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Age of History II - Lite

Age of History II - Lite for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Łukasz Jakowski located at Twitter: @jakowskidev Łukasz Jakowski Games Piotrków Trybunalski 97-300. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is disappoing full version costs money you can never beat anyone because if you buy a bigger army you go into debt and if you dont you get rekt and im not gonna pay four dollar for a rip off of HOI4 witch im just going to buy that game
I love this game. I have a couple suggestions about the Peace Treaty thing, like when you have extra land you dont need/want, you can give that land independence and create a name. When you vassal a country, could you have a option to change their Government. When you make an alliance, could you make up name that shows on the map? When you take over a country, could you just give land to other countries without the Trade Request? This game is awesome to play, I hope there would be more updates.
A nice game. i rated it 3 Stars cause there's not Alot, please add like Making us Expand, More Countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Please add that. :D
This game is one of the best game in its genre. Ive played so many grand strategy games and this one has got me addicted. I cant stop playing now. You can win the game just need to be smart.
I am obsessed with this game! Conquering nations and dominating relations is a great feeling, especially coupled with the roleplay possibilities of multiplayer! Thank you for being unique compared to other mobile war games!
it works well for what it is, I didnt have any experiences with glitches or anything like that. great before installing full version.
It was too confusing, the controls are terrible, and I didnt know what or how to do anything cause there isn't a tutorial at all.
I really love this game i cant stop playing this everyday. Please add free in America or Europe i really enjoy this game.
Though this is only lite version i hope the full version is better, but still as lite is just for the beginners it still can have some improvements e.g a bigger map
I've played the other versions and really wanted to play this one too but sadly when it loads up to 100% it just shows me the load game menu again. I'm sad i probably won't be able to play it
I love the game, but I was Provence and had all of Spain and France and then suddenly it lags and goes forward about a hundred turns and the Papal States conquer my territory just like that even though I went through so much struggle and work to conquer that land. It did it a second time afterwards. Fix your game.
It's good but it still has some space to grow (like colonization). Oh and it also broke. IDK why but the game is still good.
Developer could add different crops like sugar,tabaco,indigo,spices in different world regions and if any nation make colony in crops region than she could trade with world trade market. For eg British traded spices it will boost the game.
loading for others turns are so slow, other games is faster but this game is more complex than others, that my only issue
I really enjoy AoC on computer but on mobile this isn't that fun. I understand that lite version isn't that good as original, because this is the test for begginers. I mostly recommend PC version. Two stars because I can play on one map which isn't expanded. (Sorry for grammar and spelling) Greetings from Poland 🇵🇱😁 Łukasz liczę że zrobisz AOC 3 🙂
I like this game but can you do things like Asia,Africa,America and Europe lite 2 .Because I want to play in a different continent.Not just in Southern Europe and Northern Africa.Also can please set the time period in 1440?
it's a good game but it would be great if you could use your own civilization, create and use your own leaders and maps
The best of his genre on mobile. Believe me I tried every single mobile strategy game ever. A quick response to some complaints: Naval invasions can be seen a mile away from your enemy letting him one or two turns to prepare and defend, and since AI has a habit of not recruiting units and stacking up gold, an empty province can suddenly have 4000 men in a turn. You can win wars, you just need to be smart, let the ennemy attack you so you have deff bonus, and then invade. Really fun game again👍
The only reason why I'm rating two stars is because of the performance. It laggs horribly on the devicies I tried with. I'm currently using a Huawei P9 Lite with 2GB of RAM. If it preformed well it would be 5 stars... hope this gets fixed!
I can't even play the game it won't let me in when I move it up again or create a new game $5 can you just lower it $3 for the full version fix this bug like I can play the game 4 won't let me in but I can come into the game but it won't let me play the game please
this game is better than all of easytech's games put together, although i wish you made the game free or at least added all of germany for more wars and outcomes or some competition for the bigger countries to deal with say france-england
Awful. I would load a map and it would just show me the map settings again and again and again. Screw this I'm getting a non paid version I don't care if it's illegal
Overall it is a really enjoyable game but I don't really understand why everytime I attempt a naval invasion the enemy surprisingly has something like 40 more troops than me and wins. And after I saved and atempted invading the same province several time with different numbers of soldiers I figured out that if I had 200 troops the enemy would have 230. If I had 24000 troops the enemy would have 24700 troops. So is this an ingame feature to raise difficulti or a bug. Thank u
I mean you don't have to take my word for this.The first time I played it was a bit complicated,but still the best strategic game ever.
