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Actor Tycoon

Actor Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by A-line Games located at Bac de Roda 120, Barcelona, Spain. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Drug Use) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Quite interactive, fun, absorbing and free+no ads. Thank you. Some suggestions though, add some features to skip or fast forward when you click "next turn". I've got 4 actors already and it's kinda lame to wait up when they're saying predictable things. And when I choose what to do with my actors, it's taking quite time to load, it's like loading online but this game actually can be played offline, rite?. Able to change name and update the actors looks are fun tho :) keep up the good work.
Best one. Arguably the best in the business. The only thing is that it does tend to get boring when one reaches 5 stars.
Its addictive game but unfortunately everytime I closed my game and continue back. They didnt save the last game that i exit. That lil bit disappointed for me. Hope if there is Actor Tycoon 2, you could improve that.
this game is soo underminded yet it deserves alot more credit than it is given for i loveeeeee!!! it alot highly recomended
I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. I would like to suggest you do two things. 1. Allow the gamer to develop their clients outside the normal scope and objectives already given. I think it would be great if you made it realistic to some extent. 2. Secondly, allow the gamer to develop their agency in a more realistic manner not just gaining money and stars to move to a bigger city. If you give some goals or objectives on both sides of the coin I believe you will have a massive hit.
It's a really cute game and I'd love to see a sequel which I've got some ideas for that could improve the game. You can ignore these if you think they're terrible but here they are: 1. Have the ads for auditions specify something they need in the actor e.g. blonde woman or four star rated. 2. Have a list of each of the movies and projects each actor takes part in (and maybe add some more variety in movie titles) 3. Make it so you can tap or swipe the screen while checking on what the actors are doing that week so you don't have to sit and wait for 10 seconds. Otherwise it's a really nice, relaxing game which I'm enjoying so much!
This is a fantastic little app that's simple but fun. It's somewhat emulates in management tabletop game style. The game is completely free and 100% ad free.
I like all the cute characters and I found myself making personalities for all the actors. It does get a little repetitive and I really wish there was something that kept track of the days in gameplay and maybe kept count of how long you've had and how much money the actors made. But overall I really like this app and play it regularly.
This game is so addicting that I've gotten virtually nothing done for the past 3 days. It's amazing and I've pretty much hit a wall with it and can't advance any further, which is my only problem with it. It's too short. I would love to see this game have a sequel
It's like a kind of lottery game when you have free actor but don't get a audition, or when you got audition with good chance but not accepted. About the map things, maybe next game you need more explanation about place. It has a same star, same effect but different price. Personally I'll choose the cheapest one even I have big loots. I never care about graphic, but two things that I hope in your next game is "Help" and "Tutorial". And if you want make it more suprising good, add some random events.
Could do with more of a variety to hold interest for longer, but the controls are great! Maybe give us the chance to tap ahead during the week progression parts. They can get a little slow. Would love to see a second game for sure! Thank you for bringing us such a beautiful and simplistic game~
Super fun actually.. it's really simple but it's still a lot of fun if you use your imagination lol I wish the end of the week thing was skippable at least because when you get up to 6 Actors, it takes forever. Overall the game feels really bare like it's missing a lot of stuff but I'm hoping Actor Tycoon 2 will fix that. If it does then I'll definetly download that too!
Honestly a really great game for what it is. Honestly ad free. No in app purchases either. Pretty fun and takes a while to beat. But it's fun to play over again.
As an actor, I found this game very addictive and I thought of some additions! It would be cool if you could personalize the actors a little more by showing their acting strengths and weaknesses. For example some actors are better at comedies than drama. I would also love to see actor stats like how many movies they've been in and their audition success rate. I also wish I could choose to buy the increases to look and talent whenever as opposed to waiting for them to pop up. But overall GREAT GAME!
This is one of the best actor management game that I've played. And it's great too. But it surely can be better. For one, I felt actors' career statistics would be a good inclusion. Also, it's kind of aimless after I unlocked a 5-star city. And, awards show to know how the actors are faring and a popularity graph to see how popular they are would be fun I think. Also I felt that ages of the actors should be given so that age after each week and after a certain period, their looks should decrease.
Fav game right now! But still have some issue such as don't have history for actor, don't have fast forward button, schedule, actor age etc.. but still it can be addictive for some reason.
Loved this game!! I will download Actor Tycoon 2 when its made. This game is a great time killer and I love that its absolutely free with 0 ads! It's simple and easy to beat yet it can get a bit repetitive at times. I agree with others who say adding quests/challenges would be a great addition!
I love this game & look forward to more updates. Only thing I'd fix is being able to tap through the actors animation, like when they're auditioning etc. Having to sit through each one makes the game feel long. But I really am addicted. Keep up the good work!
Good system in play, fun mechanics, no ads or purchases is great! Could use more control over day to day running, possibly hiring staff for the agency, setting up press meets, dealing with studios. Keep at it, take all the ideas and complaints work on the sequel and keep ads and purchases off! I would pay 5 bucks for this easy.
I love the game it is actually pretty addicting but I would like to make a suggestion if that's ok. Ok so you know how when we move locations. I was thinking mabye there could be more benifents to moving to a certain location like maybe one place can increase the possibility of having more additions or something.
Hello! This is a nice game and I have to write a review for it hehe.... So overall it fits the game I like because I like repetitive games but it's more than that, the unexpected situations are what I'm really expecting and I'm satisfied with that, also the attitude bars makes the personality of each characters and I like that. If you're ever gonna update this, please make a part where you could see all the movies played by the actors or actresses and include their awards too...
