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Action Strike: Online PvP FPS

Action Strike: Online PvP FPS for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Alfa Bravo Inc. located at 27 Bank St New York, NY 10014, USA. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
games good,but the fps is ungodly. even on its lowest graphics. ill change it to a 5 when i get results on this fps. i dont like lagging every second I walk and Im sure who ever else has this problem thinks the same
This game is great, is like one of the best first pretty shooter for mobile, if you are like a fan of first person shooter games that you should try this out, I'm serious it's like really good, I love the graphic controls are great everything.
No custom UI and too many matches with nothing but low intelligence bots. For maps that are as small as these it would seem the matches would be more frantic and faster paced but being only 3vs3 it is just feels like a lonely little play area with minimal action.
This is one badass game. The person's who developed this game are also badass. The play is cool and they are not stingy with the rewards. For people who can't afford to buy guns and things, the game gives the right resources. Where other shooter games don't hardly give anything.. Everything about this game is BADASS.... I recommend this to everyone its 5 stars hands down. Thanks for making this game... Ronnie Abrams
This Game is amazing honestly it's pre fast paced and also you can just sit in one spot and kill people but I hate that people can just buy their way to the top
One of the most ridiculous shooter games out and i dnt mean that in a good way. Nothin but bots and gameplay is horrible. Major bugs and glitches. Waste of time.
Worst game ever with worst worst controls, delete this game from playstore, you gane developers are not serious in your business, go and do some game controls tutorials before putting this up to be downloaded, waste !!!!
It was good at first, but then it got boring pretty quickly due to the simple fact that character movement was sort of stiff 😣 the animations are subpar for an FPS game. Graphics are also not that great. This game has potential but It's going to require consistency and hardwork from the developers to make this a long term playable game.
Way too unbalanced was lvl 1 going up against max lvls woth max lvl weapons not a very good start for a game... Its a good concept but NEEDS way more work with player balancing... Still pretty good for a game thats in alpha fase and if its not in alpha fase then its pretty shity
Id uave appreciated if itd start with a tutorial. Bt the game was decent gotta put more hours and write further review After putting in 5+hrs. Ive attempted playing the game without investigating any bucks. And i think the feee crates system + the end game rewards more than. Make up for it. Great gun drops from chests make sure that everyone has a decent chance 2 own great guns. Im at lvl 7 atm, and have unlocked really good guns that cld even support me in higher level gaming.
Trash game 😑😑😑 I never even got last the loading screen😑 always gets stuck at 50 percentage 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑
waste my internet data for 300 mb and the game so fucek.. the left side only for move control.. wth?? small small not die big big trouble people
Constantly freezes up when you try to get rewards, buy anything... basically freezes for anything. Too bad. Could be a good game. Fix the freezing issues and I'll re-rate and reinstall the game. 2 stars for effort at least.
1 star for this game until the bugs are fixed and sorted out such as after using/throwing a grenade your gun freezes and won't fire and also the bug after opening boxes cash and gold icon's are still displayed on screen and loading into matches after a new loading screen the gold and cash still obscures your view making the game not playable and you have to completey close and reload the game to fix the issues. I'll re review my rating when these thing's are fixed.
Honestly one of the funnest first person shooters I've played on the play store you guys have your own unique flavor and twists to shooter pvps!! Super creative and honestly even making my profile and just choosing the funny pictures they had was just super funny in its self you guys have a great sense of humor and definitely am a fan of this game if y'all see this download it and try it out it's mad dope!!
I like your game!!! πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ Only few battle areas used in the battle why some are not activated? Other mode pls.optimized the server it kick me out other issue custumization of gun like skin or crosshair not working and zombie mode not gud enough make your game more and fix the bugs usually server not working properly.
Not optimal when completing a match. Your internet connection will not matter the game will crash and all your information on the match will be erased. It's also really difficult to obtain keys.
Game is decent, you guys have the right idea for a fps but the graphics need work, the cintrols are real jerky and un natural and it glitches like crazy!!!! When its not glitching its pretty fun but it glitches alot, it will show me getting kills but the kill count doesnt budge and my team loses, my guy will be shoiting one min then it doesnt even have the gun in hand, alot of times it starts me in half way through the match and doesnt give me my kills.. Its terrible!
4stars only starts out slow ,playsconcept is good ,like close to the origin of fistperson plays highbrid,litegun andonlineonlyplays traditional first person close to halflifeonline..