Was pretty fun until I thought I had the basics and decided to go to war. I regretted it. Somehow very weak countries with one or two provinces were able to field massive army. Far more than I can afford without going bankrupt. (And I'm the second the economy and this other guy is like 30+) Moreso, its like the AI army is designed the be always a little bit higher than mine. No matter how many troops I throw in, the AI will always win by a slight margin.
I had a great time playing it and I think others would too. You will have to learn how the game functions, but in the end it's worth it
It's good but what what makes this bad is that you can't change the scenario and you can't expand into the wasteland, in order to do all I said, you need to buy the actual game to do that, please let us try out the scenario and expand into the wasteland.
Good game but get some expand the colonization after 3 days i got bored its only France, Aragon, Castille, Bohemia, Hungary, Austria, Saxony, Brugundy, Naples, Papal States, Ragusa, Granada, Tunis, Morroco, Bavaria, Ulm, Bosnia, Albania, Venice, Urbino, Provence, Nevers and echetera echetera.
It keep crashing and when it works it has a bad time operating Edit: it works now but it's not fun after the first time playing. The map is too small and most of the options required you to be on pc or pay for the full app.
I really like this game, as it a good introduction into the grand strategy genre, although I find a little lacking in gameplay for the free version. For the free version, I would like a full scenario to make me want to buy the full game, but with no customization, for incentive to buy it. I wish there was also a tutorial. Overall, I like this game, so keep up the good work.
Very good game, but there's a bug that's not letting me save the game, saying my system is out of RAM memory when it's actually not.
Awesome game, I love it. I know that you, Lukas, are the only person that worked on this game, but is it possible that in the distant future you could make the full game either free or a little less, like maybe $1.99?
Look, the game is ok, graphics are good, controls are a little wonky but otherwise fine. However, I would have given it 5 stars if there was more content, more editing features, and the ability to make nations. I would also prefer if you maid the paid version of the game free, and instead of charging a fee to play the better game, open up a patreon.
While barely buggy, this game is absolutely wonderful. I bought this for a long trip, never got bored of it. The full version is 100% worth the $5. Great game.
This game looked really cool but when i installed it it started loading. Once the loading was finnished it just closed the app, i tried it again but it did the same thing.
Make it that the spectator mode has a new feature and that is you can fast forward it to the year 4999 AD please
I love it but you have to have control over the government when you win a war and make the modern world free as well as the map creater please
Why does this game have so many bugs and glitches in it? If it wasn't for the constant bugs I would rate this a five. My games keep on not letting me end a turn or open the diplomacy screen.
Hey lukas really good game but I have a question. Why is it in the screenshots/photos for the game where it says 1400 Aoc2 lite it shows more nations in Africa nations in Greece and France and Germany?
When I start the game it always crashes. I have the game on pc so I know it's fun to play but please fix it.
I'd give it a four because I love the complexity of this game,not to easy not to hard but I would recommend adding atleast 2 more scenarios(ww1,ww2) aswell as in the main one add more countries,maybe extend the countrys to the border between Europe and Asia. But honestly pretty good game,keep adding updates.
I HATE it. It takes so long to load the game and whenever I attack the enemy gets so many more turns than me. it is a very bad game
This game is really good. I am not able to get the full version but even if this version isn't the full one, there is lots to do. I would recommend this game to anyone who like turn-base games as it is very good.
amazing game with awesome maps and players I love this app cause I want to complete the one objective which is...WORLD DOMBINATION!!!
This game is wonderful, the borders are accurate and the graphics, I love it. But I have some suggestion for the game. I would like an option for an ceasefire, that would be nice. Another thing is that I hate it when troops with so little amount of force just sweep through the country with ease, probably add how much troops you need to take down certain province.
