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Action Taimanin for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by GREMORY GAMES INC. located at 서울특별시 구로구 디지털로 306, 8층 810호(구로동, 대룡포스트타워2차). The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Niceeeeee I like all of it, i dont expect it will be like this, i like almost everything, except one is the analog button for basic attack, i dont know maybe its a bit delay or something like that, so its a bit hard to do the combo especialy when the combo need to "hold" the button
Surprisingly good actually. My only concern is your E rating. The source material is from an X rated adult comic and anime. I know this game doesn't have all that in it but its still the source material. So this should a least be T or M. Its Just a consern I have for who might Google the game's characters is all☺ Love you all and your great game keep up the good work❤
There are different characters to pick from. The action is actually decent, 3 sub skills to have (although most of them are similar for each character), 1 ultimate, 1 special weapon skill, and 1 support character skill. The game has you select stages The story is okay but i'm not into a story that focuses on politics and stuff. You have a stamina bar (called AP) that recharges over time and you need some stamina to enter stages.
Nice gameplay, enjoyable, i love it! BUT,... seems there are some bugs where item dropped from missions are not worth with APs consumption. Sometimes drops just worth to 1x run (or 100% rate) although i did it on 5x (500% rate). Please help this to be fixed soon, I'll change the review as well.
Changing my review from 4 stars to 3 since after last update game performance significantly dropped there's freezing ,fps drops and character stops movie after using skills sometimes.If you want this game to survive please fix these problems.
I would like a way to have a way of getting at least one UR weapon for a specific taimanin as I've gotten 3 UR weapons for taimanin I dont have and I am having difficulty clearing the hardmode stages, one way I would recommend adding a UR weapon craft that took a lot of materials and would be pretty hard to obtain but at least I'm assured of acquiring a UR weapon for hardmode stage farming, thank you for taking your time to read this and please do consider this change :)
Having a great time without spending any money, it's a hacker/slasher title with a lot of grinding and research mechanics.
Great Experience, Love how the game is not very GPU and CPU heavy while setting on all high and phone heat won't even throttle which is a great plus, game is easy to play and easy understanding, visual could be better, but the one con is the view control, it is not very easy nor sensitive to turn the viewing angle which is a little bit of annoying, but overall is great!
So far so good, I always waiting for this game and I'm really satisfied. The 3D models, the arts, the story, etc are really good. The way the developer limit the story mode are also smart, so I really curious and have no choice to wait for the next update.
Bad verif and validation took 5 minutes load on lobby character even with high speed connect. And please make character with small bo*b with big hot as* and legs. Bo*b too big unnatural. Love gameplay btw
A Fun Hack-n-Slash. Despite being originated from "offbrand" anime, it has no lewd scenes and that's a good thing. It would've detracted from the game. The gameplay is just a hack n slash with some amazing animations. Though, a few sound files are missing like explosions from enemies or such. The gacha is quite alright. It's not pay to win or tempts you to roll for a legendary weapon, support character, or battle character. They have a gacha specific to materials and even list the drop rates.
5 star for me. Don't judge me but I also like the series where I 1st see them. The gameplay is smooth, good for mid range phones and It can run fine on some older device because of Low settings in Graphics and FPS. For those blaming the gacha. It's a GACHA! Don't expect to get UR or such good pulls always.
Super fun. Looks and plays great. Nice welcome package then slows down on the freebies though. Also doesn't explain the character power up instructions that well. Worth a download.
Interesting game almost like a ninja gaiden style attempt with some honkai impact. Needs more variety of characters tho you can only play as 3 and 2 of the characters seem to share almost the exact same character model just with different position of hands besides the lack of variety in char choice its a good game
Very good, but needs improvement. The camera is horrible and the movement stick on the left needs some fine tuning. Other than that, it's a very good game.
I just love the simple fun of this action game. Upgradable skills, beautiful characters you don't get bored looking at (and please don't censor the characters, censorship is childish), plus a story that you can interact with to break things up. Well done!
Damn, never thought I'd see a mobile game based on the popular hentai-game from Lilith and the art of Risa Kagami =B Gameplay could be better though....its a bit clunky and feels cheap.
Worst game ever. Extremely pay to win, has alot of transaction problems, the outfits, weapons and gear is extremely expensive or very tedious to grind with an impossible time limit for free to play people. Game is trash. Go check out Honkai impact 3, Ginshin Impact or illusions connect or Exos heroes. With a horrible camera system. Can't even fight how we wanna fight because the camera sucks.
This game have a great graphic, good story, with playable sexy characters. You can enjoy the game even you're an f2p. Just 1 problem, the camera control is bad.
Nice game but you should add the ability to zoom in and out during the gameplay, whats the point of making sexy characters if the camera is all the way zoomed out? You need a telescope to check out that ass the way this game is atm.
Basically a great game, it is still in development and still needs more expansion for the game but it has amazing potential. I really enjoyed playing this game. Once it got more stuff I am gonna upgrade my rating to 5 star, hope I get to do that soon. :)
Good game with real anime story but the story is short add more story plz IAP prices r very high like the costumes we can buy a full pc game plz decrease the price for 4 th skill slot too it shd be free not with real money.decrease the price plz.event r for few days cannot be completed n price of costumes r bit high n less items given for that price
Micro transactions in this game are pretty costly and the game play could be better. Camera control is terrible for both manual control of the camera and auto movement of the camera.
