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Adventure Company - Team Based Adventure RPG

Adventure Company - Team Based Adventure RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Foursaken Media located at 230 Fayetteville St. #203 Raleigh, NC 27601. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is great, easy crystal by collecting trophies and exchanged after 12h, variety of heroes and its level is easy to be maxed, and you need a lot of them to finish the quest. The only problem is the skip button which displaying video ads but not working properly. If this game developed further for global chat and online interaction with other player it would be great.
the game is fun. the gem which usually have to be bought with real money in other games, is not here, so I'm happy with that. and also how we can restock the recruits, the weapons, and aquire gem by watching ads makes me able to progress well, thank you for that. I'll be leaving an email about somethings to improve. but overall, it's a good game, which I find it kinda hard to find in market these days
Was a good game, up until it never was worked on again. I understand that content may be hard to come by, but once you beat all the levels there is nothing left to do but use what you have. No more leveling, no more better weapons after you reach a certain point, and it just gets tedious. Please update as soon as possible. Really enjoyed this game.
you can't get the dragoon clas and the Pyromance class it doesn't give you the option toget it, fix it its annoying.
this game was one of my favorites as this was the only game that i have found to have this style of gameplay however it is hard at times but i think they have make it like that so we wouldnt walk past all obstacles i really like this game and i hope you can expand the areas to fight in thank you
I don't think I've ever been so addicted to a game before! The graphics, animations, levels and gameplay are just soooo well made and good. I thank the devs for their brilliant game. The only improvement is just to expand the game much more please! (Update desperately needed)
It's a very fun game. I've finished it a dozen of times and well it's still good but, I wish they could make this game better. Like adding new maps, daily missions, more mini games besides survival, and maybe a battle simulation between yours or other companies troops. Just saying. I luv this game.
Fell in love with this quickly soon after I started playin' it. The game play and controls are easy to understand and plenty of thought went into it despite the simple look of it all. This is (in my opinion) definitely a keeper!
This game is exactly what I was looking for! I like how it's an rpg, there are many different classes, you can level them, and although there is an ai, it's not only an idle game. Please update. It's a great game.
It's a great game, but it could use some updates. I haven't beaten the game yet, but I think it could use some more land. And maybe a character editor, like let's say pay 5 gems to exit a character for the first time, then the next cost 10, then 15, on so forth. Other wise, this is probably the best app I've downloaded so far!
AWESOME GAME! but,the tree enemys are almost OP please lower their damage and health.Overall,THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME!!! I WILL REMEMBER THIS GAME FOREVER!!! :D
The game is great, the campaign ja unfinished and improvements could be made but others have already suggested those. Why the 1-star then? Well, as I said the game is unfinished and the developera themselves said that despite the game having great ratings they weren't going to update it because the sales weren't big enough so the game is pretty dead, nobody will spend money on a dead game and nobody will update a game that isn't being updated, still I would recommend anyone to try it out.
This game is pretty damn awesome, the only thing that I dont like is how litt control you have over your AI friends and how stupid they are. I noticed that some of the enemie AI is programmed to run away from the play, it would be nice if we could tell certain allies to keep their distance from the enemy. It would also be nice if we could stop allies from spending mana, or tell them a little better how, maybe a stop time button where you can cycle through your allies casting abilities for them then go back
Loved it. It has a great pace to the gameplay and will keep you entertained trying different combos with your units abilities!
That's my only complaint even on low res and low graphics it lags when you put down your full team. THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME WITH BARELY ANY PAY TO WIN
If you read the reviews you'll see the public loves this game. If it was more well known itd be more popular. Anyone who picks it up seems to have a generally positive experience each an every time. My only complaint is not directed towards the game but the developers. I emailed them some years back and they said they gave up on this game because it was unpopular....I never saw anyone hand craft a diamond and throw it away....I beg you Foursaken pick this game up and dust it off don't forsake it.
don't waste your time getting the shity game cuz the people who made this game put no effort into it it won't even start it's a piece of s*** game and I just do not get it it's just a waste of time and effort to even downloaded it cuz it doesn't even work okay it doesn't work your games piece of s*** so the person who made this game didn't put time and it didn't put every inch of that they just made it pretty I said what school did that out so don't waste your time it's really really really reall
Absolutely loved this game to the core. It has simple mechanics, Great story for me atleast. It should be updated with new LORE, heroes and items. Sadly i dont think this game is being updated anymore.
It's a great game, really fun, looks great, controls great, everything in the game is great. But, it's very difficult to get enough crystals to upgrade my troops, besides buying them. I have loads of money and great weapons, but I can't move on because my troops suck. Please make it easier to get crystals or make gold the resource needed for upgrades!
i don't mind the number of ads i go through every time i play. but everytime i accidentally click one of them and playstore open. the game shuts down. which is bad if it happens between stages. great job though!
