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Adventure Llama

Adventure Llama for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Orube Game Studio located at Rua Promotor Fernando Matos Fernandes 145, Piratininga, NiterΓ³i/RJ CEP : 24350070. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This is an amazing game 😊- me and my friend had lots of fun completing all the levels (I didn't have a problem with level 5 in the flaming templeπŸ˜• - I have gold in all the levels) and if you guys are having a problem with ads just turn off your WiFi and you won't get them - it's too small an issue to compare to how amazing this game isπŸ‘! I hope you see how good it is too! πŸ˜™πŸ˜™β€β€
Only played llama app a handful of times. Then you're FORCED to PURCHASE access. Why not warn people so we could avoid ever downloading the app?! Very cute llamas. You have to figure out on your own how they work. Now no function but to give you options to buy to get app working! I have real llamas to play with. I'm not buying squat. I buy hay, feed & carrots for my live llamas, not for a game on my phone. *Sad πŸ’”πŸͺ
Honestly its fun and simple and the retro vibes are nice and the little animation of the lama going to heaven when you die is the best thing ever. Theres ads but not to many and it costs you 89 cents to get rid of them forever which is not that much compared to some apps. Overall great game.
A genuinely creative and entertaining mobile game. The art style is fun while still easy to distinguish every aspect apart, the controls are responsive, the animations silky smooth, and the gameplay loop/objective is simple enough to understand instantly, while also easily made challenging and entertaining with creative, and sometimes tricky, little puzzles. 10/10 game, definitely recommend.
When browsing for a game on the Play Store, I set my expectations very low as most of the mobile games on here I can't quite seem to enjoy or get into. I then stumbled across this game and tried it just to see if it was just another boring mobile game. I played the first level and was intrigued by how different yet familiar it seemed. I played a few more and, let me tell you, I'M HOOKED. BEST GAME NA.
This llatest update is very disappointing! The game keeps constantly crashing and it becomes unplayable. Worst of all, it even crashes my phone. Orube! If you are reading this review please fix this annoying bugs and glitches to make this once amazing offline game playable again. Your virtual llama deserve a better platform than this glitchy mess!
It's a great game, but it keeps asking you over and over again to rate it, you can say no thanks but it will keep on asking until you give in and that's incredibly annoying. There needs to be a "do not ask again" option. If people genuinely like the game they will rate it but if you push people into it you're going to get lower ratings
Fun simple gameplay with challenging levels. Only issue is that I might finish all of the levels soon
I am very new to video games and so obviously I am not very good with the controls or the coordination needed to be hugely successful. The game is very cute and easy to understand theuΓΉway to play it so these things make it very enjoyable to play. I do recomend this game to gamers who enjoy playing this style of game.
This game is so fun! It's not too easy, not too hard, i finally found a game I dont get bored of in 5 seconds
I absolutely love everything about this game except for one thing. I find this game way too hard and almost impossible to complete and then receive a key. Besides that, I love the game and the fact it's based around one of the best creatures to ever walk the earth. The dificultly involved in the game is what forced me to rage this as 3 stars. Sorry.
I woke this AM to this ad for this game, downloaded it and gave it a go and I absolutely love it .It made me laugh right away and woke my brain up as this game is eye hand coordination and it happens fast, But it's so funny , you'll see, give it a go !!! And get ready to have fun !!!! Tysvm for the challenge , Joanne
WARNING: This game is super fun and addictive! You may never want to put it down! But in all seriousness, this game is awesome. I haven't been playing that long, but, at least for right now, it is amazing. The llama skins are hilarious. My only complaint is that I may be enjoying this game a little too much. Idk what else to say other than, good job, devs!
All around good game. Entertaining and all. However, challenge 5 in World 3, is impossible to get gold in, right? I tried for a while and got like 28 seconds, but for gold you need 14. Which seems to be asking a little much.
Very entertaining game when you have no data. Some of the levels are just downright hard!!! If you need a game to pass the time when you're offline or out of data, you can't go wrong with this one.
This game is great since it is like platforming and has the little puzzle of how to control your llama, as it bounces from wall to wall. It's lots of fun and funny. However, it seems to have too many pop up ads, which can be disabled for $1. That's great and all, but it doesn't feel totally worth $1 b/c getting coins to buy llamas/accessories won't get any easier and there is still an option to watch ads for coins. So it doesn't feel like a complete purchase. But it's good otherwise.