They expect you to pay 33 euros a month for 2200 crystals and a 4th skill slot. The 4th skill slot is only available if you pay every month and can not be unlocked with in game resources. Also you used to get a guaranteed UR ticket every 7th log in, they also removed that. Not to mention global got limited time costumes that are in no way limited on the JP version. The greed is real, stay away from this.
Tested playing and yeah this game is really good. Just ignore packages if you don't want to pay.. anyways, the change weapon button while in game is kinda messing up the left controller when finger dragged on that area, my suggestion is to move the change weapon button to other place. Overall a good game. Can't stop playing lol
Generous gacha system pretty tight controls nothing ground breaking but fun. Just wish the models graphics were better. It looks a little dated would have been great 5 years ago but now it looks a little rough
Great mobile game, controls are simple combos are awesome and the characters & the game looks good. I love it, very enjoyable
It's a very fun game, character designs are amazing, as expected from the Taimanin universe. The gameplay is decent, it's simple and enjoyable, the game is very F2P friendly with an easy reroll system. Overall I've had a fun experience playing the game and hope it won't be shutting down anytime soon.
I've heard about Taimanin before, but never actually get into that. Developer had a brilliant idea for this kind of hack and slash game, but miserably fail at the execution. The control are bad, like really bad. The battle animation also clunky. You pressed evade button and now you're dashing all over the place. Gacha system are making it even worse. CG is kinda decent, which is the only good thing in this game. Overall, it sucks really hard and I've seen better.
So far it's a decent game. The camera and controls can be clunky and can make boss fights difficult as the targeting and dodging likes to do it's own thing. I like the aspect of being able to increase rewards by 500% it allows you to cut the grind down. What I don't understand is why gacha games insist on having absurd cash shops. When 100s of dollars cant even buy you a character theres a problem.
In regards to my experience on the gamplay side of things, it is generally fun. Though there are some aspects that border on frustrating. Mainly my issue is regarding the camera, which has the habit of keeping the enemies out of frame; this makes strafing unreliable. Hopefully there'd be a toggleable lock-on function in the future, or at least a way to keep the focus on the enemies. There are a few other things, but I'm only allowed to write 500 characters.
For a mobile game, good graphics, decent gameplay, story is ok, art work if your into sexy fan service is good, for a mobile game it's 5 stars.
The auto camara has been removed and replaced with a full manual camera, if the auto camara is brought back I'll bump back up to 5 star. Edit: I just tried the Japanese version, while it doesn't have the original auto camara it has an even better auto camara, when are we going to get that Camara instead of the full manual camera? I'm lowering my rating by 1 more until we get the camara update. Also the control on the Japanese version is much smoother, would like that too please.
Very good graphics, app size not too big and not burdening the phone too much (maybe it is still new, let's see in the future). Character designs are sexy, movements are smooth, need to get used to the combos. Overall it is a good game, 4 stars because the fighting style still a bit sluggish. Keep up the improvements, maybe a 5 stars will landed
it's good game, but very NOT F2P FRIENDLY, hard to get gems and too expensive bundle, i think it should be easy to get gems or add more way to upgrading, thank you
It's fun to play. Fighting mechanic is a little bit clunky, especially dashing and lack of mid-move cancelling to allow more flexibility, but it is nevertheless enjoyable. However, story and content wise, this game is still bare bone, and there is no game event yet, so it would be wise to wait and see before investing your money in the gacha system. The other two main characters are also available, but for 800 gems each, which is quite an exorbitant sum.
Not Bad for Ninja Waifus. The story is actually engaging like a good manga. And like most good Manga, the fan service is nice, if a little over the top. But all in all, this is one of the better action games I've played...so far.
Love the fact that they made one of my favorite h-anime into a mobile game. Add on to that, the graphics are great. Even from the character models to the voice over, they are perfect too! However what disappoint me is the story and gameplay wise, would be better if they kinda did like a honkai impact gameplay type. Also, the cost of each outfits and characters are kinda too cash grabbing. Imagine wanting to buy an outfit which cost as much as a character is so not worth it. So for now, 3 stars.
Pros, new amazing characters, don't use the catch a so fast, save up your stuff and rise up intimacy of ur supporters first, do daily, repeat story take a steady pace. Cons the catch a is pay2win.
I was expecting to not like it but actually do. Only complain so far is that certain enemies projectile attacks have infinite range and that your hit box is so big that sometimes you get by the enemy even when you are behind them. The other problem that I see is that sometimes enemies will continue with their attacks no matter what you do.
A unique gaming experience, good story line, good graphics, and easy controls. Its worth giving it a try.
I understand that there will be a lot of pay to play aspects considering that the game has no ads fair enough. But please I beg you fix the camera that is my main issue with this game other than that its a exceptionally good game.
This game has a lot of potential. Since it is new there can be more modifications here and there. Issues to be fixed : (1)Camera movement flexibility- Camera movement is very stiff loosen it up a bit (2)Pixelated animation- in high graphic settings the image seems a bit little tiny miny bit pixelated. make it smooth. (3)Variety of characters- since it is new I understand there are less characters. Pls try to add new characters in the upcoming updates.
