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Aces® Spades

Aces® Spades for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Concrete Software, Inc. located at 7250 Metro Blvd, Suite 210 Edina, MN 55439 United States. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Best spades game. I've been playing this version through 4 phone upgrades, better than any other Spades game.
Partner play like a fool who don't know how to play the game . For the partner I can't win many match. The should be better.
vai amr tk nai deikha shobai amake batpar bole mitthuk bole... amr kuno kotha bisshas korena.... vai apni bisshas koren ai app ta khub valo😂🤣😂
there is no real spades game on or off line. these games r B S . its all about the ads. these B S game maker give u half assed players that can't really play . if u can find a half assed game where your parner plays the right card at the right time n don't play the book stopper at the wrong time , then u should win a game or two. Happy New Year spades players , n good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please dont pull your hair out in the mean time like im doing now , ok
Love this game, I have been playing it since June 2018. The rules are pretty much the same as what I grew up and learned how to play Spade's with. The only thing is the player Donovan you should never trust him as your partner or opponent. Plus you will never see him coming, because he will play like he is working well with you trying to win. Then out of nowhere start under or overbidding setting you or causing you to lose 100 points from overbidding. I always restart any games that Donovan play
Used to love this game app. But the ads have gotten more frequent and way too long was a few seconds which was ok. But now 30seconds between every hand. It's lame now time to find a new app
The game functions well. The various players are not all equal. Some are good, others are ok and a couple really suck - at tge hardest setting. I'd like for the players to be better. Bidding 2 when you have the ace, king & queen of spades does not instill confidence in the software.. But i do like the game.. Cheers!
Nice game visually. But partner AI is frustrating. Does not make practical decisions if game score is too low
Had a problem in the beginning with ads but staff answered quickly and resolved the problem. Played this game years ago and glad I found it again. I still haven't seen all the characters yet I like to play with.
Like all the other spades games. Al is programed to play alone. Good game if you like to play individual score but partner playing is flawed. I do not like the cards so far down either, make for difficult play to drag and drop. Uninstalled and give up on team games with AI.
I was notified by Lookout that this game now has riskware - TapCore SDK which could result in unexpected charges. Stop playing with these updates. Make the game safe.
i would of gave it more but to many ads. its one after every hand plus of my lookout thus game came up as a threat and was told to delete it because of the ads and some may lead to hidden charges on my account. to bad i cant post the picture from my phone but i really like this game to. oh yeah they cheat when you are winning all the time lol. ok no problem to pay but the app was fine with the little bit of ads that it did have before and it was alot then but it wasnt after every hand we play.
I love this game this game is truly a wonderful experience for people who love to play spades 5 stars!!!
This game is designed to cheat..its not desiged to be defeated. It blinks when its manipulating the scores, to take over the game desolve some cards & trade cards just to trap you. This game Its clearly predictable...irritating...create something better.
I've had this game on my phone for 4 years. Everytime I get bored with all the other games I've tried, I always come back to this one. Grandchildren love it also. Dont have to b connected to internet to play.
this game is lame. your partner doesn't know how to protect a nil bid. he throws the card that can set u. it don't know how to TRY to set the other team. it throw off on a cut. all these spade games are the same, the inventor don't know how to play and program the game the same way.
Fun, diverting entertainment. Relatively stable app. They do make positive updates and improvements. I paid the fee to go ads free.
I love this app. Of all the other ones I've search for this one is the best for me. I've had it for a very long time but lately it is on the glitch and so I have a problem trying to play it. I wish that the developers would hurry up and fix the problem and then I would rate it 5
Sometimes the players dont succeed in their bid, and i have to save them!!!! Especially the guy with the long hair! 😒🙃😑much💛💛💛💛and respect to the creator and their creativity with the animation! Kind of eerie....
Not good. Play starts from left side. I can't deliver my card on my will. One touch should deliver my card. If i don't want to play lower card rather than Ace, it doesn’t allow. Score should be on display. Thanks
Other than the dark tiny print, this is the most simple fun spades game. Easy- very hard play settings, fast play, recommend for novice thru pro. If you've never played or played a lot, play this game. Best layout. Best spades game period. I know, I tried 7 different apps!
