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AFK Heroes: Idle Arena - Peak Battle

AFK Heroes: Idle Arena - Peak Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Wolf Game Studio located at 北京市东城区沙滩后街. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I had this game on my old phone and I was really good at it. But know I started over about 3 months later and I see GREAT updates, I really love this game and now I’m better than before and please keep up the great work. Love, your biggest fan. Get bored of most mobile games fast. This AFK Heroes is lasting the longest.
Stuck on the mission where I need to go to hero tavern and was enjoying the game till this point.. I keep getting error 202 and can't complete the mission . Rating for game won't change till resolved Considering this game dose have lag as well..I kept playing because I enjoy it now that I came to a point I cannot play ..that gotta tell u I do enjoy it but overall a lot of bugs
This is totally a waste of time and it's not even offline and also you don't get to fight yourselfcan you just pick characters and then let them do the fighting that all what a boring game
Good game, could use some work also chat and arena are also dead, and I'm at a progression halt, which may take a while as a lot of equipment forging may need to be done to keep teams fit for further stages. I'd be lucky if I forge a couple of two stars a day (that is with near everything in base at lvl 10). I'm - at the time of writing this- considering opting for a better time filler. But will still keep trying to get thru stage 12-X (where X is insert number 1-15).
You’ll be hooked with this game, you’ll be playing this for at least a year. If you don’t, you probably don’t like games. But if you do like games... GET. THIS. GAME. It’s barely a pay to win game until someone spends thousands of dollars. You can get good heroes very easily without paying. There’s no I’m finished with this, I’m gonna wait a whole day now. There are so many things to do. It’s the best game I’ve ever played, since all the other games I played only kept me for only a week. This game is NOT boring.
Its so good im playing it on 2 accounts really enjoyable but the prob is that after 2month with normall level uping i cant reach higher levels and this is so bad cause i cant even go for hard and expert and it takes long long to level up maybe deleting the level up limitation on champaings whould be best plz respanse it thnx for ur games and community. Ive played Idle Heroes for two year and get boring. Now I find another idle game called AFK Heroes more interesting.
Its hard to find any game that keeps years u glued to your seat, but idle heroes does the trick. Game is highly addictive and I up I led definitely recommend this game to family and friends. There could be some more work done but overall almost a flawless game. Keep the great work up!! AFK Heroes is as great as idle heroes.
Good game and a lot to do. However, two issues. The game has a tendency to disconnect a lot even mid battles etc. I'm on fibre 100mbps link with constant 2-4ms latency. Thus my network is not an issue. Tested other games, streaming, setup a network monitor just to make sure it is not my network. Then secondly, the game has some heavy P2W mechanics which is 100% observeable in PVP. People at the same level or even a lot lower than you has heroes that are almost maxed out and 3-4 times the CP.
This game is great overall, but when there are special events, and you receive currency to buy other characters or “heroes” that only from that event.... but when the event is done, you lose all the currency you had and don’t get to use it. This needs to be fixed. Maybe like close the event from receiving more currency like the previous one “mooncakes” but then have a post-event period where you can use what you have. Because some of us are trying to get as much as we can before buying something. Just frustrating as a whole. But everything else is great. AFK Heroes is as great as idle heroes.
I like it, I don’t have to spend a lot of time leveling. AFK Heroes is more interesting than Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. There are more strategies in it. Just download and have fun!
This game is basically the same as Idle Heroes. It's a great game but Idle Heroes is still better because it gives out a lot of free daily gems which means less in game purchases.
i absolutely love how this game isn't just about war (still love the fighting part, don't get me wrong), but also how theres characters, they have backgrounds, they each have a BEAUTIFULLY written description about themselves, and how it all fits together. not to mention the art style is so perfect, i can't stop looking at the portraits. this is one of the most well made games i've seen, and it's obvious a LOT of time went into this. thank you so much!
