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Adventaria: 2D World of Craft & Mining

Adventaria: 2D World of Craft & Mining for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Survival, Explore and Craft Games located at Ukraine,040800, Kyiv, Oleksiya Terekhina st. 8-A. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like the game, it gives me a Terraeia feel and its fun. It does have its lag spikes but overall its a well designed game, I would rate better but sometimes the lag gets to me
Daam the game is actually kinda good i mean it's a terraria rip off but hey at least its free, there's no problem on the game it just needs a little spice? Like more ores,weapons,tools,bosses, and NPC's. The graphics on the other hand would be nicer if the characters are pixelated. Overall it was a nice game. Oh and also if it's possible, a local multiplayer would be awesome :)
That I could have some improvements on the movement and not too sensitive and some multiplayer but it's still a good game I like it I don't have Terraria but it is one of my favorite games but thank you for making the game 😁
Very nice update more...add character customization...add more detail in the game just like terraria...the graphic is better than terraria because terraria is more to pixel... please update more add multiplayer online or use hotspot...
Terraria ripoff and terrible game in general everything about it is terrible The controls, the look, the lagging.
This is my favorite game ever so make mods for the game and keep the updates up I love this game so much and make mods for the game love the game so much and make updates for the game also.
I beg u developer make the game multiplayer also implement more furniture and weapons. Also another suggestion of mine is if like they were ages, like stone age to modern with guns and cars and etc it's just a suggestion any way ur game is good.
The game is ok but the fact that the grid cannot be removed from view, the options are most for volume and the caracter can not be personalized make this pretty bad
The game is verry good and engouable but i recon the game could use more items for building and better ore than platanam but keep working on it and the game has potentul so keep on working hard
These is very very good game cause it like crafting game and i like crafting game and building these is the very good game i say is cause i play is 1 time then i love its so much :)
Its like a cheap Terraria knock off. But that doesnt mean its bad. Its a really good game. Could use more recipes though.
So bad lol. 1 I get why you would need media and files but why do I need my location? 2 obvious rip off of terraria. (1 has exact biomes as terraria. 2 has living trees with platforms that go down. 3 it's 2d) 3. Adds can cut you off in middle of game and kill you. 4. Bad graphics 5. Bad controls. And plz don't tell anyone it's not rip off because it so obviously is. anyone planning to get this game it is bad just download terraria. Way more stuff. Way more features. Worth the money.
It's a rather nice game but it doesn't have some things that Terraria has. I know that you can't copy the entire game but u can add more features which might make better gameplay. Thank You.
Survival,explore craft games please read this: it is a AWSOME game but you need more weapons,ore,bosses,grathics and biomes so when are you adding these? and if you are i'm looking forward to it. It will improve the game a lot and it will be a lot betterπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ (sorry if i spelt grathics wrong)
for a clone of terraria it's actually decent and free but it is honestly quite pointless to download it as you can easily find free ways to get terraria.
Amazing game it was the very good game but if this game is multiplayer and no need more RAM like Terraria this was absolutely good my suggestion is add more bioms and lang more character in land more enemies And add normal world hard, expert,and God world and add storyline most of all add many thinks that can't destroy the world make this game like all of things in this world for example can make rocket, robot and more add disaster add earthquake, tsunami, thunderstorms, hightide,.. pls whats up
This is best game I play. Maybe put some multiplayer feature,outfit . Thank you for making this game and please put what i want because people will like this game. Also let us sit and sleep on furniture and also put guns
So, first off, this is an obvious terreria clone. There's even the King Slime clone in the trailer. All I can say is at least they made SOME unique bosses. Second, the graphics and controls are terrible. I try to dig and use the joystick to move where I'm digging, but then, suddenly, I go launching 5 feet into the air. I'm trying to move and the crappy controls think I moved the joystick up. And you jump THAT high. I guess it's from the low gravity you can see exists when falling.
Could use more gear and events. As it is there is almost no content after you get the highest craftable armour and weapon except for mining gems. I understand that this is a free version of Terraria and I shouldn't expect to much. But if your wanting to play this because its like Terraria I wouldn't bother, you will just be disappointed.
My money suddenly disappeared its in a chest lol, but it doesn't matter this game is fun, on the next update can you guys add new weapons? Like guns and stuff also add more bosses. I've killed them all already so i have no enemies atm..
Well guys this game is good but the thing is that the monsters spawn anywhere I mean they are also spawning in the house I made even I have put so many torches. Pls solve this problem and guys pls add pets or following creatures which follows us.And also add horses,so we can ride them..... And guys I am also suggesting to add more traders...Because there is only two traders and it would be boring with only two traders.....
This is a good game but controls are very bad. Whenever I try to move then I started jumping.There should be only four buttons i.e, two left right icons to move, a button to jump, a button for attacking and a special button for digging and using items. All buttons should be visible.Please provide extra information about items . You must take inspiration from the Crashlands.
Its a simple rip off of terraria but free u cant turn on smart courser but its still ok i got to my first set of gold armor and then i stopped
Initially aiming your actions or item placement is impossible, controls stick constantly, jumping or dropping down is pure luck and constant, CONSTANT pop up ads. Looks like a decent Terraria clone but is sadly a mess at the moment.