Game is fun overall. Can't take it too seriously due to the fact that the AI isn't the smartest when covering NILs. Also, why is it possible to have your AI partner bid 15?!?!? There are only 13 tricks in spades. Bidding 15 shouldn't even be possible. Bidding 13 should be possible, just probable that it won't happen. But 15? Come on devs, clean this up and improve the AI just a little bit and the game would be way better.
it's challenging playing with the different characters as part- ners, even though you are playing on the same team they don't always make the right moves for the the team. your strategy should be play for you and your teammate.
Since the last update, the computer plays for you. The person that is supposed to be your partner takes tricks away from you. I liked the other way better. Thinking about getting rid of the game.
I love this app_excellent you don't have to deal with jerks, just play til ya tired_then you go right to sleep...😋
I enjoy this app as a great time passer. However it's very hard to win games, but you can do it if you are a very skillful player! Like the bug/virus fix....I wasn't too happy when I had to uninstall the game.
I've been playing this game for several years & must admit it has taken this long to even hold my own. 6/25/20 After all I said before I'm outahere. Ads every hand!
Well when I first started with this it was fine. Lately it has begun to mess up all the time. All the other AI players cheat and I am hardly ever dealt any good cards. Then while in the middle of play, it will speed up so much to the point that you can't see the hands or the scores! There are other better ones out there, so sadly it's time for me to move away from this one!
Great game even though my partner under bids a lot but that happens in a real spades game too so overall I like the game
This game has the potential to be the best Spades game (I've literally played them all, trying to find the best.) But I am going to uninstall it. Please let me know when you get an online community. This is game is one that you just really can't play a computer.
I have been playing this version of Spades for sever years. I play it daily. There has been quite an increase in ads lately which can be annoying but otherwise this game is tops with me. Thank you for the simple relaxation of a smooth running game. 7/23 Now that being said ...following my nice rating I have recently been dealt horrid hands & my partner's do the most idiotic moves. What's up with that???
I am very happy playing this game. Because this is like real game. But I am sorry to say that we will be very happy if we can play with facebook friends in team up mode. This should be added in new update. Now I am giving 3 star and if the developer add this feature, I will give 5 star must. Thank you all
I feel like I'm playing with real people. The expressions on their faces makes me laugh. I even talk to them sometimes. But, they don't talk back. Maybe you can do something about that. I need someone to argue with! Thank you very much for this game! Mary
good game except all the renging by my partner and other t eam as one player has no spares but cuts a book on the last play
Had this for years now. Very flexible with many options. Would be cool to have some music playing while the game is ongoing
My only complaint is while you are waiting to bid, you can't see what your partner bid because there's a bid sign in front of it.
This game is nice but I wish I could see several updates. It be great to see score history, a practice mode with a undo button, statistics on games history (losses, wins, average number of bags, foreits, ect. ) and brief descriptionsof each game mode. Also, the logic behind the AI partners could be improved.
This app. is a joke. The robots have no idea how to play the game. You can expect the absolutely worst play, on a consistent basis. And in the variations, Sui, Whiz, etc., the play is worse. Stupid bids, stupid play, stupid nils. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS TRAIN WRECK. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE AND FRUSTRATION. Or play exactly the opposite of the dumb programmers' A.I. Or lack thereof.
It's fun! Certain computer bots don't play strongly like if opponent plays a 3 and you play a 2 then the next opponent will not trump even though they can because I guess the coding is that once it isn't raised then don't play spades.
Poor algorithm. Whenever I tried Medium/Hard-Mode, in 95/100 cases, your bot goes hands off and plays trump card. How's this possible each time in second cards? Please change your mind and also this algorithm. otherwise we've to be satisfied with Very_Easy or Easy Mode.
I loved this app and played it religiously until the latest update. Being freaking nosey and wanting to connect to my Google account and needing my year of birth is bologna. Yes, you have the opt out in settings, but then it's too late. The playing area is now smaller. I've had this app for years, until now. I'm uninstalling. I hate when good apps mess stuff up!!
I have no idea what your problem is but I've been playing this game for a long time. First i get a message that its got a virus and all because i dont have apps popping up. Now i try to put in my age and now its telling me im too young to play it because i hit the wrong button. what makes the difference what age i am as long as I can play the game. please fix this problem.
