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Achipato for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Yiotro located at Київ-222, а/c 215. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game for such simple gameplay and no unlocks or ads. Only problem I've had is the game freezing but it's only done that a few times in 40 levels. Edit: Just beat level 80. Hoping for more. :-D
Fun... Real Fun... Too Hard Get rid if the black stuff. It effects my double vision. Other games let you see their plan to build yours.
I really like this game, and the strategy, but I would like a random skirmish part like the other games. As its only levels, and I can't beat it, I can only replay other levels. Which I do as I love the game.
It is a simple build the following buildings: money gen, troop generator, defensive tower, blank, watchtower cuz fog of war. The game is easy to play just defensive tower spam with a solid money gen base. The main downside is that you can't delete any old buildings. Also the fog of war and all buildings are on LSD as they jiggle around taking up resources and making it impossible to place some buildings as you have no idea if the spot is open (maybe make it turn red if you can't place it).
I love most yiotrio games. This is one of the best ideas yet! All you reallt need to add is maybe like a tech tree to upgrade towers. And or units. Then this would be 5 stars.
all the people complaining about this game are really bad at RTS lol. This game is a pretty good time waster!
Great game. Amazing AI. 9/10 recommendable. Few issues; sometimes the AI would keep doing the same thing even though nothing's helping that; at the beginning of some levels it gets really intense and there's nothing you can do to not lose if not played right. Well, that's strategy anyway. AI needs some improvements.
Good game is free and fun. Not something id keep foreva but was really fun easy little game to play :)
Great time a challenge some levels felt impossible until you figure out the solution and push on to the end
It's his first try at making games. It was an interesting concept and I liked it, but it doesn't go any farther. Try his other games (all of them) but especially achikaps instead.
The game is awesome. You need to follow different strategy for each stage and that's cool. I would prefer more stages, because there only 80 of them.
You guys made my 2 FAV games achikaps and this Not only that The devs Responds Quicker than any game would do They are nice and kind. Best Game Production Ever! But I have suggestions Like achikaps there is a sandbox mode Can you add it to here?
its a great game but please fix it when i play it kicks me out randomly please fix this and i will give 5 stars
fix the vision on the enemy's it's a three star I put dont the tower with the eye and they instantly go for it even if it shouldn't be in there vision please fix it
Have been a fan for along time played pretty much all your games i think this game is due for a update it needs more replayability ive beat all the levels many times its getting old theres no difficulty's saddly or any sort of free play maybe add an option to make your own custom maps maybe more than just a 1v1
Good, but too small battlefield and almoust the same scenario in every round, a bit boring. Idea is excellent, simple and interesting.
Straight fun. No ads. Slows down at higher levels when you get lotsa resources and spam towers/armies.
difficultly builds quickly each stage requires a different strategy its impossible to win with one overpowered strategy and thats a good thing. a lot of games end up with the simplest spamming stategy being the most effective. but this game mixes it up from stage to stage.
just gets really boring. nothing to do really just click circles on the screen to make circles that make smaller circles and then attack the other circles. a child could have came up with the idea
doesn't register touches close to the edge of the screen on curved phones. placement of base points is absolutely retarded. (doesn't snap to closest point just adds them to any open are acording to left-right down-up pattern) this makes it painful to play. would be awesome otherwise.
Nice game I think you should move lvl 12 to finish I think this is the hardest level the rest of the game is nice you should change the sell sistem and add some stars for finish levels to be more challenging. Good job I wait part 2
Need to display when building locations are not valid to prevent buildings just being yeeted to the center of the map and being instantly destroyed
Please add multiplayer option so that i could play with my friends.Add the option to each of your games especially this one !
Everything was fine at first, its quite fun actually..But then...Level 14 comes and its hard to beat.My base has about 6 canons, 3 money maker, and 2 army camp.Which sucks because the enemy has hundreds of armies , each canons kills 4 or 5 enemies then boom, the canons got destroyed. Plus theres only 5 gold?! Its better if you make the levels from beginner-normal-intermediate then hard. But no, you make it from beginner then jump to hard. So i'll give this 1 star. I wanna write more but its max.
Great game - until level 12, which is totally unbeatable, because the dev throws his toys out of his pram at this point, declares "you shall not pass!", and throws stupidly overwhelming odds at you, killing the game stone dead. So, play it until level 11, then uninstall it, and leave a rotten review in retaliation, as I have done!
Excellent game. Breaks down the basics of strategy games. If you just like a challenge and dont really care much about graphics, this is your game!