This series left an impact on me in my early preteen years all the way into adulthood. Game is simple yet complex enough to not require auto play. Though it would be nice to have the option. Controls could be a bit more precise, otherwise great. And fantastic eye candy.
Characters are very expensive as I said, but, they do give alot of login rewards, and ways to get diamonds, so I guess it's not bad. Up my rating to 4 stars now.
So far its not a bad game. Its your basic hack and slash arpg. You get skills that allow you to do different moves and combos. Right now tjeres only 3 waifus to choose from so i cant wait for them to add more especially Oboro. Each girl has their own weapon: Asagi uses a katana, Sakura dual blades and Yukikaze dual pistols.The environment is a bit bland but thats expected in these type of games. The ara ara and boing boings are nice though lol.
If you have trouble installing, it's probably because you have the Japanese version installed and the files are clashing. I deleted my Japanese version and is able to install successfully. (Remember to backup the Japanese version if you still want to keep that.)
Please do something about the camera angles. And atrocious dodge controls that doesn't do anything but put you in front of the enemy.
I like the game as a whole, but the fighting is kind of clunky and it really shows in hard mode. I beat easy and normal with all 3 star, but can't even beat the hard stage. My biggest problem is enemy can interupt your skills. Graphics are good with lots of costume.
This is like Honkai Impact 3 but with a different twist & more.. "volume" to the characters, if you catch my drift.. Not exactly my thing as im too lazy to keep pressing them buttons, but gotta say im impressed! Those who are into action rpg, this is it. Doesnt get any better than this.
The game is really great at first but I was just not happy about the game being only playable with an internet connection. I mean I know that some games need it to get rid of cheaters/hackers but some games also does it without the need of internet. It's still your decision tho if you want the game to be playable offline, it's just my honest opinion.
Hello, previously before latest update, i can view character CG if friendship is maxed , but now I cant view it anymore, the option to select it is gone. Can you guys address this bug?
Overall a pretty good game. Combat is great, not as smooth, but it works. The character looks great! The only problem is the music, anyway to change it?
The gacha is too sucks, developer not giving chance for non cash player. Then the camera not very easy to rotate in quest. In arena mode can it nerfing on boss status at hard level its too strong to defeat it. On each new/old event quest could developer make the length of time more expanded from 3-4weeks so player will be more relax not to hurry playing event till expired date. Last is shop taimanin do u guys make a low price or discount at each taimanin moreover newly taimanin price is too high
Rated 4/5, you guys fixed the update issues really fast, kudos to that. But the server is sometime still lagging on my end.
A F2P friendly game for Men of Culture. You know why you played this game...hehehe. Kidding aside, this game is really great, getting Characters upfront and not thru full-on Gacha is a breath of fresh air. The devs are also generous, giving UR item tickets every so often. Will highly recommend!
Hmmm. After playing Honkai impact for years, its really hard to find a game that sizes up to it. The controls feel clunky, it "has" aerial combat, but only as a skill from what I saw. The hits feel like they land, which is a great thing. The game feels extremely fast, you don't even manage to lift the finger from your screen and the ui you selected is already ready. So... I'll keep the game installed for the time being, hoping the devs fix the "clunkiness".
It's great so far story mission ended to fast hopefully it will get an update soon, why remove the story for supporter after achieving lvl 5 intimacy that was fun to watch very disappointed im not gonna give 4star i will be changing it to 1star till its resolved supporter story was great now without it these enjoyment in lvl up supporter intimacy ☹☹☹
Can't believe this game is on here, but I'm happy it is. The gameplay is fantastic, the graphics are great, and the best of all is this game is farm to play friendly :D! Loving it!
Nice game but give a list of dailys. There is a section on dailys beside of campaign but I don't know if it's getting done. Provide us a better daily list at least 5 quest for energy (to burn), EP, gold, materials,and idle. These ideas would make this game a good 5 star. But overall very enjoyable game. But this isn't t for teens more like m.
Interested because of the original series. Game is hack and slash which will sometimes become non responsive. Attack interruption occurs in the middle of special (not EX) move (seriously, why is it even a special attack if it can be stopped?)
5 star for the game. But I was screwed on my early purchase by given same thing over and over. Lesson learned. No more money will be spent
Truly amazing, never played a mobile game with omni directional 3rd person combat controls before, very easy to play and get into, the visuals and story is also fantastic, can't wait for more content as well as new taimanins to unlock and play!
Was surprised to see this series becoming "Normal" and so far enjoying it. Like the others said, the control can be difficult and non responsive sometimes. The game itself is nice hack and slash with intriguing story. Character modeling was a good addition as well. Just hoping I can access even just the private room offline to revisit it anytime anywhere. EDIT: Private room problem solved. Thank you.
Much better than expected considering the source material. Very nice character designs and graphics, gameplay is solid. Gem acquisition is slow and somewhat limited, but I understand the devs need to make money somehow. Overall well done, looking forward to more content.
