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Adley's PlaySpace for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Shonduras Inc. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
My baby is 5 and loves watching you on YouTube and we have just got the game on her tablet she loves it thank you Soo much all the best x
This game is amazing! I love this game it has cool worlds! But what I really like about this game is that it has crabs.
What happened to this game? My son loves it and we can find the app downloaded or the open tab on the play store. Definitely a 5 star game when working
Our daughter loves the game, but the app has disappeared. The icon is unavailable, and there's no backdoor to start the app. The app cannot be started, and this 1 star review will remain until a patch addresses this.
It is really fun game I like it and it has a drawing and I really really really love to draw and my friend likes it too 💗👍 this game is great 😁😍 and I love it
Hi ADLEY, please check the game settings because the octopus screen is black !!! I really like your game and all your videos, Always the best videos ever From Kiara ❤👍❤🐧 You are so pretty ADLEY
My little sister Awtyum loves Adleys vids andshe even subscribed! She now lives the games unicorn catch and this one too! I hope u guys make mire fun games! And i also love the vids and the games!
Not working. Just goes to the main page, where the play button is and goes white and black. Just kicks us out.
I give this a 4 because is quite good but I also wanna really see the snow map one so yeah pls do it :)
My daughter loves the app, but since the latest update it's disappeared. Tried reinstalling but it won't open :(. ps my daughter says she's the UKs biggest Adley fan :)
Was able to play before but since its update can't play it all along with unicorn thats not compatible with my device very disappointed as my daughter loves playing theses games ams watches adley all the time
I have downloaded both of the Adley games but neither work they just kick me of when trying to load I now have a very upset daughter as she loves Adley and got very excited to find these games please sort this out.....
New version won't work!!!! Loved it before. Tried to send a msg on a for adley and recaptcha won't work there. Update: downloaded the update and it works great!!
I love this app!!!❤️❤️ When I first played it I fell in love with it!!!❤️ Thank you so much for making this app! I play it EVERYDAY!! Have the BEST DAY EVER!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️
My 6 yr old Daughter Danilyn loves all your videos and gets so excited when you post new vids. She has been able to play this game on my android but for some reason we are not able to find it in the Apple store to install on her iPad. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh and she really wants to drive to Utah to meet Adley. Lol. Thanks again.
This game is perfect for my child. Because she loves adley so much. Thanks for this game my daughter does not feel bored anymore.
Amazing my 6 year old daughter loves this game she plays it all the time and loves your videos such a lovely family thank you and stay safe.
My kids said "its boring!!" Not recommended for kids Dizziness is what you will get from playing No challenge
Another great game from a great Family and development team. We have been a fan of your channel and family for years. My dad often says you guys are his heroes and he hopes to be half the man and family you guys are and once he can he prays he can give back like you guys do. On the way to Bleased
Bad. My 6 year olds been playing he finally got to be able to catch the unicorn and he has got nothing it just bumped us to the game again. Adley said catch the unicorn he clicked and clicked a heart showed up above the head with a cupcake in it then it brought us to unicorn seahorse he was really looking forward to you mailing him a unicorn because he loves adley and he won it on his own.
I love the game exept the water one with the pupher fish in it it too hard i know how to play but its to hard can it make it easy because im 8 years old i still cant make it with the silly pupher fish makes me die so plz do that i like the game an the other game that was unicorn catch its fun
I couldn't find the app as it disappeared in my ph, then I uninstalled and reinstalled now I can't actually install it again .. disappointed my little 5 year old guys... She's actually crying as it is/was her fav game...
We play it all the time my daughter is a big fan as well as my son! You guys are awesome! Thank you for all what you guys do! We watch you guys like every morning my sons favorite video of you guys is the crocidile cartoon! You guys should soooooo do more of those videos! 😁 The sturgis family
I was able to download this on my android for my daughter. I could not find in the apple store. Help! My daughter and I watch your channel everyday! Beautiful family!
I love the game and the fact that you don't have to bye anything is amazing. keep on making amazing games like this
Update! The app update fixed everything! My daughter is so excited to play on unicorn universe now! 🦄 My daughter loves this app, but I just did the new update and now the app just disappeared, I uninstalled it and installed it again and same thing. Super bummed.
The app is pretty good I just wish there were more levels and the drawing book/coloring book looks great you guys should add a leaderboard for best drawings thanks for making this game what led me here was your YouTube video of how to play this.
My daughter loves the Adley videos! She was so very excited to download this game! Just wanted to leave you guys an awesome 5 star review and say thank you!
Thank you.. my daughter love your you tube and know your games. My daughter is on oxygen and just had her 29th surgery. She love to watch daily.
Fun!!!! For Everyone!! :) Also I LOVE that the app is free! Yay! Adley and her whole family is so awesome, my 4 year old daughter watches her on YouTube daily.
Love the game, keeps my daughter engaged and excited all day, love the videos, oy problem we had is caught the unicorn 🦄 and it crashed so we lost it
So cute and so cool that was so fast and it's cool because I love playing as Adley and the family knows among us it's cool because of the reindeer headbands that they wear in among us are so so cute! in one video I saw Adley playing on her iPad and I saw among us on her iPad
Download both this and the unicorn game. And I'm both when you click the painting game app just crashes. Heartbroken 4 year old
My almost 5 year old absolutely loves Adley. She was crazy excited to play this new game. We are also loving the new playspace winter collection from the Adley shop.