Sometimes I like to download games that are in the same genre of sandbox games, what MOST people dont't understand is that this WILL look like terraria because this is ALSO a 2d sandbox, not every 2d sandbox games is a terraria rip off just like not every 3d sandbox game is a minecraft rip off. This game does indeed have potential and I'm sure it will reach it. I'd suggest a zoom feature to zoom out to see more while mining or exploring. What would also help is alot more items and enemies.
Really nice and cool made but I am a Terraria veteran so I can rate this game goodly. OK so its obvious a terraria rip-off but by me seeing you guys developer skills you can make a good mobile game but not a rip-off and this game is a bit booring and the gravity and jumping controls are weird. So you guys can definetly make a good game I know it but if it is a rip-of it would not be god all the rip-offs are booring so dont make oneπŸ˜‡
Men i see the dragon its like his too small from me! So i really like this game actully you need to upgrade the graphics the song is too good for me but the dragon and graphics look's like a bad a little bad from me cause the dragon is so small and the graphics kinda too bad like the night is already night kinda but its great so thank you for uploading this i really like it someone has to play it more good game gg :)
This game sucks . It lags and it kick me form the game i give is game -1.0 s terriara is the best you copy it .
Game is good but its like minecraft and terraria mixed and item are trash doesn't have scepter or wand no mana no magic only physical strength enchantment or defensive enchantment and you cant even wear the same ring thet sucks i finished the game in 2 days and i cannot craft anything on hellstone and obsidian ore other than wall
Please fix the controls. Jumping is way too hard. Other than that its pretty solid especially for a free game.
this game is soo fun! why? BECAUSSE u can do stuff in terraria if u dont know what terraria is search it on you tube its very fun kind of rip off of terraria butt its reallyFUN! download it today!!!!!Also dev can you like add like a hell stone sword and hellstone bars! PLZ if you dontits ok but its realy realy fun thanks for makeing the game!!!! this is the funist game on earth!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!
Just like terraria but I love it because I feel like I'm playing a new version of terraria I love it 1000000% Please on the next update add more weapons and armors
This game is a terrible terraria rip off, king slime, the dungeon and the underworld are in the trailer, those are in terraria. The graphics are bad, the controls are just similar to a old terraria version. Go make your own game
This is a terraria rip off..But not a bad one at that! Its Pretty Good And reminds me of teraria otherworld.
This game is really fun and i played until there was nothing to do and i deleted it and i see that future updates will come with the added multiplayer coming soon and i might dpwnload it again to play with some friends and have fun with the new stuff. Hopefully its coming though because its actually been awhile now.
It's TERRARIA other wrold but it's not the same there was a glitch that made me fly and infinitely craft a picaxe like come on its relly buggy and some may say it's worse than that other game TERRARIA is still the best
im contacting the devs of terraria to get this game tooken down from the play store Edit: No no no, you cant say that. its a Huge ripoff of terraria. like how lokicraft is a huge ripoff of minecraft. you are going to try to use bots or something to make the reviews look good. that wont work. the truth hiding from you by looking at the cover
This is a blatant ripoff of terraria, do not play dumb, you have made no progress in trying to be original. Such a wonderful game like terraria deserves better, just make SOMETHING original!
So far it's good. Just like Terraria BUT needs more development. Looking forward. More strength devs πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
so i went to all the way to the left side of the world and a fricking dragon almost kills me but i know this is a terraira copy im just happy because terraira is a game you need to spend money and this is free so thank you
Yes... This game has a lot of ripoffs I think from Terraria. My most 10000000% favorite game. Yes this would be fun well I don't fit on the real life graphics. And there are lives or like life crystal underground and there is the underworld, the dungeon, the jungle and other things that is from Terraria. Could you just make your own game or like different opposites so the game won't look like a rip-off of Terraria. I got hurt a bit that there are some games that look like ripoffs.
Very great there's dragon slime and other cool things it is like terraria but free and better So ya I like it very much
Its like if Minecraft and roblox had a kid This game is awesome but I wish u cloud make a char and u can have fun I also wish it can be online cuz my friend has it to and it will be cool if we can play with each other 4-5 cuz of the char thing
This game is already a masterpiece at work The platform designs are very immersive and it's looking like a terreria free version...I love it. Really know up the Good work Developers. But could this game get an OFFLINE LAN MULTIPLAYER MODE so I can adventure with my buddies and friends...would really be ground breaking in my opinion...still this is a game that is really worth playing now!