The game is very enjoyable and fun but there is 2 problems: 1. Most of the things is too expensive 2. After the recent emergency update, it makes the characters became pitch black while when visiting other people's private room, the characters became visible Plz fix this Edit: Chapter 8 part 2 also make the game crash
Been playing since my last Review like..3months ago I think? And I can say im pretty happy with the game Still hopeing to See a Hell Knight Ingrid cross over event..but other then that there's nothing wrong with the game I can say its a good timer killer and im glad there's new characters being added every few weeks. Not sure why people stress the visuals of the Characters and the sex appeal when things like Senran Kagura aka another busty ninja title exist. Don't be scared its only digital.
Really fun at the beginning but becomes a grind very soon after and you can only play for like 15 min before you need to buy more energy or wait hours for it to refill to play again
I can't believe there's a Taimanin game hahahaha awesome!!! Though I'm loving it, there are some things I'd like to see changed. 1- please add anti-aliasing to the game, I play it on highest and yet it looks quite pixelated. 2 - please allow us to change the sensitivity of the camera, it is WAY too stiff, I have to swipe through the whole screen to make a 90 degrees turn. 3 - if possible make the characters movement more smooth. It's good the way it is but it can be improved a lot. Awesome game!
Game is a simple hack and slash. It's pretty generous with rewards. Hope to continue playing as phone space allows.
No Auto just ACTION!! Great work Action Taimanin. I've been playing for a week. Well, never know about Taimanin Series especially its a H-Anime genre. Its good release for global with japan VA. So far the gameplay is good, great graphics also CG for VN are awesome. Too many gacha but if you're not rush is f2p friendly. Gacha almost great, I just collected many UR, SR for weapons & supporters. Controls not so good, defense button not so accurate sometimes. Just keep it up
Visuals are impressive and voice acting is somewhat good. Controls are clunky and the targeting system is terrible at times. Regular events provides crystals for the gacha so free to play is somewhat viable. All in all a good hack and slash game that is quite faithful to the source material visual-wise but is marred by terrible controls.
Although i'm not familiar with the series this game is pretty good & elegant, but I have no doubt some users will complain that this is another Honkai Impact rip-off but that's just they're theory, I myself do find few differences like having other characters in support during the heat of battle & customize your heroin's appearance.🙂
If you're like me, you like your anime, manga, and games to get right into the meat & potatoes. This game does EXACTLY just that with some extra to it, its not hard to figure out and the characters are "top" tier if you will. The graphics are pretty great, despite some of the mapping but that might be me getting use to phone games.
It's a good game, but the control for camera is difficult, hard to move. Also sometimes the camera moving itself, make the movement can't be controlled.
I love this kind of game. As a Taimanin asagi fan, I'm still waiting for something in the story but it looks like it won't happen Edit: after the update on Dec 15, i can't no longer see story of supporters and taimanin in the collection. Is that an error or they have been moved? Edit: the devs've acknowledged the problem and they will fix them soon, also, Oboro might be OTW
Game is simple yet fun and each character feels unique the main problems in this game are 1. Gacha rolls are so expensive it feels like you MUST spend money rather than wanting to 2. Enemy attacks are active before and after animation so you don't know when you can actually attack 3. Enemies block the screen too often so you can't see your character
My first hack-n-slash game on the mobile. So far in my experience, it is pleasant. Fast pace and button mashing with great "Plot". The few things I wish for the game to be improved would be the targeting system and T rating. I would be happier to see the game get bump to a M. Keep it similar enough to the anime rating while keeping it out on the mobile.
Having fun from the very beginning; starts off new players with minimal hand holding (you won't be locked in a tutorial for 25 mins), and the gacha rates are surprisingly good. ✨I hope Su becomes a playable character in the future!✨
Gameplay is what you'd expect from a mobile game, controls are easy to pick up, and F2P friendly gacha system, what's not to like? The game and developers themselves encourage rerolling with the tutorial skip and game reset buttons (Pro Tip: Every 1st pull you do on the tutorial gacha is always a UR weapon). Also if you wanna know where to spend money on this game, spend it on the supporter that they try and sell you for $1 that you can buy for every chapter, the active and passive are broken.
The game is pretty good in my opinion, I've spent at least a week playing it and enjoyed grinding something new. The only problem would be the amount of BP (energy to play daily quest and story) you get 50 BP for 10 gems which I think isn't a good thing. I try to save my gems for other characters but I end up using 20 gems to get 100 BP to complete a mission. That's just a small problem I have with it and it could be tweaked just a little bit and the game would be amazing!
Its worth the play. It could use another quality of life improvement though like auto-play, In case my thumbs get tired or if I got to put my phone down for a second, and just let the AI takeover. Overall for a phone, the graphics are pretty good, although the enemy characters models could use a spruce up. I think paying the price for the other Taimanin characters are kind of overpriced. Why not make them $10 at the least for the whole character bundle. Your selling overpriced in-game items w/it
Though I do have fun playing this game, updating on mobile is so damn frustrating. Updates take A LOT of space! First it says it needs a certain amount of MB of space to update. Then it doesn't update, but STILL takes away storage space, and requires even more memory!? I need to keep uninstalling, and reinstalling the app so things go smoothly. Gremory Games, PLEASE FIX THIS! Your game is unplayable on mobile when it needs to update!
Very fun, the game is low poly so it should be playable even on low end phones, but there is some janky animations, and enemy units seems to rendered with very low textures, even on high settings.
