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Acrylic Nails!

Acrylic Nails! for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Crazy Labs by TabTale located at 24 Raul Wallenberg, Ziv towers, Building D, Tel Aviv, Israel, 6971924. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It won't let me passed the first level. I keep reinstalling, thinking it's my phone glitching out, but it keeps happening! I finish the tutorial nail, it freezes, and then closes itself. Please fix. I'm on wifi, nothing is wrong with my phone, the app simply refuses to work.
There too many ads and when I paint the nails and find what I want to put on the nails it'll move slowly. It takes time to paint the nails because of its being slow and it's very frustrating. If there is away for you to make things fast I will love for you to make it fast and so I can enjoy the game and give it 5 stars. I know it's not my phone because the other games I have isn't show, but fast.
I finished installing this midnight, and I actually have satisfying feels on it. But I have problems, especially -- the bugs when I try to spread the manicure. And also, when I'm receiving customers -- it didn't tell me what type of nails they would like etc, just the color. Aaaand~ after playing it some time, It kinda gets boring since I only had 3 colors and 1 type of designs to stick in the nails and paint it out. The background was calming, but at the same time -- it wasted my time:)
This game is really fun and easy but the reason why I only gave 1 star is because there are some inaporiate ads and those ads really made me feel uncomfortable.plese do not download this game.
Oh my god. This game has way to many ads. When it says double your money, I click no thanks. But then it shoves an ad right in you face. I delete any games, or apps that have ads in them. So yours will be next.
Y so many ads? I mean its crazy. U cant get through a sesion without an ad. Also the ads for this game have the paitient getting hurt. What level do u unlock that? It also is sometimes really hard to spread the nail polish. And y do u have to wait and watch ads to get to use marble. And peaking of marble it wont let me use the tool to spead and design the nail polish. Hopefully yall get this fixed
I have given 3stars is because...... there is add coming up everytime after putting the colour to the hand. This one reason.......the other is for buying anything for a nail it says see video instead of that you could keep money so that we can buy it.
I would say the only thing that I didn't like was that there wasn't really a specific thing that they wanted done. If it was specific stencils and nail polish colors, I might enjoy it more. You unlock certain tools fairly fast. I enjoy the game and play it frequently. Overall a good game!
It's so fun to play and easy , there are so many stencils, accessories and colors,5 stars for it really recommend this game
Horrible game, you have to watch a one minute ad after doing anything on the game at all, including after you put the acrylic on the nail, there's a one minute ad, then you get to paint the nail, then another minute add. And it would be more fun if there was more options but this is more like a game for kids cuz you can only paint the acrylic on and then the nail with Polish that's it, add a little Jewel or something, nothing just mind blowing or anything
Okay to play for a few minutes, but I'm quickly getting bored. Clients don't have particular requests which lowers the challenge of the game. Also there are so many ads its difficult to be entertained to begin with. Ads during AND in-between each client. Being that each customer takes about a minute to complete, its really intrusive.
Everything is fine with this game, not many ads unless you want rewards, and the different options if colours and decorations is good. However, when I unlocked the "Marble" feature for the nails, I added the colours I wanted as specified and then the next step is to mix the colours together, however when I tried todo this step and I moved the stick around in the pot, nothing was mixing and the colours stayed the same, which made the pattern look boring on the nail. It's an easy fix, c'mon.
I love costume sizing nails it is the best nail game I ever had in my life so people out you should check it out
It's OK but way to many adds ,then too not enough options with colors and style ,but it's OK, learning how to do it.....
This game is fun and it is so calming. I woud like if they limit the amount of adds in this game. I would also like if they would add better music to this game.πŸ˜žπŸ‘
I really love this game because it will enhance and boost your creativity but I really don't like the ads. Everytime i click this and i click that it always shows up the ads and it is really disturbing. Really!! Promise!! Shame this game is so good but the ads is really disturbing
Ok. I know it's normal for free games to have ads but this is actually ridiculous. Every time you click ANYTHING it sends you straight to an ad. I don't recommend this game at all.
You get a 20-30 add in the middle of doing the nails and after you finish doing the nail. The advertisement I got shown kind of lied about this game because when it comes to filing the nail, you don't have control, you have a template to follow so you can't do it wrong and the client does not get hurt.
I rate this a 2 because this game freezes a lot and I just can't deal with it and it has so many ads, like why do you need to have ads? I completely love this game but y'all need to get this problem fixed, I uninstalled this but I would definitely install this again if you get this problem fixed
Way too many FREAKING ADS. I played approximately 3 minutes and already had 4 ads. Fun CONCEPT though.
This app is amazing, I always play it when I'm waiting for food or on the bus ride home. Its super fun! 5/5
I love this game, I just wish it had way more designs we could use on the nail. The hydro dipping marble part that was recently added is great I just wish we could make more designs like the picture they show (a flower) instead of just runny blobs. Maybe some better stencils for the mixing. Also WAY to many ads PLEASE cut them in half. Thank you, I'm looking forward to some new updates
love it but most of the tools for the game are blocked unless you pay or watch an ad and I've watched over about 50 ads because I don't want to buy so it's very hard to play a game whenever there's ads in between each level and an ad if you want to buy cool accessories but overall the game is pretty good.