This game could have some ok potential but the controls are so abysmal that it is such a pain to play the game.
great experience and great mechanics. Update this app and check it for bugs, it crashes constantly, non stop. I love it, it's worth 5 stars, but the crashing is unbearable, especially at the height of gameplay
Mr. Jakowsky! Please help! How do I keep the provinces I conqured after I sign a peace treaty? Everytime I sign a peace treaty it seems to revert back to the borders pre- war. I took a lot of effort and time to conquer Russia just ti have it revert back again. Help please! I'll happily give 5 Stars after I find this out.
The Entire game is awesome. However I have some questions and also suggestions: Questions: 1. How do you change scenarios? I really want to have the Modern World one, but when I tap it, nothing happens? Can I only get this in the Full Version? 2. When I go to Editor and i tap on Create Scenario it flings me to Google Play? Why is that possible Suggestions: 1. Make it possible to access some of the scenes please. Unlock at least 3 Its fine if u can't do this all but overall good one.
Best type of war games I've played by 1 developer. Great detail and work out into these games, thanks again. Great fun they are.
Love it everything about it is just amazing it a huge improvement from your first game. It's so amazing how one person can do so much. But listen to me it's hard having a vessel. When I tax my vessel to full amount it wants independence is it because I taxed it or I didn't have my amry on my vessels province it should tell you why my vessel wants independence please help me
The game is one of the best i have ever played. I like the full version the most. St star it was difficult and i didnt had a idea about anything. However, as you watch tutorials it becomes interesting and really fun.
Fun game but can be rage inducing amd a perfect game for strategy players.If you do not like strategy games i would not recommend it and its kinda like a demo of the full game which is alot better but costs money plz lower likelihood of rebels it would make gameplay more fun and less rage inducing.thank you.
The game is amazing but here are some of my problems 1 when U the player releases a vassal I have no control over the government. All my vassals are a democracy. And I can't do anything about that. 2 when U the player tries to rotate the screen for this game the map becomes unplayable you should see it for your self and you will understand. 3 so one day I went on sandbox mode and I had unlimited money so I decided to trade all of my money to a country for one province and it declined.why?
Incredible, but there is one thing, I would like it if you could add it to where when you (roughly) conquer a country and switch it to it's ideology it will turn into that country, Italy states for example: Democracy= Italy (ETC)
Not joking this is literally one of the most shite games I've ever played. (it needs an -e to show the emphasis of how horrible it is) 1. you cant tell where you're sening your troops 2. all layouts are very poorly made and practically useless 3. The fact that the full version of the game actually is worth $5 4. there is a 50% chance that the game wilo crash on the loading screen Hope your games get better in the future 😉
Amazing game, but theres a bug when you send a large army to attack an enemy many times smaller than yours, your whole army dissapears and the enemy is untouched and then your troops are counted as casualties. please fix this bug
Idk but I can not help but write about how the loading screen takses one hour and I am at 99% for 30 minutes
For a free version of the game it's pretty good if I may say. The game has one map with 400+ provinces which is very big map and has modes like sandbox, spector mode(which is watching bot fight to victory) or normal. Once I get my payday I will get the full version which is going to maximize the experience with lots more content. The is very simple to learn and almost anyone can do it!
Great game. It reminds me of Crusader Kings II but in a mobile version; and that's a good thing! I love this game and would absolutely get the full version. I'm just cheap and want to wait for a sale. Fantastic game otherwise. Though I should say the Lite version gets old once you've finished the game.
Well for starters this game is really fun until you find out that the real one cost money!? This game is a waste of your time and they sould have just made the real one free
Everything is bazinga, but from time to time my troops just vanish after I send them into enemy territory. I send more than enough, and it even shows that the province is mine after I click 'next' a couple of times, but then, it remains the enemy's. Maybe I tapped 'next' more after my troops go in, but even after gaining the province my troops disappear either way. This doesn't mean the game is bad. The full version is only $5, and this one has no ads. I don't know why everyone is complaining.
