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AFK Cats: Epic Idle Dungeon RPG Hero Arena Battle

AFK Cats: Epic Idle Dungeon RPG Hero Arena Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Pixel Federation Games located at Einsteinova 19, 851 01 Bratislava, Slovakia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is fun but the makers are money hungry. This is a pay to win gacha game. There are walls. The shops only reset what you purchased. You pay to have more options Yes there is a possibility of advancing if you focus on upgrading the 1 to 3 star units only. However if you want anything higher it falls to chance. And if you are not paying you can be waiting for months if not years. Pvp nets you so little points for a win vs a loss. Doesnt update often enough and no refresh button
this game is super fun I recommend it but there's a glitch were you are gone for more than 4 hours and it ses you beat 245 stages so you can maybe fix that. but I do recommend this game for lazy ppl.
Fun at the start, but at some point became problematic. Felinium required to progress your cats is ridiculous comparing to the income. No point to collect various cats, you have to stick with the ones you started to upgrade, or you will suck. qty of the reimbursed resources after salvaging is miserable. Prices for shop refreshes are just stupid. I thougt felinium shop is okay, but after each refresh prices are doubled. Why? I already need twice as much cats to keep progressing. And much more...
I love the game. But its always kicking me out when i try to watch an add or if i switch to fast between the main screen to others like the main mision screen. When this bug is fixed i will change my rating to a 5⭐
Sad. I had high hopes for this game, not only did I never get a reply about my issue I didn't even have the opportunity to even play the game I completely wiped data of game and it still stayed froze in same spot. Got to do better with that guys. some type of action should be taken to settle this issue soon or you'll lose a lot of other potential players!
Fun game, but it keeps crashing. Not sure if it's because it's a new game or if my phone needs WiFi even though I have unlimited data.
*update BUYER BEWARE: no google play cloud save... I was able to get my water damaged phone working. I have access to my old game files, and I also have my new phone. Developers falsely claim they have google play games integration for cloud saves. If you spend money on this game, your purchases will only be local to your device, they do not keep track of purchases or cloud saves, so if you get a new phone. There's no way to get your data or purchases back.
Its fun and cute and the fact that you can relax while you watch them fight,but you still have to do some stuff like unlock cats but its really fun its time cunsuming bc now in quarentine its boring and all,but you got this
the game is fun but the game stalls occasionally when you click to double your reward it freezes, the game continually stops responding and i have to force stop it and restart.
It's really fun but out of all the idle games I've played, this one is definitely the hardest to ascend/evolve them. It takes the exact star copy of the person you're using. So if you have a six star cat named Bob, you need not only a six star Bob, but also additional high level characters and a ton of resources. Very difficult
I used to play this game every day, then the developers released the update. The update has made the game dramatically worse, the number of 5* cats and shards awarded are pretty much non-existent. anyone would think the developers care more about $$$ than trying to make the game enjoyable
Pretty decent idle game with alright mechanics, but the catacombs are broken and won't start a battle. Tried it 4 times and all 4 times the enemy team appears but not mine and it's stuck there. I can't quit, I can't skip because I haven't reached floor 1501. Fix this please, cause this is in the daily missions so you HAVE to do it once a day.
it is actually a good game....i like the different cat features and lay out of main screen....the main levels are good and the fact you have to restart and claim to upgrade..just waiting for the future updates for more detail artwork...thats what my 5th star will be lol well done crew
It's surprisingly fun to play, it's something I dont have to keep constant tabs on which is nice cause I'm pretty busy. I'm also pleased to see that there are an insane amount of levels. I also like the little cat humor that I've seen so far. Like the evil in the game is vacuum cleaners! 🤣🤣 Great job dev's!
Don't waste your time, the game is obviously designed to not allow doublrewards on full reward boxes. You wait all night just for the rewards video to glitch. This is blatantly progress halting! I'll be deleting it ty
Even though I have a proper working internet connection game would not work telling me that there is no internet connectivity.
Amazing and addicting game, all though I'm giving 4 stars cause I get alot of unexpected crashes and 50% crash after watching an ad.
Super awesome game, even for a dog lover like myself. This game you can accomplish anything without being p2w. If you have a slow internet connection, you can still get by. Would love to see more updates with this game to see what they will bring out! So far this is my main focus out of a lot of games im playing. :D (DemonLord)
best afk out for sure, and no you dont have to pay to play, you can definitely earn your way higher , even getting my first 2 evolves without paying, great game, great concept, the packages are alittle steap, but again u dont have to buy them, the company has to make monry somehow for a free game, excellent work
played for about a week. recently deleted game. events are not fun and completely geared towards pay2win. needs a few months to really ground itself to be clear, nothing is hidden behind a paywall. i feel that the latest event is not balanced and is more geared toward pay2win.
Super fun and addictive, and cute. Hope this game will be more popular. And the good thing is its not; or not heavily p2w
Great Game, But There Support Team/Service is Horrific, there usual answer to everything is ( your not doing it right) or No you just don't know/Understand how the game works! or You don't understand how Synergy works. ( If only support was as good as the Game is.) Despite that it's a Very FunTastical Game. Very Fun & Addictive!!!