I really like this app it's very nice to play with and also you can have a lot of fun playing this game but the reason I gave it three stars is bigger sometimes the nail polish doesn't work well and I can't control it the way I want to so I hope this app fix these problems soon I'll keep this app but I'll wait for these problems to fix........
It's a great game! The only problem is when I marble, it doesnt actually make a pattern just like your phone case DIY game. I would give 5 star on both games if you could fix that. Other than that I totally recommend it!
I love this game a lot but the reason why I only gave it four stars because of the game is glitchy it was so glitchy but I don't think I want to delete the game so please fix it but I think it's still very fun
I like this game, nice styles and choices, has a lot of ads. Found out this cool thing you can do with the marbling choice. You can put black and a color of choice into a pattern, then you mix the paint until you can no longer see the lines, and once you dip the nails in, it looks like flames! I love doing this, really cool resluts!
This is amazing app I am very happy with this app and yup it works while playing the game keep ur net of so u will not too face too much ads
ADDS A LOT OF ADDS! I hate it plus some of the adds are inappropriate all there reviews I have read complain about the ADDS please fix this and for now do not install this game!
This game is adorable! I love all the designs you can do with the nails! The only thing I have a problem with is the lag. There is so much lag its insane! I would like that to be fixed. But otherwise its a great game! Totally recommend it for girls who love style πŸ˜€πŸ˜›
This game is great! But the adds happen after almost every time u do a nail it makes u watch a add.Also it gets borin easy! Even tho its a little bad, I think its still awsome btw, No Hate At All :)
This game isn't the greatest but my problems are three main ones which is why I gave it to stops one last star for each name problem. The first main problem is there's way too many ads. I played for not even 30 seconds and I get a 30 second ad. I press a button I get a 30 second ad. my second problem is in the ad for this game it says that whenever you buzz it you can hurt them but in the game you can't.my last problem refers back to the too many ads you have to watch adds to get special people.
I like this game but not at all because it have ads after any thing so thats why i rate 4 but the content of game is very nice and one more thing when game is open my mobile is start hanging thats not the thing that i have bad mobile i have i phone 7 but still its hanging my phone but i love to paint the nails...i have a nice experienceπŸ€—...people can install this game and take a very nice experience like me..and tell plz is this review helpful?πŸ™‚
This game is really good it is very nice i like it soo much and the level are so nice i like to much and thanks for create this game the customer are so nice but they are not coming in colour
I would rate this game 5 stars I want to shar something with you guys see if you guys are getting proplem with adds this problem can be stopped this is a offline Game so don't turn on your net while playing this game then I am damn shor there would be no problem with adds. And other people who have problems I don't know which problems you have so tell me because I have everything's solution specialy in games πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ well the people who are getting the problem with adds please try whatever I told.
I give only three stars to this game because it is very fun but the ads are everywhere even when I'm doing nails before I do them and after please remove some ads then it would be five stars
Hey the is so satisfying but after every step ad came and it is 30 or 20 or 10 seconds ad can you remove ads?
This is the worst game ever my granddaughter wanted me to download this game for her but it makes my phone freeze my niece also said it has way to many ads will not reccomend this game at all😑😑😑🀬🀬
I played this and by the time I opened it it lagged so bad and crashed my phone. If I could rate this 0 stars I could. DO NOT download.
I was pretty exited to play this game and create my own design, I went in the game and you can't really choose anything of your own, if u know what I mean, in a different game called phone case DIY you can go back and choose any color you want, what I'm saying is I want to be able to get a different nail polish after I already used nail polish.. darn I make no sense πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ
Its nice better , but there is one condition a lot ,lot ,lot of ads u see in this games . But its amazing game , that 's why i gave only 4 stars . Even i love polishing my nail .πŸ€—
That is so boring game means , it is good but only I have to take the order and complete that and not any other thing I have to do means in all the games we have to do that but some things are wrong in this game like when I take Marvel so it can't never be good design in nail if there have any option to tell you so I always tell you , it is not any game for me so I really sorry.
This game is nice in as but when I installed this app it is coming back and this is only not the reason I give 1star also I saw the common thing that all said that ads are popping in the middle when I was playing just make sure this problems please
I feel like you could do better on the adds because the ads are annoying. The ads keeps popping up on my screen right when I'm done with the nails.
For the people who are giving this a 1/10 for the ads just turn on airplane mode and you will not have any ads. Overall this is a good game once you get rid of the ads at first I was frustrated with it then I turned on airplane mode and then I was fine.
I gave this game two stars because the game is very laggy and there is way too many ads. The paint brush uncontrolable and the app won't let me select the marble effect or almost anything else I try to tap. And every time I finish a task there is an ad. From adding the color powder to selecting what design I want to do there is an ad! The people in the game are kinda creepy. Besides these issues, the game is very fun and enjoyable to play! I like that it more realistic than kiddy nail games!
The idea of the game is nice, but there are way too many ads and when you watch unlocking ads it doesn't work. Also the water marbling does not marble, only a bulls eye pattern can be made. Most ads are long and even if you don't claim a reward at the end it still shows you an ad anyways. Not recommended to play.
