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Across Age DX

Across Age DX for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG located at Romanstr. 7-9 80639 Munich. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too laggy. Out of every 5 hits of the swing button it might swing twice if ur lucky. So spend ALOT of time dying.
Okay so i had downloaded this game because it looked like it would be lots of fun but when i started the game and tried to move around the walking speed is so slow that it takes forever for the character to move from one side of the scre en to the other
I really wanted to buy the full version, but some of negative reviews and no proper response from dev stopped me from purchasing. How come there is no 'restore purchase' button?
I have the full version but I need to know if there is a way to transfer it to a different phone. I don't want to have to use my old phone to play it, or have to start over. It's also saying that I need to upgrade again. I had the impression that you only had to do that one time.
Edit: there is no support to move saved game data to a new device. This is a big thumbs down for me. Otherwise a very fun game. Loved the game! Just what I wanted. Great gameplay and a cute story! Also loved the characters. The controls were a little rough, and the perspective of where the character is standing makes walking along edges and moving platforms awkward. The only other thing that I really want from this game is to be able to save after the end credits. It'd also be cool to get new game plus afterwards or to be able to port some of my character stuff/stats to the sequel.
Ilove the game and I want to nuy the full version but is there a way to transfer the game data to a new mobile? I am planning ti change phones but I dont want to purchase the game if I cant transfer my data to the new phone
I remember I paid for the full version a while ago, but when I reinstalled, the full version is locked. Scam.
When I tried to get back to Violet after collecting the 3 clocks the pebbles on Dedekint Marsh had disappeared along with Ceska's ability to freeze water with her magic spell, "Ice Wave" Also there is a "No memory" Bug. I then uninstalled the app and now have it installed again. Pleez fix this bug, it is really horrible that I encountered it right before the Final Boss Battle I am using Samsung Galaxy A10 Knox powered by Android Android 9 Pleez make sure it does not happen to anyone else.
The first quest is quite simple and it will not let you advance beyond that without purchasing. A bit of advice - the marketing team, let the players actually experience the game before fleecing them.
Just finished playing Stranger things, where the control and screen movement were so fluid. Was a treat to play and free. Movement was so slow and juddery. Sorry, really disliked it. Not for me. But give it a go. Lots of good reviews for this game.
Is fun but the control are a bit of a nuisance and sometimes cause you to get hit/killed when you shouldn't have been. And the gold earn per enemy is really low. Makes it hard to buy supplies
This game is beyond slow do not buy it, i bought it because its like kemico games but this is horrible. It shouldnt be on the market at all.
I purchased this game and I try to play today and it tells me I have to buy it. I don't want to pay for it 2x. Can you guys help me out? Great game, I just don't like paying 2x for something I own. My phone crashed and now it doesn't recognize that I bought it.
The last time i played it it was so good i kept it forever and then i got a new phone and could not find it until now thank you for making such an awesome rpg game best one on mobile android
The facts the demo is free not the game. It is a very well developed game that I have had no issues with and it cost less then a real meal and lasts longer to. The graphics are good the controls are solid and anyone can enjoy a well crafted game if they try it. Thanks for not ad spamming me to death on the free demo
The game is awesome but give everybody the FULL game,then ye'd have a lot of people downlaodin it then. (I decided to put some pirate talk in it sounded boring without it ;))
This is clearly a demo and should be labelled as such. Would have rated it higher if it was truly free. Such a disappointment.
But the fact is what type of developer plays a crowd up thru chapter one ya know your free chapter just have them purchase the full game whats the point shoulda clearly labeled this demo you freaken losers
The game looks great and controls are very easy, but it lags alot and moves slow after a bit.. The dialog is far, far too long as well.
Very interesting and uncommon RPG features like paired/splitted walk, time travels, puzzles, and even… partner throwing. Four stars for lack of dialog skipping and for inability to use common fast sword hits (that are MOST effective) without having SP ended
Used to love this game but it lags very bad on Note 8 and Tab S3. Every now and then there's a memory error. The controls on the screen are wayyy too big and need to have an option for adjusting the size, or even an option for hiding them to play with a controller. I hope the dev updates the game and addresses these problems as it's definitely worth buying and playing if they do.