Very disappointed you took off my review, so I'll say it again, your characters are over priced, R850 rand per character is too much, with that money, i can buy 5 full paid games on the app store, buy a full Playstation 4 game or I could buy 2 weeks worth of groceries with the money you want per character, you have overpriced your characters, be realistic guys, that's not right. There are full paid games in the play store that are much better than this and ask for less money!
This game should be rated M for mature 17+ Second the private room is pointless. I though it was going to be an actual room or house that we can unlock items for and design it and have our ladies in there. Was disappointed when I unlocked it. So fair I am enjoying the game. Love how sexy the ladies are and the costumes are. Keep that going (main reason i play). I want to give a higher rating but I can't because of the private room is so bad. Combat system is great and skills are awesome.
There's a potential but it lacks contents, chapters, maps and other monsters. Aside from characters events and pulls. game should be played bec. of the gameplay and story lines not from pulls and gatcha. 😂
Awesome Game!!! What I love about it is how you don't have to spend any money to progress or have a advantage! I would like defiantly like to see more content and characters! So far I'm enjoying it a lot!
Fun gameplay, decent graphics, and lots of cool weapons and rewards. As for the cons. The microtransactions are way too expensive. There are only 4 playable characters. There is a lot of really cool looking support characters but unfortunately can't play as them. Lastly there is a huge difficulty spike going from easy to normal and it's quite annoying.
Ignoring the source material, this game is actually not that bad. Lots of content and characters to level up and build. The controls sometimes are hit or miss and the stun mechanics need fixing. But this is a pretty solid game. Hopefully the developers give it the TLC it needs to grow into a better game. Also, there is a bug in the game that turns you screen timeout setting to 30 seconds. I have no idea why this is but this needs to be fixed
Good game, easy to learn and play, nice smooth graphics and game play, would like english voices but english subtitles helps a lot. Worth the download to look at least. Well done.
Update I uninstalled and reinstalled and your link account option didn't work at all. Very disappointing for a promising game.
Game is fun. I don't feel the need to spend money to get anywhere. The rewards are adequate to avoid spending any money, Pay2Progress. The game is rated E10+ in the store with censored artwork for advertisement. In game, it's AT LEAST T-rated as the censorship is gone from outfits of certain characters. This game has obvious source material, so expect it as such in familiarity. I'll be playing this a while as long as it's fair monetization; likely as a side game to play in short spurts.
I do enjoy the game but the camera is is too passive and I can lose my place if the camera was more active like having it view your back or something, also playable characters pay wall is too harsh for f2p.
Camera controls is almost non-existent that i need to drag my finger across the screen to move it slightly. Also i can't equip magatamas even though i have some on my inventory and game keeps saying i don't have available magatamas. These two reasons i can barely finish normal difficulty stages. EDIT: 12/15/20 Thank you for fixing the magatama bug!
Guilty pleasure play only for the fact that before the game there was certain videos relevant to this series. The game play for this game is not bad just takes getting used to. The storyline is so far up to five chapters. The difficulty is a different story going from easy to normal it's best to be prepared and level up your character. You start out as one of the four tamanin girls and over the chapters you have the ability to play as the other girls you haven't picked however there's a cost.
The game needs a better way to grind for items you would need to upgrade your characters,weapons,and,supporters to the next level to fight against enemies and bosses and a better way to get gems cause right now it's suck and needs to be fixed in the game and getting the other ones is going to slow cause you are wasting time to build up the gems you need to get them with
Very nice graphics (for a mobile game) puts a real nice deal for the hack and slash and give a feel for early console days (dmc 1 with better graphics) and has decently responsive controls which you'll need to handle all the hard bosses while you're underleveled Wish it had a level requirement indicator on each level though instead of just saying easy, normal or hard Overall it's a good way to waste time...and it's jiggle physics is pretty good too 😂
Never thought I will review this game but as soon as I started to play it I have to say I am very much Impressed. I will say to add these things to make the game more better in future - 1. Add more characters 2 . Add more chapters in story mode 3. Add PVP ( I am not sure if it there coz I didn't able to find that )
Love the series. Appreciate that there's a game for this but I'm going to have to be honest. The name and the sexual visuals is all that's being sold here. Character often dodges in the wrong direction. Enemies will hit you through dodge half the time. Your character will attack the closes enemy making targeting annoying. Overall very VERY clunky for a hack and slash game. This series is quite popular in the east, so I can't understand why they settled for less than mediocre when making the game
It's a simple, fun hack and slash game with attractive characters (subjective). There is no autoplay, but you can choose to spend more energy each grind stage so the grind doesn't last long at one time. Complaints would be the generic story, and stiff-feeling animation (when you get knocked back, it abruptly stops, there is no acceleration).
As much as I want to play this without any problems. The link code is just killing me to not care. Everytime I come to play this, it's the same situation with the camera.
this game is really cool i like the anime/hentai esque qualities of it, the combat is great as are the characters and story line so far, it runs smoothly my only three issues are that the movement speed is a bit to fast to correspond with the camera turning,and items are too pricy i suggest reducing the character movement speed or increasing the camera speed to keep up with it but regardless of the comments this is a good game all around.