Once we downloaded the game and opened it, it started up until we pushed play. Then the screen goes white and no picture or game. We waited for at least 3 minutes for it to start up and it never did. We repeated and same thing happened.
Tried uninstall re install (made copy of obb and data to paste back over in effort to maintain data) but it seems update has removed app launch capability, its not just the short cut missing you can't load the app from anywhere including play store screen, hope this was an accident? And new patch cooking soon? :S But as we're here, this game rocks, no ads, no dlc, no worries, just fun! You guys are awesome, my daughter loves the game and all your vlogs, thanks :)
App loads title screens, goes white and closes returning to homescreen. Can give details of device if required for debugging source code
I love this game even how I'm terrable at it please make more games maby like Barbie dream house but adleys dream house.
This is a Amazing app And those constellations they're really cool and the coloring book I love the pictures 😀
Downloaded fine on my daughter's tablet but can't get it to work on my son's tablet, the screen keeps going white then we are booted off the app. Really annoying as they now fight over a tablet to play it, the reason they both have tablets and each download it is so I don't have them arguing because they have to use the other ones tablet.
Hey there, my daughter, Emily loves your videos. She is so excited that your games are real and she found them. Good luck!
It's a fun game a lot of coloring and so much I really really love it that's why I give it a lot of stars
This game is awesome and really cool I love the paper Mario like graphics but the controls for Niko we're really hard I suggest sensitivity adjusting thing I also think that adley is a good YouTuber
What A amazing App and for free my 4 year old loves it not only is it user friendly I don't feel bad letting her play it because it's educational and fun also we love that the voices are Adley Niko and Jenny and Shaun. Best Day Ever Stuff !!!!
My daughter loves your games and watches your videos all the time! It would be really helpful if you made a learning game because I know she'd love it.
Adly you are the best youtuber ever my sister and me always watch your channels all timeee !!!! I like you vids !!!!😁😁😁😁😁😁🦮🐕‍🦺
Adley asks if we "are ready to go on an adventure" and then kicks us off.😥😢😥😢 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE correct thee issues (on ALL games w/Adley).
As another person reviewing said, the app has disappeared! We uninstalled and reinstalled. I'm glad I looked at comments and reviews and saw someone else had same issue and it is being resolved! Our daughter is 5 years old like Adley and loves her videos and the games ! Thank you for working on this glitch ! From Lanora and mom
Hi guys wonderful game my only problem is when you click on the shirt it's brings you to a multiplication pad witch is a nice feature but I have a kid that's is in 4th grade and they know all of there multiplication facts. And I don't want them to buy stuff with out me knowing lol so I I think you should upgrade that to like a password or something
After UPDATE, app does not work. Installed this game because she cant go ONE day without watching adley and her dad. Waited 3 days to have her play on our long car ride we had coming up. But the APP will start screen goes black, then back to the home screen. Hope it fixed and I'll update review for you
My daughter loves this game and the kids. Had to update and now it won't let her play anymore. She is only 4 1/2 so it's hard to explain to her why it's not working.
Adley, love your game so much! Im 5 and Ive been watching your videos since i was 2 year old! I liked shooting fairy dust at the dragon, it was funny! I would love to have a sleep over at your house. Bye Adley!
Omg I love this app it's so cool and I want too go too space THIS IS THE BEST APP EVER INSTALL IT NOW ITS THE BEST!!!!❤❤❤🚀🚀🚀🌌🌌🌌🚀
My 6year old loves Adley! She plays this app in my iPhone and she loves it! We have problems however downloading the app in our Samsung A7 tablet. Hope you can fix it coz I can't use my phone now LOL
I love athletes play spaces the best.!!!! Is so awesome there's a new one which already unlocked so penguin
My daughter is a huge fan but the game kicks us out of the app. Not sure how to fix. Can't even get pass the free rocket at the start of the game.
Super cute game for young ones, my almost 4 year old daughter LOVES adley and what she watches most of the day and just absolutely loves this game! Mother approved ☺❤
My kids LOVE this game.. so fun and easy for them to use! Only downfall is that its not available on their tablets.
Cute idea! The coloring portion doesn't want to work for us though and that is her favorite thing about the last Adley game. The games are still a little too hard for her so she gets frustrated... She's 3, but loves Adley. Maybe offer a younger game level soon
I deleted the app, then downloaded it again, and everytime Adley says Blast Off it goes to a white flashing screen. My daughter can't even play the game anymore.
Tried downloading game several times and doesn't work. After it downloads and we try to play it, it kicks us out to the home screen. Very disappointing....
We updated the app and my daughter conplained why its gone. So we uninstalled to see if it works the secons time around. But everytime I download it, the app doesnt appear in the homescreen. Please help.
I got this app bc I loved unicorn catch and it's great but it got really boring after only about 20 minutes I did everything
Adley when I was watching your videos I was like 5 years old and now I love your game because my score from from the battle it was so much points well I need to give you a five star!
ITS SOOOOOO GOOD! I just started playing and I love love LOVE it make more adley vids and one about unicorn catch!!
This game is not working.Whenever I press play the screen just becomes white.And second,the music and the telling embrasses me whenever I go in public.I am 9 anyways and this screen problem made the app bad.Pls edit it.
I redid the download and it downloaded properly. It's working and it seems like it's going to be pretty good.
Downloaded the game but it will not open for my daughter to play. Seems other reviews are having issues as well. Hopefully it gets fixed soon she loves this game!