I absolutely love this type of games. crusader kings, europa universalis and civilization are my go to games. if you are looking for a mobile substitute, though luck. this is not it
Wanted to try before buying, but I must agree with others that the interface is not designed for anything mobile. I tried to make it work on my 10.4" tablet but even the settings screens are just not usable, e.g. province settings - once you enter it, there's no way back. Needs a lot of work, but I'll be buying if the UI is reworked.
every time I try to load this game it stops at 90% one time a crash but let me create a new nation which crashed again so they might need to fix this problem
I playes the game and it was great i had no game crashing. People should play the game before rating!!!
has the potential to be a very good strategy game, seems very in depth. Its lacking a tutorial to show you the ways and due to there being so many different menus it's hard to get the right one up using a phone as you press the wrong thing several times. I was invaded by a tiny country and could do anything about it as I didn't know how.... like I said has the potential as its had a lot of thought go into it, just needs more with the user in mind.
nice game, but developer's silence towards reviews somehow irritates me, would be better if chplay let us reply on reviews and questions we know, for example on Preston's 4-star review, all of his requests are already present in the game, he should just dwell into it more
All is good, this is only a test app, if you feels like scared of buying the real version one, if you don't like this version it is mostly 'cause the map is small and boring, but if you play the real one you'll 100 % enjoyed it
This is an amazing game. I am addicted to it. It can be a little bit hard at first but it turns out to be really fun when you know the principle of this game. I have read comments that stated that this game is too difficult. That's probably me the first time I played it. This game is so easy. You have to trade with another country. You will give them a small amount of money and have them declared war on another country. By the way, very interesting game.
glichy and unrealistic... it would be fun if u added a military customization, weather climates and war time disciplines... and if u made it adjust to the time it would be much better.
I dont feel positive about this game really it gets on 99% then it just stops like what do u even care about it the game
I love the game it's my favorite game out of the civilization games. A few things that might seem cool to add: What if you could play as a rebellion, what if you could trade not only Land and money but crops and stuff, and what would help is if there we're a way to make efforts to stop the spread of diseases like to quarantine a province or something as soon as you get the technology level and development.
I love the concept of this one, because I've been looking for a mobile equivalent to the hoi series, but think there is too much to do and master, plus the first one is much better and easier to understand.
This game is Basically just quantity over quality , I began an attack on Bosnia as Hungary , I had a powerful army , then they the next turn make 2000 troops ?????? Thats stupid . So you are gonna fail unless you get allies which is just spam inprove relations untill you can be allies , or just wait until 500 turns so you can attack them . Anyway , thia game has no strategy in it , basically More men , you win which if you are a small nation , YOU WILL NEED ALLIES TO GET A PIECE OF LAND .
This game it's good but it has a lot og bugs that needs to be fixed. For example a larger army gets easily defeated by a much smaller army. Is it a feature or a bug?
It's hard but really fun it simulates a country in real life it is very challenging small countries are sometimes really strong but the game is amazing.
Very great game,nice example to make us buy full game,but,it has started crashing recently,and also,there is ottoman empire in screen shots here,but not in game,fix that plz,btw great game.
Good game but i sometimes use the same on my mom's phone. I hate that i cannot edit the world cause it is not the full version. I would give 5 stars if you make editor and make scenario in also the lite and the full version. If you understand this. This went lower because you didn't do it!!! How rude! I hate you
Game sucks, constant glitches and bugs, and when I try to send my army somewhere the game literally freezes then the other army wins, do not reccomend
This game is really good but loses all its sense if colonization mode isn't provided by the free version. Without any colonization mode or free scenario, well this game becomes really boring and it's a pity because this game is good and could be improved if colonization was enabled and so were free scenario. While I know all of that is provided by the full version, there are people like me who can't yet buy games on the phone so a little effort for these people could be great
Just buy the real one this is not worth your time you are only getting a little sample of what you could be doing and I feel like the creator should have just made the actual game free but let people buy stuff like different countries but keep some countries open in order to let you have a small variation of countries
I think that this lite version needs more countrys and something i would like is to have at least when I reach the year 1492 i get a little bit of the north america that I can colonize with my empire and to be able to make my own country and to have crops so I can sell them to other countries and a thing i would like is if i have an alliance with 1 country and our relations are bad it would leave but if I have let's say 5 countrys we would need to vote do we want it to leave
Horrible. When I went into a war it would never let me actually let me invade anywhere making it impossible to conquer anything and sometimes when I do some of the options in the game it would just bug and nothing would happen next turn so it makes it so hard and frustrating to play. Makes me wonder if the other version is any better because if you can't do some of the most simple things I this version it's not making me have faith in the paid version.