Very fun game. I enjoy the Tower battlefield alot. I recommended it to my brother. This game has characters from my favorite games and movie's. The character modeled after Master Bruce Lee is the coolest one to me. So much fun i can't get enough. Thanos just landed. 5 out of 5
Fun game. Easy to handle. Only problem I had was figuring out how to change your team which is an icon on the right 😂
Selected server 1 and infinitely loads and there's a hand animation telling you to tap on the screen and nothing happens
Don't waste your time the games been abandoned last update was over a year ago and all the previews are a lie, there's not even 60 heros much less the 100+ it says and a few of the ones in the preview like ichigo don't even exist
The game seems ok at the begining but after you get into it a little, every battle that you finish brings up a screen telling you to download another game and play untill you get link code to put in this one. the only way to fet rid of this screen without downloading another game is to exit and reopen.
There are so many different characters to get even though they don't use the characters real names they are still very similar and I don't have any problems like bugs or ads always poping up in my face all the time like other games so I give it 5 STARS
When I first started, I was so excited. Later that day, I got so addicted. I started using money and started playing more and more. Till this day I’m still playing it! Something that annoys me when people have names that involves into a inappropriate word... But I still enjoy this game! AFK Heroes is an awesome Idle RPG.
I can't even play the game! I've tried for days to play this game yet it just kept saying that it can't connect! My Wi-Fi never acts up and not only that, I kept getting logged out the game each time I click retry for it to log me in! I would've given it a great review if I could play it. Is this game even for Android!? I guess not because it won't let me log in! Please fix this issue and I might change my review.
I have spent tons of my time on this game. It’s such an addicting game. This is such a vast game with many things to do and many missions to accomplish. One thing is that we don’t get all the fixes in the game that we want for the game to improve. The devs don’t exactly listen but that doesn’t change the vast amount of content that many will enjoy. If you are bored with AFK Arena, you can try AFK Heroes for fun.
So basically I just love this game so much but whenever you get to a certain level it gets harder to grind so you can’t get as much gems faster and whenever people won’t stop sending invites to join your guild is so gosh dang annoying. Other than that, I recommend this game as a 10/10 or 5 stars whatever one you would choose. :) Playing AFK Heroes is a great way to kill time! Much better than Idle Heroes.
Awesome game!! Already level 100 after a couple pf years playing. I think a started 2017 or 2018. I mostly think mostly 2017. Love this game trying to get my friends online and friends at school and friends at church to play it. developer did an awesome job. If you are bored with AFK Arena, you can try AFK Heroes for fun.
Too early to tell but like the graphics and roster. Some of the heros that they show on the load screens and concept arts aren't even in the game tho.
The game looks good. Then you play and it's all bad after that it is a pay to play game unless u can afford to pay 100+ a day go somewhere else. A team of lvl 250, 220, 2 190's and a 160 lost to a team of 1 220 and 1 130 that dose not happen in a legitimate game.
This is such an addicting game. I’ve played this for a little while,And I’ve found that there’s no flaws in this game.The only thing I would change is when you alter someone, I would like to have given more recourses.But if you are debating about getting this game,just do it.you can thank me later! AFK Heroes is more interesting than hero wars and summoners war.
Im rather new to AFK games. Instarted on AFK Arena. Got hooked, and due to the nature of running out of daily tasks, started looking for another. This is the only one that has even came close in terms of quality and presentation. Great game.
Been playing for about two-three months now and I have two accounts set up. I love all the features and things to do in game. One of my favorites been arcane labyrinth! I’d recommend this game to anyone that enjoys these types of games! Just raid resource and create your legends in AFK Heroes. Double thumbs up for the new afk version.
So I’m am not really a mobile game player mainly because I hate all the ads the company’s trying to force in game purchase on you! This game is not like that at all everything and be obtained by so hard work and dedication which I think is sooo cool! The game is also not loaded with ads meaning no interrupting game play so it’s really easy to really immerse yourself in the game!! 100/10 HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
It’s an awesome game but it’s a grinding type of game it’s not for people who like shooter games. Ive played X-HERO: Idle Avengers for six months and get boring. Now I find another Idle RPG called AFK Heroes more interesting.
