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Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Resolution Games AB located at Box 7527 103 92 Stockholm Sweden. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game used to work for me and beside of occasional crashes on both the phone and Oculus its actually plenty of fun. Unfortunately I can't play it on my phone anymore as it's just stuck on the loading screen. I've tried clearing cash and data, reinstalling (which in many occasions also ends up in error, never seen anything like that, even tried clearing cash and data from play store) but to no avail. It used to work and I was on the same phone and on Android 10 so I don't know what happened.
It is a realy fun game but you need a vr to play it and it cost 20dollars but it is so worth it and the first time i played it i did not need instructions its really simple.
Acrons: Attack of the Squirrels is an absolutely amazing game! My whole family, who never gets along, had fun together with no arguing playing this for hours, switching trees and squirrels. It is an amazing game! It was miraculous to see us all enjoy something for a long period of time, agreeing! No matter your family relationship, I highly recommend this game!!!
So far the two things this game is missing is one: online play and two: two tree mode or other modes but otherwise it's it still a very good game that's y I put 5 stars :)
Could be a 5 star game... Could be... Playing as the tree in VR is a lot of fun and playing as the attackers is equally as fun, but only half the time. As soon as you pick up an acorn and try to run back to base, the lack-luster camera mechanic's leave you running blind (often into a wall, a river or just off the map completely) As amazing as this game "could" be, instead it just leaves you feeling frustrated. So close up 5 stars, but until they fix this issue, this is a one star from us.
This game is perfect but the only thing I would like is an online mode and that the the room codes would be for private Battles with friends. I would like online because during Covid-19 it's hard to get together and react together. Anyways I love playing this game and would love to see it grow.
Love the game! I do wish as a person without VR to join random people's games when they require AI squirrels, that way you can keep playing when the person with the VR isn't playing.
Needs a lot of work. A join random game option would be nice. Weak move to buy in game skins. Needs at least 4 players to have a chance to beat the tree. It is fun to play with friends, but after a while it gets stale. Would like some tree spells of a sort and then select 3 of them for the game. The maps are well made and didn't have any crashes so far.
It is a fun family game but super glitchy. Watch out, many people will have trouble getting in and will get lagged out many times.
This is a ridiculously fun game. Got this because I wanted something that would involve the entire family with the VR headset. This definitely fits the bill. Graphics are great, gameplay is fun, and replayability is high. My sixty-plus parents were able learn quick enough to have fun with it as well. My one gripe is the fixed camera angle for the squirrels. I've seen the response from the developer about balancing, but I just don't buy into it. Fun game regardless. Definitely give it try!
Its great and its a fun family-friendly type game. You can play with to 8 people. You can strategise and play with characters that have special powers. The tree can pick you up and throw you away. DOWNLOAD!!! However, you can't play online with strangers that why I WOULD'VE given it 4 starts and a half but might as well give it 5. GREAT GAME.
This is a amazing game to play with friends and family (truly a 5 star game) the only reason the 4 stars is in the most recent update we seem to be falling out of the map at spawn and it really hurts the enjoyment of this wonderful game.
Very unique game for playing vr with non-vr friends! Easy to setup and get into, though seems a bit too easy for vr player to win. The bot AI is not super intelligent (understandable), meaning you need a bunch of non-vr players to be able to have a good chance against the vr player. Still, super fun and exciting to see where this game and others like it will go!
This is an absolutely amazing and addicting family game. For all ages. What does the goofy face button do? It makes a bright light but not entirely sure what it does. Do not change the camera angle for return trip. That is a part of the challenge. Having to use memory to get back.
The game was fun to play with friends but even with 6 players the game is almost impossible to play (especially if you are a squirrel) because of the low cool down on the ability of the trees. This is a problem when you have someone who decides to spam each ability every second with no punishment whatsoever. The balancing is awful and there needs to be a longer cool down for the trees abilities especially for the bigger boulder one (instead of staying on the map forever) to avoid this spam.
Great fun game to play with friends and family. I hope to find more asymmetrical VR games like this. I'd easily pay for additional content. I hope to see some more updates of any kind. Love it, no complaints.
I really love this game, it's very well designed and fun to play! I especially love group games like this that allow me to play with my friends
AMAZING!! Just fix the camera so squirrels can see behind them and let the squirrels control there own cameras like roblox sort of. And maybe also have a public games update where you can go into games trees made for people so the trees can play more often (and the squirrels).
The idea is fantastic here. However, there are some serious balance issues. It's so heavily weighted towards the tree that it actually becomes impossible if you have a decent tree player. The tree can just sit and spam the acorns at the base. The squirrels have extensive cool down periods while the tree has none for it's throws. Put all that together and the fun is just lost. It would be nice if there was at least an option to handicap the tree with a configurable cool down on throws.
ok the game looks good but I can't play it you need 1 person with a vr head set and you need to know that person I think thare should be an random online molte player ware you can play with random people
This game is so much fun with a group of 5 or more friends. Would be great to have controller support and more maps.
Awesome game to play if a freind has the occulus. Good for parties and much more. I think this will be even more fun after covid 19 though because you could do it in person.