Pretty smooth. Love the graphics. It is an okay game. Its not really entertaining, but all I can say that is the graphics is the best. Also not many ads, did not yet encounter any bugs. Should try it out.
This game is great! I started playing about an hour ago, maybe more, and it's just perfect. I am horrible at doing my nails but I like watching it and I think that the game is pretty accurate. My favorite way to style my nails are marble, it looks so cool all of the time but I don't mess it up around and ruin the neat circles bc that ruins the nails too. Everything works perfectly and I haven't come across any problems with this game so far and I don't think that I will, Im 100% going to keep.Xx
The game is really very enjoyable ..but it takes lot of time to do every single thing . you better get that part fixed..As others have said. This is the best game ever played by me but there are nonstop ads !! After every customer there is an ad .. and there is no way to pay and get free of the ads ! That is why it is 4 stars .. If I have no ads or atleast 1 or 2 ads then it would have been a 5 from me .
There is a bug for me it won't let me make designs in the marble thing like it won't let me move around the nail polish
This game is good. Even though I'm fine with ads. There's just too many. After each move or each nail you finish and ad comes up. And the exit button only pops up after 5 seconds and it's quite annoying. But I do recommend this game if you want to get more creative with things.
I was looking through the reviews and decided to try it out and 1st of all the game glitches so much I can't even play for longer than a minute. 2nd I can only at the end of painting it you can do stencil,marble and something else and I can only do the stencil it won't let me try others and I can't even use the nail polish I want! I don't recommend this game at all!
I love this game! It has different accessories, colors etc. For the adds,well,there skippable. This game is absolutely great πŸ‘. I highly recommend you download b this game :D
Horrible! Firstly, the ads! And then, i finished painting the nail, but then, it sent me back to do it all over again.
I HATE this app. Why? Because, when i first downloaded the game, it showed a long nail, it was very frusturating because it was so slow and laggy. And its not just my device. Anyway, when it showed the long nail, it was a peach color and everytime i finished the nail, IT JUST KICKS ME OUT OF THE WHOLE GAME, witch thats why i chose to rate it a 1/5. And, the people who own this game, do updates, AND get it TOGETHER.
In ads I have seen that the costomers can speak,but in reality they can't...πŸ˜” Also....the game don't let to open new stuff by watching ads😑 I download this game because I think that the costomers can speak πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š...........so I hate this game 😑😑😑............I turned πŸ“΄ my internet and I was happy 😊😁 that ..... No any ad is disturbing me. But alse the game is tooooπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ BOOORIIIIlNG......................................😠😠😠😑😑😀😀😀😀😀🀬🀬
Tons of ads when I press on the material I want it get a different one plus graphics are horrible floors yoh have to pay without knowing how it look so TAKE A 1 IDC !
I downloaded this game just for the fun of it. Not too fond of consistent ads but a lot of free to play games have this now so I can respect it. Wish there were more options and the marble option won't work in the stirring for me. It's a fun game, I just feel more needs to be added to it. Like a game store, some story elements etc. A good game to reference would be Super Stylist. Love the game. Hope others will give it a chance too, I'd just recommend trying to update and add some things.
When I got this game it started lagging as soon as I got it I kept it for a week and I would not stop lagging there are way to many ads and I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE
The game is garbage to put it simple. It's super slow and laggy, there is wayyy too many ads, i just dont enjoy how it runs.the game is great when it comes to options and such but how it runs is absolute garbage
I played one level and just immediately hated it. The game runs like a potato and isnt very entertaining. I was hoping for a game to pass the time, not one to waste it. Dont waste the storage space on it. Its really not worth it.
I love this game. It barely laggs and I love all of the different styles of the stencils and of all of the accesories. But, I gave it a four star rating because, there are a lot of adds and the marble nail option, well it doesn't work. If you want to be a stylist, you should try this game!
I would give this no stars if I could, the ads are so misleading!!! You can't even make the girls fingers bleed or hurt them in anyway. Either add the option to the game like you SHOWED in the AD which is SUPPOSE to make you want the stupid game. Or get rid of the stupid LYING ADVERTISEMENT. Wasted space on my phone for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!?!!!?!!!! FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY YOU SCAMMER GAME DEVS
This game is awesome πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. But there are only less designs. And also less shades of nail polishes. So it would be nice if you update this game by adding more shades, nail design,etc. Also in the marble option , if we try we are not able to make designs in that with the pen kind of thing. So if this problem was not there , I would have given this game 5 🌟. This game is extraordinary. So pls do look into it. If I get good response from you. I will definitely give this game 5 🌟.
In the ad it shows you can mess it up so I wanted to challenge myself and download it and played it and tried to hurt her nail to test it out but it wouldn't work so if you watched the ad and want to play for the same reason but went to see at least one review don't download it if you want them to feel pain it won't work. Let's say this a reminder to look at reviews on apps before you download it
The game is really fun! It becomes addictive for sure! The only thing that I don't like about the app is the overwhelming amount of ads that pop up randomly for no reason. But other than app it's a great app! Control are good, graphics are great, and the gameplay is smooth! Wouldn't mind more nail colors and control of where you but the jewelry or stencils. Other than that, awesome game! Highly recommend it!