It's a pretty good game, after a while tho it kinda just stops untill you have enough resources to do anything
This is the best game ever! It is so much fun, that I can’t put my phone down! Keep up the good work and please make a E10!Haha thank you! Get bored of most mobile games fast. This AFK Heroes is lasting the longest.
I would give 5/5 but most of the time I let it collect rewards for a long time like oh I don't know over night but log in the next morning and get no freaking rewards so I can't progress any further! Please fix that issue!
Game ain't bad, but you falsely advertised the front dude, he ain't even in the game, and that fighter on the front cover is the only reason I downloaded this, uninstall
Heroes Legend was this game, had a saved game played yesterday, see update in store.... Now game is not even close to the same as yesterday and my save, which I put a lot of money into is gone and can't find the game anymore. I want a partial refund in the least, upwards of 300 usd lost with no word
Great game although I wish the DBZ characters were on the hero roster. Need to add Batman, captain marvel, Goku, Superman, and the assassin's creed character Ezio to roster
This game is awesome except for the fact that the ads are false. You can’t turn a four star into a six star you have to do a lot more work. Some of the four stars in one ad are supposed to be five stars and so on. Other than false advertising I advise playing
I'm new to the game but so far it's pretty decent. Lots of rewards to help make your squad stronger and lots of things to do
I love this game very much. It’s honestly pretty fun and good for killing a little time. However, a problem I have is with the account leveling system and how many campaign missions you can complete. Right now I have to wait about 12 hours and then collect exp to even continue and do the next 4-5 missions and then I have to wait again for rewards to level up. I feel the leveling system is too restricted on how you get exp and that the campaign should not be level restricted. This is just my opinion and if something is done based off of this, no matter how little, I’d be very happy and I believe many others would too.
Imma be honest the art style looks weird the rewards feel like nothing the combat looks sad the summons don't look Impactful the name of the game is just like any other pay for nothing. (Suggestions) take some notes from dokkan the combat is appealing without having to actually do anything the summons look amazing the UI is easy and just looking at the characters can keep you there for a moment. Please fix the game it could be nice also join the more anime side there is a lot of fans.
I like the looks of the game, but the app icon with vegito blue is false advertising, if youd add in vb to the game id love it bc hes my favorite fusion but all in all, it looks like a crisp game and i hope to see some slick lookin anime characters added in
I am giving 1 star because combat in every mode except the arena is very laggy and frustrating. Also the game trips off at the slightest disturbance e.g: i pulled down the bar to check the time on my phone. I mean really?! Rewards refuse to be collected at times as well. Please fix these bugs, especially the laggy combat and you'll have a winner. I will also change to 5 stars. You've got something good here.
Dont download spent money the app had change over even with the face of the app an lost everything. Game is good but spend all that time to just lose everything just ain't worth it. But take this for what it is worth
Afk heroes updated to this and we lost our progress & everything else ? Shows me they are cash grabbing hard af. What incentive is there to spend knowing in few months this gonna happen again ? Boooo
AFK Heroes: Idle Arena - Peak Battle. I love the game, the concept, characters, and mechanics are beautiful if not flawless, however there are a few details that I think would make the game better. First a loadout system, being able to establish hero’s before the fight, and just plug that loadout in. Second would be more guild events, especially for larger guilds, the two bosses we get are fun, but more guild based events like, guild based battles, would be amazing, and the final isn’t really an idea. All your hero’s are amazing, even common ones, so MORE HEROS, that would allow more combos and synergies, plus more artwork and beautiful creations. Your game is amazing, I play it every day, and thank you for taking the time to read!!!
What's with the performance of this game guys! I saw the high rating and downloaded the game but was immediately shocked to see how bad it was. I honestly don't understand how it has a high rating. The Issue - I mean how poor is the performance for the game to load in between turns in a turn-based game! Moreover, the enemies die after 1 full sec of using your spell which makes the game so jarring! Even the graphics is mediocre. It's 2020 guys, good performance, graphics & visuals are basic !!