It is fun but my troops sometime vanishes and also it would be fun if you could let is expand into different continents so if you can do those things then you will get 5 stars
Fantastic game, however a section of the British Isles should also be included for further immersion.
Fun game but if you want to choose your civilization, choose the country you want and press the thing on the right if the screen that shows another country. You should press the one you first landed on when opening the scenario. I couldn't comment on the full game because I don't have it but this is useful advise.
Some of the things of this game don't make any sense, my empire would be on verge of dying due to a war, and the vasal (a very strong one) does absolutely nothing (was in war), and when I send a peace negotiation, the vasal rejects it, I was having a good experience with it but this one bit is so frustrating that I had to delete it
I enjoyed some parts however the AI seems to be buffed or it takes advantage of exploits in the game.
Personally I'd enjoy more nation availability, maybe add up to eastern European nations until you reach maybe Muscovy, and add 2 scenarios (personal favorites for me would be 5 and WW2)
There's a bug where my goods and investment bars always go to 0 in every turn, making me lose a TON if population. Great game but this bug is pissing me off. 3 stars, was 4
The game is good. Though it dose crash... a lot, and there is only one era to play in. But I like it. I wish some of its mechanics were in the other games, like abandoning provinces.
We need more countries a lot and it is still a bit fun it will be more fun if you add more lands and stop the lag spikes i will rate 4 stars but you know what i like how you can colonise other lands
love except you should add 1 more scenario and please 1 day limited day off on the real age of civilization 2 for free and BEST GAME EVER LOVE YOUR GAMES. And maybe on the rest of them one day off free and put sandbox mode also if they don't have sandbox please do them thanks that is my wish
I really do like this game. If people pay more attention to the Options before starting a new game this game would have a better review. Although it would be cool to have countries and kingdoms change with the real timeline if you choose that path. Love it I've played it every day at least. (Also I even see some reviews and you can become a different country. Release a vassal and then select play as kingdom. And have fun with the long list).
Not worth it at all definitely more countries and expanding would help a lot and it is so boring if you add more lands and stop the lag spikes i will rate 4 stars
The Controls are is soo tedious compare it to other games with a similiar genre and gameplay like this one this probably one of the worst I had the controls are so tedious that I cannot optimize my countries status properly it has alot of potential but the tedious controls just killed my excitement for the game.
I would highly recommend it's a cool game but I wish the original was free I've always wanted to play as uk...or usa...or or canada I just wish that there was more countrys so plz for this game can you update that more countrys like uk or germany or at least all of europe plz but overall it's a great game.
This is to the developer we want more maps and abilites on the free version mabye not customizing but just 1 map is kinda dead and make us be able to colonize wastelands like it just makes the game boring and quickly finished so please update this
I used to borrow a friend's phone to try the full version, and I think that this game is the only mobile(-ported) game that tries to balance between diplomacy, economy, and military, as others either drop out a section or two, or do it poorly. However there are still many issues keeping it from being a decent grand strategy mobile game imo, I would love to share them to you if it wasn't for the 500 letters limit. Anyway I hope the hiatus is for you to polish a big update like bill wurtz did.
It's a good game it's just that the images show that Greece and Istanbul are part of the lite but there not and that was a bit disapointing but thats my only Complate. all in all good game.
most of the good stuff are behind paywalls were you have to get the full game but without it its a good game just needs to be worked on a little with like not just peasents like tanks and stuff and reasorce that you would need to get the equipment and maybe planes? you know? but some of teh comments are just that there are bugs and the game is broken but they don't tell you what they are but when you load up the game, go into games, then at the top map:earth click on it and change it to 5x SBO
It's very cool, but I don't understand how to switch maps. I also don't understand what's the difference beetween "Age of Civilizations II - Lite" and the one without this "Lite".
Every amount of turns it kicks me and how am I soppossed to play if it kicks me If this Is fixed I will rate it 5 stars... Greetings From America!