The game is awesome, but the game balance is awful. It is almost impossible to win for the squirrels if there are to human and one bot on a map.
We absolutely love this game! Its so good for our entire family of 6 to play together. I do wish there was an update from the Halloween stuff and maybe a couple new maps, but its our favorite VR game so far.
I have never left a review on a game before, but decided this would be the one. I want to give this game 5 stars but one simple game mechanic has dropped to a 1 star. As a family of 6 with one VR set I thought this game would be perfect - and it could be - but we found ourselves frustrated by the fact u can not turn the angle of the camera away from the tree. With the design of some levels we were constantly running off of the edge, into holes or just into blatant objects that were invisible
Resolutiongames are so creative this is one of my favorite games of all time I would love to see an update for mobile maby a first person mode for the squirrels and for vr like a whole new update that vr players are squirrels and mobile are trees maby. And more trees and definitely like a god character that mixes all the squirrels that you could only use once other than that its a perfect game
The game costs $20 to start out with on the oculus store, then they charge you more for extra skins in the app, this game already has almost nothing to it. You can't just join random people to play online whenever, it has to be people you know or set up to play with. So it's only playable every once in a while since you really need at least 4 people to have any sort of difficulty. There's only a handful of lvls and things you can do so the game gets old real quick. It's ok...
Very good game, love the graphics, characters, family reactions, and levels. The ONLY complaint I have is the camera angle. Otherwise, good job "resolution," love the game!
Very fun enjoy playing with the family! Very easy to play with each type of squirrel is fun to play with!
WHY IS IT ACRON and not Acorn?! It's driving me nutty! Please explain! Anyway, the game is super fun especially with multiple friends to be squirrels (you can have squirrel bots in addition to 1 friend squirrel). Very much a time eater as you don't realize how long you've been playing for.
Really enjoyed this game and had lots of fun as it's the best one player VR with everyone else on mobile. Here are some suggestions to make it even better: - Make it so all squirrels, not just AI have the whole 3 minutes. - Have some way to adjust the difficulty like increasing/decreasing the tree's offensive weapon spawn rate. It can spawn faster/slower depending on the challenge. - Make smarter AI squirrels. They're pretty much useless and sometimes hurt more than help.
Great Game We played this with one tree and 4 squirrels and it was a blast. At first the tree always won but then we squirrels learned tactics! And now really only my brother can defend against us. It is a ton of fun and whoever made this did a steller job. We played for hours yesterday switching who was the tree and who was the squirrels. I think you could rank the places as more tree friendly or more squirrel friendly on the maps so players can even the game play depending on players skill.
5 stars for it being fun and a unique game. However 2 star deduction because there hasn't been an update since last year. Wish there was more content.
You're getting this because someone has the game in VR, and for me the app works great. Like other have said, no camera controls which is annoying, but the app just works which is what you want for a quick couch co op game. Very easy game to explain to get people onboard.
Wonderful for family night! It requires a VR. I would give 5 stars if it had more types of game play and maps.
I have played this game, and it's fun over all. There is a small problem (it might just be for my device or something)when you load to Acron™ my screen starts glitching and it's not just the game, my tablet starts glitching too. This makes it almost impossible to close the app, But I LOVE the game.
The best party game in a very long time! Simple and fun. Very self-explanatory. It's pretty much 8v1. Eight squirrels against a monster tree VR. DEFINITELY AN AWESOME NINE PLAYER GAME.
I have an Oculus quest 2 and this is One of the funnest family night games I have ever played. Having 8 of my friends and family attack me as squirrels was something else. Our group had ages 16 - 63 and everyone had a blast. We need more like this! Best mix of vr and mobile I have ever experienced!
This game is sick. The landscape behind the tree though interrupts squirrels from seeing back there and simply needs to be transparent when back there. Sick game everywhere else though
Great experience when you are a tree( playing the vr version) , but not so much if you are playing on your mobile. Running forward is fine, but then when you have to run back to the base, camera is still pointed towards the tree, so you cant really see where you are going. Great game for the whole family.
Fun game. A few tweaks could make it even better: -camera reverse for squirrels so when you have the acorn you are looking toward the flag, not the tree. - button tutorial for squirrels? Took me awhile to figure out Taunt didn't do anything strategic. - ideas for other squirrels: camouflage as a bush. Another mirage that could appear to split into 5 squirrels for 2 seconds to confuse tree to not show which to target
The game is fun but it has a MAJOR FLAW that ruins the game experience. The camera angle is fixed and you won't be able to see where you are heading. Imagine playing a 3rd person shooter and you can't control the camera angle.
Please make more games like this! We have one VR set (quest 2) and we take turns using it. The others use their phones after downloading the free app. Awesome idea! And it works very good!! Thankyou! Please make more!! Maybe a monster and hunt the players, or player hunting monters. Just make something that can be used with phones and one VR set.
Good game only thing missing is the capability for phone players to communicate with eachother and tree through voice chat. It Would be a brilliant feature aspecially with COVID restrictions