Laggy as hell on my device. Overheated phone and crashed/lagged out of app more than once in a day. I play other heavy download and graphic games just fine. Had to uninstall this one.
So its overall fun it has a unique idle/rpg style yes there are some similar games out there but none where you have to afk and thats the only way this game has pretty graphics and its a great time killer or a really grindable game where you play for hours on end it all depends what this game is for you but i suggest atleast trying becauze the first mission basically puts you in action without any useless tutorials
Shame it's another p2w game .I can't get my cats any higher than lvl 150 Retirement option is broken.Retireing my 2 150 cats only give me small amount of resources back.Enough to level up one cat to level 50 .From 2 150.Joke .Need to add something to recover all wasted resources and get straight back into the game .For now 1 star and never log in back until they fix it .
The game doesn't work for me. The mission loads the first speech bubble from the scientist cat and when I tap I get an error. Please help or even try to explain what is wrong.
I'd give it 5 stars if not for impossible lagging it puts my phone through. Literally gets to the point where my UI crashes. Ads won't load half the time ruining my chances for double loot. Battles get as bad as 1 fps. Impossible to close when it freezes. Please fix this and I will change my review. Playing on Xperia XZ. Not a slow phone at all.
There is nothing AFK in this game anymore.... Left the campaign at stage 506 after a Felinium reset. 6 hours later the campaign is as lvl 506. So much AFK here
so far the game is very enjoyable for me. the concept is the main part, the art that i dont mind at all. but the gameplay needs improvement: if u guys can tone it down abit on the graphic and effects, the game would be much easier to load on out-of-date phones. AND, the reward for spending 100 gold keys, is outrageous. grind up 100 keys may not be that simple, people may have to play the game for quite some time.yet u guys put the price tag on the prize.
Super fun, super glitchy. Great game but always crashes. I have a LG stylo 4. If it werent for the constant crashes 5*. Only game that does this on my phone.
I like this game, but progression just hits a wall. You can't level up cats beyond a certain level without advancing which, at high stars, is largely luck in getting the cats you need.
great great little idle game. i love cats. looks like developers wentt a bit further when creating the cat characters and weapons. this game is fun to play, to watch, to interact with. afk idle game of the year if you ask me!
fire and adds are only to double rewards adds aren't blowing up in your face all the time the gameplay is super easy and fun
Great game. Arena could do with some work, you seem to be put in leagues with people who are much stronger or much weaker. There is still lots to keep you interested and coming back for more.
Loading stuff fails often... It gives me a error pop up and wants me to restart the app. I do but... It typically fails. I have to wait a hole day before trying again. Though I have seen that it is better when connected to Wi-Fi... It loads all the sprites and assets. When I first downloaded it I experienced Red blocks all over my screen followed by a error pop up shortly after. I had to delete it and reinstall it. I see potential in this game I just wish there was better story & strategy. 😔
Really fun. I honestly like afk games and automatic fighting games and this is the two mashed evenly together. It has creative artwork and executed the idea very well. This game deserves a 5/5
great game great potential. i see no p2w wall yet. just pay to progress faster. thats how it should be with f2p games. i love the game. i now know how to afk cat anyone know how to afk chat? i can't find players or chat rooms....
I have to change my review to 1 star, and it pains me to do so. The game itself is amazing, creative, and truly deserves 5 stars. However there is one glaring problem that makes the game mostly unplayable, and that is the constant crashes. When say constant, i mean literally every few minutes. I have lost so many items because of this. It's a known problem if you scroll through the comments, and I have played almost every AFK game out there and this is the only one to ever crash like this
Great game, I like the cuteness and the afk grind. I wish them luck on improving the game even further.
Its fun! I love playing this and it makes me think about what im doing. The carters are something i love also. The art in this game is 👌👌
Great idle game. Loved that you progress while idle doing other stuff than you come to collect loot. And those adorable kitties... :)
Everything is great other than heroes that are locked behind VIP. At least add a way for free to plays to get them, even if brutally slow.
its was a really good game until it doesn't save your progress when switching to a new phone getting rid of all the progress I made and also resets your vip lvl meaning you can't exactly play the game reliably. (Edit) Until I uninstalled and reinstalled it's still unreliable beoif it happened to me it can happen to someone else.
Decided to delete the game. I know they said to contact them, but the game locking up is not something I want to contact support about. If they have that many people saying it locks up, they need to address the issue and not ask for individuals to contact support.
Turns out the double gems for the first purchase is literally that, your first purchase of gems. Usually other games give you double for the first purchase in each tier. Game is okay, pretty fun, love all the cat related names. For new players, I suggest going with upgrading only the commonly obtained cat cards as it gets incredibly difficult to upgrade past 5 stars without spending. Especially if you're rolling with a team of high tiered cats that can't be obtained through normal means.
Overly nice game with stylish graphics and cute cat-themed perks. However, for me it soon (5 mins of gameplay) runs into performance problems (to freeze foreve in the ultimate end) which is bad because there's absolutely nothing complicated about the visuals and I use to run much more advanced 3D games on the same device.