You get to play 5 minutes then have to pay for the rest of the game. Seems a bit of a jerk move to be honest, and 5 bucks is a little much. If it was completely free with some items you spend real money on, then I'd rate much higher. Even better, if it was completely free, It would actually deserve 5 stars. The only reason I gave it 1 was because of the jerk move making you pay to play for than 5 minutes of the game. Remove that, PLEASE!
This game definitely has that "Legend of Zelda" appeal to it, and the puzzles didn't disappoint in offering a challenge like the Zelda games do, either. What doesn't make sense to me is getting the game for free and then having to buy it after a certain point to keep playing. That's like false advertising, and that's never a good thing. I almost didn't buy the game. Fortunately, I did come to like and beat the game. One other issue I had, though, was the Action Button not working sometimes, then I realized the spot where the "button" was was a little off to the side of where the actual button was shown, like the button I was seeing and where I was supposed to tap it were off from each other.
It is so bad that you can't even play it. If you tap a direction the character moves one step every second or so. Super slow. For such bad graphics (more like sliding images instead of animated) I have a way too good phone...
I really love this game it has a good story line although at start it doesn't say you need to pay later on now it does cost money I was sad and mad the only problem is the thump pad and the money :\
I really really like this game but I wish you didn't have to pay to get the full version, you only get to play the 1st chapter unless you buy it and I don't want to pay. :( But if you're someone who buys apps, this game is super awesome and you should get it!! :D
game looks absolutely amazing but its way to laggy when i first start playing it barley moving i think you guys need to fix that up a bit
played In the past, worked beautifully. tried now and literally nothing but slow and laggy. no thanks for the potential crash that's bound to follow that.
I would be really obliged to buy the full version of this game if only they updated the game so that it wont go slow mo anymore. What a big waste that I can't play this game.
The game is fun to play but I hate te switch character in between. Why can't it be jus a normal rpg game for battle? V irritating.. worst rpg game ever played. Not worth the 5 bucks. Gave up eventually.
I've tryed to get passed the spider boss when he's life is about to be spent the game glitches and I have to start the battle over.....I have a Samsung galaxy avant. My phone works great with any over game. Is there any way that you can do a update to fix bugs in the game? I want to continue playing this game after all I did purchase it... please and thank you. Have a great morning day or night♡
Would have been a nice Zelda type game but it is VERY VERY slow and laggy! Honestly, a snail moves faster than the character you control. It took almost 5 minutes just to move my character to talk to a villager. Who has time for that? Avoid this game!
What do you mean with unlock full game???? Was this a free trial or what? You haven't wrote anywhere that this is a free trial. Honestly I'm not surprised.
I Dont feel this should be 4 bux for only a 15 hr game.. drop it down to 99c and this game would sell a lot more. It was very smooth and I'd love to play it past the first 10 min.
It sounds, looks, and seems like it would be a really good game.... but it is sooooo slow and laggy I can't handle delving deeper into more then the first few steps :(
Run so slow you could watch all "Lord of the rings" movies before the character from this game can take a step. C'mon what are the specs required on this? I have pretty decent and modern device.
The game seems like it would be fun, but this is just a trial. You get to play for five minutes until you get to "end of chapter 1" and have to purchase the game. Not worth the install. The makers are money hungry. This isn't free to play but for five minutes. It did seem like it would be a fun game if you wanted to purchase it. I find it useless. I have my emulator, I'll just play Zelda. Ridiculous to charge for such a game, in my opinion. You get nothing out of the game experience with five minutes.
Okay guys I WANT to say SOMTHING why the mage is not wieiring a God thing like man my brother played this game and telled me that make an update and let this girl wearing a dress like this game is not for kids please see the comment and say somthing please
IT is a demo and you only play throughout chapter 1 and then it want you to buy the full version what craps. every things else is great about the game
This game seems like it has potential, unfortunately its really slow and choppy, (playing on Galaxy S7). I didnt get very far cause of this.