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Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds

Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Goroid Kft. located at 8097 Nadap Templom Köz 6.. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Screen is just black after opening the app, nothing happens. Have waited a couple minutes to see if it was just loading, but nothing happened.
After you get past the visuals and the music (both great), the game has no challenge. "Tap wherever the red box is and win." Also needs a resolution setting or something, as frame rate on my Nexus 6P was horrible due to running at native 2560*1440 pixels. Halving that would have still looked fine and been much more fluid.
Is the character design in this game something that anyone can use? Like something that is in the public domain? If not, then I hope Nexon (After the End: Forsaken Destiny) compensated you guys properly or at least gave you credit because I'm sure I saw this game character design here first.
It kind of reminds me Monument Valley: music is enjoyable, graphics are nice, scenery is nice, although the game is not quite as entertaining as Monument Valley. For instance it would be so much better to receive a feedback when I make Poco move.
Wonderful adventure game type experience. It's not designed to be a big puzzler. Its design is to just go through the colorful, musical world as an experience. Navigate and do actions with one touch, it's a clicker game. Put on your headphones loud and relax, guide your character through his journey. Story theme is music. Visually colorful fun graphic design, good music, great mood. Not long game, but well worth it.
Nice little game with OK graphics and lovely music makes a rather Short ride with lots of miss opportunities. I hope if there is a secuel it must be better thinking than the first one.
If you like this you'll like Monument Valley and vice versa. Some angles make it a little difficult to choose your direction but it's part of the challenge
Amazing graphics and music combo. Best I've seen. gameplay could be a bit more complex. Perhaps without the leading insect. Loved it!
You move from A to B and that is it, absolutely no substance and the style isn't that great either. Boring, no challenge or variation.
Not a bad little puzzle platformer, with the emphasis on little. The Adventures of Poco Eco is a mechanically unchallenging hour-long experience built around a few trippy IAMYANK tracks. I enjoyed my time with it despite the dodgy controls, but if you're easily frustrated or price sensitive you might be best to just look up the artist on the internet.
This game is a masterpiece, I thoroughly enjoyed it and enjoyed the new concept. The only issue is that it needs to be a little more difficult and somewhat longer.
I really like the game, but aside from what I see in other reviews, the controls are functional. The game would probably benefit from a visual indicator of some kind for knowing how the character traverses the environment. I am noticing the behavior, but I am tapping all around the screen before I arrive at a point where the character responds to movement. For this I'd recommend a "dot" to show the player where the character is going on a tile.
It looks nice, plays nice, tad easy. Nothing spectacular. So please explain why would AVG Antivirus Pro classify Poco Eco as Intrusive Adware (Malware)?
A beautiful and amazing game! I found the levels challenging, but not to the point of becoming frustrating. The graphics were impressive and I actually loved the soundtrack. It added to the ambience without being a distraction. I only wish the game were longer!
The game was pretty easy to figure out and the puzzles were not too hard. I was able to complete the game without being frustrated. I did get tired of the music looping and got sick of it very quickly. The game was a little too short and could have had more challenging puzzles and more variety. The music is ok, if you like repetataive pop synth. I did not care too much for the music. Overall I payed for this game to get little It would be neat if you can upload your choice of music and make thegame longer.
Great game nonetheless. I didn't like the concept but some hard work has gone into the making of this game so I won't give it a star or two.
WAS a great game ,but now nothing. It has no files to download. I purchased a few years ago it has played well and fine until my new phone lgg8 now nothing. I a bit miffed to say the least. I have reached out to developers again nothing. If this is how play apps are going to treat buyers not sure if participating is right. For me at least.
avg antivirus defines this app as malware. so, i did not take a risk, and delete it. until any explanation is made by developers. :)
Game never ran at all. Black screen after opening logo on Asus ZenPad 3. Uninstall, reboot, and reinstall did not work. Tested too late for refund. No tech support on dev's website. Disappointing and frustrating.
Wasted my money!!! No AndroidTV / nVidia Shield TV support. Does not work with Bluetooth controllers because it does not follow proper Android controller and selection methods. No Google Play Cloud Game Save and restore. Lazy developer!
I'm this game you're trying to save a beautiful world filled with music. There's a little red firefly thing that guides you on the way. You pretty much just follow it and you win. The worlds are very creative and it's fun to watch them unfold and transform but they present no real obstacles to you. This feels more like a showcase for the music than a game. The character will even occasionally stop walking to dance. The music is fine but gets repetitive. This app is okay but not essential.
Congrulations possible games wonderful game (Güzel valla indirin parasını hak ediyor ama tabi türün severlerine).
On my Nexus 7 poco eco didn't respond to my touch only going in one direction. Maybe I hadn't finished something? Tired everything.
Cool game, not worth paying for it If the 2,000+ reviewers paid money for it, I feel kinda bad for them. Thankfully, I got it on a free day. A good 40 minutes later I was finished. Good audio experience, simplistic puzzles. Not worth the original price, but was good for a free experience.
Color and concept design are amazing. Music is great too. There's no challenge in this game. Puzzles are easy to solve, make the game feels pretty short. I wish there's more to the game play.
I felt like a passenger on an underwhelming amusement ride through a compelling storyline and accompanied by a rich soundtrack. Beautiful, but boring. In the end all you really do is sit there and watch for the guide, click, and then arrive at the end without any challenge. The intriguing concept to use sound to deduce play is all but lost save the last puzzle in the control room. If more of the levels actually had sound puzzles then this would a truly unique game worth the money and title.
There is nothing interesting in the game for me. Pretty boring. I wish the developers all the best though.
Very good game! Not too heavy on the old brain but the journey is well worth the entrance fee! Don't change anything! It's the first game I've bought a game on both platforms. I see Google store has finally noticed that the game exists!
The game is pretty neat, and it has decent controls considering the platform, but I wasn't able to receive the free download of the album yet, I haven't gotten the email with it yet, and it's been a few days
The puzzles are not too hard, but hard enough to keep you engaged. Moreover, they are seamlessly incorporated into a colourful and fantastical landscape with which you can interact in a fun and original (especially musical) way. I'm more of a jazz/blues fan, but the beats will appeal to a wide crowd and the concept is utterly unique. Entertaining without the stress some similar games bring. Good times!
Wondrous and captivating. Game play is simple and sometimes unclear but very clean. Great sound track. Easier to play on a tablet rather than a phone even with a big screen. Great job over all!
Updated: Revisited later and had no issues. Super cute game, very fun. Original review: Was really enjoying this, cool graphics, great music, very chill and relaxing, easy game. Then suddenly on "Glass Hills" level I couldn't walk the character forward anymore, but there was no obstacle in my path, like the controls just stopped working. I was able to walk a few squares out into open space though lol, must be a bug. Hope it gets fixed, I would love to finish.
Pretty nice and chill game, and I feel like that's how it should be. There are already a lot of other games out there for a challenge, but this one is great for escaping that, especially if you're an 100% completion/ achievement addict like myself.
I'm stuck on a black screen after the starting page iamyankpossible. Please rectify this issue possible games and reply back
It looks great, but gameplay is almost nonexistent as you just tap where the little helper is and the PC just goes there. Music is ok and there is a rudimentary storyline, but as there are long stretches of monotony in between I couldn't be bothered to play more than a couple of levels