Gonna uninstall now. I love collecting cards especially sexy ones but it's no point collecting cards that has been edited and censored and can't appreciate the original japanese art. Game play is nice, i like the combo mechanics, and art style is good but so freaking annoying that it is censored. Gonna download other card games without censoring BS.
Im Sorry, Your Game Is Nice ( ˘ ³˘)♥︎, But There something i doesn't Likeee(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞. First!! The game seemed Boring to me (●’◡’●)ノ, Twoo❥︎ Im Easly to get bored of games▼・ᴥ・▼. Three!!!♫︎ Can you make a tutorial to change profile,plllllz¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Foour and This is last!!!❣︎❣︎❣︎ When I Download it, it was freezeee ☹︎, Can i know.. WHYYYYY(;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)
From a purely technical point of view- the menus are confusing. Honestly I didn't get far in the game since one of the first characters I drew was just straight up a very scantily clad child. There are multiple character designs like this but the one that was particularly damning was one of a girl I'd guess to be around 5 years old dressed in a very frilly dress holding a teddy bear- with just full cleavage. It's gross as hell. If I could leave less than one star I would
it is a good game but lately it became incredibly expensive. It is favoring paying players so much that we free players can not come even close to close the gap. Packs are good and all but like i said if you don't spend money you will not get anything good at all. With packs there is no guarantee that you will get something good even if you spend much. Conditions to give a good card is ridiculously high, like spending 45,000 crowns on 1 pack etc. I was enjoying this game more before
I use to spend money on here, and i still love it but. The % chance on getting an p7 and 8 seems to be idk miss leading cause when I tried getting an p7 or 8 but... I kept getting 6 stars and 7 stars
Really enjoying the game, used to love these type of TCGs. The drop rates are fair, getting the paid currency isn't hard, just got to grind a bit, but even that is fun. The events are pretty nice, yet to see how raid bosses are, over all it's a great game. There are a few issues tho, 1) At times the game freezes when loading, and this persist up to 3 times of restarts, 2) Getting into a union/recruiting members is a bit confusing, would be cool if there was text chat.
Not ccg. This is more of a beat-em-up meets rpg in card form. Combat feels repetitive as all hell. Several minutes into the game and I'm bored of doing the same things over & over again. No wonder devs put some idiotic activities to simulate content/diversity. If u can get to them, cause ui is terrible. U can spend more time doing anything BUT playing. Game is so anime it hurts. Or should I say manga, cause u look at pictures, not animations. I couldn't be bothered going deeper into this game.
1☆ simply because errors keep popping up and ruining my gameplay. I've contacted customer support and I got nothing but automated replies. Several other players have also expressed this issue in the AoI subreddit. It's a fun mobile game that isn't pay to win, so I'd really like it if you could resolve this issue.
Ehhh, after a while it gets really boring to get better fighters. Unless you pay, you're pretty much limited on what you get.
Trying to complete my first quest and when I defeat the first boss I get an error. I would love to give this five stars but I'm only giving it 3 until this issue is fixed.
Took forever to load. Update: Cannot do Istaria Story event, app keeps crashing. And poor, poor support too. I just get irrelevant automated responses.
The art style is amazing and so are the amount of things to do. That being said theres too much going on without knowing what to do. The actual gameplay is terrible as in doesn't put to good use the amazing art style and characters they have. To just leave them as card art is disappointing to the say the least.
Terrible customer service. I made an account with them five years ago, quit around two years ago, and tried to get back. My account used to be registered to my email, however when i tried to log in it said my email wasn't registered to anything anymore. When i contacted customer support, it took them two weeks to get back to me and tell me that my account was linked to a different email address. When i asked for details, they barely provided any and told me they were going to close the case.
Its a very good game but every loading screen I have to download its kinda gettting annoying the previous version was fine please fix
Pretty good for gacha card game. Art looks phenomenal. Story good be improved then again still only the beginning .
Interesting game, easy to learn, but the game needs to constantly download stuff which can become annoying. Worth the look if you are into card game fighting rpg.