Love the art style, very addicting gameplay with a good amount of difficulty, but not overwhelming. I do wish you didnt have to purchase the last level, tbough you can play it for free if you continue from the previous stages. If you quit though, to get back youll have to pay for it. The final level doesn't count the challenge stages for trophies, so it says you only have 10 instead of 15. Endless mode has a few obstacles that seem to be luck-based on passing. Also, cannons dont work in endless.
The game is quite good, really like to play it. No annoying lif's, that restore after some time, little ads, this game is perfect in this regard
Pretty fun. All in all. But some of the levels seem impossible. (Maybe it's just me) Cause I'm sure they're not. Just gotta keep trying I guess
This game is awesome . I know it seems some simple boring game but trust me it's not . The levels do look tough to me as I go ahead but I never feel like ' I don't want to play it anymore ' The game iss just great . I recommend this game to anyone who is looking for any offline game
Very fun game for pick up and play. It's a little laggy, but it's probably not optimized for my phone.
The animation is really clear, no lagging or problem areas. Challenges your brain and is really entertaining! Love it!
I love a casual 2d platformer, and I love how the possibily gay femme llama voice is constantly giving me positive feedback: "Amazing! ... Marvelous!" Fun game.
A fun, challenging puzzle game with silly and endearing graphics. One of the best games I've played so far. The balance between ads vs gameplay, progress vs unlocked levels, coins and keys vs llamas and balloons helps make for a positive experience. The only thing missing is a hint feature. I can't get anywhere near the gold trophy time on a couple of levels so far and would gladly pay coins or watch ads for a hint.
It's a fun puzzle game. And ads are not too intrusive. It has a sense of humour as well which I enjoyed.
Addicting that's for sure. Outside the graphics (which would only make the game more appealing) the game is through and through fun. Definitely a great time killer. If the creator could make a game made with a couple more controls and a bit of a story line . Would definitely download more games.
So I was at the wet llama stage while completing the level, then it randomly crashes the game, is this a bug or smth? Pls fix the bug so I can rate this 5 stars
I thought this was going to be some lame game that was over hyped but honestly it's so addictive! Also, the fact that you can play it offline is amazing! Even my brother thought it was addictive and he won't stop asking me to play it! I love how how the game looks as well, it's so good! Also, the little llamas are so cute!
Would be 5 stars all day if it wasn't for the ridiculous amount of adverts. Although you can back key or wait 5 seconds and skip from top left. Gameplay and look are great, addictive, simple and fun. Flaming temple challenge 5 is impossible to get gold ? It's the I my 1 I can't get.
great for long journeys. very fun and amusing. great time killer. great number of unlockables and levels but pls add more levels I finished them all!
I love the simplicity of this game. The controls are basic and levels don't take long to complete. The perfect game for when you have a few minutes to kill and want to do something fun.
This is exactly what a phone game should be, challenging and replayable, graphics are good and devs have obviously spent a lot of time making sure timings work for each level, you only have jump and glide controls so completed levels is fairly easy, what's challenging is getting 100% on all levels in an area, you really think about how to get all three lama pieces in the most efficient way, this is a β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† game.
I definitely recommend, this game is very challenging, but very fun! I just got this game 25 minutes ago and I'm loving it! for anyone that's wondering, you tap and hold to get the balloon, that allows you to stay in the air for more time. have a lovely day everyone! great game!
Reminds me of super meat Boy in a good way. Great mobile game. One complaint I have is that it doesn't have Google Play integration. It has no achievements or cloud saves, and no way to restore your purchases, should you choose to redownload the game after deleting it.
Fun when I could get it to work but it kept crashing when trying to start the game. Eventually had to just uninstall cuz it was unplayable
Mind blowing really impressed πŸ˜‰ but a request from developers that nothing but just improve it by updating it little more graphic others thing is assum it Rocks really enjoyed playing.😘
I like this game it's so fun to play many adventures to discover right amount of ads....this game is wonderful
This is the best game ever it's hard and it's cute I love it ❀️ anyone who doesn't have this game download it right now !!!!