Its a good game, but with potential for more. If we could tap to speed things up, and maybe have options to buy things, to upgrade our characters, or buy to change the options or maybe even just to customize there looks. Also love how we get a lil info on how theyve earned experience through the newspaper. But be cool if there was a bit more to it, it helps develope more character. But its a good game
Easy enough to play but it takes forever to move from 4 to 5 star because the amount of money needed to progress
This game is definitely a game I have never played before -- and in the best sense possible. It's amazing, simple, and straightforward and I love every minute of it. But as I near the end goal (New York or whatever 5 star office there is), I realize that that's it. I feel like so much can be improved in this game, and I really hope your Actor Tycoon 2 will be able to bring those updates to make it better. I have a number of tips for improvement and a proper review but the character limitation is keeping me
I really liked this. It's fun and weirdly addictive. I'd invented personalities for all my actors by the end. -The main issue I had was that it gets a bit repetitive. -Some quests/goals would be fun. As would achievements. -The actors say they'll leave but don't actually seem to, I kinda hoped they would so I had incentive to work harder to keep them happy. -Please make the end of week skippable. -You seemed to have genres that linked up to skills. I really liked that but wish it had more depth. Thank you!
This game has a solid foundation, but doesn't go anywhere. I feel like I've seen all it has to offer after a night of play. Also, the UI gets annoying. I should be able to swipe to change actors once I go to assign an audition (and other similar assigned tasks).
The people who made this app are genius and spoon thoughtful. This game has no ads what so ever and it is 100% totally free. I downloaded it the other day and I haven't looked back since. I have become addicted to this incredibly simple and easy game and I love having the freedom to own my own agency. I can't stop rambling about how good it is!!! Well done the creators!!! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH
The concept is good..but I think it lacks interaction and I would love to see a pre-reading(audition) where we actually get to see what our actor is doing and how to improve it...plus they should have agents and interactions between them..Looking forward to see another actor tycoon game
This game is pretty awesome. I do not understand how it does not have a 4 star rating. I downloaded it just two days ago and I've been hooked to it ever since. Great game. Great game. I'd love for part 2 to come out. :)
Brilliant game but need more updates like actors speciality (action, romance etc) animations are long and pointless. There should be an added bonus based on actors performance in the movie like if it's a hit or flop u earn xp or moral. One thing I would love to see is exchange xp points into personality like move them to actors looks, attitude. All in all it's a great game for first version and would love to see it grow quickly
I love this game!! Its really fun being an agent. People don't get auditions all the time but that's ok otherwise it wouldn't be realistic. I would love a 2nd game!! What would it be like (or is that secret)?? Bye 😁😁
While I appreciate that it's free and there are no ads, honestly that's really all the game has to offer. It got boring after 1 minute because it is the same thing over and over again. I was hoping for something a little more interactive.
This game used to be great, but now its very buggy. The setting button is not working, the morale bug because the timeline is randomized. This game has a lot of potential, needs to be fixed, oh and I used Galaxy A51, used to play on my Asus phone and it worked wonders
It's a good time waster, but I was hoping it would be more in depth. It really seems like it is just missing something. That is great A-line! I do hope you end up making a fuller version of the game! I would be the first to download it :)
Considering the game was apparently made by just one person, it's quite an achievement. It's fun, easy to understand, it has cute graphics, and no ads or microtransactions. Having said that, the content is pretty limited. Once you've managed to find two decent actors, they'll keep landing roles, and after that, all you have to do is wait to have enough money to upgrade. I really hope there is a sequel because I'd be very willing to pay for a game like this, but with more content.
I love this game but could there be more jobs than new people because it will be nothing but people for like three rounds and my talent gets mad because they don't have auditions. Then they get violent. So just that one fix but this is addictive!
Easy and interesting. I like itvand additive. Appropriate for most ages and easy enough small kids can play it. Imagination was spot on. The only change id make is to insert an asterisk or mark next to non working actors. And also make some improvements (like looks amd attitude) keep them available throughout all the levels instead of huge upgrades being available ONLY on huge levels annd taking out the smaller improvements as opposed to small improvements only on smaller levels
This game is monotonous and it isn't fun. You can barely make any money. I think that the player should have the choice to make the movies too. There also isn't enough cities or actor slots. You should have age on the actors and a pretty good actor to start with so you don't have only two bad actors. Don't bother making a second one.
Highly addictive game which surprised me. Didn't expect much from it since I'm an adult and thought it was a kids game, but I think this one is suitable for all ages. Good job all round by the developer!
Literally played for 10 minutes and everytime my actors 'didn't get the part' lol. Very confusing and 0 fun. I'm sure other people loved it but idk how or why
Superb game. Can't get enough of it! Offline, ad free! Are you kidding me! It would be more awesome if I could edit actors' names.
I'll give 3 just because no ads. Gameplay is simple but quite fast to be bored after playing awhile cause there are no depth and repetitive.
i've always loved this game but now its like it gets neclected. text disapears every time what makes playing hard and annoying. If u guys can fix this i will sure give 5 stars because it always has being 1 of my favorite games
This is one of my favorite games. I give it a big 5 stars, and thank you's to the developers. I'm hoping and waiting for Actor Tycoon 2. Hope it'll be out soon as is stated.