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Age of History Americas Lite

Age of History Americas Lite for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Łukasz Jakowski located at Twitter: @jakowskidev Łukasz Jakowski Games Piotrków Trybunalski 97-300. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The best game i ever played im about to install the other lite version of europe and when I get a credit card im buying the full versions. MAKE MOAR pls
I bought this game a long time ago because i loved how i was able to spend countless hours playing it and now i am glad to have come back to it and the developer has updated it even more im very satisfied with this game :)
I would personally jus recommend using the $5 to buy age of civilization 2. If not try the free version of it, or get the European lite version for a good experience.
I don't get how other nations can build their army's up so fast. It's kinda ridiculous and needs to be corrected
So I don't normally give feedback to games, but this game is amazing honestly. If your bored or are just trying to kill Time. This game is the answer. There is plenty of ways to play it and it always keeps you coming back. This is the third phone I've had it on, I just can't seem to stop downloading it honestly. Overall the game is pretty fun. But if I was sit down and look at it I would have to say I wish there was like different things you could make like airplanes, boats.warahips, tanks and maybe even something like artillery that would be sweet. Also if maybe you had it so only certain province's had access to certain supply like metal, coal and other materials. That would be pretty sweet and if there was better diplomacy that would be great. Overall though the game is great and I believe it is well worth a download, maybe even 3.
All I want to do in this game is be America and take over the Americas! But this stupid game won't let me. Now, I could buy the full version, but I don't have any money. Can you make it so I can be America please?
Impossible to start! I can't get past the first set of menus to actually start a game. There is clearly a glitch that unfortunately renders this completely unusable!
Well only problem I had with the game is that if you go to random game and try to select a civilization, it only shows the U.S to Zambia and doesn't allow you to scroll up to see more of the nations.
This is a horrible game; first off the grafics are very bad. You are limited to a few countrys to choose from. And this game Is fully unrealistic. With the sand box mode your just fully over powerd. And back to the limeted countrys you cant play anything in North America. You can only play in latan America. So overall the grafics are bad, you are limited to few countrys.
One of my favorite games. Only graphics not on par with other games. I also missing multi-player option.
dear people who are mislead you have to buy the full game to get all of the stuff this advertises he/she used the same everything to advertise the this one as he/she used to advertise the full one so dont come in here getting angry
I just know it's gonna be great because there is another of these of part Africa and Europe and it's the same graphics and stuff
It Was Ok But Most of North Americans Countrys And When I Loaded It Was Stuck On Random mode And BTW Can you make A version 2 Of This game
I liked the euro version but added this one because it SHOWS a U.S. map but it doesn't have the U.S. This version by name and screenshots is an absolute mislead. Very disappointed.
Not bad but when i try to start a game that x250 or x300 it says out of memory. I have plenty of memory left.
I Have Downloaded Like all of your Civilization Games Keep Up The Good Work Also Lukasz Jakowski Can You Add Like All Of North America And Even South America Please ☺
Im so addicted to this game but could you please add more information about vassal etc... And add more buildings please like farm to make the population grow faster every turn barrack to make the army doubling thier attack when they are in the city that has been builded a barrack and more please this suggestion will make your game more addictive
The game creator is misleading. Looking at the pictures he used to advertise, the game itself is not like it. You can't play with several nations. Mainly the US and Mexico. Also you are restricted to one game mode! You can't choosr a different time period and have to stick to just 17 nations. Would not reccomend!
Dear maker of this game there is a misleading title in this game you cannot play as North America Mexico or Brazil those countries are in Central America North America and Southern America so please fix this immediately
It is a great game Except when i click "Random civilization" it only loads U to Z and you cant scroll up. (I use a Samsung S6 btw)
Some problems but it can be fixed. If you do fix these then this game will be the best game i'll ever played. This 4 star might turn into 5 star.
This is a great game, and I'm glad that even though it is the "light" edition, you can still have a quality game experience, unlike most other games. Thank you so much for this!
If you're looking for something like Civilization this is not it. The tutorial is pathetic. Graphics are a joke. You can only pick a civilization from South or Central America and you have no actual choices because it chooses Honduras for you. Lame.
you can never win because right off the bat your beaten then a bigger contry kills you instantly. once my contry just all turnd a different color and i didn't know why.
Its really fun I just wish That we could have like puppets um luke state puppets or economic statics of such and democracy and etc
I like the game alot but im really confused with one thing why cant you be america canada and other countrys? If i missed a step or something tell me cause i really want to play as the usa
What is this it saus it is america but no it does even jave mexico or USA or even t Canda i dont like
Gets boring over time, 300% and 250% is just a trick to try to get the player to buy the full version. this game is absaloutely horrible.
this game doesn't tell you how to play so how the heck am I going to play honestly this game sucks there is no instructions on how to play
Perfect game to play when your bourd it makes you just want to conquer all of the country's so baaaaad.Honestly my favorite part is uniting with the other country's