It's all right you got to get used to it it shows you like 10 maps and only let you do 3 it'll put you in a map and then let you shoot everybody while they stand still or or let you run around and be able to only grenade people overall it's got bugs no sense it won't stop asking me after every commercial to write it here you go Developers
Very Bad controls and aim. Graphics are good but I was struggling to aim my enemies and they killed me. Hope I had -5 stars rating >:/ Worst game ever don't download this game
Very garbage Controlles the controlls suck so much and the game is lagy and i put it at low graphics and low everything its a bad game and It has poteintal but not worth the stuff just Dont get it
It's a good game but I'm giving only 3 stars because a lot of times when I'm entering the game, half of the game is played already you see players already with 10 kilings so that means that you don't synchronize the entrants of the players in the game someone enter the game to fast and someone to late, fix this and I will give you 5 stars
The game is good but developers should add longer rounds per sessions.. 2 minutes per round cuts into the relaxation in the gameplay..
The game is good. But for some reason when trying to shoot someone it glitches and end up pointing the other direction or pop up some place else and then get killed. Almost as if the game has been hacked. Seen it in other games.
Very good game the starter guns should come with scopes and a bigger clip for the guns very funny to play good graphics great game play characters shouldn't level faster
Having lots of fun ! Cool game Update: still having fun got a few friends to play as well. Only thing I'm not liking is my zombie missions are not daily. It doesnt reset so I'm on 7 stars. Also I bought the ak and it cost 23,690 gold bars to upgrade. That right there is crazy unfair considering i paid $11.99 for the weapon alone already. I buy gold often regardless to help support the game anyways because I do like it. But to upgrade things I feel like you're getting ripped off.
It's a brilliant game and there's nothing wrong I can think of it used to glitch a lot and it had a lot of bugs but since they updated it doesn't glitch as much I hope you make more updates and add extra stuff!! So I would most definitely get it
How is this not rated 1 star overall? Its pay to win, poor gun mechanics, poor movement, the camera spazzes out randomly, matchmaking is poor, and servers are terrible (its not my internet, it works for everything else just fine) .
It s a time killer. The control mechanics could be way smoother and........well just more to it than just....run? Walk? Not really sure but it seems the people your shooting at are running I guess. Also one shot deaths from a weapon that is 4 levels under yours while I'm putting 3 or more down range. Oh yeah and sneaking up on someone 🀣. Ok maybe but the instant you shoot them in the back of the head but they don't die but spin and one shots your race.
Hey Action Strike team plz fix these bugs or stuff that happens its that when you in a match and play the game goes crazy it may also be a the sensitivity issue that it goes to full sensitivity when your playing or changing mid game. Another problem is when you finish a match and get your stuff a video pops up but after that when get out of the video the game seems to crash these are just some issues but fix this and it goes good plz read this.
It's a great game until you realize that most players are bots. It's rare to find an actual player, and it's fun when you do. I want to test my skills against real players, not bots, because you can predict where bots will go and what they will do, which gets repetitive. Other than that, the game is a lot of fun, with many customization options. I would also like to see more weapon skins, longer match times, more game modes, and more diverse character customizations.
I've played this game all most a year and nothing is changed. Need new guns higher level thin 12. no new maps no free for all. Need to put in a way of using ur controller .
Good game ...Nice, I'm starting to love this game.....need more to work this game....why not make this movement and attack button like counter strike n etc ....
Super fun but I can't play in full screen and the floor is invisible. Please fix i will rate higher when fixed
Great FPS with huge potential. But, IS IT ABANDONED? if it is it's a real shame. I hope the developer is fine, and soon it will be back.
The first time play i enjoy but after finish the battle, my screen go to loading and hang in there even for half hour. My phone RAM better with 4gb but this games still look lack with performance on average phone model. Dont waste your time to play this even your phone are good enough to play coz more other games can support even on phone with 2gb RAM. Very bad experience for this games play!
I like this game Very much but I give it 4/5 because the game shoots for its self in stead of you pressing a button to shoot so please when you update fix this
Totaly fun game.graphics is awsome.best ever fps game under 400 mb.controls are really amazing.we can aim also.just as the pics given😍😍😁😁😁✌️✌️✌️😎😎😎
The graphics is good, the game UI feels like CSGO in the nutshell, even the sound effects came from CSGO (AK sounds like the M4). IAPs are worse, an option to unlock EVERYTHING with just a few bucks? wow. The bad part of all this is the controls, its not coded properly. My sensitivity is maxed at 10 but it doesn't make any difference. The concept is nice, is just that the execution is just poorly done, plus its a P2W game if anyone cares. 3/10.