This game is awesome! It's a great time waster, and you don't have to spend money to play It's amazing and I like how it's not one of those games that when you just start playing you don't get overpowered cats, you actually get to experience playing the whole game and it's SUPER Fun!! Nice job on making this game it entertains everyone!!!
its a good game so far. a great way to pass some time. the cats are ok. i think they should try making some better looking cats but other than that its a good gsme.
Fun idle game, cool characters, and not difficult but not easy. It makes it easy to get high star characters however does not make it easy to equip and strengthen them. You cannot win the game via idle or for staring at it for hours, it requires a bit of both unless you pay to win.
I was genuinely having a good time with the game for quite a few months but recently with the addition of the VIP system, which seeks to reward people for emptying their wallets into the game by pay-walling the highest tier weapons and giving 'levels' of vip status depending on how much you've spent I've just gotten turned off from the game entirely. 4/10 fun game but Toxic monetisation schemes popping up all over the place just spoil it for me.
This is a very unigue idle game. Love the gameplay. Very simple but not too simple either. Cats have nice names.. however game tends to freeze when leaving battles and i have to close and reopen the game in order to play again. please fix this.
This cool idle afk rpg has everything! Cool cat warriors, strategizing, wonderful arenas, loats of loot, armors and guns. Love it!
Really cool AFK game. The kittens are extremly cute. Love it! If you are looking for an idle or AFK game - look no further!
I really have enjoyed this game, for many months. I've paid for a few things to donate to the devs. FTP and PTW are somewhat balanced. The problem is they don't put out new content, at all. Same banner events, same cats, same meta. Nothing to do but slowly grind. There's no speed up options. Gotta slowly go through all 15,000 levels every time you prestige/reset (at least where I'm at). VIP 6 really does nothing and that cost probably $140..
This game is quite entertaining, if you like cats and idle games then you'll enjoy afk cats. There's many cats and gear to collect and you'll be getting new kittehs often. Even though I'm relatively new to the game i can tell there's a bit to do. But why a three star if I'm enjoying the game?? My biggest gripe I have is with what other reviewers have already stated. The game is crashes often and I mean very often. I'd like to see the game perform better and do better as i am enjoying the game
Giving it two stars because theres no chat to be able to add friends so several days now I havent been able to complete daily challenges purely based in the fact I can't send hearts so I'm getting cheated out of daily rewards. I've tried requesting friends but no one adds people
A fun game to play no sweating and a chill game no adds and is perfect for a new player only bad thing is is not a offline mode
Awesome game, fun and diverse. You can play it for 2 minutes or an hour. Good balance and use of strategy at points, other than that, highest lvl cat pretty much wins. Would give 5 star but after a few minutes of the game being open, the frames go all chunky and the screen nearly unresponsive. So needs a bit of optimisation for comfort. Overall, very good job devs.
Nice time waster, pay to win at points, but that's expected. Could use more cats, seems a bit limited in the long run.
I really like this game. It's pretty much f2p. Which in this day and age is rare. I never had to buy anything once to make the play any better. It's a pretty easy funny game too.
Played it for a while and there are some things that need to change in my opinion.In arena make it stand for 2 days instead of 3it takes too long to get your arena rewards.For evolution from 6 stars to 7 the requirements are insane you need 4 6 stars heroes I'll make it like 1 6 star the same hero as the one you want to evo and 1 random 6 star.Maybe it's a better idea when you refresh a shop to change some stuff there.The button that I have to press in the campaign to fight a boss is annoying
so far so good. can't give it five stars when I have only played 2 days, but it keeps bugging me to rate it. About as good as an idle game gets. I have to add that after a few minutes the game lags my phone and I need to restart the game. Mid-level phone, Moto X play. Edit: lagging seems to be getting worse. Removed a star
I've 3 basic keys. Which is apparently not enough to open 1 basic crate. It seems like a cute game, and I'll try to uninstall and reinstall, but...
Quite addictive. Typical AFK concept, but an interesting twist to others. Lots more strategy required, very user friendly. A great start team!
Great game until your team reaches level 150....absolute grind-a-thon. 4 mil to upgrade for one purple star....then needing three purple star chars to get to two purple...nahhhh....I'm out. Leaving 5 stars..had fun until....
the game is great i have enjoyed most of what i have played but the crashes is the reason for the 3 stars fix the crashes and it would be a 4 or 5 love the game great work
It seemed cool. I installed and loaded untill i saw they wanted access to 'edit, delete my google play blah blah '. Why you need access to my google acc for me to play your game? Seems shady
It's a surprisingly fun game. Plenty to do and easy enough to progress. Rolls on 5* are pretty high and even if you don't roll one you still get draws over time for 1,2,3,4, and 5*. And I love the pun names. My only issue is the cost of leveling is high. The materials are easy to get but the amount needed gets high fast. Over all a pretty fun game.
This game is awesome the in game things that cost money really cheap ! Unless u buy 11700 gems or something other than that can u please make people who have their lvl like 40 be with lvl 41 or 39 ppl because its not fair people are all level 90 or 176 other than that download this game and start having som fun 🤗
The characters are adorable. The gameplay is easy to understand. My absolute favorite thing so far was the boss, Doomba.