Good game, but the problem is the controls are really very bad, when I am swiping the brush to paint the nails it is not moving properly, and 2 options - marble and accessories are blocked, but only stencils are unlocked, when I am tapping on marble or accessories it is not responding, so please fix this bug as soon as possible.
Played it for only half an hour but the ads popping up after each nail done or just in between got super annoying. Has the potential to be a great game but ads stop it from being so.
Such a good game I love it so much but it is a bit slow when you press on things it takes like 15 seconds to work but very good game I recommend it for kids and adults
It is a great game! The only thing i don't like about it is the new update. When i click "marble", and you chose the colors you want, the pen is not working. The pen dosen't touch the colors to make a disign. That makes me mad because i just make circles on her nails and not like a cute design. But it's good, 4 stars!
The game is pretty good. But, every time I get halfway through creating nails, there is a 25 to 30 second ad. Also, I get the tye dye option and get the colors done, but it never let's me do the lines and squiggles through the nail polish. Overall, the game is fun and enjoyable, but can be improved in many ways. Hoped this helped!
I'm writing this when the app prompts for reviews since "clearly that must mean I've seen all they have to show". There is multiple unprompted and unskipable ads within just the first 2 day. It doesn't have much in the way of gameplay. All you get to to is pick the color and the stencil, not be able to make your own. I would not recommend this game.
Sometimes it won't let me pick to do things. Like if it says get double of something or would you like to excessorize your nails it won't let me watch an ad. But otherwise I love this game.
I will give it a four because the game helps me a lot to spend time in my nail art hobby by creating the looks which the customer want but there's a problem now after playing it for so long I have unlocked all nails and acrylic paint.I just keep getting the same and same customer with the same art which they have done a day ago in the game.Overall the game is fun and relaxing. Thanks for reading all this.Have a good day. 😌
I really like this game! It's a very good game to use if you'd like to pass time. It has a somewhat reasonable amount of ads. Though there is one thing that bothers me. Whenever you do a nail design, it saves to your camera roll. I feel this should be optional, since it's taking up space on the device. Overall though, very satisfied.
i hate it i had it on my ipad and it was fine when i downloaded it in the tablet the mechanics are so hard to use and its laggy theres to many ads and barely any option to do things that dont require ads and so boring dont recomend waisting time on this terrible game :/ overall dont like it at all πŸ‘Ž
Three issues. 1. Watermarbling doesn't work properly, can't mingle the colours to create a pattern, you can only get what looks like a bullseye target. 2. You watch an ad to try something you don't have, it does not unlock. 3. Speaking of ads there's too many and you cannot skip them cos you'll lose your reward so you have to watch a full ad. Shorter ones don't bother me as much but a full blown 20-30 second ad literally IN THE MIDDLE of a level is a bit much.
When I try to use the marbling effect, it let's me drop the different colors of drips of the nailpolish but doesn't let me marble it.. plz fix
This game would be perfect if it weren't for all the constant ads being shoved in your face. It's really bad. I get the devs need to make money, but shoving all these ads in there is just gonna make people wanna avoid the game, which will do the exact opposite of what you want. Ads should only be reserved for if you're getting something out of watching them, like double prizes or free coins and maybe the occasional random pop-up ad. The game is really nice, but the ads really need to be fixed
It's a fun game.. When I was looking at all its ads it looked super fun but when I actually played it it was laggy, slow and whenever I was replying to a WhatsApp message at the top of my screen it kicked me off the game and also randomly it would start to be slow, lag and then randomly kick me off.. I don't recommend this game unless you DON'T mind getting kicked off frequently and the game being slow and lagging! πŸ™„πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
I really love this game. The reason why I gave it a 4 star was because sometimes it's very laggy when you just download it. It might even be my device. And also, the paintbrush really moves and I really can't control it. Im gonna keep the app and I'll try to see if it works later! Good job keep it up :))
First off, holy ads! Not even 10 seconds into the game and I get an ad. The gameplay is boring and repetitive. The game platform is unstable and it crashed almost immediately as well. Maybe with some work this game would be fun. I wouldn't download this. At all.
It's a fun game, however it takes a photo of every nail you do and there's no way to turn it off. I'd love to keep playing it but each time I'm done I have to delete a ton of photos. Also, a load of ads. Not fun when you're trying to play a game and get an ad after every nail.
I mean, the graphics could be better. There's tons of adds, and you only get a limited amount of choices, but all in all, it's actually kinda fun! You get to design your unique kind of nail, even if at first there's only a few combos you can make, and I don't know, it just has this entertaining feel in general. I would probably add the other two stars if you limited the adds a tad, improved the graphics a little so things don't clip, and add a few more coloring options that are consistent.
This game looks cool but you get it and it's soooooooo borning! And it won't even let you watch the ads to get stuff! And ads after every little thing you do!!! No offense but this game needs to be improved. Thank you for reading what I have to say.