By far one of the more fun rpg's needing no in app purchase to play or beat. Although I find that the rivals are very bland and offer no challenge. They dont feel like rivals rather just regular city folks and maybe that one jerk in the neighbourhood (cough cough boomers) Also adding world chat and online features can greatly improve and allows for people to become great friends and generally having it be more fun. The flaws are minor but I highly suggest you download it.
One of the only free games that I have come across that is actually playable without in-game purchases for the whole duration of the game, and is enjoyable! Obviously not using money makes it a slower process to farm the gold and exp needed for the harder levels, but what RPG's these days don't require some grinding and farming? It's a great game. I highly recommend. Only issues I have come across is that the Apprentice class doesn't use his mana skill, and the healers don't heal when controlled by AI.
Fun game with awesome customizations. I have played and gotten very far in almost all of Forsaken Media's games and have never been let down. Thank you for making awesome games that are not energy limited or all about IAP to acquire max gears - one of the few applications developer I respect for it.
I like the idea for this game but there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make it work. First off I think there needs to be a bigger focus on the autobattle feature, like make the A.I. better and allow the player to change the behavior of each character. Second there is alot of glitches and the game feels unfinished at times, like sometimes when autobattle activates the characters will just stand there and do nothing and a lot of objects seem to have missing textures. Lastly, because of the issues with the A.I. the game feels to difficult at times and at times feels misguided. I think this game has a lot of good ideas but the game needs to be worked on more.
It's a great game but I finished it in 2 weeks this game is to easy I got all stars too but I like to see more of it it can't just end like that
Is there a way to remove a character? Or change it's class? (e.g. Farmer to Fighter) Update: Just reached 10 Characters and found out you can
When trying to get free gems or restock the weapons dealer, the above message appears. If there is any fix for this, please let me know
more classes more story more updates this game is amazing its not pay to win and its a great game please continue on development
Please continue development! +Addicting semi-casual gameplay +Beautiful art +Charming story +Lovable characters -Needs improvement on optimization -Needs better UI for multiple character management -Last update was 1.5 years ago I would LOVE to see more of this game. It clearly ended on something that has a continuation. This game is a very rare gem among thousands of other mediocre games in the Play Store.
Its great but i cant get all stars on the level apple farming the first part isnt possible im left with an average of ten apples to collect and then run out of time ive attempted this many time and cant do it
It's a pretty good game. And I cant believe its completely free. The ai isnt stupid either which makes things really smooth. You also get free gems everyday for promoting your adventurers. This is a really nice game!
I actually completed the game but now needs more lands like lagoon area sea area village area and different more lands. Today my brother found gun in the store so i thought that you should add a musket class or a machinist class and more plus there is elementalist that needs singular version like ice mage and electric mage i already know the pyromancer plus needs multiplayer online or local. Like friends or family can help each other in campaign and you can battle each other worldwide or local and if you (too long)
I loved this game 3 years ago, and have already unlocked all possible promotions and finished it. Now, I checked again to see if there are any updates for additional islands or something, but it seems there's none to be found... Well, I haven't exactly downloaded it again but looking at the information, the last updates ypu did were on the day you also released it.
Double Cross Flagship of Strategy, 3D Tower Defense Games Hits the Platform Again!!! -Are you not gonna go out of the box ?
It's fun and entertaining, its got a variety of classes each with a special power and weakness I love it but I hope the creator make more levels, I highly recommend it its fun
It's an amazing game, very cute designs, lots of classes, and so much stages to play I love this game, more people should play this wonderful game.
Update and i will give 5 stars. Why dont you make the adventurer have their own island as their base. Add farming and town building also. Instead of buying from merchant why cant they just forge their weapon. And not add armors. Maybe stables also. And add some home also. I think it would add more fun and challenging.
This game really has room to expand. If your team can squeeze in the time to do so, please update the game with more lands to explore, as well as more diversity within missions (make them more complicated to further you progress in the game,) and potential multiplayer. Also please fix forest endless. For some reason the bosses there deal an OBSCENE amount of damage (more than the original boss fight,) allowing them to almost effectively 1-hit kill squishy heroes.
Rather than use ads to supplement, maybe a free try & then buy would be nicer. I found all the ad videos to kill the spirit of game. As for the game itself, I don't appreciate the blocky graphics or awkward movement controls. Felt like an endless grind with little reward.
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This game is so AMAZING though I'm not sure y it isn't a Editor's Choice. So many ranks and unique skills.I wish the developers would update the game.The ONLY problem is that the game doesn't log into Google Play so you have to manually save the game your self otherwise, if you delete it you have to start ALL THE WAY OVER.Still fun thπŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
this game was good before but now most of the buttons only work after like 10 seconds after is press them