I have played this game for only a couple of weeks but it is a great game. I already have a 6 star heroes and I have spent zero dollars on it. Definitely not a pay to win if you have patience. I have played almost all the top idle games, such as AFK Arena, Idle Heroes and Hero Wars. In the end, I love AFK Heroes best.
Only got this because I love dragonball, haven't got any of them yet if they even are available but so far, lots and lots of fun. Very impressed
1st time to play this kind of game.. and i like it. simple to play.. i like the graphics.. the characters... and i hope for more updates to this app... godbless admin
I can't even open the game it does the loading screen then it just says at the top login notice or repair but nothing works and it says in the center 0mb/0mb please fix if you can the game looks really good and caught my attention so until I can play no high rating
It's a good game just need to be able to use more than gems to spin the lottery and buy things in the shop
I open this game once in the morning and once at night, sometimes once in between. The app is a shameless money grab but they add in just enough features to activate the pleasure sectors in my brain and keep me coming back. I have spent 0$ on this game and I will never spend any more because there is barely any benefit to spending the money. I should stop playing and someday I will hopefully lose my account because thats the only way I will stop. I’m too deep in to consider starting over.
I just started this game today and Im level 30, This is actually a lot of fun. It isnt something you need to spend money on to have fun like some games in the same genre. I love it lots. Kinda wish I can do one extra of the challenges without VIP but its still great.
This is the best game I have ver downloaded in my life the designs are amazing the gameplay is great!! I just wish that the producers of the game would add a trade option. If you are bored with AFK Arena, you can try AFK Heroes for fun.
Even though it’s super simple and everything, I don’t really have to do anything and the amount of money and experience you get just climbs idly. Just upgrade your heroes and everything with what you get. Don’t have enough to beat that boss? Just wait a few hours.
Brilliant game, not pay to win at all, plus I have 3 end game heros not evan 8 hours in :) autobots roll out.
Im from android s-116 and now my account is kinda error. I already sent an email for the details. Please i need your response to fix this bug. I cannot event installed the patch. Help me
This game is great. There’s an extremely active community, on social media and other places along with in game. Tons to do in the game, and while it can seem like it’s pay-to-win, it’s not. The only thing you can get by spending tons of money, and I mean tons, (the prices in this game are insanity) is faster progress. You don’t have a better chance at receiving anything certain thing, and you can’t directly purchase specific hero copies that you want, it’s all still just chance. You can spend money for more opportunities to get better hero’s, but being free-to-play is just fine. You’ll never be above the guy on the leader board who spent $25k building his team, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. AFK Heroes is more interesting than AFK Arena.
I'm having issues with the offline xp and rewards claiming and also the fact that during story mode it just seems very slowed down like when I finish a mission I have to go back to the main menu instead of a button for next area like other afks. Also with the combat system everytime it's some persons turn to attack it loads and then attacks and continues to do that every player that's on the field very annoying
Ok but needs work on making it easier to get around, and would love to customize character with hair styles and outfits.
I give a huge amount of respect towards the developers towards this game. How you can have multiple account on the same device, my only problem I have is getting stuck in the campaign and no being able to progress. Besides that I couldn’t be any happier with the way the game performs and plays out. Playing AFK Heroes is a great way to kill time! Much better than Idle Heroes.
I really enjoy this game. I have 3 kids so its auto modes really help. Its nice to see a game not be disappoint. When it comes to summoning. I feel your chances are much better in comparison to other games like summoners war. Lots of opportunity is given to the players both f2p and p2p. The free character codes is awesome. Look forward to more growth from this game. Thanks keep up the good work. Good game for afk time.
This game is rrally good because all you have to do is customize you character snd let them battle. You even earn rewards by going afk. Really good game very addictive.😁😁😁
If you complain about losing account,just search Last Legend. Basicaly this game is official release from Last Legend. So yeah,it like their company scammed some people at their "beta" version of this game. Same company at the game,but in this google play it put different name. But im sure "MOYU" are in both game,Last Legend(beta) and this game.