The game is fabtasric, adorable, and a good time killer. I have been experiencing times where the app randomly says open app again, wait or close app. I was thinking that all it needs is a more recent update (to fix any "bug" or in ither wirds, minor glitches), or i just need a better phone aha. Besides that, i would suggest this game to anyone in my life.
It's super addictive and a ton of fun. There's also lots of modes and things to do in game. Best part is unlike most other mobile games It's not pay to win. You can legitimately get good without spending a dime. No cap, probably my favorite mobile game.
**NEW PLAYERS READ** Hit a pay to pass wall at around 2 weeks if you don't play right from the start. Only invest in cats you have more access too. If you are F2P DONT UPGRADE DARK OR SUN CATS. you need 4 duplicates to evolve it to level 150 and around 8 to hit level 200. Basically impossible. Only invest in cats you have easy access too. Save gems for artefacts, weapons . Aim for cats that damage based off enemy HP. Good game but needs lots of work. Change damage color. Red cat = red numbers
broken. can't get past tutorial. my internet went from 4g to wifi mid tutorial and now I've got to collect some lot that isn't there. my cat has stopped fighting so the loot isn't filling up anymore.
The game is good and cats are cool. Is P2W but also enough F2P so it's fun. Even so, the game has a lot of recurrent bugs. It crash often. It gets stuck during in-game loadings. The catacombs doesn't load and remain a black screen, same for the main game. Cat sprites are some times not loaded. For a game that has some months now it still needs a lot o work. As a personal issue, it cannot be installed in the SD card.
This game has been a massive failure i can't get anyone else to 6 stars so i have hit a brick wall in terms of progress i literally can't make a move in main Mission Arena or Tower at all and as the devs made the stupid decision to remove purchasing of 5 stars i actually have nothing to do in the game also refreshing doesn't refresh the whole store just 2 or 3 slots this game went from a 5 star game to a 1 star game in the matter of weeks roll back to day one the updates destroyed this game
I only give a 2 because I think that the game is very viarble but the problem for me I'd every time I finish a level frombtjebcapmpain for some reson when I leave the campain it always crashes in don't know if that happens with others but it super annoying I use to have a level 50 account on my dad computer and I was to powerful and I got bored so first when you reach like high like it get boring because there nothing much to do and it keeps crashing
This is a surprisingly good game and one of more appealing gachas I've played, but I can't seem to find any info about it online. There's no reddit or forum posts, there's no subreddit, there are no decent tips or tier lists. Where are the fans? Where are the ads? The only bad thing about the game is the good ol' VIP system. This one, while it certainly has a big impact, isn't too punishing for f2p players. There should be a way to slowly progress through it without having to pay though.
Have been sitting at the same cat level for since they updated how to level. They made this game more about how much money you out un instead of strategy. Have been playing since you guys started it up. I'm really disappointed.
im not really into idle games.. but as a cat lover, it was a must for me.. so i installed the game, and loving it.. i just hope they have events every now and then to keep the game interesting.. 10/10
Interesting AFK game, it's attractive as there are so many 'cat'racters that you can get and each of them will have their own power, so you have to read a bit and for those who don't read, you can't go anywhere far. There will be a stagnent stage where as all your 5 star cats will stuck at lv 150 and 4 star cats will stuck at lv 120, each star raise require additional x amount of same star cats, which is not easy, but it is challenging. The possibility of getting a same rare cat is very slim
Good Idle game, but the game is not working right, we have jumpong frames and sometimes it just crashes, I know it's not my cellphone ( I have an Motorola G6 Plus)
I'm not saying that I'm addicted, but somehow i keep playing it even tho i've reached the point of being bored. Somehow when it got really hard, after sometime, I could go through with it and it's fun again. This game is something really. Nice job
Probably this game is one of the best I ever played. But please can you make it easier to get yarn balls and new characters also can you make more time for catcolombs and more tickets?But it's literally is legendary for me also I got this game because I love cats and gun battle
Game has potential but also a lot of problems. How can devs be selling stuff in game when you can't get the most fundamental stuff in mobile games like this to work. Friend add function never works as it NEVER suggests people to add thus preventing you from finishing daily quests for the free gems. It should never be this hard to add friends in game. Dunno if this is an oversight or clearly a way for devs to cheat their consumers out of free currency. Disappointing.
*Honest Review* Pretty fun. Good time passing game. Honestly it's very similar to many other games like it, however it's pretty obvious that the devs have actually put some time into it. Is it a AAA title? Nah not really, but I it's free and a fun game. Definitely worth a download. The names of characters are actually pretty funny and the quality in general is more than decent. Liking the game so far.
Yeah, these cats are adorable. They can provide a long term fun through short sessions as It's expected from an idle game. I've tried a few idle games before but this one is the most lovable fur sure :)
I love this game a lot. I'm so ready for guilds to come out! Also, I barely find myself with ten of any key so having an "Open 5x" for hiring agents would be nice.