This game is boring and they're crazy on the adds. All you do is paint nails it would me more of a challenge if the game didn't force you to do what they want. And it would be funny and entertaining if the game let people get out the lines. I hope this helped you understand what this game is about
I love this game soooooooooooooo much like you can decorate the nails and I know everyone is very mad that there is so many ad but who cares just care about the game like I always see a ad but did I say I hate it no I didn't so yeah if you understand I appreciate so thank you bye😊
I love this app because it's so easy to do. It's so fun and easy to do the persons nails they're bunch of different things! Download artistic nails
DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!! I downloaded the game then uninstalled withen the first hour of playing.When I open the game I first noticed there was no sound! no music no voices, Nothing! Then I noticed everything was locked and you needed to watch ads to unlock everything! This game was very poor quality. This game should not be rated 3.4 stars it should be 0! I would give this 0 if I could! And there is no reason you would need to know my credit card info and contacts!
This is only missing one star because its not what i expected, you cant really mess up exactly, like it would be better if your able to hurt the finger. The ad lied but other than thst its a really relaxing game and its fun, so 4 starsπŸ‘πŸ»
Love it!! Its an amazing game! But you should really lower the adds. I am a nice person so I am going to give it 5 stars instead of 4 stars because I like this game. People who are interested in getting this game you should, just ignore the adds! Keep making games like this! 🀩😁
This game is very cool πŸ†’πŸ‘ this game is the best game ever I played but there are lots of adds when I played this game for the first time I was very happy and this game is free so its good
The game is really good and there is a lot of place for development but like every 5-10 secs an ad will pop up! I would really appreciate it if you did something for this! Keep up your good work with the game!!😊😊
I really enjoy this game but I have two problems with it. The first problem is that I feel this completes all the work for you. Like it like it makes sure every time when you are putting on the nail that's it is perfect, it basically does it for you. The second problem I have with this game are the ads. I get an ad every 5 seconds I am playing this game and it just happens to be the same ad every single time. There are way too many ads popping up on this game to be able to play it properly!
The ads disturb me but overall the game is relaxing. The only issue I have is applying the acrylic onto the nail coz it lags ALOT AND I MEAN ALOT for Me. But I will recommend this game to whoever needs to relax.πŸ˜‡
Too many ads. I'm watching an ad after every activity and to unlock everything. I'm watching more ads then om playing the game.
There is so many ads and you can not do any other pattern except for a target pattern. And once you reach 180 it glitches. I know it is not my phone because all of my other games work just fine. Also when you are putting the color once you have about three fourths of the nail colored it finishes coloring for you.
This game is not good I do not recommend this game because you can only decorate one finger and sometimes they ask for a completely different coloured nail than what colours you have and on top of that there is so many ads! so I uninstalled this game but If you make it better I might install it again It is good for children under the age of 6-7. Hope you had a great Christmas!
There's ads when you open the app, while you're doing the nails, and after you finish the nails. There's more ad time than gameplay. To top it off, the game isn't challenging whatsoever. Perhaps it is in later levels, but I'm not trudging through all those ads to find out.
This game is really fun, thanks to all of the creators! BUT this game wasnt what I thought I was getting. (The ad looks like the game is so realistic and fun, but nothing like that happens in the game.) Please make sure that your ad is acctually everything your game has, and please dont add something that doesnt exist in the game! Nice Work though!
It is a good game but after every step you do there is a add and it might just be my phone but it is a bit laggy. The sensitivity of the brush it a bit too much. If there is an add after every day that would help and fix the lag a bit (might just be my phone). Can you also take out the blood from the adds because I was having a goo day then I saw the blood on the add and I felt very uncomfortable after.
I love this game so much! Its satisfying and fun! And the ads don't bother me that much. But there is one bug. I can't watch an add to claim something. My internet is fine so idk why?? Please fix this and then I'll rate it 5 star!!
The game itself is pretty nice. The graphics could be smoother. I would rate this a 3 but what's seriously bothering me is the fact that an ad plays every time I paint a nail. Not only that but when I completely finish the nails it gives me the option to make the money I receive multiply by 2 by watching an ad or not. But when I choose "No Thanks," it still plays an ad anyway!! Like what's the freaking point! Anyways, I'll rate this higher if those things are taken care of.
Its a really fun and addictive app, very good to pass time. I'm very disappointed I have to give It only 3 stars. Its over all a good app, can be very glitchy, to the point where it crashes and I have to go back on to the app. There Is also a outrageous amount of ads!! I wish I could give it five stars, but I can't.
Okay. This is a nice concept and all. However, one major problem is the lag that I keep recieving and the major ads that I keep recieving. Even if you dont want to claim 2x money, it will still show you a shorter ad. Chances are, if a kid playes this, they will likely end up clicking on that ad and downloading another game. Overall, nice concept, but it is way too easy.
the graphics are so bad, the game does all the work basically and a little bit if the game is cropped out.
It's an alright game but when it comes to the shapes it makes you cut it to a ridiculous shape, it needs to be symmetrical
Horrible game..soooo many ads for a single nail polish the marble isn't unlocking so U should watch a ad for it till 20 to 30 seconds and still for single game only not permanently but nice always an ad for a game it doesn't give full game an ad for sentcle,marble and all..
The reason I'm giving it a three stars is because its not bad, but there are too many adds. I like how it doesn't show the same adds, but it need less adds.