Great game just to much monetization (which i can afford ) but for everyone else its not gonna be a good experience to grind out gems to unlock characters and weapons and costumes which some are overpriced. And the addition of "events" with the incentive for people to pull 100 times in the gacha.
I am really enjoying this game. Very colorful graphics, sweet full figured ninjas, decent story. It is a fun game, I really hope it stays this good.
Very nice gameplay in solid 3d visual effects. Easy controls and characters are hot. Highly recommended to those who love RPG.
Everything is so so good, but the cost of using the private room and using characters and backgrounds are high, can you lower some of the cost in the next update? That would be awesome
As much as i would like this franchise to do well, the daily grind in this game gets mundane and pointless fast. Basically, you do a mini game every 6 hours, farm some mats dungeon (or event stage) every few hours, do the time attack every few hours again and again. Upgrading your chars also lack a purpose, as hard mode is nothing more than re-using the same assets but with greater artificial difficulty and time challenge scoreboard is filled with script kiddies. The story is also mediocre.
I was surprised to see a game for this series. I have watched the videos and played the old computer game for this series. I am very happy with how the graphics have been implemented, as well as the graphic combat scenarios. This is a very good fighting game rendition for the Taimanin Series. Thumbs up to the creators.
a deceptively hardcore mix of diablo and ninja gaiden. economics advice: the premium price point is set for otaku; collectors who spend freely. none of the premium stuff is needed to beat 99.9% of the game. the premium gem based gotchas are also designed for otaku; if you wont spend hundreds of bucks, they re not worth it. just use the free gacha cards. the p2w skill slot is unnecessary. freemium wise: save your gems for new characters and be patient. 99.9% of this game is single player.
Let me get this straight, the gameplay is great all hack & slash game could be the same with some twitching but capital B the control is very so so. Hard sometime with the camera angle that so awkward and redundant, the graphics on the other hand by all mean is superb I can see where the money going. Last but not least pleas please fix the camera system people can get nausea playing it for too long.
The moment I saw that this was a god damn Taimanin Asagi game I immediately got it. I thought it was gonna be some poorly made game that I only played for 5 minutes because it was kinda funny... This game is INFINITELY BETTER THAN IT HAS ANY RIGHT TO BE! The visuals are great. The gameplay doesn't really bring anything new to the table, but it's not bad.
It's amazing how awesome the graphics are and I'm loving it the more I play it . Love how easy and Good it is to move and upgradeyou character
No rest between events because this game wanted to keep up with the japanese version. Kinda dissapointed with the new event. Your skill will be cancelled easily by bladed zombies and even stun-locked. I don't think this game is carefully planned the enemy's attack time frame and armor. So, if you're a fan of Black Lilith's series, just enjoy the fan service but not the gameplay.
Pretty much the only game from this franchise I can actually stomach. Combat is going to feel clunky and stiff at first, but it's easy to get used to. The fanservice is great, but the overall visuals could be improved. In particular, the textures are a much lower resolution than I would expect from any mobile game released in the last five years, but it's serviceable. There is enough content to satisfy me, personally, despite events not being open yet. I'd recommend this as a side mobile game.
Great game. Needs auto fighting mode, because after awhile my fingers gets tired. Graphics rock. The babes keeps me interested in the game. Waiting on future upgrades.
Great game, also very generous to players(hopefully in the future too). Would play this over genshin any day. Great character designs and gameplay as well. I would be happy for them to add more content for us to enjoy in the future :)
Can't even fight properly because of the terrible camera system. Heavily pay to win, it even has transaction problems. To get decent gear you have to grind very hard and it feels impossible because the featured gear has a time limit. The fighting combat is stale. The outfits cost money, the weapons and gear all cost money. Game isn't worth playing. Go check out illusions connect, Honkai impact 3, Ginshin impact or Exos heroes and the droprate been decreased just because they want us to pay.
Please get rid of the mandatory tutorial. I stopped playing because I don't care for it. Seemed fun when I could play it.
Edited: it's generous for beginners, again pretty typical for a gocha game. Now that I've played it for a while here's a big tip. Learn Japanese. The global ver gets treated like a second class citizen compared to the JP ver. They've also been hiking prices slowly, I guess to guage how much they can squeeze people for. Which again is pretty typical for some gochas but it's gotten to where f2p isn't an option you, HAVE to spend money to compete at all WILLING TO CHANG REVIEW IF THE GAME CHANGES
The game play is great, mechanic are fun for a quick go action. The character cast is awesome for fan of this specific series. The enemies kind of are lazy by designed a lot of duplicate. A bit hard to enjoy without spending rediculous amounts. Prices are just what too high.
Awesome animation, great combat to pass the time as a beat em up. Story line is great and they did well to voice over all the cutscenes too and if you know the The original, you know.
It's an alright game. Gameplay, in my eyes, is simplistic yet entertaining in some regards. Could use some variety so it can have a longer life span. The premium currency is given out in crumbs in comparison to what you need to get anything special. I'd recommend increasing the premium currency we obtain so it feels more fair and less of a grind / "Pay to Win" or reduce the cost of things in the store. I'd rather feel that I want to spend money than need to spend money to do things.