This is a very fun game it is easy to pick up there are so many different strategys that different heroes that can help you follow your strategy
!!!! Doesn't Fix Cannot Load Your Data In New Version Fix This Bug I don't want play this game forever!!!
I love this game. There are so many different characters to fight with. Pretty fast pace. If you are a nerd/geek i highly recomend this game!.
I keep trying to connect back to the game and tried using the google login which isnt working and reparing the game which keeps telling me that "resource update failed, do you want to restart the game and update again?" What?
Honestly, I won’t lie, I’ve spent a few dollars on the game, but it never really boosted me much, though this seems like a bad thing, it really isn’t! You don’t have to spend a crazy amount of money to get good at the game, in fact, you don’t have to spend any! The game isn’t a pay to win, and it’s addictive regardless! AFK Heroes is as great as AFK Arena.
Its not a bad game to kill time. The only thing is i wish it had ss blue vegito like it shows in the cover art. Thats the whole reason i downloaded this game
I only started, and I love it. But why am I giving it 3 stars? It has very very less characters. Its almost too easy. Add more character please, and I might just redownload it and put this as a 5 star game.
Addicting, this game makes you feel like you have SO Much money and resources. Its rewarding to do the least, and fun to do the most. Great time killer.
This game is so epic.I love it's feature but I think there was one problem with this game when the battle starts we can't control the characters that which moves they perform in right time other wise game is so good.
Really dope and really fun game, but it needs like more hype and stuff and they should like give more events like every week.
I've been playing for a while and is a good and funny game I enjoyed it I just hope it's not a p2w game
Just downloaded this game and bought two gem packs and I have the google recipet for them. But no gems. No steel man. And yet they still took my money. Honestly, I've never played a game with so many problems as soon as I just started. Disappointing.
This is one of my favorite games mainly because I get to play with my friends and also the heroes look so cool, if there was one thing the Idle Heroes can change is to make a server where you aren’t allowed to spend money to give a more fair chance for the non spender a chance to win. AFK Heroes is as great as idle heroes.
This game is one of the best games I’ve ever played especially on a phone. I get bored of games easily but I’ve been playing this game for months and I still bench play it. I love this game please make more games like this. The only thing I don’t like is how probable getting common hero’s is but overall it’s a amazing game.
best idle game in my list! graphics awesome and the characters and their skills are surprisingly like the original marv heroes..
Not my all time favourite, but with a bit more work it can rise to be a very good game. It is similar to a lot of other idle games out there, but there are also a few changes that makes this game better than afk arena or other games like this
This is just a mashup of idle heroes and AFK arena. There's characters like Hellboy and iron man there's Jedi's and Harley Quinn hell they even have pyramid Head! Optimus Prime too. 2b from nier automata. It's just a mashup.
This is such a addictive and amazing game! Would super recommend! I do want to make it easier on newer players like myself, and be able to gift items I no longer need to help them out, which is why I thought gifting would be a good addition to this already lovely game!P.S A real living person who likes cheese wrote this.
Great game with much to offer. The one thing I would love to see implemented is a chat system meant for adults. Every time I open chat, I see children saying the most BS and dumb stuff. The only time I see any conversations or thoughts of the game is in my guild chat. That’s the one thing the game needs and it would be near perfect. If you are bored with idle heroes, you can try AFK Heroes for fun.
So I started playing like 2 months ago and honestly this game is really addictive to the point where I open the game knowing that I have completed all my daily e.t.c but i still want more lol and the battle animation are really good and when it comes to f2P it's the 2nd best f2P game I have personally ever played with a great customer service. The game throws resources to u even when AFK. Tho it's hard for new players to know what to upgrade first as the game lucks guid-info.(JUDGMENT) Guild.
It's a bit early. Let's see where I am a week from now. So far you get four stars because of I'm not impressed with the hero's I was forced to start with. Spider boy.....really???
Good game But with in 3 days of playing progress as slow down very much hardly making any progress now this is becuase they want to force you to pay real money just to get somewhere day light robbery most gamers cant afford to pay real money so you are wasting people time i am not playing years just to get somewhere