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Age of History Lite

Age of History Lite for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Łukasz Jakowski located at Twitter: @jakowskidev Łukasz Jakowski Games Piotrków Trybunalski 97-300. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's very good but age of civilization 2 is more beautiful and please make it for free in steam like for 5days
The boarders are not very accurate and the UK declares war on me for no reason even though i didn't do anything
All demos suck except for this one.Its so good and this is only a fraction of it!Its a must for any gamer who loves strategy.
I try it and it won't let me expand and I want to make conrty and put them where ever and I would want to be able to make how long it is
the game is awesome i am not going to lie its shows alot of countrys though it does not have all the countrys whixh is a ahame the movement of armys is good it doesnt lag works offline and is the best game like it. keep it up 👌👌
No tutorial, no idea what you're supposed to do. No explanations. Maybe a nice game, but let down by the info.
Runs very poorly even after lowering settings. I own AoC2 and used to own the full version of this game, love these games. But this version just does not run well -- you can't even zoom in without the game coming to a halt.
I installed this game and age of civilization II. And this game is actually better than age of civilization II + don't need to buy :-). Age of civilization II is so confusing game , this game is not so much. THOSE TWO GAMES HELP UR BRAIN AND TEACH YOU MUCH COUNRIES!!!
Its unplayaple Its like 1 fps and its not my device I deactuvativated animations I decresed the quality and it did not change anything I used to play that game but now its soo laggy pls fix it Ill buy the full only if its fixed
Unplayable all it does is lag Ill be invaded by a country with no people in it when I have thousands which makes no sense what so ever
Runs painfully slow and choppy on an HTC U11 (not a U11 Life or any of the weaker models; a full fledged U11 with a Snapdragon 835). I have no clue why as the game doesn't look graphically demanding at all, and the issue persists even at times when the AI shouldn't be thinking (like in the main menu or on your turn). I'm fine with the demo being skimmed down, but why render the whole earth if you can only play in Europe. It's unnecessary and distracting: not only is it *initially* confusing of where you can and cannot play/move troops, but it's *forever* more inconvenient to tap on specific provinces since they're small on the map and you can only zoom in so much. Actual gameplay is intuitive enough (for easier difficulties), but does a *horrible* job with explaining itself. What does each building do? What does higher population (viewed from the map mode) actually contribute? What's the benefit of puppeting a rival instead of absorbing then? Maybe at least some of these are answered in the menus, but the menus are so clunky and the game is so choppy that I don't have the patience to hunt for them.
This game is fun to play but theres just one problem I have with this game. The AI are extremely aggressive, even on easy mode! I could put on easy mode and be bombarded by war after war.
This game does not have India on its list of civilization.... Can you imagine a world history without India?..
I am still having problems with the map sized I have big storage but the game still says not enough storage.
I like this game, but I couldn't rate more than 3 stars because I couldn't play with Asia, Africa or America. I wish I could play these 3 continents for free!
This game is unfair and whenever I play this game no matter what I always end up failing I got this game because it looked like hearts of iron 4 sort of and so I get it and I start as norway sweden takes me out in 5 seconds even though I expanded up swed some how all ready took that to.
I wish I had found this games years ago before jumping into the deep end with X-Com 2, CK2, and Civ V, aftet not having grown up on strategy games. This game is just what you need to get the concept and figure out how everything works, naturally, as you play the game, and have a relatively simple, yet still very fun game. Thanks, Łukasz!
Its a good game it wold be better if you cold cut of supplies to countreys if you capture there ocean
It would be a better game if it didn't lag so much and it had a better tutorial. It had ok graphics for a free game.
1. Adding a online mod will be a huge success to the game. 2. More control choices to the State to let the player feel like he have authority of the country he/she role. 3. Improve graphics what I mean by that seeing mountains trees places like that u know. 4. Put a main character to the game. Getting these 4 things in the game will lead more people to review and download the game even to buy the full game I didn't that's why these things is not there sorry.
I Like The Concept And The Way You Layer It Out, But Other Countries Even On Easy Push 25,000+ Troops At Your Land!
ThIs game is awful the ai always win and you can never beat them they always have double the men no matter how strong your army is even on the easyiest mode
it is fun, but you need to be very clever if you wanna a good game, because the easy level is that you win and it get boring,still good for a 10 mb game guys!
trash, just trash. Why is it trash, because it's buggy and there aren't as many feature so it gets boring fast.
This game fu**ing sucks arse!!!!! The ai hacks!!!! I attacked Britain with 80 thousand troops and they only had 50 thousand!!! THEY WON!!!!!!! HOW THE FU** DO THEY FU**ING WIN??!?!?!?!?! This game is trash DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
The game should have some bit of a epic music and you should make small troops who invade in other countries
Hi i downloaded the game two days ago and its been great. I conquered everything and won, i thought it would unlock the other provinces once i took over everything, but then i realised there was a full version. Its a fun game overall and i would definitely recommend it to those who love strategy games. The only thing is that for me it was a bit short-lived and may i ask: if i get the full version would i have to start from over?, Cos it seems that way.
game was way too laggy. my phone ooerates much better quality games all the time. most are strategy games. so im confused here
Alright so the movement point system is the definition of dogshit, it doesn't seem to apply to the enemy, this is total bullcrap as I cant seem to win on the harder diffoculties because of this, at least try to support the game a little bit... Other than that it's pretty good.