The game it self is good, but there is no boss music. I also think this game will improve if you guys add different types of wood, add more characters, give bosses actual loot to drop and add things like summons, mana, magic weapons, and more kinds of biomes like a sky/heaven biome, a temple in the jungle biome, or a mushroom biome. This game is just like terraria, but please add crates, fishing, and more melee weapons like a flail, a mace that does aoe damage, and possibly even different items
Make an original game. YOU COPIED TERRARIA. You say you are inspired by terraria, but you copied the WHOLE GAME. Copying is not cool
This game is nice but it would be cool if thers a multiplayer mode and i wish its have some new weapons and new armore but the game is still nice because its just like terraria and i love terraria
I love the game soo much, only that i have some suggestions, firstly you could add more weopons, add multiple rideable mounts. As a terraria player when i come to this game i know it has so much potential, anyways its a really great game. and please add a local multiplayer modeπŸ™πŸ™
A little glitchy, although they're still improving it. Overall I had a lot of fun and many hours on Adventaria. Absolutely the best free game I've played along side Swardigo. I'm editing this bring to your attention one very annoying glitch. It's begun getting stuck on the loading screen a lot. I can hear my character getting killed in the background but the loading screen will not disappear. Also there are a lot of empty chest spawning. I went through a whole castle and every chest was empty.
This game is good. But to get a 5 star could you fix the problem with the moving button it jumps for no reason mabey add a controller pad control option but either way its good. Also I watched some videos and was wondering exactly how many bosses there are?
Now I have been non-stop installing/uninstalling the same games and this is one of them it was good but the glitch that chunk data are lost for no reason and there is very little things in this game not too many items which makes it boring not too many bosses,enemies,npcs',etc good game but lack of features, items and all
They didn't change anything. The wood in the snow biome is the same in the forest biome. Also there aren't different types of torches.
The game keeps crashing now lasttime it was good now everytime you try to create a world it keeps crashing so pls fix it
It actually works like terraria, HOWEVER it is a blatant ripoff and it doesn't even try to hide it, you are restricted in Your armor (the best being platinum) and there are no bosses from what I've seen
I like your game but please add Texture packs because when i first played this game it looks familiar and diffirent than when i see the photos please add it i would be happy 😁
This is amazing! And there arent even that many adds! Plus real terriea cost like five bucks. This is free! Edit: ok this almost better than terriea its sooooo good!
Its very fun I like the graphics and I LOVE how if your in any offline place you can play this and I recommend it for people who like rpg games. The way how this is free so if you cant get Terraria you can just get Adventaria EDIT: When will hellstone get a use because all you could do with hellstone is bricks there could be pickaxes swords shortswords and all of that stuff.
Great game! I love to play it. But can you add more weapons,armour and accsesories? Edit:to all the people that say this is a rip off of terraria just because its a 2D survival try counting how many survival games that are out there AND leave a bad review if not get lost Btw devs i rarely play this but its still good i just deleted it because i now have terraria now and i got angry that i do not no how to make silk
Behold. What terraria 2 would have looked like if not for it being canceled thanks for the experience. Hope you dont get copyclaimed though
Ok I'm getting mad at this game all my stuff in my lock box disappeared and some thing like this happened the first time I played this game after I loaded in to my world I was spawned in the hell biome and please developer of this game if you read this please fix it thank you.
I have a suggestion in the future update you should add shields and have like a wooden to platinum ramge That would be great also pls add more boomerangs If there is diffrent types of boomerangs already then I'll try to find them. If you do plan to add sheilds then maybe you can add an off hand where you can hold other things like maybe a torch to light your way through a cave while holding a pickaxe in another hand, also please add more items and creatures to the game that would be amazing
This game is amazing it better than terraria 2d graphics are excellent far better than terraria please add multi-player an features like mods where we can build cars planes an also ad were we can be superpower God. an more powerful bosses like giants cyclops mintour an Mid gard world serpent. this game will more fan more exciting endless gaming.
Wonky controls, no forethought to have the safe haven of a cabin or some other enclosure to prevent night monsters from bombarding you causing you to die over and over during your first let alone all following nights, but now my every effort is being interupted by intrusive ads. visually nice, but, in done
It's a great game, I really like it. If you want Terraria, but can't afford it, then you can use this game. However, I do not understand my main goal. As far as I know, there isn't a guide or anything, but I might be mistaken. Great game, lots of potential. Pls incorperate some sort of guide or boss progression like thing.
This is a good game. But a lot of things can be added. The wizards that spawned on caves that throws fire is sooo OP even wearing a high level armor wouldn't work on them. I can't even get close when they're a lot. They can hit me past through blocks. I wish there's a weapon like that.....
Very good but make animals run when you kill their friends and nights should be longer for me to kill more mobs and creepers and dragon eggs to hatch and have pets make the animals breedable and fix the npc ai system make trees and grass grow able add armor and tools made from diamonds
This is hard but hey its amazing Edit:thank u i deafeted them that was pretty hard in half platinum armor and half gold armor Thanks neat i will wait from the future update😌😌😌
Thank you so much to make this game it so very awesome i like fighting bosses and building my own village and ahm.. i fully recommended if this game have an multiplayer no need data charges just need is via hotspot and wifi and also add online multiplayer that's all THANKYOU and GODBLESS USπŸ’š
THIS GAME IS A BLAST!!!!!! It's so good. Well yes but there's just one thing the NPCS there kinda annoying in a way like they move around the entire map and I have to find them again and again and again and again and again..... yes and also add like enchantment to armor please and add some kind of transportation that isn't walking like a boat or wing suit or steam powered vehicles and ruins of past civilisation and there and also make the NPCS more interactable like talk to them and all that.