Great setup and I'll probably continue to play, but I just have to report how sick and tired I am of games like this that set you up to lose every few games, if you're playing with avatars. The avatars will make ridiculous bids, or go nil when they shouldn't, or play their lowest card if you're going nil... little things like that. I don't even look at my stats, but I guess a friendly he with reasonable partner activity and random card shuffles are too much to ask.
Finally fixed. I can open the game now. Still some things that need to be fixed or made more clear; now, I can't see my partners bid. It disappears upward. The other think is, it would be nice to choose your icon and name easily.
The game with ads doesn't total the score and go to the next hand. It appears to be waiting for an ad which never comes.
I would give 5 stars except for 2 points. First, the game is constantly freezing and locking up my phone. Secondly, the computer bidding is a hot mess; for example, my partner bid 4 even though they had the top 10 spades. I am playing on the most difficult setting, so I would think the computer players would be better players. Other than that, I love the game!
i really love this game......please make tha change online game.......i want to play my facebook friends
It was a great game, but now they've moved to full-page timed ads after every hand. Ruins the gameflow and makes the game feel like a vehicle for advertising rather than a game their trying to make some money on through ads. I didn't mind it before. Now, it's going to cause me to uninstall the game ifitcontinues much longer.
Hours of fun only issue is bots play high card when a higher card was played therfore causing a lost of tricks bidded
I've been playing this for a while and keep coming back. My only reason for not giving it five stars is because the game team mate makes some awful decisions sometimes (eg. throws an King of spades when the Ace is already out there, but throws a six spades on the very next hand).
The game is quite good, but my team mates AI is kinda dumb, and you should change the card drawing system, often it selects wrong card
Once agian the program seems simple to find errors, no REAL person would play as programmed, partner deliberately overbids, you need to under bid often..Too much crosscutting in opposition.. but you can quickly start over , to get into the game that will finally play properly..
I play in single mode and there is no statistics for the game. Even in the hardest mode it's quite easy to win. Having said that I enjoy the game.
Fun game but adds have become too long and just messes up the flow of the game. After awhile it makes the game not interesting anymore. Nothing wrong with adds it's just that they are way too long
there is an ad after every hand. not in between games, but EVERY HAND, very annoying. this use to be a good game.
This is my favorite game to play hence the 5 star rating. When I've got a lot on my mind this game requires just enough concentration to get me to thinking of something else. I enjoy the characters and their expressions and the different options of playing.
the latest update has made everything smaller on the screen. I had to sign in which was unusual. I will not be playing as much because I cannot see and differentiate the cards. The update was not an improvement!
the worst score keeping ever you gett a nil and you minus 100 points what a freakin joke learn your math!
Basic play. sometimes ridiculously horrible dealer for entirety of game play for days. But overall, very helpful for learning strategies.
One of my favorites, ruined by commercials that go on, & on, & on, & on, & on. Unistalling now, is that the goal? Was happy to spend $2.99 for a great game. Bought the game, am happy.
Enjoy the challenge and the setup. The game moves fast so you can play just a quick game when you don't have much time or play several games in a short period of time.
UPDATE: From 1 star to 3 because developer has improved gameplay, but it is still not as good as it was before the major update. Partners still break Spades unnecessarily. | OLD: Was a 5 star app until recent update. The logic behind the computer game play is off. Computer partner way too frequently sucks out key spades, blowing my bids. Also takes tricks I am already winning. Please address and fix this once terrific app. I play on the hardest level. I have no issues with the smaller interface.
Love the game. Only glitch is Julian is a terrible partner (cutting me out and making dumb plays), so I have to forfeit those games.
I own the paid version on Amazon app store and it dont work. keep getting load errors for an .so file. Lame you wont update Amazon version but you are still selling it. I shouldnt have to purchase app again to remove adds.
Am on the fence about this app, so I'm probably going to delete it. Not sure if some of the AI characters are supposed to make boneheaded moves to force you to more strategic in your playing or if they're supposed to mimic real the world experience of being at a party and playing with people of varying skills. Nevertheless, some of plays and bets are completely boneheaded (i.e., betting Blind when you haven't seen other other players' bets, or Nil when you're holding 5 spades