It is horrible. Nothing like what shown in ad. Also there is a 30 second ad after every step! Annoying!
downloaded this game just to comment how much I hated the ad. was just watching YouTube, saw a splash of blood, it really made me feel horrible. please, your ad is insensitive and terrible. your game may be good but this ad really ruined my mood. now I got my rant off I'm uninstalling this
This game is quite addictive but there are a fair amount of ads that get extremely repetitive the more you play, even with that it's a good game to pass time but the ads bump down its rating.
Firstly i did not give this game the permission of my camera and photos,but still the photos of the nails that i do everytime i play,appear on my gallery!!This game is good, but also the "watermarble"does not work.If u stirr it too much it will become one color and not a pattern that u expect.Most importantly,it does not let you ruin the nails like it says in some of the ads that the company creates for this game.Its so different from the ads, literally not even close!Only 2 stars!!
This game is super cool! I'm a nail tech So this is cool to me. The only two reasons I gave this a 4 star rating is because the design looks kinda weird... and there are a LOT of ads. Besides that this game is great!πŸ‘
Idk why it's so freaking lagging. Like you couldn't even play at all. I only played it once and after several minutes, i decided to just uninstalled it. Totally waste of data.
Ads, ads, the most unbearable kind of ads. Skip buttons are so tiny you accidently click to the download page (giving them MORE money). It asks you to watch "optional" ads, but really clicking no thank you gives you an ad. Ad after every level. Now, the review might be 2 stars if the game wasn't the laziest thing ever. The ads for the game as misleading. No room for creativity, as you get two colors unless you watch more ads. This game only exists to give the DEVs money. Shameful.
I like this but there are so many ads. How is this even allowed. Can you have an option to watch a 30 second ad that will make it so other ads are disabled for an hour? This game has great potential but the ads ruin the fun experience making it an overall negative one. Also I would enjoy doing every nail on at least one hand. Why do we only get to do one when there are nine other fingers left...
Nice game! But it should have the following features: we can dress up the customers, we can choose their nail's height by our own choice, we can make up the customers, we can shave their nail by our own wish.... If these features would be in this game, it would be really fantastic and if you add these features than I will tell this game to my friends also.
I didnt even get to play it for 20 minutes before i had to delete it. There are so many ads i had to keep starting over on the nails i was doing. Then i would try to exit the ad and it would pull me from the game and try to take me to download whatever game the ad was for. I was really hoping id like this game, the concept is really cute.
This game is really where nice I loved this game. But I was playing a game in that ad the finger was injured after I downloaded this game l was injuring her finger but it was not been injured. See who ever made this game why is like that did u made like that or any other problem is there!!!hmm..... this was my question.That's why I am rating this app only 3 otherwise this game is superb who is downloading tjis first see the review and download In a short word brilliant
Fun to design nails but gets pointless no rewards ever unlock that you win and you stop designing shop no use for money. If you win a reward or tip u should be able to have the option to claim it. Freezes on ocassion too .needs more nail colors and design options badly .... took 26 l evels to claim the first prize i won lots
Cool game, definitely helps pass the time. Only issues I'm having is with the marble and it doesn't give more options other then the three choices towards the end. With the marble, after I choose my colors the pen for drawing out the design does not work......at all! And the three choices......wish you could have the option to add more after stencil, accessory, and marble. But once you choose and apply the task is done. Please fix the marble bug and give more options.
These are for the people who play these apps and don't know what to do. When you play a game like this there is many ads, you have to turn off your wifi or data so the ads don't pop up. Hope this is any help to anyone. ✨✨
The game is reaaly fun and I like it a lot but the reason I gave only 4 starts is that we dint have every color and whenever we need to gat something we have to see an ad so if that is improved I will give 5 starts
I love this game I my son has been playing it for a YEAR and my daughter HAS BEEN PLAYING IT FOR 2 Weeks I Love it I tried it my self LOVING IT .
This game is great just the one thing that is bad, there are so many ads like after everyone you finish AN advert comes up like WTH!! But I will give this game a 4 stars you can all try this game if you like makeup you like this because this is a nail doing game. So, I am giving this 4stars Oki, so hope you all play this game!
I really like how you do the nails. All though there are ads I really think the effort in this app fills in that.
This game is really good and amazing. I like it. All the features are good. But the problem is this that the marbling pen is not working. It doesn't touch the water. It needs some more improvement like it has slow features. So, please make marble pen work and fast their features. Otherwise this game is excellent.
I love this game, its fun and creative. There aren't to many ads, and its quite simple to play. Eventually you might get bored of it though as there aren't many nail polish colours, designs and it does take a little while to unlock all the acrylic colours. But once you do, the game is enjoyable and is a good game to play offline.πŸ™‚
I dont like how the nail fileing goes on one side only and doesnt make a nice shape and i think they need to fix that. Anyone else? It doesnt goe the shape you choose it goes for the broken kinda nail shape.