This is bad game.Why Because From my phone it minimize the game and when i tap something it doesn't tap so 1 star worst game
Very worst game and when i am open this game there is nothing display on screen this is very very poor game
Hi there this game is good but fix this problem whenever i click on play its work afterwards the map introductuon gives an then there is proccess of ready player and at that time the games lag and i cant play.please fix my problem
The skins are really nice and easy to get It's just the Gameplay that sucks and Put rank in every rank please! Also can you pls remove the (you can't shoot meter and Renew the map?) Thank you
I don't know why but the game is not opening it's just load to 50% and gets stop ................................................................ PLEASE HELP ME
The model for guns and the design on maps are very horrible and very lazily drawn into the game, I don't even know how to switch to my knife, other than that the game is very fun and the rewards are great for a f2p player. Hope you take my review as a consideration.
This game is actually online mutiplayer and you are able to talk to your team and opponents and there's just a lot that you can do and overall is a good game, fun ,really rewarding, purchases are so small!
It's an amazing game to play.. graphics quality is awesome.. one is issue is , at the end of the match Game is not responding . Also i am not getting the match results. This happens most of the time. Please fix it. Actually u deserve 5 Star for this Game
It's awesome game because the controls are perfect I think one of the best game I played ever super graphics and venues such an awesome game by aaryan
This is one of the worst games I've personally played, autoshoot what's with that, they walk funny, cant run, the movement is weird cant move and turn at the same time sorry, I give u a 3 for effort. only good thing I'd say is u can get creats watching ads
The best game I have ever played. It gives u the real experience and has quite best guns. Furthermore it has different play modes. Recommendations; create a private lobby so that without internet we can play with friends on personal hotspot. It would also be great dividend for this game..
Fun fps, at first I was sceptical, very fun and enjoyable. Decent ammount of weapons, multiple different weapons at once which is cool. 3 vs 3 small maps, fast match time and action. Very recommended.
Nice game,nice gameplay and lot's of maps just please add more game modes like zombie apocalypse,free for all,defuse the bomb i forgot to tell you plz remove the red light when you see your enemy
This is very fun game i have ever played . When pubg was banned i was looking for a new shooter fps game and then i found action strike thanks for making these type of games keep it up
One star for your game. The first impression was really bad. I get to see battle pass when loading the game for the first time and tons of popups of buying stuffs and tip for upgrading weapons to make it powaarful. The movement of the character felt really bad. Hope in the future i can enjoy Action Strike.
The worst game I've ever played after a match I opened a chest then I was matched because of this reason over again and again I've lost many rewards. Teh graphics are too stuck .
This game is good and all but there is a big bug I load the game through screen gets soo small it srunk at theft side of me tablet but still love it hard to play with the shrunken screen still best game ever
Its was an okay game with great potential. Obviously it has some issues. Some barriers are bigger than the object suggests it is, cause grenades to deviate. Spawn trapping can be a problem on some maps such as the Vault. I love the fact that you can grind for keys but each match is too boring and short to continue playing for more than maybe 20 min. I dont know how the multiplayer works but I feel like I'm playing against a bunch of bots even when I'm a higher rank. Overall an okay game :D
Game has pontetial I dont mind aim assist first I think graphic could be improved and sometime movement can be a pain and idk why I seen the same character on the other team are we playing real players or Bots? As for the character I'm guessing u only playing as a Guy no female like most games Has that
Why Alwayd Say "Check your Connection" but I have a good connection. I Still Give Five Star because I love this GAME a lot And I keep Support you Guys❀Remember My Suggestion is TO ADJUST THE Connection☺KeepSafe
Really enjoy this game, quick matches, and good control, new weapons earned in every rank, all guns real and can customize, graphics could be better ,but good game overall, and prices for items or packs are reasonable.
I must say i love this game. But i have a bug whenever im done playing a level they tell me i must collect my rewards then when i do it takes me 2 an add and the game freezes which makes me need to Reeboot the game after every battle. Please fix this. 4 out of 5. Hey guys i got a new bug i was playing and walking forward and suddenly i started flying in the airπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Dont know what happened but plz fix this
Awesome game guys. Little laggy at first but you go to settings and set sensitivity low. Or you could fix this. Movement is not the best but hope you update. Great game though!!!!
Literally the best shooter mobile game ever. Idk why people complain about getting destroyed, you can easily avoid that. I have so far blew up half their team and killed them all in less than two rounds. This is not a pay to play game, which makes it even better. Whoever made this, you deserve a medal.
It's a good game, but the drag-to-look-around controls are terrible. Sometimes the sensitivity would switch from high to low as I'm playing.
This is the best game ever i it is 100/100 Graphics are expert The good thing is there is no ads!!!!!!