I installed both versions 1 & 2 of the game and I am sorry to say version 1 is by far better (one of my favourite games). Version 2 have too much admin. I want to play not work. I like the simplicity of version 1. Version 1 is also better optimized for a phone. Version 2 requires a tablet or PC with a large screen.
It was good, a bit. just that the nations to play were boring and I feel like this game is just for the people to be shown that they should buy the actual version for the money. Which is horrible in my opinion so please make it enjoyable atleast.
Game crashes during loading screen half the time. The other half I get endless popups telling me the game crashed last time I tried to play. I would give it 0 stars if I could.
The application doesn't res— the application doesn't respon— The application doesn't respond muc— WHY IS IT ALWAYS CRASHING?
love this game. You truly are an artist, but one queation; i bought this game on steam, is there any way to get it on andriod for free(fullgame)
I personally love this game, especially since I no longer have a computer to run HOI4 or Civ 6. It's a little simplistic and there are some problems with it such as the compact screen making it a little difficult to control. However, once you get over that, the game is super fun.
Love it! Absolutely incredible! With so many cash grabs, it is nice to see a wonderful game/ developer! One thing however, there is a glitch where it flickers before returning to normal. Is this normal?
Like a generic Crusader Kings, but without any of the stuff that made Crusader Kings good. Not even worth it for free.
I cant even play the game. After I press the scale that I want, it loads, and takes me back to the scale options.
I love the game but why can't you change the time to 2018 it would make it a lot better for 2 time's 1440 and 2018
It needs more UPDATING like seriously The Turnbase system is trash,The Always let the boys have all the turns but they need to upgrade on the colonization,I don't wanna spend money for a bit of land? I wanna just take it. Instead of just buying the land isn't that what settlers are supposed to do also When you get beat in a war There's a point where the game stops you from having a turn and have the enemy TAKE ALL YOUR TERRITORY,I think that is unfair because it's supposed to give you a turn.
I love it but dont, it has a great base but every time I invade the enemy pounds me with thousands upon thousands of soldiers 100x more than I have more that I could possibly afford with all my savings it just ruins it
It's very nice for a game with only one developer. The main problem I have is that options that are only for the main game are still showing, and whenever I click on them it doesn't do anything but it also doesn't say anything. it's very frustrating.
This game is sooo bad. I go to attack anybody with 5000 troops and suddenly they've got 50000 like hey your dead now I mean it literally costs about 30000 gold to get 5000 troops where the hell are they getting this money from??? Fix the bots
This game is too laggy and when it finishes loading the earth map it crashes i can only play the tutarial but the first thing they say lets me stay in that button and could not get out ._.
Hi, thanks for all of your great work, it is hard to make such a great game on a mobile device. I love this game, but here are some suggestions. Please make more maps available for lite players, me and other players would be so happy. Different units would be good too, like naval, air, or land units. Personally the controls are fine, but other than that, great job, and keep up the excellent work.
I Haven't Played It Yet But It Will Probably Be Great As So Are His Other Games And One Quick Question Will there be a sale on black Friday for the original version of the game to be free???
Adding a couple nations would make the gameplay experience better by a lot,maybe adding another scenario would be fun for the people that play the free version of the game,although it is a pretty fun game to play.
I would like to say that I do like this game it's just that it becomes bland after a while due to the lack of countries and time periods. At this point I wouldn't mind having ads if it meant more content
On the screenshots of the game, it shows more nations than you can play as, 12 to be exact. In the game of mine, you can only play as 42, while the screenshots show 54. Is my game not up to date or what?
Unplayable. Start a war, attack for one turn, and the game glitches, can't move or recruit anything. And the tutorial is a joke.
I love wargames, love this game a lot and i love geography. The big problem is the enemy are super powerful! Their troops are bigger and more powerful than my country! Even its on Easy difficulty. Please, fix it
Some suggestions: Ability to make peace with rebellions. I mean, why cant I? It's not like making peace and letting a rebellion be its own country is far from reality. Infact, it's closer to reality. Also, ability to change your flag and customize it. Another feature that would be awesome is if when nations send you trade deals or other things, instead of just rejecting it if you dont like it, you could adjust it until it meets both yours and the other nations needs. That's all thank you!