Fun at first, but turns into an endless joyless grind with weeks between each small upgrade- IF you put hours per day into doing in-game chores. If you want a second job, I recommend getting one that pays you. Google's algorithm wants me to tell it if this is a "dentist game", and I I am almost tempted to say yes based on the endless grinding and the decay of my free time. :)
The game is really fun and cute but it lags a lot when you try to watch a videos and sometimes just kicks you out of the game
Being someone who likes cats, I thought this game was great after I watched a Youtube video on it. And, of course, it was fun like I expected. The gacha rates weren't bad, the gameplay was ok, I could play it casually. However, the is one issue that has stopped me from playing for over a year. The game tells me to update, but when I check the google play store, there is no update. Other than that, great game.
Overall a really fun game with cute and hilarious characters. Sadly it keeps crashing a lot. Hopefully the devs get rid of this issue.
Your ads often does not give u the reward after watching the ad, after watching it, it says 'no ads available' ... so u wach the ad for nothing and wasted your time and developers gets the money. Not fair. Please fix this!
Incredible for people who loves cats just like me! I don't see any glitches or anything! The thing that annoys me is that the golden crate takes a bit too long but that's OK! I am not faking i reccomend it
I'm gonna update my review : the game overall is fun but it's quite frustrating once you get to a certain level, this is one of those pay to advance further kind of games. The potential for progression without money isn't that bad overall. The drop rates for good items or 5* cats must be very low. I rarely if ever get any 5* cats but I understand that's how they encourage you to spend your own money.
I was one of the top 20 players worldwide, and after almost a year playing, I'm done with this game. They've now taken the cats we use the most and put them behind immense Paywalls. Everything you need to progress is Pay to Win, overpriced specials and events you can't complete without spending cash. Most destructive mobile game company I've ever seen, if Bethesda was a mobile company, this would be it.
The gamr has been freezing and crashing a lot and it's very frustrating having to restart the game over and over. Otherwise it's been a fun game.
Actually a Great game. Not pay to play like most if you are okay with waiting. Obviously the point of the game being "AFK".
pretty standard AFK game, there doesnt seem to be much special here, except maybe the art. it does try to get you spending from the jump, so be warned. if you're looking for an AFK that's kinda cute, then this is it, but it doesnt seem to offer much more than that.
As described in previous edit, the latest in-game "balance" changes are bad and have the opposite of the intended effect. They ruined game progress and made it very boring and demotivating to play/strategize. The latest play store update greatly(!) improves app performance and UI, but that's useless when the game is disrupted by aggressive "rebalancings".
Just started playing today, the game is good and bad, way way to long to unlock the arena and guilds, and there's no global chat? For a game thats over 1 year old its seems unfinished to me.
Fun simple idle game that actually progresses well while you're offline. Still feel like I'm making good progress even if I only check in once a day.
I'm gonna update my review : the game overall is fun but it's quite frustrating once you get to a certain level, this is one of those pay to advance further kind of games. The potential for progression without money isn't that bad overall tho. The drop rates for good items or 5* cats must be very low. I rarely if ever get any 5* cats, I consistantly get the same cats, the golden keys are a scam. In the arena I'm losing to people with millions less power than me... That makes no sense...
The best and furryest idle experience out there! Love the idle gameplay and all those funny and adorable cats :D
Love this game, fun and doesn't require me to play it all day to level up. I supported this game with a purchase then lost my account. Support was right on top of it and got me back in the game! Thanks team!
edit: Oct 2020 still love this game, but the 1v1 arena drives me nuts. how can i have 40 million+ power over my opponent and still lose? it's rly frustrating to be defeated by a "weaker" player when you have no actual influence on the combat. ---- there's so many different ways to enjoy this game without having to purchase any items to advance. it's one I actually want to play every day without it becoming tedious or boring. A+.
Good fun idle game. I do wish there was a breakdown of how many vip points total each level was. So at level 2 I'd need 400 total points or x amount of points to go. Not just what my current points are to the vip level. I'd be more willing to buy 10 dollars in diamonds if I knew what else it was worth other than just the diamonds and 1 maybe 2 vip levels. Is every level 150 points? I won't be buying diamonds just to test this idea. Id like to really know.
Best game on the market AFK Cats is so much fun many perks to paying for things its got long term value endless options its cats with weapons this is better then pokemon i suggest this game to anyone and every buddy i wish you all good luck on your summons. hello AFK Cats how do you link your account i dont want to lose my progress i dont see an option to link this account to facebook
i really love this game and the fact that i can "basically" let it play itself. there is only one issue that i have with the game that i would love for them to fix. it would be great if they could raise the rate at which you earn gems, other than that the game is awesome.
it is really good idle rpg fight game with crazy cats. if you are into idle afk games, where strategy is needed to win, you will love afk cats
Great game good time waster, idler yes but with tons to do before you decide to logoff for the day/night. Not an overabundance of ads either which I respect.