I honestly love this game, got so addicted so fast and I cant stop playing!! Great game, the only thing I was unhappy about is that there isn't a gender option for the character. Otherwise, great game keep it up!!
This is just a review for now. The games display becomes small and just stays at a corner of the screen. Please fix this and i will install this agein. Really want to play it. :'
All I have to say is keep up the good work guys. I love this game Soo much, and can't wait till the huntress operator comes out. And also I can't wait till the Aug comes out to. Keep the updates coming, and I'm playing this game more than call of duty mobile. You love to see it.
Hey guys I got 20+ kills and my teammates get less than 5 kills and we are in Crystal league but my trophies plus only 5~8 but my teammates trophies plus 10+ 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 Can you please explain and fix the trophies increase system !!!!!! Overall it's a nice gameπŸ™‚πŸ™‚
Well game is good but why the hell it starts a match automatically ,I was customizing my player and it starts itself all the time .well gameplay is good ,I enjoyed .
When i first started playing and did the tutoriel my fiirst game sucked,there was alot of lag,the enemy team had better weapons and,some how one of my team mates killed me over and over even though he was on my team,the game said hes an enemy i tried to shoot him but can't.Pls fix this game it looked fun but it sucked on my first game
Omg! This game is so lame. You move around like old men in walkers! Graphics are poor! Trying to turn around takes like 5 swipes! They didn't even spend money on art work for there cover! They used two models that make it look like a cheap throw back to the 80s! Better off playing with plastic army men!
Great concept, just not worth it, even being free. I played a few matches only to realize how bad it is. Had eight kills in one match and somehow only showed I had one.
Wish more maps were playable, theres only 4 or 5 and very few people playing...i have 4 premium reward cases i cant open and later is not an option because then gear is useless, theres not enough keys, after every match it gives you ads(if you watched ad to double reward it will give you another ad)....ads dont give enough keys and when they do its 4...so its really pointless...lags a bit latley...alot of work to be done on this app..needs more players..
Its q really fun game but sometimes the views to sensitive so I cant see what I'm doing But over all its a really fun game I would reck a mend to get the game and its free
Hy, listen my problem, I downloaded this game and when I open the game it's stop at 50 percent and not move forward what is the problem I don't know please help me on this
This game is pretty fun and emersive. It has Decent graphics and I really enjoy it. The reason i'm not giving it a 5 star rating is because there is an occasional bug where I can't shoot.
Fun game sure, needs work on the pay to win aspect. 60 bucks for a gun, absurd. 5 bucks for all of em, that would get you a better budget, and fast. And I recommend having more work done in the gameplay bit. And needs some better balance on the boxes. Make items you already have worth a bit more and make drops you've already gotten a bit more hard to get. And that's my review.
Might be a decent game if I could play it , crashed almost immediately after the training section then I started again and it crashed again immediately. Pretty lame , fix the issues and I might try again , uninstalled for now
This is a great game!!Lots of weapons and equiment. Just needs more maps and players and this will be at the top of its game! :)
Is good but if u have knife skin or gun is fun but being nob is pretty boring I a little bit hate this game so can u fix to get coins or anything to get easy to get skin?πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Pure trash and annoying gameplay. I literally dont know why I sometimes can't shoot. There's like a circle with a cross in it as my crosshair and I can't shoot. Also, i need like 2-3 taps for me to throw the grenade. I really don't know why his happens, but after 2 rounds, I instantly quit. Really not reccomended. Go play cod, pubg, or any other fps.
You no wat this game had so much potencial but this game is so laggy,it has 2 min matches and I found out that for the free chest it is unlimited, I mean it's kinda good but still u can just keep spaming it until u get every single good gun in the game. And the game is not even finished I mean the guns aren't finished and the most disapointing was the armor like c'mon guys it's as if u people worked on it for 1 week and wasn like this is good and didn't even try. Email me when you are done
Great game overall πŸ‘ but it feels like every match is with bots. Developers please fix the match making πŸ™ like i want to vs people as good as me or better and ontop of that the leveling takes forever. But the gameplay is great and the animations is on point πŸ‘Œ and love the machines i πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ to all the developers for this amazing game!!!
Definitely love the game i appreciate it alot what the developer does it's best for this game i enjoy playing action strike alot, graphics are unique not to realist but its perfect, gameplay is awesome, controls are good just it needs like customization but beyond that definitely love the game i give it a 5 star [ everyone i recommend you fully to play this game its a unique game that would take the bored out of you ] alfa bravo you are the best i appreciate what you do for this glorious gameπŸ™β€