The game isn't bad, simple controls simple build so you can't really make a high dps character without the right weapons and support, which is going to cost money, outfits are okay, wish there was more details, like separate pieces and inner armor stuff so you can have your own custom look, magatamas need work so you can actually farm SR instead of using money, I'm a hard-core Fashion Hunter so I like to build skimpy, sexy, armored, stylish so the outfit is disappointing to me personally.
Hello, i just want to tell a suggestion buy first of all, thank you for making this game. I am enjoying it until now. Although my purchase of cavalry package have not yet been restored. Now my suggestion. I really hope we have auto-raid feature or quick raid where we don't need to play the stage. It yields a little less reward then actually playing it but when i'm busy, this feature will really help me to farm some materials. Thank you for reading!
First of all I heard about this Taimanin series as H-content. But then i realize this game is much more than its history. I liked the way they toned down the H stuff and the gameplay is very much i like plus the combat is smooth.. Overall i can recommend this game to everyone and give it a try, its worth the time f2p wise but if you are willing to give a coin.. Id say it would be generous to give kudos to the devs. Artwork wise, it stays to its original roots but it could be better and more
Didn't know you also deleted reviews, but I will say this again the fourth skill slot could have been unlocked through story progress or an event, but if you are going to paywall the 4th skill slot it makes you wonder what else will you do, this also means there is an intention to hinder the playability of characters.
Very fun and addicting game. However, this game is a greedy cash grab. A lot of the premium content is overpriced and if you don't use your gems correctly, you may end up making progress a lot harder for you. Tip for new players: don't waste your gems on outfits or even most of the gacha. I recommend getting new characters first and then getting the extras for them later. DO NOT SELL THE SUPPORT CHARACTERS UNTIL YOU'VE AT LEAST MAXED OUT THEIR INTAMACY SO YOU CAN GET THE MOST GEMS.
Great game glad to see the girls winning and not the latter cant wait till rinko or kirara are implemented. controls are easy not clunky at all the buttons are laid out for ease of access. 1. Attack 2. Dodge 3. Ultimate 4. Support 5. Movement Story isnt terrible i like it, you may not, though. Gacha its about what you'd expect in any google playstore game though you dont need to throw yourself at it as much here as some other games.
A pretty good game ngl It have a gorgeous 3D character, runs smooth and optimized, engaging gameplay, and story to follow through. My only complaint is the UI, everything in this game looks good except for the UI it looks like a browser game. 4/5 Stars
A straightforward, easy to control hack n slash. Characters can be unlocked with the same currency used for gacha meaning you don't have to whale for your waifu. Fun for long time Taimanin fans who just want to see their favorite characters in 3D.
This is really good i just don't like the gem summon for characters and costumes please make one cheaper they both cost the same but if you summon you have a chance to get something nice where with the costumes its just 1 and for only 1 and no other but I have high expectations for this its fun and very rewarding *wink* *wink* overall its fun and please don't watch the Hentai and think that thats the game its not its a good story with lovable and interesting characters with dreams.
The action in this game is really good like devil may cry style fighting for a mobile is really nice, and the graphics and story is good but the camera is kind of stiff at an angle it takes a big swipe to move other than that it's a enjoyable game , and it's worth a try .
I loved playing this game yesterday for a few hours but then it would start saying "loading" for 10 seconds for it to say connection error and put me at title screen. I like this game but this is so frustrating. I tried to complete 1 mission today for it to put me at title screen 7 times. Theres nothing wromg with my wifi an this is the 1st time ever i delt with this in any gacha game i played. Now i'm deleting this game cause i can't stand havjng to do this every minute over and over again.
This is the best game I've ever play! The only cons are the p2w content are very expensive! And I hope they give discount for any event. But more than that, amazing game!
Great game overall but i wish there were more characters, even Original Characters not from the series would do. All in all i was greatly surprised by the quality of the game
The game is fantastic overall. i liken it to Honkai Impact. Graphics is fantastic. obviously coming from the anime..the fan service is great if you know what i mean. but the gameplay is smooth. i only have problems with the skills. it doesnt auto target so the skills always miss. need to review on that. other wise its a good rpg game
Overall not a bad experience so far. The gacha system doesn't feel completely broken in the fact that you never see an ultra rare (highest tier) and the gameplay is fairly easy to grasp. Story isn't to bad although pretty generic for a lewd game. My only real complaint is that the controls are a bit clunky on phone. Running a Samsung 9s and and there is still a 1-2 second delay on buttons and can sometimes be hard to combo skills quickly. Other than that pretty satisfied with the game.
The game needs a better way to get gems cause right now it's suck and needs to be fixed in the game and cause you are wasting time to build up the gems you need to get them. really need to lower the price on character packs cause some of the characters in the game are needed in the story. and trying to get rinko is hard cause the amount of gems need to get her with is to high so the amount of time to build up the gems is to low and slow take too much time to get them socanyou please do something
I have played jp version before. It's really f2p friendly. Except you want the skin. Just go to saving that crystal .and if you played the event. you can get the weapon or support free. No really need to gachq with money if you not in rush or greedy
So as of October 13 they released rinkos pickup gacha and put her Demon skin as a limited skin which requires 150 rolls on a gacha. This skin in japan was only 250 gems. They made sakura, asagi, and yukikaze's demon skin bundle only with 1 free for logging in for 5 days during launch celebration. These were also 250 gems. They price hiked the 250 gem skins in global to be 300 gems. I changed my 5 star rating to 1 for this reason. I would have been fine with the demon skin being a rinko bundle.