Don't let the ad fool you. You actually build certain agents from 1* to 5*s, but there are no cosmetic changes during the process. The "Rpg progression" isn't really fun. The game doesn't hide the fact it's a p2w mobile that makes you spend money to buy a lot of the best agents and weapons from the market. You can get the agents without spending money, but like the rpg progression it's not fun at all. The game is also buggier with each update.
very good game and it had good animation background and the instructions of the game is too good.And we are very anxious to play the game .It is very relaxing game. Disadvantage is that u can not ha s many enimea at a time if enimes is more the game is very intresting.And we has good touch on it .
I like this game a lot is very nice and fun to play and on top of it you can get pretty much anything for free you don't have to give money to be able to actually pass the game or receive good characters and Everything is well balanced i definitely recommend it.
AFK Cats is quite entertaining. It helps pass the time, yet it doesn't demand constant attention, which is something I can appreciate. One feature that I may suggest is a stage skip option. At certain VIP levels we can skip fights/ads, so I think it would be fair to incorporate a stage skip of some sort to help speed the grind up, or maybe have the new starting point somewhere in the middle. If the formula to upgrade cats could be tweaked to use less cats, this would make it close to perfect.
I really have enjoyed this game for many months. I've paid for a few things to donate to them. No real getting ahead unless you dump a ton of money into the game. The problem is they don't put out new content, at all. Same banner events, same cats, same meta. Nothing to do but slowly grind. There's no speed up options. Gotta slowly go through all 7800 levels every time you prestige/reset (at least where I'm at). VIP 6 really does nothing and that cost probably $140 over several months.
awesome game, a lot more gripping then every other idle rpg in the app store right now. one problem is the consistent freezing of the game, makes my sessions timed before the game shuts down. slightly annoying, but otherwise loving the game.
Stuck immediately. I couldnt do anything from the start as my cat got stuck on stage 4 and there wqs no way to back out. I even tried uninstalling and that didnt work either.
so far so good. can't give it five stars when I have only played 2 days, but it keeps bugging me to rate it. About as good as an idle game gets. I have to add that after a few minutes the game lags my phone and I need to restart the game. Mid-level phone, Moto X play.
Truly a masterpiece of an auto chess game. The dialogue is funny, the weapons are cool and the whole concept and story line is awesome. If I were to add one thing it'd be a lore board, just little short stories about why the cat got there, like "Fluffynator was fine at home until his owners got a new doomba product to try and clean the house while they're away." Or something that gives us a little insight as to why they're here. Other than that great game.
Best idle game I've played never tempted to pay.. not the top player but doesn't slow down after you open up more things
Can be played enjoyably with or without putting a dime in. Interesting take on an AFK game and I'm pleased to say that its worked for me so far.
This game is pretty decent, a good way to burn time, and you get a good amount of materials to play the game, don't really like the whole VIP system and some other of the micro-transactions although they are fairly priced.
17 sep - the update has improved game peeformance and stability significantly, so i have updated to four stars, however it still freezes/crashes and the new event doesnt seem to work for me. A step in the right direction but there is more bugfixing and possibly optimization to do before i can give 5 stars and spend some $$ on the game.
Pretty good game, pretty fun and not the worst grind I've seen in these kind of games while providing a bit of comical fun. haven't experienced any issues like others have said so pretty stable in my opinion.
Simple, not overly complicated. Tad addictive. But hits a wall getting your cats past 150 levels. Can't tell if you have to pay to get past this wall and just hope. Unfortunately... Game has flat out stopped. Sadly doesn't seem to be a grind route
The resources need to refresh a shop is too high compare to another game. I never seen a refresh requirements that cost equal to two highest cats or even more in felinium - 13 times of 5* cat
10 times better than afk arena , unlike that demonic game this one is much more reasonable , will grow on you and you will know what every item on the menu does , its exciting
Get this game its soooooo good ive been playing for 2 days now and i have just gotten my 1st 5 star downlad because if you have to work your cats do the work for you defintly a good game
One of the best mobile games I've played. Overall has a ton of great RPG elements, great cat puns which allowed me to convince my wife to play with me, and a great community of players. Great progression though can be a bit too slow if you do not subscribe monthly which can be a positive or negative depending on if you want to play on a toilet break or more aggressively. Would give a 5 stars if the developers gave us new cats or content at least every fiscal quarter.
I've been playing for one and half weeks now. It was fun and exciting at first. Progess has slowed way down now. To evolve a cat from 5 to stars it takes 4 million felinium. To get that I have to use the time machine and wait 14 hours to get back to stage 1000 or so. The only way to get epic weapons is in the arena shop, and it will take about month to save up. I have no lag/crash issues, playing on a LG V20
A fun collect-them-all, battle-them-all styled game of cats and pop culture references! It's easy to pick up, fun to maintain and while there are only three types of battle, it does somehow manage to stay fresh!
Great game if you are doing something else but still want to play a game, great game the artstyle is so charming and the cats are adorable overall great game
I've been playing for about a month and while it has been fun and unique, I am already worried about the wall I will eventually hit when my cats require more resources to upgrade then I am making. Until then tho I am having fun with the game. My only complaint I guess and the reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is the painful lagging and closing I experience regularly. If that is fixed then I would say it's a 5 star game. It's obvious a lot of work was put into it. 10/10 would recommend.