The people who rate this one star are wrong because I really like this game and it's good for when you're bored or when you just want to do something satisfying and it's pretty good you know doesn't have that many ads you know and I'm well I think I like this game I was looking for a game that you know was good fun but this is the one I like it
first of all there are many problems number one is if you get the marble when you have to watch an ad right and then after you watch the ad you pick the colors but you can't spin it around.I think you should fix that and also you can't purposely mess up the nail it's very mad and I don't really like the game so
It's a great πŸ‘game and there are much different stencils and other more things to unlock but stencil is unlocked already . And you have to also upgrade the walls, inventor and chairs πŸ’ΊπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
The app crashed as soon as I finished the tutorial. It was lagging so bad I could barely see what I was doing and couldn't tell where things were. I downloaded the app because of that annoying ad and I'm not going to make that mistake again.
This game is nice,but i have a β˜ οΈŽοΈŽπ•‘π•£π• π•“π•π•–π•žβœžοΈŽ with it.The marble nail paint works and also dosent.When im designing or moving the color around it dosen't work, So i rated it a βœ¨β™«οΈŽTHREEβ™«οΈŽβœ¨πŸ’….If you guys REALLY CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY,i suggest you to fix it because the stars rated are worth the money.I dont "HaTe"the game but alot of people are explaining the problem and you guys NEVER fix it,Most people hate it and if you need your money you should REALLY fix this.
It's very fun to play and there aren't enough ads to make you mad and I have a short temper and I don't get mad so you should try it.
Amazing! I really got sucked into this game. The graphics are great and the fact you can customise in however you like. If I had to say anything bad about this, I would say that there's not enough unlockable items. But other than that, it's my go-to game!
Way to many ADS, you can't even get through one session without them, the game is great but I'm not spending money on a free app, I get it. You get your money from the ADS and removing them but if you wanted money so freaking bad then why put the app for free? I MEAN COME ON. Its bull, we don't even get the ability to play the game most of the time because there's way to many ADS popping up.
It is so fun and all but there are so many ads but they are not that long so I recommend if u want to try something new or anything but just know that there are some ads coming ur way πŸ˜‰
Ads in mid game suck and they should be ashamed,ads in between and it's so often.Im honestly shocked at how bad it's getting on here.its not even that good to have be having as many ads,this game ain't worth it.
DO NOT DOANLOAD!!!!!!!! This game is so laggy I would have rated it a 5 if it was not laggy, I'm gonna come back here and change my review of this app if you make it not lagging. I don't like how the customers treat you sometimes, but It still has some things that are fun like when you get to paint the nails so that's like the only thing I like to do in this game
I have download this game It's is a amazing game for my sister advika.... But there is a prb why you are giving ads? Please not give ads... if you gives ad no one will download any games that has you made... So, It's is a easy and amazing app So please make that easy apps but not giving so many ads... thanku for making this app ACRYLIC NAILS! Thank you And having a nice day that people that has given reviews and also to whose person who has made the app Than Regards
The game is good and all, but the ads every ten seconds turn me off and the marble option for the nails doesn't work...I can't make any fun patterns with that option, only spots...please fix this in the future.
For some reason I can't watch ads and I have wifi also when the nails are done the picture automatically saves on my phone I don't like that if you can fix the things with the ads that would be great thank you and I'll rate higher! But I recommend it it's a great app I think the problem is only for me.
this game started off really great but now it always freezes when there is an add and i can never log out from the ad and it makes restart all over again after try to get the ad to go away
This game is amazing I am obsessed with it . It is super duper fun playing this game and I saw many people complaining about ads so if you don't want to watch ads than you have to play this game offline. Thank you for entertaining me during this pandemic
There are a few ads there and there but its a good game! The reason I'm giving it three stars is because the pen when you use marble never work, at first I thought it was just me but I looked at the reviews and saw that...it needs to be fixed! Also ypu should add a free style mode so people can make there own creations- thank you!
I had played a similar game and got bored or it so I decided to try this one. As I leveled up to unlock more items it still said I couldn't unlock them. The button was grayed out on the ones I didn't unlock but on the ones I did it had the button highlighted but wouldn't let me use it. So πŸ‘€ waste of time or not? You tell me.
This is a pretty cool game but it doesn't actually do what it says in the ads but it's pretty good so I'm giving it a two star writing because when you try to mess up it doesn't work and the people don't even get mad at you when you do mess up so I would give it two or one star ⭐
I love it, it's not really like the ads! Speaking of ads - and this is the important part - please remove the blood. It isn't much in it but people like me get uncomfortable by blood. Some unfortunate people have literal phobias that can get triggered by the ads. Other than that, the game is peaceful and fun! Edit: Checked critical reviews to see if anyone else brought this up and saw someone say it saved the nails to your gallery without permission or warning or request. I checked. It does. -1β˜†
Heaps of adds that are quite rude. You get money you can't use and marbling doesn't work. Plus so boring I play it for a while but there should be more options on the design and colour . Also it's always perfect You always get all the stars basically anything is perfect. The characters are really weird plus there are not many variations of skin colour. It's either dark or white. Not on. I hate racism. Also boys can get their nails done if they won't too it also saves to my camera role.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ‘Ž
It was horrid there were adds every five seconds overall if there was an option for 0 stars I would click it this game sucks!!