I usually get so bored with mobile games but this one is actually fun! And hilarious! Especially when the little llama starts gliding with his balloons. There's easy ones for fun and then some really hard ones that had me hooked (and slightly frustrated) for ages. And I have so many levels to complete, download it, you'll love it for sure πŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š
Less is More!! It's Awesome! It's very Entertaining, competitive, there's even a bit of thinking is involved, enough to keep you fully engaged. The characters are priceless! Thank you Developer. Very well done! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
It's a amazing game especially for me. It's a mind clearing game and it's really addictive once you get to at least level 7. That's why I love it and gave it 5 stars. Oh and my Samsung A20 has problems with gliding but other than that this, this is pure gold in my opinion and many others! 5stars for you guys!, great job!
This is a great game to play offline. It's a great puzzle game. It's also very cute and funny. People have to download this game.
Hm, I think the game is okay. I don't really think there's anything wrong with it? I mean if you're bored you could play it. From what I'm seeing there's not actually adds everytime you complete a level? So that's nice to see. ( Β΄β—‘` )
I can jonestly say. This is a company that really brought bacls joy of gaming. From sounds to visuals it really brings joy to me.
It was okay, but while I understand ads are needed for free games, having ads every time you try and navigate the menus is excessive. Game play was fun; easy to learn hard to master. The level of detail in the menus is much better than in game though. Get an awesome looking llama, but then it's just a colorful smudge in game.
Very fun to play, it took me like two days to finish the entire game. The controls are really simple and are incorporated into the puzzles nicely making this an easy to learn, hard to master game. Since every level has the a time limit for the three star option and there's five special levels in each world that are harder than the rest there's enough to do no matter how skilled you are. And compared to most other games, this game has very few ads that don't get in the way of the game
It's just a simple and cute game! I totally recomend :) the puzzles aren't too hard and the characters are just adorable. The only downside is the adds, but it's a free game ;) what do you expect lol
This game is SO fun I think it's a game I'll play for long time because so far there doesn't seem to be many ads and makes me give it 5 stars because I can enjoy it without ads
On android 11 the game does not request storage permission, and thus is unable to save and crashes. Hope you fix it soon.
controls are simple, gameplay super fun, if youre always bored this game is for YOU. just insane. 5 star. download it now if you want FUN!!!
It's so fun and challenging. But the only problem is the ads I get one almost every time I die or complete a level. But other than that it's so fun! I totally think every one who likes a challenge should download this 5/5. Also the controls are kinda wacky hope you fix the controls and the ads. thanks 😊
This game is fun and easy to use and to find objective to run through the level's. The graphics are simple but i don't care it's great fun! . The speed in which the character moves adds a lot of the fun element to the game to get the timeline right to complete each level. I have a smile on my face every time i play it. Each level completed give's real sense of accomplishment. Fantastic.
I really like the how the game plays its a very nice travel game and the graphics are just my type and ads are always your choice and on the off chance you get a pop up you can instantly skip it it's a fun smooth lvl based game
This game is a lot of fun, and although there are microtransactions, they are not thus far aggressively implemented, nor do they force you to pay to keep playing, as they're purely cosmetic. I can appreciate that. It tells me the creator(s) care about their game first, and I love that. Otherwise, the only drawback is those evil quick-succession jumps you have to make from one step to another. The timing is so, so hard to get right. It's pure luck when I manage it. Anyway, give it a download!
This game is pretty fun if I had a son I'll let him play this game it's not that bad u can unlock the lama and other stuff
Considering jogability, great expercience. Although, once it is an "editor's choice", theres a hype envolved and I do expected better graphics and animations. Deserves a neutral avaliation, worth some time spent, just a couple hours!
Good puzzle system recommend playing it easy control and fun to play, good looking skins for free to play people with that easy 5 stars
Pretty fun. The levels are actually pretty challenging. I love Llama's so that's why I initially downloaded it, I kept it because it keeps me entertained and the ads aren't too bad compared to other similar games.
This Llama is deceptively simple: your llama moves from one side to the other and you jump and glide accordingly, but the skill comes in knowing when to jump and when to glide. Lots of levels and if you spend .99 on a new llama costume or balloon, no more ads. Easily worth the .99.
I love this game!!it's fun to play and challenging!I can also play it with no wifi!I recommend to play it!
This game is pretty savy and has minimal ads. Usually right after completed a level or going back to the home menu. The llama is adorable even when he dies his llama ghost pops out and floats up. The graphics are pretty cute. Objective consist of retrieving some sort of gold relic item three in total. However, its not always easy to get to the relics.
This game is quite fun overall but there are way too many ads and you can go through the walls and outside of the map on some levels when you glide into them but that's all of the bugs I have experienced so far.