Straight of the bat, Game looks like it's inspired by HOI 4 (Not a bad thing) it's a pretty good concept and the execution is fine at best, For me there just isn't enough depth in this game, there are 3 buildings you can build (if it works) And the game has major performance issues, This is the Lite version so I don't expect it to update.
Dear Łukasz Jakowski I want to ask you a question I know this is lite version but are you can add sanbox mode to age of civilization europe lite and age civilization lite? And I recommended to use smarthphone then tablet (J2 prime,S7 Edge) and make pass and play.One thing again THIS IS BEST GAME EVER Because I know the secret tactic Hold enemy capital for 3 turns then you get all territory
Very fun game, it would be better if they toned down on the serious plugging of the full game. If you can, I'd advise you to buy the full game. It's awesome if you're into this stuff. (World Domination and government bodies)
What?! Suddenly, I just got killed when I had so many troops, was in first, then I just lost all of my troops, without anyone else taking over! Can you please fix this bug?
Obviously there was no effort put in the scripts of this game..Maybe I would play it if the devolopers would Accualy put some effort in the scripts. I am a experienced developer for games on a platform I devolope on,but I do like the small amount of effort put in,it was at least better than some careless dev's game. So that is my feed back on it,but other than the script,it's a good game.
The AI alliance members take everything you try to. If their army joins yours, and you attack someone and win, they take it not you.
Its okay but What's the point of getting this version I mean Its took out major superpowers like The USA,Mexico,Russia,China so isn't it basically the Age of History Europe version of the game?
Even tho the game is good the aggresivness is stuck in fak you and new players cant even enjoy it The controls are laggy Graphics are bad Holding a single city is impossible
I gave it one star because the games is too hard and i already set it too easy but it still hard and one of the countries is not stronger than me but i lost to that country please fix this
it is stratigic but I give it a 1 for the fact that almost no matter how u play ur cards ur always outnumbered
it is very hard to master but it is really fun if your good... Also you spelled "Maracco" wrong it is acually Morroco
having performance problems with oneplus 6 and oreo android. At first runs smoothly but after I zoom then it gets choppy. Also tested on a tablet and the same thing.
The game is, ok I guess, but I only got it because I was lured in from the screenshots. They show that the whole world was playable in the game. nope. A handful of European nations and a few African. Decent at best
The game is good, great if you love strategic games, but when I was Turkey, I was expanding in Africa and Norway had colonized basically all of EU, Iceland and Ireland hadn't been conquered, so I sent EM a allies request, but both of them rejected, That doesn't make sense! They would have known that I could protect EM from Norway, please make the rejecting and accepting allies requests more realistic...
Gg, tho iceland loves declaring war, and unlike AOC2, you cant paint maps or manage diplo, you have to do it IN game. I understand it is lite, and its not full, but it is still awesome.
Doesn't really explain how to play and anytime u want to build a tower, Fort or port it takes age to actually press the button coz it keeps pressing the map behind the buttons instead
Hands down the best free mobile strategy game. Smooth gameplay and simplicity really bought me over. Keep up the good work. :)
Dont know i cant give rate to the full version but forget it This game is good but when become big the allies look like they betray and make multiplayer or 2 player
Why is it so laggy? There is no reason for this to be so battery or CPU intensive... Couldn't even manage to get into the game because of such bad performance.
This does not work ....it is a paid application ,,,why dont you just say it from the beginning? When clicking on the game onsde ,it directs you to the website ,,,
Nothing but infuriating. No matter how many times I try, no matter what I do, or how I play, the same things happens. I spend 15 minutes desperately trying to hold on to two or three peices of land, as I watch them painstakingly get crushed. Even when on easy it's like the AI is set to the extreme difficulty level. Is this supposed to be an exercise in futility? It was nothing but a frustrating waste of time. I'm so glad I didn't pay for the real version.
I spent lots of time playing this game. It is amazing,take little place + offline. What to want more?!
Great game but its not for younger people very tatical game and is not realistic but can be realistic in quite alot of ways it shows that country dominate. Plus you can decide wars try to make peace with countrys that your facing they can decline or agree and theres many other things its a very good offline game
Amazing game .. i like this kind of games .. but i hope make the full version free .. why is it paid !?
It's a good. But it is truly just Risk with deplomacy. Besides the military upkeep doesn't matter too much after you have like three territories. If you want a more complicated experience get the second game. Overall though it really isn't bad. It's really good! Five stars.
The game is fun and fascinating, and ask the developer to add new things like diplomacy, war, governance and lots of necessary things
Great game but the only thing is, it does not bear the whole world. I searched for the world version but found nothing.
I cant stop playing, but i want to expand more in the free version. Around from Canada to China or something. Also, bots are very aggresive because they literally target you and get you like 3 times. Other than that though, I really like the scenery and aswell as the fact that you can do stuff like Russia vs Norway or anything like a 1v1. I would recommend this game to others who like these games and things.