Briliant free to play game .Didn't find any issues to rate less .Honest Edited: They even gave me 200 gems for taking time to review them .Awww bless these cats
This is the best game I've ever played it's got a campaign and competitive a shop that helps with game play and cheats you will all love it so much!!!!
hmm. well, i must say that this game pretty good. An game that play for fun. dont need too much time to play, graphic look ok. And it ez to play, ez to understand. But i dont like this game. Because this game got lag whole the time ! Please fix that problem, tks u all for make this game
Don't bother playing. Drop rates are ridiculous, events are only geared to p2w players, no guild system to speak of cause theres NO CHAT!!!! And who does VIP system on an afk game? Microtransactions Much? All in all a tragic dumpster fire that could have been avoided, and now should be at all cost.
Very enjoyable and cute game, cool cats to collect with some nice references to games and culture. Even got myself a 5 star cat from a basic cage. Always appreciated when you still have a chance to get the best with the basic cage.
Game is a lot of fun. Been checking it consistently and playing constantly I feel like. Keep up the great work ^_^
I like it except for the fact that its almoat exactly like a lot of the "AFK" games around 2019. It has gopd graphics, could use a little less yellow on the starting screen, that has everything on it. Game design is nice but, i dont completly understand the fusion aspect yet. The overall aspect of the game is about 4.7 stars and the game has a few flaws like any other game has. Would recommend as a time killer.
Loving the game. Good amount of loot which allows you to switch your team around with not loads of grinding. It would be good to see multiple team tabs so different teams can be created and stored for different situations. For example, team 1 could be defence focus, team 2 could be all high DPS and team 3 could be support heavy.
The game bugged out the first 5 minutes of the tutorial while trying to loot for the first time and even reinstalling the game doesn't fix it.
I have used 100 keys and it says it unlocks VIP 5 but it won't unlock. ***** That is super misleading. I grinded keys for nothing now lol
really enjoying game so far, i know its still early days but hopefully over time the game adds more 👍, i would give 5 star if there was an option on the time travel feature that when you hit a certain stage you can reset to stage X? i have just done stage 1000 and had to travel back to stage 1 which will take about a day or so to get back to. Just some food for thought.
In AFK Cats, the player fights set battles using a semi-randomized team, the members of which are gained through idle upgrades. There is a humorous narator and ambiance, and a light-hearted quality to the gameplay that I find enjoyable. Ads are not mandatory and the game is fun. If kitty jokes are your thing, give AFK Cats a try.
Thank you. For responding to my review on the game. I think the game is pretty good and creative. If you want to play a fun game you should definitely download this game
The game sys check your internet service when the loading screen says 90%. I click retry and it loads but only to a black screen with a little cat like button. When clicked it makes a noise but nothing happens. Ive cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled, turn phone off and back on but still the same issues.
As with most Gacha games, you expect the drop rates for any high tier character to be abysmal, but in this particular game, it isn't, I have yet to have spent any real money, and still managed to get ahold of many of the high quality cats without needing to resort to "reroll" or buying packs of keys over and over. It's fair, and distinctly different from other games with their rates of 0.5, that make it feel like a waste. My favourite cat is Snuggles.
Good to play when bored but it gets to points where you have to evolve your cats which can take ages to get what you need w9thout paying for it. Kinda cash grab
pretty fun until you get all the cats. After that there's no point in playing anymore. Been playing this from release, the game never add any new cats, and i don't think it will too judging by the repeated boring grindy events. This game basically on life support, don't invest too much into it
I think there should be a reset game option, because sometimes people just want to start over and shouldn't have to wait a whole week for the developers to respond to their question on the forum to do so.
I have been enjoying the game, but there is one thing that I dont like that took that 5th star away. Each cat has a leader ability, but each cat elements leader ability is the same and in addition they only effect the followers that are the same element as the leader, so there is no reason to make mixed groups. I would love to see multiple leader abilities and potentially some benefit, but not full, for other followers of different elements. Other than this a good game and the perfect use of ads
No longer working AFK no progress when the app is closed. Was a solid 4 and may be again if it gets sorted. Edit. Now fixed and up to 4
Can you please nerf Doctor? At least give cooldown to his 2nd skill. So over powered against poisons. I don't know why you don't give counter to stun, but you give one massive counter against poison, it's Doctor.
I really liked this game. Was the only game I played for a significant amount of time. But the game is now dead.
This game has everything! Cool cat warriors, strategizing, wonderful arenas, loats of loot, armors and guns. Love it!
Really fun game, the creators really helped with the issue and I enjoy playing it so much now. still a few minor bugs it seems but nothing thats ruining the game.
Typical idle gatcha game. Roll gatcha, pray for a 5 star, merge peices into your units, restart to get upgrade material. Pretty fun so far if that's your style of game. IAPs are pretty average with a VIP system and subscriptions that go up to $20 a month which is crazy. Ethically though they do have gain some points from me. Subscriptions all have a link directly to the playstore subscription page allowing quick easy removal of subs, and the vip unlocks AD free experience at about $15 USD.