(Totally recommend playing) love the details 9/10 butt lil over proportion on 3/4 characters chests (hip : chest)Still great outfit details. It would be totally awesome either lil cheaper to achieve some features or easier to get specific or special characters. Without having to spend over several 100$ especially i think is the plain room. Now on next update make biggest breast characters no bigger then the instructor and you down size her lil bit. I would say totally my FAVORITE 2nd to Zgirls2
It's good, it needs some improvement on the response to commands, but it's actually good. Nice skill leveling system and has some story to enjoy. The facial movements are a little on the uncanny valley side, but it's a free game after all.
So far so good 😍 Love it. Have to be patient collect many gem as possible to buy next other characters, Akiyama Rinko, Yatsu Murasaki, Mizuki Shiranui, Su Jinlei and Emily Simons in future update. Glad my other account got all total 8 characters but I don't get UR or SR naginata for Mizuki Shiranui. I hope in here I get UR weapon Cocyutos Spear for her. I hope you make price to unlock characters a bit lower like I encountered Emily Simons price 1200 gems and others cost 1000 per characters.
If you don't like gachas treat this as a 4*. To get it out of the way, you either know what's up or your don't, either way it's not in this game. Now that that's out of the way, it's fun dude, actual fun not "fun for what it is". The mechanics aren't new but what makes the game good is the execution not the innovation. The pace of fights is satisfyingly rapid and there aren't so many buttons that you easily hit the wrong ones (there's a sort of combo system too that adds depth to this).
Much much better than I expected. Don't be turned off the there only being 3 characters, there is plenty to collect in terms of costumes and support characters. Progression is really fun and it feels very satisfying clearing a level that you struggled on previously. Showing lots of promise so far, already counting down the days til the next update.
Surprisingly.. alright? It's not great, but not bad either. The combat is quite stiff, esp if you've played HI3. But the story is actually enjoyable? Fully voice acted, and flow way better than HI3 during its beginning. It's a full fledged plot in the midst of of "plot". I like the "diorama" mode. With HI3 still around, I wouldn't recommend this as the go-to action hack&slash game. But if you like its source material and want more of it, or just want to enjoy more "plot", try it out.
This game I consider made By indie studio because it's like 6 to 10 ppl develop atm dunknow bout now . Is it "good" hmm not really. Is it "fun" .. The infamous Ova is fun. Pay2win kinda.the gameplay super repetitive . How f2p friendly this game,just stay with 1char u be fine if u wanna more farm more or spend. I'm but a simple man those waifu ain't gonna play by them self .
Very good graphics, app size not too big and not burdening the phone too much (maybe it is still new, let's see in the future). Character designs are sexy, movements are smooth, need to get used to the combos. Overall it is a good game, 4 stars because the fighting style still a bit sluggish, enemy lock system not flexible and dodging need lots of work. Keep up the improvements, maybe a 5 stars will landed
A pretty good game ngl It have a gorgeous 3D character, runs smooth and optimized, engaging gameplay, and story to follow through. My only complaint is the UI, everything in this game looks good except for the UI it looks like a browser game. 4/5 Stars . Edit: and they have a great customer service too! I lost my account and they helped me find them again, thanks!
Hi Devs! I give 5 stars for this is a really amazing game! Please add some dodging in mid air or dodging while using skill. I noticed when I dodge during skill it finishes the skill first, pausing for like a 1 second then ended up hitting by the enemy. Just a suggestion. Thank you!
The gameplay can be better; they should take inspiration from PS2 games and study game theory for a great game. not worth purchasing anything in the game. If the gameplay was good I'd be more willing to purchase items in store. More characters would be nice as well.
Okay ARPG, but still lacks in story, typical new game, not gonna lie. Update: Despite being locked-on the camera didn't focus on said enemy, I don't know if that's plus or minus (?) Also, there're so many cheaters. Not that it affect anything, honestly.
I really like the game I just wish there was more things to do like multiple other mission story lines. I also wish you could save the poses in the lounge that you make cause the interface is a bit of a chore and a English vocal translation to appeal to more people and (story mission unique to each character that comes out the same time as the bundle)but(don't change bundle quality) character story missions came with exclusive items and gear for those who have character
An enjoyable dacha game with decent gameplay to it. I have played others and this one is at least an engaging beat em up game with cool moves and super sexy girls. Prices are pretty high though which sucks
Very fun action RPG. Gameplay action is great and a surprisingly good story. Very sexy kick butt ladies. Though coming from a very adult anime I was hoping for more skimpy costume options for the ladies. At least some tiny bikinis would be great. So far I have been able to enjoy the game without shelling out any money, but we'll see how far that gets me. Please add more costumes and I would love to see hell knight Ingrid come as a playable character since she is also connected to this world.
The combat isn't as deep as Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden, but if you've ever wanted something like that on mobile...this will scratch that itch. The hot babes are a plus as well.
Excellent game. It has all the things that I like. Good graphics, good gameplay, sexy women and an interesting story. If you enjoy those things too, then I highly recommend this game. You won't be disappointed.