Over All the game is super fun and cool but when I try to do the marble affect on the nails, it never, and I mean NEVER WORKS. I put the colors in, then it's time to swirl as expected, but here's where it doesn't work. I can't swirl it!! So it just ends up as a bob or circles when I dip the nail in it. Please fix this ASAP otherwise I will probably uninstall.
So frustrating!!!!!! An ad pops up every 5-10 seconds... I mean seriously!!!!!! I hope there would be an option of votes for banning this game then I would definitely wish to ban it😑
I give this 3 stars because it keep giving ads and also when you are done doing the nails you get coins and it says coins x2 just each and ad when I hit no thanks it still shows me the ad every time and all the good nails color stickers and everything we have to watch a ad we like have to watch a ad for everything if we want a new color are nail size also when I'm in the middle of of doing the nails and ad pops up so can you pls fix that and stop all the ads
I love this game and I latley got addicted to it. I also love how there aren't many adds but just a few and that you can customize your own shop. But the hardest part is when I needed to spread the nail polish because the controls get a bit sensitive. If you can fix that bug then thank you. 😁😁😁
The game is fun but it gets boring pretty fast. Overall it's accurate. One thing I had a problem with is that there are millions of ads! I understand that they need ads to continue working on the game I just hate how there are so many. If you enjoy salon simulators though this is fun and addictive.
Hi! I wrote a review earlier this week about how I couldn't watch videos. I guess that only happened that day! Videos are completely available for me to watch now! Thank you for responding and trying to fix the problem though! I LOVE this game btw πŸ’œ
OMG!!! THIS GAME IS AMAZING!! Firstly, the game is so satisfying!! You can choose nail polish stencil art and Drum roll please...you can even dip you nails in marble!! Apart from that... ADDS!! To many adds right after you finish you nails!! I know you need the money but if you put in to many adds you can't play. And you also need to pay for some of the nail polish!! SO ANNOYING!!
I love this game its so darn fun it helps pass time, it's just fun and also I love designing so that's a plus for me it's just the only reason that I didn't give 5 is because there are quite a few adds but I think if you turn of your Internet on your phone or whatever then it will stop the. This last bit is to the developers, I thought it would be a neat idea if you could do two things, like a stencil and accessory or marble and accessory but sometimes the marble glitches so please fix it.
I've become kind of addicted to this game. I wish there were way more stencils and colour options and more customization options, because it gets old quickly. I'd also like to see more difficult clients and improved graphics.
Eewwww it should balai when you click on it you should have the option how to make the nails in what kind of nails you want and when I first download it the ad was source it is fine so I thought that the game would be the satisfying as the add well it wasn't as satisfying as it showed in the ad but I still played it for a while then it turned out to be so boring it's the worst game ever that add in which she says in the ad i the worst nails ever I am saying the worst game ever
Nice app but I am not satiesfied still. I need few more features like dressing the customer, doing makeup etc.. If these features would be added in this app then it is the best app of playing game as a nail salon and I will also tell my other friends to install this app and if you add these features then I will give you 5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
So addictive and fun! I'd give it 5 stars, but the sheer number of ads! I get that advertising makes it possible for us to enjoy a free game, but to have one pop up in the middle of a mani is just irritating. I usually just close the game when that happens. Choosing to watch one for an additional option or one at the end of the mani is fine, but the mid mani pop-up? No.
I LOVE this game! But...the ads. (I don't have anything against them, but they are put of control!) If you turn on airplane mode (mobile only) you can play without your game being interrupted by the ads! Still, great game!
Its really satisfying. But what bothers me is that everytime i finish a nail, it gets saved to my gallery. It didnt even ask for permission. -1 for that. And -1 Because even if im not finished with the nail it says im finished. It really bothers me alot. But this game is good.
Best game ever! Its fun,customisable,beautiful colors and much much more. I really love that there are different skin tones and not always a white customer. I even like that you can upgrade your shop and get new items every level overall its a great experience ☺.
This game is just awesome. Love at first sight with this game. But one thing is too much ad is Their.
I like this game a lot! Really satisfying and smooth. When you first get into the game it gives you like 1 ad and then it's like you don't want to watch an ad to double the money you get well who cares your getting one anyways!!! That gets on my nerves. But it's a really good game except for the ads that's why I gave it four stars if there were less ads I would give this a five star review! But keep up the good work (minus the ads)
There are just so many ads but I really love the game I'm addicted to it I hope others play it has really fun games it has really fun colors I hope I unlock more levels so I can get more colors on nail polish!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???!!!!!!Β‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!!ll
This game is really good but there are a lot of ads and if you want the tips you have to watch a add and It doesn't work for me. Also randome thing the character are so weird and clay type like not realistic and the skin is always perfect plus U will always be amazing at it because U don't go through if you don't have it right. Make it a bit more challenging. Other wise i would recommend. Also make it easier to get more things plz. Ps marble doesn't work for me.
Interactions and Graphics are good. I just wish it would be more realistic, like, let me paint and file the nail from beginning to end. Apparantly you can't mess up at all in the game, like how the Ad shows. Also, an Ad plays every time I complete something, so basically, an Ad every 5 seconds... I wanted to play this because it seem interesting and challenging, but the only thing that's good is the Graphics.