Really enjoyable but like most if you want to get somewhere in a reasonable time frame you need to spend something. How much is up to you
This cat game is a great time waster, I thought it might just be a bit of fun but now I want to get an all 5* cat squad, level up my equipment and continue my journey of getting stronger. Afk cats is a truly wonderful little afk game, where you don't need to spend £££ to get stronger you can just put in abit of time. The rates in the game are actually good, you'll find yourself pulling 5* cats more than you think. In general a great little f2p game, which everyone should try.
It really is an afk game. It works differently on why you have to leave it afk, mostly because growth is very slow and arena is just full of long time players. Its unbalanced and shoves so much p2w into your face. Theres also a bug that keeps closing the game.
Will give more when the game is fixed. The game freezes a lot. Other than that the game is amazing. Update. Had to uninstall the game it just has way too many bugs. Every single time I get on the game I crash its very laggy as well. The game is just very unplayable I will come back and give a better rating when it's fixed. Until then this game really should be in a alpha state.
Nice and clean game, but it gets to boring after a time. The progress is to slow and the good heroes are to hard to get by so not much to play with.
Two words: Cats.... and GUNS!!! If this isnt the kind of game for you then go back to playing talking Tom or somethin. It's fun. It's new. Its progressive. Only issue is it's kinda lagging both my phone and in game. Plz fix
im not much into idle games but let me tell you this game changes everything for me!!! top idle game! looking forward for the updates
Love this game. Actually the only game I have played for more than a few minutes.. I would however love to see different leader skills rather then them all being the same, also it would be awesome to have more team slots so instead of rebuilding a team whenever you want to change it you could have preset teams. Keep up the good work! Thank you
It's a cute game. Keeps me entertained and it's easier to play without buying things. The characters are adorable. I love the time that was put in for the sounds, music and movement in the maps and characters
Really good fun. Doesnt require too much time. Not too many ads either. One of the few games I've stuck with for longer than a day. Edit: keeps crashing on Android 11. Unplayable on Samsung S20+now
I see a lot of potential in this game. So far the performance aspect of the game is not the best, it laggs from time to time on a Kirin 710. The overall quality of caracters, weapons and vfx are pretty damn good. The animations are fine. It does NOT look like a cheap game made to milk money with ads. The pay to win is minimal. I am looking forward for future updates to see what this game becomes. Keep up the good work !
very good idle game for busy people like me... i recommend this to all, gameplay is similar to afk arena but way more adorable... who doesnt love cats?!!
its fun but has three problems. everytime i try to do catacombs it just freezes and i have to restart my phone. main mission also freezes constantly. the level creep is also overbearing. one battle your against level thirties the next everything is 70 plus
so far the game is amazing, my only complaint is sometimes when I go into a boss fight the game will freeze up, the animations all work but my cats won't fight. they'll just stand there in an infinite standstill. I have to restart the app to get it to work again.. other than that the game is super addictive. i got really lucky and got a 5 star right off the bat!
Fun game, really enjoy playing it on my spare time. I would give it 5 stars but i dont like the arena.
It seems like they've created a game that won't get old. With a combination of multiple game moads all using the same concrete mechanics, and always acquiring and leveling up new characters. It really is enjoyable all around
Good idle game if you're looking for a little more interaction. It would be nice if I didn't have to pay to skip combat. Enjoyable overall.
Keep getting an error , it says to restart the game / app but every restart the same error appears...cat enter the game no more...tries re-installing tried turning off - on my phone, wont work....its a game error, since i was able to play it for a few days
Been playing for a few weeks and loved the game. But there has ALWAYS been excessive lag almost ALL of the time. I was willing to live with it but now the game is locking up when i do a summon and when i check on the auto fighting, the screen is black and i cant watch videos for double resources (or for the double reward in the market). I would love to give this game a higher rating but I'm left disappointed by it just not running the way it should be.
Its good! But the problem is that when im on my wifi it doesnt work but thats why i gave it four star and keep updating it!
Game is fun. Could definitely use some improvements. Some such as: using keys x10 goes to x100 automatically to use more at once, catacombs has auto-battle function, pay deals don't pop up every time game is opened, things to buy in arena shop and more are lowered to be more reasonable especially the refresh option. The game also crashes frequently but has gotten better.
Great gameplay. Love the different cats. I do not feel like I have to play this 24/7 to achieve strong characters. My problem is the arena. Even if you are winning, and the time runs out, it counts as a defeat. That ain't cool. I reccomend just counting it as a win. If I had a bit more time, I would defeat the last cat or 2. Also would be nice to login and not have microtransactions thrown in my face.
I'm gonna update my review : the game overall is fun but it's quite frustrating once you get to a certain level, this is one of those pay to advance further kind of games. The drop rates for good items or 5* cats must be very low. I rarely if ever get any 5* cats, I consistantly get the same cats, the golden keys are a scam. The arena makes no sense, my squad will have 5+ million more power but I'll still lose, it's rigged to make you want to spend money for sure. Even the pictires are misleading
the best idle rpg i have ever played, but crashes /freezes frequently, and i suspect balance is not quite right at higher levels but i havent got that far yet. Please fix the crashes and i will consider spending money on the game. thanks